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Image 11 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 23, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

11 JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thunday, Apr3 23, 1970- -1 r " tt fin f i PTA 1 j "V H HAWTHORNE James E. Farmer, Associate Superintendent of Instruction, Jefferson County Schools, will discuss the extended session or four-quartplan at the Hawthorne Elementary School PTA, April 28, at 7:30 p.m. Y; er Just Phone 233 791 3 731.3 v - a. .0-28- 3 i. SENECA last meeting of the Senior High School PTA held Thursday, April 23, p.m. The Seneca will be at 7:30 New officers will be installed. They are: president, Czr.lzr J SPECIAL president-elect- 42C5 OADSTOVI! COAD TT3 CAST of "Hip Hippie Hooray takes time oat from rehearsal for tome downing around. The play wft be presented by Thomas Jefferson High Scliool't senior class on April 23, 24 and 25 at 8 p jn. Admission will be $ 1 for students and $ 1 .25 for adults. CUECHEL n In IT'S v ill .L-L- - BY SARAH TURNER Tears of joy trickled down her cheek as a smile of victory crept across her face. "Oh me," seemed to be the only sounds 18 year old Lois Eigelbach could utter when she 4 crowned was Jeffersontown I one Miss last side, Lois looked, unbelievingly, first at the judges and then slowly across the packed Jeffersontown High School gymnasium. The crowd of some 300 roared with congratulations as Jeffersontown's candidate for Miss Kentucky 1970 strolled down the runway in a flowing red velvet robe, silver tiara, and holding a bouquet of red roses. Lois is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Eigelbach, 3820 Sunrise Way. In June she will graduate from Jeffersontown I' zh School where she has been ESSENCE OF LEMON COLD WAVE I' 1970 Saturday night. Flipping her golden hair to 4 15.00 Worden: bymnastics classes, Now .9.0 hip-hugg- er r" GOLDSMITH ELEMENTARY The PTA of Goldsmith Elementary School will sponsor a movie on Saturday, April 25, from 10 to 12 a.m., in the school auditorium. The feature will be "Goliath and the Dragon." Admission is 40 cents per Appointment Not always necessary 7 REALTORS TELEPHONE 897-254- 7 2416 FRANKFORT AVENUE fLOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 402-- 3 will Highlands Funeral Home II f senior high school students followed the regular meeting of the Captain Abraham Hite Chaper, Daughters of the American Revolution, on April 11 at Keeling's "Red Barn" Meeting Room, 520 Lyndon Lane, Lyndon. Reports were given of the The regular meeting of the Okolona Elementary School PTA will be held Thursday, April 23, at 7:30 p.m. in the school gym, 7606 Preston 0 190 & cL thm Giar; itc, 2.00 tMISON 1 t I i 1 I & ON ANY DRY CLEANING ORDER THIS COUPON IS WORTH 3331 TAYLORSVILLE ROAD Fin Frca DAR 451-442- A Good Citizenship Tea for the sixth grade elementary and Kentucky DAR HELP WANTED DAY OR NIGHT WORK Beck Bar Men Over 20 Mrs. Mellwood State Keeling, Mrs. Committee, age. Must be references neces- KINGFISH Good working conditions, profit sharing plan and DRIVE-I- N 3401 BARDSTOVYN RD. or FOURTH to n Elementary School students: Tamara Denise Traves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Travis, 8200 Farm wood Way, af asm ENTRATED 1 To Your Elementary School; to Carl Douglas Dixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Dixon, 4908 Hopewell Road, Jeffersontown, of Jeffersontown Elementary School; to Mary Ellen Stack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Stack, 219 Monohan Drive, St. Matthews, of Our Lady of Lourdes School. Absent was Thomas Carpenter of Joshua C. Everett Elementary School. Chapter hostesses at the tea were Mrs. Lemuel Felts, Mrs. R. G. Magliato, Mrs. Sam Meacham RIVER RD. & Add More Pep Fern Creek, of Bates JLAl!.ce.TopyJ. Must be at least 18. Experience not rtecessswy. Will train. APPLY IN PERSON ONLY William Shelton and Mrs. Robert G. Walthen. Good Citizenship pins were presented by Mrs. Robert G. Wathen for the National Defense BUS BOY yean of dependable, sary. Good salary, $75 per week to start. Will raise salary immediately to qualified man. Employee benefits, profit sharing plan and hospitalization, paid vacation. Conference held in Owensboro on March 25 and 26, by Miss Mary Rowntree, Regent, and Life & Engine The Hydrodynamic Oil Treatment IYNAMIC THEATMENT TO CHEttGUARD a' O CORE PEP IX With Miracle Silicone YOUR ENGit IT' Distributed by C & J DISTRIBUTORS 964-600- 9 5604 Preston Hwy. Mntri agar CHEMGUARD DEALER-of-the-WEE- JOE IlinHS 76 SERVICE Wll PRESTON HIGHWAY SC3-915- 7 E4JPS"J "Specializing in MAJOR & MINOR MOTOR : FUUT OUAIANHIO ' SICTION m tour ST0CK-li- ? ur toST tort tor 1 isrs. Ol MONir RACK I SPECIAL tVL Cflftf SIDES V I0UND SIKS. CUIt SIRS. IOUK0 MOUNft (SCCIION ON CHART) "I SICTJON Just Present Coupon With Incoming Order )V jKgliP PRESTON HIGHWAY "mm at OPEN 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. miMITONE - APRIL 22, 1970 AIZ IS GOODAcui IN Uf 859-034- 7 COUPON WITH EACH DRY CLEANING jgp'EXPIRES I OUTER LOOP 0RDERI? f uwsvut OKOLONA 1211 E. Oik "55" 7321 PRESTO!! HYY. SC3-231- 5 7:30 to 1:00) NEW HOURS OKOLONA STORE: end Ttors. Kites 'lil 9 p.m. C;:n 'III 4 p.p.1 Ill DRESS UP fOUR v V June 1 8, 1 9, and 20 Lois will compete among girls from all over the state for the 1970 Miss Kentucky title. Other winners of the Miss Jeffersontown Scholarship Pageant included first runner up, 1 8 year old Renee Rich, a senior at Seneca High School; Melanie Leet, second runner-up- , a senior at Assumption; third Cheryl Yeager, senior at Fern Creek; and fourth Susan a senior at SECTION IHM0NIC0 Jeffersontown. This was one pageant where program were Herbert no one contestant had an because Thornton, and Emily Helm advantage over others of age. All 1 1 contestants are Gordon, soloists; Mrs. Alice Snider, organist; Darlene presently 8 years of age. Brumley, piano accompaniMissCongenialityis always ment; and the "Weird-ohs,- " an important role in a beauty consisting of Willie Adams, pageant. It is this girl who has Butch Berry, Charlie Binford, the best personality and is Mike Lassiter and Frank picked by the other contestants Pribble. APRIL DRIVEWAY i WITH b junior at Assumption High School, Lou Anne Finnegan, has been named the first winner of the state high school U.N. Essay contest. The competition, formerly a national contest, was open to air III ''C sns. NO MONEY DOWN ROASTS EXAMPLE: OMR ROASTS lilt SHOIT 22 thru 25 OPEN DAILY 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. SATURDAY 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CUTTING HOURS 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Only ) OIUCI STKS. " STEWING UU GROUND CNUU K- -' US. GOVT. GUARANTEED W " V4V TOTAL PRICE. WTS. FROM 300 LBS. TOTAL at a Ulff 4c Sliced Dacon 7950 J3 10 lbs. CIIICKEtl or or AS IOW AS 24.50 PER MO. FOR 3 MOS. NO INTEREST NO CARRYING CHARGES 3 MOS. SAMS AS CASH 10 lbs. Pork Chops SAUSAGE STOP A SEE SHOP A SAVE FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF THE FREEZER WAY IS THE ONLY WAY. For Placing Order During this Salel With Purchase of K Beef or More (Sections .) 129 & UP I MUCOUS .lMk A-- B on Chart) 10 lbs. IISDA CHOICE SPECIAL STEAK ORDER GUARANTEED TO SATISFY mi niittM wild Haven, Kentucky, are M runners-u- in the contest, in aHS school students in that order. Kentucky's public, private and Junior Naturalists parochial schools under the state division To Meet Saturday sponsorship of the The Junior Naturalists will of the United Nations meet Saturday, April 25, at Association. In the winning essay, Miss 9:30 a.m. at the Life Science Finnegan described the diverse Building at the University of organizations sponsored by the Louisville. Dr. Charles Covell, assistant U.N. and explained their functions in relation to the professor of biology at the economic and social conditions university, will take the gorup on a field trip to the Harrods of the world. The winner will get $100 Creek area to study acquatic toward expenses of a trip to biology. There is a $1 dollar fee United National Headquarters per person for bus in New York. Sister Mary transportation. Y 10 lbs. Calassanctius was Lou Anne's supervising teacher. William Lutrell, Seneca High School, and Karen Metcalf, St. Catherine High School, New p f Jaa 7is w, Pwnronth $43.00for 3 months INSPECTED TEZ2ER VeTSTERN 1 300 lbs. at 43 lb. NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES CLOSED SUNDAYS Assumption Essay Wins A aw stm. til STUKS NOW Thru SAT. best we have ever had and the are certainly the most beautiful," Mrs. John Throgmorton, pageant director exclaimed. Miss Kentucky 1968 Janet Sue Hatfield Lowman returned to Jeffersontown Saturday to be mistress of ceremonies for the pageant. Among her comments were many about her visit overseas with the Bob Hope Show and the things that holding the Miss Kentucky title had done for her. Other participants in the girls 1 4544356 7:30 to 5 Daily-S- at STL ClUI STI. SIM0IN TIP KT. MOUND SiaiOIN WIS EIGELBACH, crowned Miss Jeffersontown 1970 at Saturday night's pageant, will compete in the Miss Kentucky contest. Ethridge, LOUISVILLE MIHHOUSISrl. LJ I Iw M nflmui ar WMiy r- - 1 i i-- jhigh )w I LOW C0t l flMATES causnt jG , AVENUE CO. inc. 45e EXAMPLE 60 LBS. at 79c LB. TOTAL PRICE AVG.WT.60to80LBS. MVAu-- Ar AA IJ Entrance to Parfcinf Are off Dutchman's Lm Robert G. Bom Bird S. Owen, Jr. Alton E. Neurath Jamat D. Dougherty Lea E . Cralle, Jr. A. R. McFarlend . Vernon Emerson Martin L. Jackson .John A. McKinney, Ratident Manager 0 SIM0IN S7IS. SPEND WIE HONEY! 1 0 MhJbJJ! , cheerleader for three years, drama club, French club, German club, pep club, and is on the class executive board. Recently Lois was the winner of the annual sewing contest held at the Womans Club of Jeffersontown. Sewing is one of her favorite hob.bies and she makes most of her clothes. STYLE CUT RESIDENCE COMPANY '"X, 267-753- perform, as well as individual acts including students and adults. The knitting class will have a display of their handiwork. Admission fee is 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children. OKOLONA ELEMENTARY the winners of the essay contest on "What My Dad Means To Me" will be announced. The program will consist of a She has also been crowned as the best natured girl in the speaker on the extended school basketball queen and was third contest. year and refreshments will be runner-u- p in the Miss JHS Jeffersontown's Miss served in the cafeteria following Pageant this year. Congeniality 1970 is Patricia the meeting. Humphress, who was recently Talent is a must if the winner chosen as the first Miss SOUTHERN of the local pageants have hopes Jeffersontown High School. Southern High School PTA becoming Miss Kentucky in of Among the gifts Lois will will hold the last meeting of the June. Clad in white receive along with the title is a year on Tuesday, April 21, at bell bottoms and a red midriff, $500 scholarship to the college 7:30 p.m. in the Southern Lois danced a number she calls of her choice from LeRoy auditorium. to the music of a Highbaugh, Jr. There will be an installation jazz band. "This pageant must be the of new officers and a special tribute to T. T. Knight, the principal, who is retiring at the close of the school year. Refreshment will be served after the meeting. "Hip-Hugge- d. n. (dah) scniVc::iEn Ycostcrs IVin Gcd Ci;izcr.s!:!p Highway. This will be Dad's Night, and cWcrsGouLi - Carroll REAL ESTATE NEEDS MATTIE B. LUHR Mattic B. Luhr PTA will sponsor a Talent Revue Friday, April 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the school. Recreation classes, including tap and ballet, the drill team and corresponding secretary, Mrs. James Wood, and treasurer, Mrs. Jack Cochran. The program will consist of five Seneca High students discussing some of the different organizations of which they are members. r:oiv o?::j PHSNE McEuen: Mrs. Harry Mrs. (mod cart) 59-06- 24 , SERVING YOUR child. Popcorn and cola will be sold for 1 0 cents each. Robie; second .1 454-504- George Mrs. "s t Buying - Gelling News afSTCI CUT rrtTS- -i All Mrt SeM Haneinf Weiebt Trim less Svbjed te Cutting I NO MEMBERSHIPS TO BUY. NO CLUBS TO JOIN. NO DUES TO PAY. OUR BUSINESS IS SELLING ONLY GOOD BEEF AT LOW PRICES. DRIVE OUT AND SEEI m 931 Caxtcr Avcr.yo Phono 459-OK- O 1

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