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Image 5 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 23, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 23, 1970- -5 r-w IrOBD S f) Students and teachers at Assumption High School plan to jet to Europe this summer to attend classes on a campus in Tours, France. Sister Geralding Mary Hamilton and Sister Mary Corinne Burt will chaperone a group of 13 students on a European study tour. They will attend classes organized by the American Institute for Foreign Study (AOFS). Although Sister Geraldine Mary and Sister Mary Corinne will do no teaching in Europe -all instruction will be by European university staffs their roles as AIFS chaperones will be to act as combination guardians, advisors and friends. All student life in Europe will revolve around them and they will help their students make the necessary adjustment to European life. Sister Geraldine Mary and Sister Mary Corinne have scheduled a number of meetings prior to departure to prepare the students for the experience. six-we- - The American Institute for Heiner, and Lisa Yonder Haar. Foreign Study is an association Donna Crutcher, sophomore of. teachers and, students, with from Sacred Heart, will travel national headquarters in with the group. Greenwich, Connecticut. The For the first leg of their trip, Institute was founded to meet this study group will depart by the growing demand for serious jet from John F. Kennedy programs combining study and International Airport in New travel in Europe at the lowest York for London. During their practical cost. three days in the British capital, Over the years, more than their itinerary will include 20,000 students and teachers visiting Westminster Abbey and from all over the U. S. have St. Paul's Cathedral, watching jetted across the Atlantic with the Changing of the Guard at AIFS to study at famous Buckingham Palace, inspecting universities and schools the Crown Jewels in the Tower throughout Europe. For college of London, and attending an students, the Institute offers evening theatre performance. On their way to the tours, as similar summer-stud- y well as full-yeacademic Continent, they will stop at the programs abroad. John F. Kennedy Memorial at Students from Assumption Runnymede and at Stonehenge planning to go with Sister prior to boarding a ferry at Geraldine Mary and Sister Mary Southampton to cross the Corinne are senior, Peggy Dean; English Channel to Le Havre. juniors, Pam Bryan, Judy They will then continue to Hellmann, Sharon Preher, Tours. A Jeanne Tarullo and Debbie city of 100,000 Yates; sophomores, Mary Alice inhabitants, Tours is situated on Boemker, Ellyn Crutcher, the River Loire in the heart of Marian Kuhn and Jean the French Chateaux Country. McDonald; freshman, Theresa The Institute is part of the ar University of Poitiers and was founded 54 years ago especially for the study of the French language by foreigners. It attracts students from all over the world ; last year, some 1 ,000 students from more than 50 countries attended. While at Tours, Sister Geraldine Mary, Sister Mary Corinne and their group will have an opportunity to participate in a weekend trip to Spain. After four weeks at Tours, they will drive to Paris. During their three days in the French capital, they will stroll down the Champs Elysees, visit the Louvre to view some of the world's greatest works of art, and make an excursion to the to name Palace at Versailles just a few of their scheduled activities, They will then board an overnight train for Milan, from where they will continue to Rome via Florence. During their three days in the Eternal City, their sightseeing will include visiting such famous landmarks as St. Peter's, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. From Rome they will depart by jet for - theU. S. According j 1 . 9 f Sister North Audubon Homemakers Learn Uses Of Blenders f it. to-- Geralding Mary and Sister Mary Corinne, there are a few more openings in their group and interested students or their parents are invited to contact them for further information. ; L On April 9th the Melbourne Seven points to remember when Heights homemakers met at the purchasing convenient foods home of Mrs. William Lausman, include tost, time, nuality, 4308 Lowe Road and for the acceptability, nutritive value, second month the attendance variety and versatility. was 100 per cent. Mrs. Carson Mrs. Tobaben made Crab tree was a guest. mayonnaise in a blender and Mrs. Roe liter's devotion advised members to keep their theme was "Making a Mouse a blenders in a convenient place. Many Home." A house becomes a members offered home only when love is felt suggestions on ways to use their between all members and a love blenders. Mrs. Roomer gave a lesson for God is expressed, she said. Mrs. A. B. Tobaben talk on "speechmaking." The May meeting will be at enlightened the members on the multitude of convenient foods the home of Mrs. Larry Fischer, available on the market today. 1411 Mcrimar Road. -- . , The North Audubon Homemaker Club meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Robert Dulworth, 924 Rosemary Drive on March 17 at 10:30 a.m. with vice-presiden- t, Mrs. I. J. Kaufmann presiding. Major project was given by Mrs. O. C. Wibbels on legal procedures. The next meeting will be held April 21 at 10:30 at the home of Mrs. W. Frank, 3119 Meadowlark. Major project was I"IAiCZ,"3 SLTT.m ttzZy tour ire firoai lift, SLtw Rlary Corfcae, Judy ITciLnssa, "presented by Mrs. Al Doering on Tir.!!j, Tlacsa Htfccr, Jean McDonald, Pam Cry an, E'Jyn Crutcher, Dettie Yates and uses of ' the ' blender. Minor t'JUs GmLIL'x Moryi Seated from left are Donna Crutcher, Peggy Dean, Mary Alke Boemker, ' project was presented by Mres Marian Kuhn, Liai Vonder Haar and Sharon Preher. Louis Schneeberger. RONALD K. BAKER, left, of 3008 Klonway and Gene F. McFadden, 3400 Kirby Lane in Jeffersontown, will be serving on the Highlands Branch YMCA Board of Management. Baker is employed at General Electric and McFadden is with the Jefferson County Board of Educat ion. Seoul Trocp 39 Fctbr And Sen STEAK DlfJMEQS Dcnquot Is Held $129 Boy Scout Troop Number 39, sponsored by Meadowview Presbyterian Church, had their annual m m mm banquet father-so- n recently at the Kings Table. Guests of honor were Charles Carman, District Commissioner and Donald Uaibst, Area Commissioner for Cherokee District. Scoutmaster ,.9501 '"''""'"" Hubbard tke ROADS SHOPPING CENTER "FASHION 70's" You no longer have to go "basic black" to go formal. The Fashion Look of the 70'$ has made debonair changes in formal wear. And Hamilton's has kept up with these colorful changes. So for your wedding, prom, derby ball or other formal occasion,, go Fashion go Hamilton's. .. YOU CAN DEPEND Most of these boys have been with Bomar since they were Cub Scouts in the Webelos. is TAYLORSVILLE FORMAL WEAR ENTERS Bomar displayed slides taken during summer camp of the troop during the last few years. Five of the older boys in the troop, who will be graduating from high school (Clyde Off ner, John Henricksen, Bill Owen, Doug Noel and Doug Williams) presented Bomar with a fishing rod and reel as a token of their appreciation for all of the tune devoted to them over the years. The troop $1179 I0 iiU ON u. looking forward to receiving a large number of f 5 Locations in the Louisville Area; new boys from Cub Pack Number 39 to join them in the father and son banquet next year. DOWNTOWN 14-711- Opi DIXIE MANOR Mm's Imy,' Mwfl 1 Mm. iM, v M r It, t 4i bid. PJ -- NEW ALBANY Th WMM fnH Mm f 4 111 HIKES POINT , Mm-- Hot, SfrMt fnt NlkM IOiJO f Crk Ntw Wmt Man j,. if 13-- . INDIAN TRAIL Mwi't tmyt' MI tO Itaf 0w Mm r.s K EVEN AN INDIAN l n i 11111 I' .'."hi, f f IS u)OFF " " KL- i - uofrv KNOWS TO KEEP HIS WIGWAM COOL . . . mj ' "Ts rA If 5x5LSSaSi lffi Veed The thriftiest way to wipe out weeds. Two super strong weed killers get them all dandelions, chickweed, even the broadleaf kinds. Covers hard-to-ki- LOUISVILLE GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY A Kentucky Corporation Now In Our 133rd Year Of Community Service spreader, regularly $19.95, now specially 1 priced at only $12.95 when purchased with any Greenfield bag product. And no trade-i- n required. Destroys 101 weeds, especially hard-to-ki- fS J3 0X3 Dl UQ n U (III Aslt somebody vvho w CHARGE IT- PRFRTDM .HlfJHWAV r . . AT a TILL9P.M . IIP J varieties even n mm imim a i ll vines and woody plants. Buy sprayer, too, save $1. 15 gal. capacity. Attaches to hose, has shut-of- f valve. Makes most economical use of weed killer. 5000 sq. ft. $4.95. keep his wigwam warm in winter with hot stones or cool in summer with didn't simmer, and live happily! This rugged 20" marking Killer. ll the "Happy Hunting Ground" was able to ditioning dealer or contractor before the rush. You'll be glad all summer you Spreader. UOFF on sprayer with liquid Dandelion & Chickweed Killer. KILLER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CAN "KEEP YOUR COOL" WITH GAS OR ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONING you have a choice of gas or electric central air conditioning. If you plan to install air conditioning for this summer, better hurry to your nearest air con- Show'n TelP Broadleaf 9 cooling branches or slits in the teepee. Now you and your family can "keep or unit air conditioning. And your cool" all summer long with whole-hous- e vA ibwA Economy buy. Dandelion & JS I'JEED Any Indian worthy of reaching f g bothersome broadleaf weeds. fh I H V, Covers 15,000 sq.ft. Also big IH savings on quantities for 5,000 and 10,000 sq. ft. areas. trf,t-ii- ' W OFF Plenty of nitrogen to keep grass coming up lush (- and green. Plus two powerful weed killers to control the most A long-lastin- nrr-rll- i H-O-- IT FsHo-p- o- IA IMniAMTDAII inf-ii- k winn in know nrn ion niwiiLsviMf - OPEN SUNDAY iI 10 A.M.P.M. DunMC I- WE HONOR YOUR CHARGE CARDI Lttfcawga -2 f -

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