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Image 6 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 23, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

REPORTER, Thursday, April 23, 1970 Goto Rggoget PcDirfl work, no delays, fewer barking dogs, fewer sprained ankles, and fewer explanations to timid voices behind locked doors. All he will have to do is her job more efficiently. plug in his recorder, push a button, and walk on to the next Throw Away Pencil The girl in the water house. For the water company, company office will be able to throw away her pencil. In the Neptune's ARB system reduces future she will simply feed tapes operating costs by speeding up into a computor system which meter reading and by automatic completely bypasses time preparation of individual water consuming human arithmetic, bills, Malley said. It will eliminate "call backs" adding machines and bill typing. The new system will mean costly in manpower hours for the housewife will no longer be reader and billing departments. bothered by ringing of doorbells And it will permit considerably to let water meter readers in, no more readings per day, more interruptions (annoying improved customer relations, it no matter how cheerful the minimizes the possiblity of meter reader), no more trooping lawsuits and eliminates errors. Malley said the ARB consists down and up dark cellar stairs, weather-proo- f outdoor no more muddy feet of a and receptacle connected by a cable tracking up the kitchen. It means no more postcards asking running through the wall to the the housewife to read her own meter which is usually located water meter and no more bills in the basement of the home. The meter reader carries a that are guessed because magnetic tape recorder which, nobody was home. To the meter reader it means when plugged into a receptacle, (Continued from Pag 0 these problems, Malley said, plus it will enable the office girl who makes out the bills to do records the reading transmitted by the meter. Each receptacle also contains an electrical "fingerprint" - a code number which is automatically recorded along with the meter reading. This code enables the computer to instantly find the name and address of the homeowner, making sure each family gets its own bill with no mix-up- less s. Power for the system is harmless low voltage, supplied entirely by the rechargeable battery in the recorder carried by the meter reader. The meters are never connected to house current, and the wires normally are electrically "dead." The meter register continues to count water usage even if the cable is damaged, so that all water consumption is permanently registered. The receptacle which is mounted on the outside of the house is kept locked, to be opened only by the meter reader. The homeowner may still read his own meter from v V Q YA f. !i V,A tf ::J U'fthZ A K V lao Off inside the house if he prefers to do so. though the meter Even reader still contends with the weather conditions, his job is much pleasanter and faster, said Malley. At the end of the day, a small tape cartridge is removed from the meter reader's recorder and fed into a computer system. The computer does all the work for you, said Malley. It quickly finds the name, address and previous reading of the account number, performs the subtraction, selects the proper rates, the does multiplication, and types the complete water bill. It even addresses the bill and slips it into an envelope. The ARB is usually installed slowly in cities, said Malley, starting with the more inaccessible meters and working small areas at a time. Two steps are used. First meters are equipped with "encoder registers" and cables and receptacles are installed. As each meter is converted it can be read from outside the house by the meter reader using a "visual reader" device carried by the meter reader at this time instead of a tape recorder. He plugs in as planned, but takes his reading visually from a unique electronic tube which flashes the meter's numerals in sequence. He writes these down in his account book. when a sufficient Later number of meters have been converted, the utility company takes back the meter reader's visual reader and book, and lightens his task by giving him an ARB tape recorder, the of computerized beginning billing for the city. Even though this ARB system saves time and runs the water company's job more efficiently, an even better system is in the making. PgsU apt ECtagfisli The system will eventually become completely automatic, o said Malley. Neptune system is to someday permit meter readings to be relayed to a centrally located computer by telephone. When this comes about the days of the meter reader will come to an end then even the dogs will stop barking. The designed . - -- we have plenty of prepared whole ill fresh water Whispering Hills Homemakers Club Holds Meeting The April 7 meeting of Whispering Hills Homemakers was held at the home of Mary Elliott. Suggestions were made concerning the card party to be held at Finn N' Wing on Bardstown Road at 7:30 p.m , May 11. Final plans were made for the Okolona Area Homemakers tea which was held April 0. 1 lesson concerning A Landscaping was given by Shirley Maquire. Barbara Macaluso gave a lesson on househole storage space and hwo it can be improved. After the meeting table prizes were made for the c.ird party. Care Mother-Bab- y Classes Planned By Red Cross The Nursing Programs department of the American Red Cross will conduct classes in Mother and Baby Care on April 29 and 30, May 6 and 7 and May 1 3 and 1 4 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. It is absolutely necessary to pre register for this class since it is one of the most in demand and there will be a limited -- FINALISTS IN THE ZONE 6 oratorical contest pose with sponsoring Optimist representative. From left are Floyd Johnson, president Buechel Optimist; Robert Bolton, second place winner; Garry Spalding, first place; and John Tally, third place. On back row are WilbertMalone, president of Okolona Optimist; Stanley Dearing, Lieutenant Governor of Zone 6; and Dr. Arthur Andresen, president of Kenwood Optimist. 'Better Things To Come' ARB is looking ahead to even better things in the years to enrollment. Both prospective come, "central station billing." mothers and fathers are invited Someday Jefferson to attend. countians may have their meter For further information readings transmitted by the extension ARB system overpower lines or phone telephone lines directly to 202. Classes will be held at the computers at central station Chapter House, 1357 South Third Street. locations. FOURTH AND RIVER 583-65- 3926 UPPER RIViX 3401 BAROSTOWN ROAD 696-446- 3 459-143- 2 33 634-471- 1, lL - . -- SISTERS OF MERCY: LWSJl Si?-- , V.N I Vll-- rA t' Mil Y mm You At Assumption High Dcnoff - So Do They ) Oardstoiyn Road at Tyler Lano Yt i Try These Memorable Weals. . Friday, April 24 - Starts at 5 p.m. Deep Fried Cod and Crab Just $1 Saturday, April 25 - Starts at 4 p.m. Delicious Chicken Dinner Just $1.50 a HUE FOOD -- ft L , ' J i j . YOU ENJOY fun, good food and rides for your youngrtsrs. Procesdi help the Sisters of Mercy educata tome COO tfrlt such as these at Assumption High and Mercy Academy. What's more, several thousand alumnae of the schools ssrve this area in the home, in business, and in the professions. Have fun! And helpl QIDOS FOR IDS it :mn m all j J

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