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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, December 27, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

LOUISVILLE, VOLUME XII. THE 1 DEMOCRAT. DAILY LOUISYIIJLE - MISCELLANEOUS. DAILY DEMOCRAT, MANUFACTURES. BE?. FLOOD, BIX TED AND PUBLISHED BY HAENEY, HUGHES & CO., VEITITIAIT B LI 17 D THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1855. DYEING & CLOTHING !I t5iji .Vo. 437, COILVER MAIX AND TOURTII STS. 5" ARGE AND ELEGANT STOCK of Clothing and gex.tlenien's Furnibhing Goods. COATS. Fine black ar.d Mae tress Cots; Fine black, blue, brown, and olive Frock Coati. PANTS. Biack Doeskin Cassimere Fantn. snperficc; Fancy Cassimere l'flats, every style and quality. VESTS. Fine Mark figured "inglish Silk Vests; Fancy I'luiih eit; liCK im1 fancy tin Vesta; M edding and laity Vests; Blues; Casiiixore nu-- Cashmere Vests. OVEitCOATS, &c. Fine Mack and fancy colored Cloth Oyer-ost- s, Cl.i2.ks, and TaiLaaj.lla.mesi Coats, Waists, and Vests. A SECRET The great deuiatid for these fiaii-is- , from wcolesale bui'ers, having indacc d the prupiieiors to lir?fcty tli;ir tukiiufdcturitigft rce, they are entO'le'lnow to furnish k11 who are i:i wunt cf ii.strumetits at the t .a w or retail i rites. Jtelml i.uyers are ua lov.ehi tally Esmocret par year, py able quarterly by e an ci TK24 6 VJ 'F-Ha Huvaiice- do, P A R TN E RS H I P HEHETO- - su.'ed thai they cu:i Afactoryavtru.e or f.-- per cent,our lo cny of purc'iBaiiifi from tiie direct, per week, payable to the Carrier. Tf r Crte Si exijlir.y, under ton aiyle and tit!? cf autn.-rinc;ijiii.".tfie trice". lK'in.7 uni!orml;irouhout 6 tW Isaa-- ., fore Ea..y lcioi.raL, touj;o' edition, per year is Lerbi, l.y nutaal consent, this oay dis-e- ttie Htid niiiah, 'i i'iiR3, a to qiittiiiy, tone, 'l'.2tM2 Ui- AOs ilikilfiiAl. red. are wjJiRAHTnu e.;u;il to tustcra loake; their Ft. Straus ii authorise! hU:ire iancs, t!;t .ji:iy cla.s ef 10 .1 OJ against li.m branch cj me to settle til c'aiir-- for and p.reu byIthere, havinfijust the o! iLslramer.ts uisiQUfii"-,- . HO;e eacn iirt s, oneinsertion - cs".l !;;thTent. and Joe-jp02 received the preiuiuui at the Lie additional insertion authorised to settle ah claims in California. . 6 W 1 ac. is persons cm: iroci i, w.Uiuut alteration faircf the .tlechsiiiic tn.tiiute, whu iu couipet-tioknowing themselves looi. to the with those ft Ciiirucrtiig oi Bou,cf ioBion,aua-7 to uo ' . 1U 0 fir J), wiiipltaee cad auos-iUieih o inoi.tas, oo i unite Xew York. U MAfv FTEAT?. . lo til -iir.out alu ration One square fia ccntus, A't'iitrffortJic V'est. as jutFf ii Isaacs. do ' iiiiim c. Meters Ai Sons, Cincinnati, Ohio. twelve isouths. do Do i'O . 7 in square for six ciontliS -Jlaluier l Webf.r t. ioUiJ, Mo. Bach add.Uc-nii- ; ) U'l 'UT J. 8. 'AlCi.... A. Ti2tV, fH!i twelve Months i)o i.o aiiies L'ife'goiis, . J tJ uare f setDip, reutswable once week Jae l'airick t Oruasc. Laiajctt- -, l:idi tna. X. lionymgwin One square twvive laoLd;., renewable - 4d W BIlIitTS. Co., civasviilc, Indiant. Couts Kutherion' .Ciai isviiit', i'eua. Linen and Linen boscw jrh'rta, from the largest to the JIPORTEHS AND WHOLESALE Cae square twelve icoaih., reaavra'.-- , cnoe- a i'O C; C'hurch.ll ic (look, Memphis, 5 tun. am alios, l sizes. Jiuvdy ic ,Kuer, V:ckMtirK, Xiat. . W. SMALL '. CHITS Mt I.iii'i UXDEliSinKTS AND DBAVE3. fc ! i.'.n;-- for twelve month il. U. coii-e- Detroit, Jtic.' AJdsi;--r.a- l aive-.- n i jr t & yrp rtifri.ate price. Lot- GRLAT V.'e h I've now in store the l.irjjest and test assortment Silk, Merino, Ctshraerc, Shaker and Caata Flannel IN a prices. :. f itt-.f- i V be JiOX PU.MPS. WE MANUFAC- - of iubti'uitieiiH Slntshed found ii te Wfst. iDtluaii L ac ershirts ana Drawers. re at inter i1. vis: weskiy, Av- - r - i GLOVES. mocvhiy,re ciiurjed 41 per U. tare ami have Klwsy, on haod Iron l rce and Lift twelve highlyuiatriits, atc::rved Fisnos. Xhose iu wa:it o;'tu;l .ti i.iwesi factory prices, are in ult.s, of rocst'-.:- ! Winris, ... rr i.j.t. hrst, r.uu cti !fr every EUufct,uit lor cislsrnd vitcii in ciiil ami cx iuiine our stuck. iUtVreoco gvea Kid, Silk, Cauimere, Cashmere, and blue G'.ovt e. ITE & SMALL, 400 MAIN ST., s!is.f any i.e: i. Ve vgrr.i;; our 1'umps t'l js tjJorui-oti. the Vest ami suut-i- , C BAY ATS, TIES, &.c. y i wel , ana mareiucd t.'ietiouey il tuoy iiiilo give uv;C"r5 5? strictly near National Hotel, will sell, from this time un c i r;vi'.'.e cf in:C!uaingi:ie iiiobiol tin; fceiuaie Acinic-i- : ii"1' tne.r o'.tlCramts, Serfs, and Ties, t nl te a'.;l rt5ui:iri.c?iiics, variety; Socks, Sus- til the firstof January, their chcice stckof Carpeting iairo'V.-enri;i the uiivto Prt; K. V. . penders, and t llanrikerchiefi. Kor sai at at greatly reduceJ prices, to which they respetttuiiy intf f v'iiutiac--j "i n n'Utrti.i.i: Cri is ui-ZiiK-r- , C h Aries Tuiiter, iKiuis ilsi, iui. dei) vite the attention "f the public. Their stocs consists of fiIA:i'VlLLi:"3. locja.i -- s tiit .! 'is ).u.vl!u ut a.i Orii-'P- , i'iJiS, I' CXiS .13 CO., Kich tlcal Velvet Carpeting; liiii i ourl i ;fect. IlOtlCO. oc.' it Son's suptrlTapestry Carpeting; CliHAs TiliiiiS AT 'f Jit: English brusscU do; J) 51- A DISSOLVE PARTKE '; allx.t. lkvim 5Jf tiiip with D. D. ?!.r, I a;;i new pract'oins L vv.h. r;iOtvgr.T lie perir-- l J YOBK DYE HOUSE. liikTain PateLt do; O'l t--.y nu ,ij bv.siuCori.iiAil rw el: all wool do: Ftra, medium and corcmon TWO. btl FOIUITHST., UETV.'EEX br jTonifJy attenued to. OU't e Jeiicrsoii sircst, na rLUMUERd, CMS AND STEAil Douo.e Cotcm Chain a.i wo"l niiing Carpeting; vtt.:.ta:-j- : 11 rino Iiresses ard JeQcrsm. Silk i ,ii.ti, n.jn.n siiie. J 4, and 4 Venitian iiaH and ata.r ; Xc. 61 Tuird c'.rcet, bttvron ijcia ad Marktl, dye-- b'.aj.k ft r 1; iul c titer colorjand ladies' Drenses GilO.T. AliMSXl;0XO. FiJ.i4rnf on Brussels, Velvet, and Tapestry Stair do; .A2"D 1! It ASS FOUNDER, oiily $1 br.. Crepe tiuawli, Cape-flif.ELL cc .cleaned ortiyed huptr Mosaic, Brussels, and Cheneiile Eugj. LOCIaVILLK.KY. is- Lo; s.yle. Aiso, lor i:i a Yt'r have also i hand a good stock of of or CAST IKON KAIL1NK. AH E S ANT) PLUMBING datuase-- i L'ry U'oOaS, please call at my store, Io. 101 Floor Oilcloth , ail wid bsan-- ij. Vj". work Curtain Materi.Us and Trimmings; J. Silk ULlM)Mis K', ail into r.ui.'.ic Y.Tt" E HAVE A LARGE ASSORT- - ar 1 privateofbuiiCit-t'."-liejcrirtlr.ns aniptroduc--t,s,ov.t lUths, i'ourMi ttrfcet. j.olGdllta N2JV7 Linen and Cott- n Good j, such Sheetings, Towinl Fancy liver. Wu J coid iiol nient of cry li:ir.f!scme li'.iliu" l'attirr.s. suit Circti;aU) (i boii-r- s. . 'aiicy els, Napkins, Tit le I'ainasks, Spreads, Sc. asst..ndi, i'an, I'ia.c, to which we aaJ f'r THTvr, ceui.'i-n.-s- , LLANKETS. Water Ci.eru work, force tiu BcfiniDg Company. t:;e :h n'.tptn'r. of tliofe iu AV"'it of liiiig torj 3y f t ruuipii, 6.C, Cu.rets, l.aajb, dud ft attr noiia- ITalla csli Dychouse. Steam 1, Rn.l quality Bed Biir.kets; liiui au:;c are ut it l.nt iiiii e ujiiisd Crib Llanktt; whicn we are selling at very low .IIE UNDERSIGNED 13 PRE- up; t nulice".sf. tb iaot prepared trr;v;. li'l:8 n l on oua.ry crk proMpt'y attcLt'o'i to. Vh. , prices. Call and examine our stock. pared to Sj e Lsv.iva I'resses, Shawls, &c., to any s.itisfscti ry .Tors frsici 6- Cias i iAtits ai-MAIN cT'CLT. deU UM'B c S5UI.L. t uuipa cl c try deacrii'tioa wiil rtctive iToiuj't .ui"U!ti: . ir color to su;t. Clothii R iso, Oent.t-meu'.! tiaiul. liAlixtAlWiTX SXOV.'liEX, Scoured Kcpairei ic neatest au voi.-- .vartee'.l arid pcrsiina'ly a'.tmiVd to. shortest notice, uive iue thecall, and style, and at the AT COST. liviiriuiic Vi.t. Ci.iics.."rt'it. lI.i)ATiisox..Tj.o.L. Ciiur.. tl9A!tv C;cnrr '5Vasb;r.p:or. and fo.iuory, jui&e lor youi-Sclv- es. a ric.isu jfivc i.s a e.i L'irore j:o;i cola iMn u .tr,:.'.s. CO., CLXi'TOV, DAVIUSDX ROBIN'SOX, JIAF.TIX A-- CO .My Dychouse ard Rora'ring Shop is on FIFTH jo:::: sxvssa. STttErti', JOHt: a. EyANKEIW, COilXElt OF MAIN" netwteii Kain an-eiur'itt, opposite JTO. 95 FOURTH ST., WILL SELL, , w here 1 shall always lie found rea ly uruji DiCKlIt'SON AX9 BfL-i- T X f IitLbTS. lnttrei.ilkiwea ut until thelJt rf January Lest, AT, COST, their and vii it-- tj waii on oustonicrs wii way four Hie i.' TT HADDOX, CARRIACiE DEAL- V (StrcCiSiCRS TO H. W. WtLTON), Press Good-f Cloaks, stocn civets, nd T. t. PLUS is. wilt a call. CJ a tr, Tr.ird fcirea, beta- - en ijtt:t Hnd JefTorsoa. l;c(, i.-iiiiif jfcf "i tiAl caiiica. 1 Trhe.mintrs; and, at rtdaced prices, their entire Mock of 11 o, 7i Fcurta etroct, between Llaia aul ictLst, vow i hand, ot (? uvea a full r.t"j Our Fail and Winter is stiil iar;e s Itci &6.rtojrDt of JiocKaa" !. Su!k:ts, l' lK'to'is, f.rv fend iC!t!!iU'! sn-- l desirabie, and purchasers will fiid it to their tr.ter-- t RV., j.b.ces. Fr. rteihe. Silk and has Kti.-ti- t Ojva J'litifiCE.fcii'ftiCil-U-i- , d to call and make their selections, us we are Ku.'ik, Mule-sen- t iy remit ToceeJsi aa-- i P HOLiSTER E R S AND MANU- J his Pyiiig Estaoii cuseut to Fiish street, i:tweer wn ahIch of ti.tand ir.i s; iui io ?ed che ip, ard as assy goods as possihle pooii: vofct Lieu arecriict.tuci to Marke'.p.i.-b'.f bus r:rr. UdilJitiV KO'.it'.w.'iiT), Jetierso::, where he is now prepared again M-i'.'i sty'. s;siv, at.d c!t,r.;aV. the above date. Aiso, faetureri of all kite's, of ilcddiiKiV, iadov Shades, t:aucy pying. liotc;.-viu- - t.'tr nlleutlCli cf tij Iiieilda til l il pur :i'". eo all kinds of fai.k ..t-ilj .iiiii uvUiiLi.i.:., t i.c.,for Mui.".U:.ti. pii. DOMESTIC GOODS. Tlc indies :sad jreritletiicn of Louis. UiBSud vioinit7 c.X.lf Xarvaa.-iuaiid 1 i'.j- on haut, or tiaJc, to v.rd-.r- , for J. UADV'JX. New York Mills Sheeting; inviie-are to ;ah at u y new store if they as rtsprt,pru;d. saie or i.ii c. A.i wora Lonsdale at; d CaddiLloa Sbeetlce; or iih to have their Lrersos, ii.wia, Caj-es- , OF 'HATED AT THE CORNER ; e Msg 4c Pwiclit GoHis, F ants, Vests, &c., dye-:id tiiiished io ad iii'i ..i is ac open fur the scBarxley P.ichardsoa's Irish Linens; and mauLier. Crave bhalo, Kid Gi07es,and lii'ctiiia or ULocii .mr Mi: :iii I lue Pixon "son's do; gectaea Vieariig Apptiel cieai.ed aid ntatiy : VnOLi-cAl-AM) KtTAlL UZALKItd IS iie", Turuitare, Beddinj., rirc-Ar- ms Piil-i40 ami tto; super Damask Table Linens; ;ii tedoneintbe ti xay t.6. All work str.tthe shrt--iiukcl ii on TouitU Etrecl, tear Copper 10-Suow-drodo; t3lJOproiaiSi'd,iicl a; WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, J( . V.'i.Ilii, 4 ItiKiil. heavy brown do; :fth street, ly ar.-fM, Allendale Shietinffs; rHAN"KFUL FOR PAbT FAVORS Ve il:c!t the ) 4rnn&geof t!e paiuir, ki.i hope Fifth &ree:,near Zfuin, Lottiscille, 2j. pillow Cottons: JW. tiitj sultcri'M-- i s ec!i?:t a cor.tiauai.ce cf put-li- t and ourexsi: 'i t ) u. 't 'iiAETLX CO., Proprietor. ., 10-and Li-- AJiendale Spreads; BEGS LEAVE TO custom, jl hey ;ire wiiiititntly ellppiieu tv illi i &ii tiie bfsi TiiL.S. S. .T-' for laen's Wear; Heavy blue Cottona-n.-- , as tuy Wlnvn tuey witi aeil as btovws :si lue '""'infvmsraercbapts.i''l w . Maryland Penitentiary Plaids;; C'Ju-rtiiat he ii;J oa hal, oiher i.ousu ial-a- and Xiivy ui iuuiiiotui e tse work'xu v,,? Heavy power-loouo ail Kc'.ilj i jobbiL, and Colter war;, in ic cousisLiiiiy rcivii'i. mrec; Eaa 1)L.'JCA Furniture Cheeks; U Alicia, U.c:rn:.-eSo. 473 KALN BTuZLT, LOUISVILLE, KY. TTy CiaiiUiarturL-I' heavy Apron Checks; 4.'6 Jii'ket it., hel. tt-jli- d kud ih;r I. ail aiid sinwle ):.d, Enfrlif h douile froatie Buomiuss. . f in nua) mi 3- 4, HDd o- heavy Tickings;, Kevoivers nud I'ittis ct and prices; 3 4 and heavy brown Osnaburgj; jA. of my compliments to stty Triecds and patrens, 1 kiDu; Kite Liirr..'s, '.ua Locks. Double 'J'rijCgsrs, t:c To Dealers Li Cilciotiia. 4- 4 and Ncrtb. Side brown Sheetings. woul-C3ll itiieELicn to my ta J ctoci; of tatcy tc-- y article tuitSie fjr ai4iu.t.l:3; tortiiii A The above embraces but a small portion of ourstosk. Cicj-.- n .tio: Leis, i i, Citsiiiaeies, and I luahes, no k in. store, selected o OrtUie U N DERSIG N E D liEIN G HE BETWEEN i nilSIOX AM) JACSSOX 5TS., latest casU-rBONNET, DRESS, AND SAS1I P.1EE0N3. imiortHuocs. iarye btjct di Kitiveii Jfii h..., cr,l iliiui-ii.- macuf.icture altc, ararrite-J- i'is.Vnje ?7n largely engaged .a iuaeu(.4Ciur;o Oilcloths hs jby myself from tiie co.eprise haiidso.ner desiins The Ladles will find ar.d season gc.ds of tur assortment cf the above large M,'a.-ueuT MANUFACTURER OF LOOKING Iv.'s't ii." ishiag Arpjirmug aJtievery Uecr;pt.i..r.; aii lo f.C;i his ov.'i. e more and 1 would t:iau ever of nd and at remarkably low prices. re,-i1'ua LUiCi; in tl-- i j is coitpielj, the quality 5,ooci6. my i.ier.ds io (.elect early while the assortieent is and liJL S!m t.Dd e 1'rHn.c". Old tU'18 iraUieu of i win v.ii at eastern price. ambOliwly , a:.u the prices ai v.hieii h; can anor-- i to MEN'S, BOYS', AND SERVANTS VfEAR. an-- cno:ce patte. us can ee procured. Of Cioihsl SB,;r4Uhl UccvcU':,. Iil6iue:i iare ffc Ciiii.ol li to t oo br ?r hae a superior suppiy, cf ail the. varied shinies cf A full supp'y of Jean-- , L!nseys, Satinets, Cassimtres, - vecia.i care w in be taken in iticcr.i, for Cfdrti. JACC3 B. oronze, brown, clivt, Miue, and reen, cf Lumor i. Mas Tweeds, Piaid Cottons, Cf.licoes, Sc. ol-- " lit ttoc;ctii8i-son's, sui.ahie for Aletll Frock, and iior.uuig We oiler inducement, to all who ne-vods. TTI-- OILER MAKE IX, IS NOW PRE- It Uo as usual, black ami fejicy colors, ol every iU)oa oiLCLCiua, F10B1NS0N, MAKTIN & CO., d to ir.aLtifactur? t very descri tlon of .Vteaiu "J ssti Fourth del" street. Frorai to lb feet V(iue ntw paCcriiB, 0au3, Tapestry, cianuf.icture. Su:t rra-l- up to measure, or Pastj and J'iJul BciilLr!1, X'.Tikt, If link Vaults &.., f t Ihn suop, cvrpcrof iilivLic, ii ess it. Ka t?iusi H d liiesVe.ts bi;!y , at as lov rules as taey can l o pur. hashed linl!iI;.aud aterin- treetii, Lou.isi!le, i.y. CAKillAGii TO? OILCLOIilg, VUST RECEIVED, ULACK TIES, X. ot any ciotliicKestdoiisrinectia this city. iwps.ii -' doiic to trj .T at the tiicrtest notics. West '.o b.vetn ju. u nn-- i XKOS. 1. OLI Kii, ,: Main st., jiiudii w and Eeaaforts, fine; black Silk and Satin Half Ci? JUttr lo ili'vvitt . fci mikes. Oa Duclis, iTi'.is, anti ilcs'da, ccaaieied aid p'.aia 8el3 end 1 ifth. new styles; Kid Silk, and Thread Hloves: a: pXVENTOR OF THE DIAMOND MAN SiT FLU'S. deli TAULiii CILCLOTiiS, B;raw-Cutt- cr QusEtlcn. is practicti is tlij city. EL V:'ii. aaJ ! l.uia'rus, lilsiW CLOTlilKli STOU1I. ..'-5 iii-- :i c, ri:'e, la tte piece and paUfrn, surt'iL'f to the iw i LkJ.ieo' rt ir., i.Zt ct :) Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. J. Ii. FORD & CO., OF imported. D. SCEUrrjCII, croir. Hhir . "in cf eery . "ecn?UoL.,si;ct fclAIIi EUl"C.Ji:i OILCLOrnf.irc. of ibo, Pr; t Ear . .LTJi inth- - city taeI"ew All a:.y,ia the State tf Iacli.vja, "MARK & DOWKS HAVE NOV c.' a, a. g lo be ovnert ot ciiford's ri;.t to V. Arcu Mreot, l.tlcw Thir I, rhiiiide'.phla, Sc. o2'J Market etrc.t, between Second and Ttird in store a large and well assorted stock cf the s ta:if;.-.:- ' wi:at is tirn- - Uiit:, I'a. au-- o ij 1 I'Ol' MiiuSacvuivr. LOUISVILLE, EY. above roods, viz: qv-- l - ik LUt:icti:re nwhtto t:iown &t t.jei' re.h:i,Te ,d liie I'ri:s'.r.s inatiiiiacture the tai.o to viiroi.i CIKd.ts' Cloaks and Mantilla., in great variety; M. tv t .'rr!ton.ii,aad ihcy iv ijj THE UNDERSIGNED TAKES )err ozi lor CioakiLg Clottis and TriminiLg;; it? r ri,cu me uniiguu9. puit.ia.LiK iue ciraw-ij;.H- l BiacK and fancy Si'ke, newesc styles; In . l . i;i.-i- Jl A iri V . i.'li treat pleasure in informing his old customer?, icatiu fdciureu iy us. ve iiive leen to-- a los t.uie public of ail kincs: Evening Dress tnat he is established ',r',f huu .c patent is a!raa.-i- , hatisf. 'A iliat the bo caiied smi-T-oki.i-.- i ihe aliove I usir.ess, ai.-- wils be happy to, hefting. and Tabic'' tiintns; I Mbti a piwiai'ie xnd aa ir. tut tit Uioi-J.btitieAia.; lie bas lueture arica isortmeat Plantitiou Oood for master and servant; .is IWARDiNu AND. GENERAL lr.Lgci- - ?i.t of tiie d , Dt.K"r iti Trucks. ot ol i pair-in.r iuiiiiict'.ticr m 1.;.;. Joi.:i Jv.j n:r.r.t Laces, Edijj-s- , aod Iori-vi'lefor the present season, iuioh tvery Ntyiet.f . tv. V VbIuv;-'-y ol feptcuiir, !sv-- , aj.l !;:is t a!3 Gate .iu i As c are .lai-our et.n-- is ketvery tiu can seil th lay loreu Copaftuerir tor pireJ. t c jcr. s:l!siit'd tuat the luaci.i :e Oe ana our customers may rely upon liitUirg ut lie will also tuarmfv.'ture to erler, at tho s).ort-- t no- con. , ir:l and i'ourt'".. Lou lrr.Z,Ze,tZt:. l'jr&n'..iiji ku!1 Mtii.i.. Lo.ioat'tct laa.iM .i erieti iraT.SKC.:s' tee v is cohMru tice. new suits, aii a hopi-- that all may .ve hiin a call. all tiuies what they wn'.'. at ! i,ii... ., -J :.iie .t C.r'iiij)f to the .ptcilica'.i' i:s cont.tiii'd '!i 11 A K K Sz. I- 0 Vi N a ', 4T1 M ai st . i- - SC li.'lliv K, Ag't. .K1J UNDERSIGNED i !. iJia J. l :., Xo. -- J, iitfi.Je ff Xiiiru, eJ, l.ot aij .ti, i,ui !!-.-. nc ii:ik t.ii.iot.i , lo c.12 the Jiuev.ii ji ot trie l.viii ?.cd fceiwe. ha? j.Plt, ;.ii J all tbia for bean r ceo'le f " 'tr' F?...XK CAFTUR, cu!'i3i-.(M- i i in Comretiticn U tho oi Trid3. "HjUST RECEIVED, WRISTBANDS L..11, antt iiiidieoi3-Li-.cicCi'vU:t o. :. ro feitcr. the . 1,1--V. rt- - JOti.i i- Oct. n.iiir.V.lie na vi unity, to Lisexteiiiiv? rtpHE'TEME aud Ruffles (separate); S. Ik and Cotton "aipen- Teiuiessce. FOR DEALERS TO Co'.wii i !.--!. STyCoLii.KtiSiienUci St'U, i of 'I'niii wii.i plaiu ar.d PiiMiis cilice we Md to p. S. VeiW, cf X'i;;!.-vllt- ai"l tMIC'l r?.new siyles: liiutu 1t- - in their Tr.'laLd V.'ir.:er stock of Ciothins i -I FtUrbarR ''IU ! white and ncmed t rs, lianukerchieis eveial ol tue go caiied Jsiut.jid MriU.-liiiH1'tre? Cvlicttei. rloje at i.iin.;, and t'-- ai . cf every one being to my in fccy Li.-i- s i :'u '1 Xlier xriiitus, suvi fancy Silk Cravs;is. r.-i re tern.; niacin ol :ii ly h'ai t j tiie the ben and cheapest ciarkot. U.c undersigned it neiiiieJ:Satin Cravats, lint; at Chag. ."d. Atf'i;d r i!.:iiaed tifcet i)tik aui co.ert.d Vruckr, in us-.- . tj. a iiu:y due to tue tradiuti couuuclt; uiiu to thciseives l..i. ie.; 5 ruifkii, ot vmio'-- s -Sant. rd'a patent for etie o; iVnti-t.e- e dANSFIELD. del iror.i to draw ii..tentivn to Uitir; L::ie-.' .ut-- l i.l.tT i;a i:.!ri)i.iiieiit. i Cu., kii4 . (Fcnrwl; J. It. inter A Co., Maii etrcc:), iiO;xTEU CL';TUING .v2TAJ!LI2iIjlL2ir, . t. jiiber ;';:! ni Vi .i r d f'aulvru's j iiUtt is "O HINTS. on iioy utou. and. as u ctitl,;rrt;i.i,l. i ii- - own ca.'.u'jt '..irs. l:.e a' AND o:.i atd a t;i.-3 cases Hamilton strired Prints; (V Hol.rSVLS OSLY), A tr.a.Ti-::t;- J the very l iiil iHai.Ci.aIJi oi to lj tuuac cecidci. i.i.d jury rl Jtarthvrxst eomtr y .hu--- . sua' Fifth streets. do; Cocheco Iea'.cr ilf and Manufacturer of, p t- w-- - piei'srr-i- . .1 iiuish, ana uut to ruil Crp-- : iUis Val - ti, .ttne, hs rurnisii ai. orders superior oruif.L,.-;ii- et-it- l if.' 1 Initt . They have ly the dull times of the past Just recti ved and for sale by De sarpa-'t'eby aiiy i:i t::e f lilted T th.-tiianulacturtd liy u,E.t to a.Ck ii.r..Livit-- i a cai.. le.o mouUisi ii Ciaiii;iir up ar--, !:iini; iu a stock of Clothing As tueiravc.k' stusoi :s 'ltroutcoiucieuciiti;, lu'laaoy any anU every ptrs-- n in ieiiir. r (.r ti .i: e tn- tu. r. Ky- e;r,f :.fia. Xrikf.u Louia . season, such as cannot be rgMCK.Iiu. suitable for loe ati 4., "'l.(jA'I K At CO. Viiiere a oud arueie may be proI uvt dt7 diiTi-icured, I itspcctiuiiy invite such Id issptctiny SMcii competed v. il'i by any otUcr house in their line. 4 bales AmcskegTiexirg; 'ihe st'-rronsists of every variety cf Uarments, r. u belorc tua-iitiiic.r purchase j. 6 do the &:.angh;u of the can of fashion to the rough A.A.No. 1 :o; J.OitiUcLviS, No.5-.-- Main st., a. J.2."e,j' J lcar and Comiiiiion "it: reliant. liianket Cct oi the dijfer of the soil, with lull eu.uto Jus? received aud for sale by corner i ouilii,, Ky fii a 1: 1 . k ii. b i. Vl.Ait deiu match. ond Tkird, STe. 41-5- , 551 Aaiu ?rrff,ftfccu 19. Ail they ask is an investigation of thir roods. They are uetei m:ne,-- to vince tiie Eiost skeptical that their IT IN EN. OCCU- iSiirStsi IN THE HOUE LATELY gJs,5 ji RAVING ENLARGED MY SHOP, jtocn is toe toek id tne seison. lA 'encai invitaaon case 4.4 Blay Linen; ii. rieil br Onusi.r ut Cweu. Uirlsare Defers, keep is hereby tendered to trie trade to taniine. l uo Taylor . Can vas: m ;.!:' ol t::e Ite?. i ai. lon'.iirit.y oo t.a: LICiiTEN, HhnEiSi'liAJ, & CO., S.X3- - and hdded ciachiuerv to niy present works, it Jn,t received and sale by ;y tioi.w heecriis a'. l'ie lowest mar ici prices. jRuH !nrthwest corner nf iiamaiof ifth slre's. the oiu wovk Ot'll) I. oCit.ct..VlA ol tal.t. IMPORTER AND DEALER IX SAD- - (.tiablss niet to turn aslowas atatany mtnilar vsi kOiiiuii-eaaod prices NEW fJOOiJS. liariwure.iiartiestiOuLtitcii 1'iur V,ad ii l; iit. ;. 1 also Se vera! se v pli.rus for ii Anyreiupf. tr SKY. li1 CASES SUPER 1 l!i.lit..ti CE I LUHAAi'iSli X ?lei har.t. Uxce Coach r.ov aa-- i best se.ected s;cc ihicftw;i the aueiitionapd tte ( 'jt.Uc. tj liiclil would iaTtte tie- Ei. II AVE JUST RECEIVED, BY UJ plaid Linsey receive and for sile c!ep .11.1 rcowTinr icy fall stock. aia f f svj4. , ''.rokt-r- , ieneia! a lii ol express, direct rfom New York, a choice assortment .a1ui0n.est aeio JciiWei t.r.nd eveiyi .(t 1.. M.i.uoiL dud.. Iron Jink , uoor aojve i i. Lel re been impone-- i in th-.:t. J thine afpetaiiiit!; to the p lour.ii l.iat ii.y line, jtiiii of of I'll, she aft Fancy Casi!:.erij, to which I invite i!in ovl i iivi'. n.y e ll per. erallv, all kiu diJL' v. Kit, Merchant Tailor, 'i'!!uo. tiea.Ci .ul. uIl v ii' Co. UM ELASTIC MACHINE KELT- Ti ca-- aitd uiy '.;( , w hic--i 1 aji'l 47rf ."tiaiii street, ,f J Li. J. HEAD, Fourth and Fifth. au-aiy to ii at eiau.tue ci?.ucot fail to Elastic lot CoitSir.Ljeuto &o;'- it:0. Ol inc. Just receive-- a laresuteri-.-- of Oum cr.eaper r to that docrit e6tof Third. lie the Grceu ttrt-fr- . itlhJ'.T ' ar.d copies to tine. This valuable article is bojci ecrraoaf trvt .iCWiii,' atv.Ci'--S the uismVc. than the Leather iting. Aisf, a large assoitrutat rf t.ii a :..4 i retb; Steam Packini; cn hantt, and Uuxu .Elastic Uoouj in a.1 Fkirtins: i.?iwi-.i:-- : iioJC-ithiiT varieties. To be had at UEO.BLANCUAKP'S, Sir"ef Uoldea Hand., COAL! COAL!! Ci !e6 Main strees, between Third aud oorth. .; K H.irrajE; 13 Bias; AM iiicki--?- ; L oe: ac ; If- fleet of IN RECEIPT OF ANOTHER NT li R E Q, U 1 R I NG GAS Jabarges by the ste truer Guthrie, loaded with Yt5 ERSO 1'lCru; Insanmcc Company & put up, aie my superior f ittsburg Coal, frer.h from the mine3, iL k'ipes, rtas iitirners, and Kiii3gV'l::r?; which is for aale cheap for d;-- ; on ls, eveu suouliihty prefer tui;ii-Cos?:-- . Ltctf ; : Gel 1. L. ill' ATT, T hird streot, ienr V.n. leJ l h It'aJiO-OP FHILADLLrinA. l.itai ? their w ork ui SOU.C one el.'e. after leiri.ii.if ourpnoes, dot K'.jp.i.- - Sril.ifE; & it w'.tl it: luoney in their pockets I y to uoinv. ha.w.TUi! cloths; The purl: o are siked to tike no ont's assertion to Sour.t-nsfu .k!.' a 'id Ecacis; -I'irne c a riTAL the contrary until they have bsceriaiacd for then 'a.rur-.i- i Jsu&rag; OF FASHION, se've.-.:j.Iron, Uc. XTO. 01 THIRD ST., BETWEEN DIKLCTC'KS. .N0V2LTT V0RS3. SH'C'M atiij l Mining from our own pit. Main and Market. NO. 52J MARKET STREET, consvsstly on fcacd aPi-rtnssi.., bet. .i;hth it iS.Giii. w?rd Tl. nxr.bcl J, Uti Ilaia Tf or.. T"ir.s D. t.i t'e can lurnidi with Vittsuurg cad f&aiil-.eTruck,. cf 4duKv. fcridies, iirr:::, . iS.i.lCl.' NorthSide, bci. Second a:id Third Sts., Al.' orier? f r. A 3. atfea-if.t'j at the r'f Coil of the beit quality. .iecree II. Araisirorf, ..d.!.t:;;i.ii, li. de4(jt)ti pr.t'c-- . I'. DIIAVO S: 80"V3. Copai taeriil.ip. il ?l d . Carrui l'iV'.-.r- , LOUI5VILlLH: HY. tt. is Gowtij', Terrs' & Co., iu rr;' REDUCTION rr li'JL1 VLa NEW eayc, xl PIP YORK Snpr City t CARRIAOES. sS'DLIl, ro iiurfiJUG, like"othek il and Fishing Tackle, Stoves, Tin, and gi::!:;, t vare. t Draper and Tailor, rCHAD PARKER, AN2 GILDER, CARVER fter tiie presentation it Jefferson St., rra.j br.nni, w ii. ik. TiESSR. itr , ia.J c, THE VrilOLESALE r J. iron or. rlaiti and FiHIa Viorns. IX ,"i"MlIj fa COAL & LUMiiER. lWSUitANCE. Tanners' and iilcchanics' Fire Maine tho Are all Kew Coal Office, TEMPLE .i.cH ii- - Xeall t l CUKfcA ti., i'midciit. T113MA3, he- rctary. tiiWARi. it. lltMi.oi.i-I'iTlhAr-IiLrnii- . EtFEhENCfcS IS Hen. Jos- - pli It- - Chr.r.dl.'r. Hon. .Ithn Ethbins, Jr., ilon. li. V. lite. -- Carriages. t A PTcn bud block jut Receive!, THIS DAY i HAVE hujinesa Mr. John ASSOCIATED Snyder, .m:l ;i(; ii. h con-t:c- u Pittsburg and Cannei Coal. TSS PRICS OF COAL REDUCED. A LARGE SUPPLY ON HAND, ;.) ur.dtr lie n. me and ttyie of c tne ii SXiUiiK. Xuaiitiaga:! who have favored ire with their patrca-a?t- , and w ill be s'.'d at the lowest cish price, iu large 1 woula fespectialiy ask r c.o'itinui.uce Mine or small lets, to suit purchasers, pnd we warrant and lXr.-.;.the turticd JOllii A. iiiCKlXcUi!. as tVcrj tothenew iria. ir.d otiiJ-- r :ua:.ufar-tu:iEUaraiitee the article sold to be as ihe oilice of to ouaiity audouautity, in all it s .e!ieral Kisoitrr-.-ulcCurrmei,CvnsU.Ui(t rtt f AllHirs of the Fitiruierp and o illLi.EU M IdcMiCiiAMl., (.OKehes, OiaMit, 1oTr11 ;or3:tuy, near Vlnin. west side. de'J d'.n-!I'i.utoni, l.tikawavr, JHtchasiir' II A V THIS DAY SOLD OUT MY feat iio?giee, E billing Bts:e, X, fculkien, &.c , tic. Oix-COAL! COAL!! COAL!!! M. ei.tire stick an-- l stand, X'o. 73 FourUi street, to cuch Capital t'toek paid in re warrt.tited, The ...'.v:Iic are of nurewe niake,a-iMessrs. i'lchiuscn v hnyder. In retiring from the ll.- - N, of lus.nei-s..- . SALE, IN t f'tyle cheitpnes, t.od durability, tuai to fcr el protu: Siste Jif business, 1 return rny sincere thanks to ny in the United any w herctol'oreextenu-t-laree or stnail 'luantities, the best article of trieutis tue vcrv C'rtr Kuii ics, i.oc ifc ay s, a cuiilioa- - Pittsburg and Cann-- i Coal, whith we will s"lfatthe Lome, and would ak lor n:y succet-sor, ASSETS. for an at the iu the Those pt rsocs indebted to rae will owest cash prices. Inquire at our olhce. south side cf ur J (:oia our lor? experience i;i the busiuefs we do not anee ol the sauie. First aad Secjd streets, near the 4t,"-isrkct, very much by C:oiin at theoid statid and pay-la- g A'r.irC.Bnds,v: , 1 he.siiutetD pron.iince car co.:ectioa unsurpass-ily rie Howies Ilot-se- . fcntl IMttoury V.i- iO Ciev.-:ar.Uieir'oilis, as I v.'isii to :Ule up lay business. V, est. V other ) o- - ! ullm renlaw PAUit .TOiIN?ON. W. WALXOS. ery reepscUuily, V.,Ct..t;j l a'reruns in the to ii. Ctrriaireg tre roapec-t-wifiunn i 1' laa i ') aie Kai.i o'i bona?, cost to cil! Ki.d examine rjr stock. Our COAL! COAL!! COAL! i I fail" s. ct-- i i;"h l'llis-ii- r; i X'otloe. Main. is N.9 Th ir l street, ). K.-l.n LI. F. LEEZER to CO. HAVE !W i':u.i--- i ! ia ciiy tb; ,tut t . ;,.... 1J o.-- J HAKiilT Ai UlIELEJl. TirAVING PURCHASED THE EX- Yard and Coal, on the corner of Preston ash on hind liti- - tire stock and intercut of Mr. II. W. Walton in a:ta Wsold Ihe street s, to CHARLES .MILL Lit. We ashington I.OHu-- d on ai.rv:!iee ot reai .etice. , we will will continue to keep t he best of Pittsburg Coal, and sell the L pholsteiy and House h unushiiii,' liusint-cSt;o.iaU-ra- s ; cheer , strictly for cash only, at the othce on Market, NICHOLAS REGS LEAVE io fiiliirc occupy his stand. Su. i fouitu street, temiuni co..s for r.. 'ii not teriniiiated on t,,.- -. r, Main aniI.Marl:et,eHstsiiie,aid wiilcoctinuethe betw een pixtn and Seven'!) itr;ets, south side. I,5; 1 J tt inform her friid Rr.d customers that the Land on and All those houjK. s.1jji::ii.f lie.", ahhodf h f tiie saiue ukl-i-- , )iti tutiness 111 th ils various br mchei, ui'l ahope, by strict noV'AKI, indebted atto the firm, will please callwhere Mr. LIFILI'ilKS-XOXthorough he Clerk, the Marset street oliice, io bufiuees,vuuctuai:ty, no contecti-itwiiii her whatever, has teeu is requested wh the 'Jwrass Eivaeratt, and portion will have the or we and receipts. Payn-tnAs Acit r.f ti e i.Vove Solvent Coinpr.ry, I am pre frrin t!n: uaVe tfii iht many o! puhi-.-, to merit a liberal ail work innuedhilely, books will have t leave the debts tor colteres on pared to isu: poiicio-- uiion Lo-shave suni.-seit to le rouneeird with her ai'rticte;! as CO. to fociM Zry p'tint pwsj t'.tl f. lection. in cur? ot iriiisi-ii-fiocri--Mrs. U. MCUOl.Ari, & tNVlER. ivi: jn.y J7.1-or Aiucncv liul.g cf Mearoboats rjiVi;:Ki;:: sr cf iuuin and Marset. U ron:thbl.,-ot- . COAL! CO AT,!! wsXr-s- . and ail icscript-oi- : i piot-ntue Copartnership Notice. tuii.iit.r a.' a1 ast i,s or dnnape l.y nr. rzMIE BEST QUALITY OF PITTS- .'i;o. c.u;i.rc HncHi.n.s. and promptly sei-.cbe pAil by always on o- IJ HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED .3 rtspeciiitliy ly ie. lae patronaso of iue UOWSINQ tc and Raakij House ef 2l with me in business Mr. JAMES V. JONES, and JO. burg Coal N. E. cornerhand and M.u-ke-tMAY. sts r.oC3 din will cor.tici"? the sarr.e business under the iiaine and Oi.ce Vn Miinstrrl,Iw: iwith ;d!rirr-n- ai.-- i roi-.- nverC. i ween Kiith f . 1u!ij-.'.- , style of jilLLLR K JON Ld. I. t i:'puervHutia-ljrj-Feehng very tiiankful frthf bnsinrss hsretofore exWS. S. DAVIS & CO., entriinfe sau.e at to liarri. ii 1'Oo.VUKKLAKt, A rent. IM me, I HU nai d.f TTEWCOMD'S BUILDINGS, COR tendedtot tne new res;.eeUuUy solicit a coatijiuauce of the LUMBER LIE R CLTA ITT3, arm. taeie a. ner ol Jiain p,nd tuiiitt streets. GEO. S. rilLLEK.,- . HL'ffAVE FOR SALE AT THEIR deposits of Kectucliy money allowed ur-oCo., Interest Main street,adjoiningthe . nvr or currency, to be withdrawn at pleasure. J1KSS W. JOtHS. WoodUad Caruen, a large ana superior siock oi White Peinand aid 'lime Lilit. on ail the pi incirV cities in e(0. S. M1LLIR Pine Hoards, Pine Shingles, and all kinds of Lumher iiilLLCti & JOoilS, the United duties, is susisto suit imrchuseia, for sale at l,u;i tinir. $ 130,000 DE faveri.b!e rater. U R DEALERS, g? L ComrrisKlon Merchants, Mo. GROCERS,of .,.:rl,i..f,.rPAVISwillpersooallyattendthedehveryof Tl AL r2,( " V M.. S. H. nk Note, liuiliobuiiineseiriiieaoted on .JS- -, fc , south side and Lumber at me I aru, t uerc ne wiiioo piearru favorable tern. r posidU New TorV. adji:stc(:adpt'si,iFia.O!:t.-ererscSecond and Third streets, Louisville, Ky. t.:....r.,.r natrrti and othersin want of Lumber. Main, upon all pointr . Collet ttoui t,nsfe prompv of Famiiy ileur always on A general assorlu-en- t Orders from the country will be promptly aUendetito, Hereiuant -- kto Kuropeand Ureal llrittain. s and to London. oet by Firs cc hcil-'irsale at the lowei--t and the Lumijiir sr.ippea wuuouiueiay. Sier'.irts,PeuatiU Luis for Saicia suius of one pound hm.Jkiid afor pie accommodation market Mice. w. KIIiiiLK, Afrent,cct iPiCrancesfSit--' for the storage of Pro11a ving n: . tilermsiow for cushcr on sbori pafT. CQ and vo-- . 'Mch'sboiiiit'jf, nonhwet cot fi tAVia solicit consign-nieni- s Merchandise, All kinds of Korthera, Eastern, Eouthcra, tod YTef-ter- n duce of tiie sa&ie, and we use our best endeavors to treets. iiuiraace cn ilwf will Cornerof Main and Wensel streets 1v7dtf liK-:Kotos'! at low rates. urt fciaiii zi 'Al.t.- k Ls.nd V.'arrsnts. mr3 xiit highest market prices pa'd for njike tuick sales and at the best prices iue market will street. oeiidif uuord. LOUI5VILLK Jylb Lantl M'arranU. -, .rr - lirtr-'- c HAVI UlCii-lO- JUST RI F.ict, where we have IV G KJ VO II .111. TH02 a ci rriVJTT.T. vw Trent tiie Evening Edition. Tiis Fihe Alarm. There waj falsi airm of fire ca Chris txaj nitsL Thera was no faro except vrith5n the domkils cf tha trarty baprr families who were enjoying them. tie Cirl3tta23 cctLfortj around hcad of Fhh rivtr, or, as it Pj kaowa on ta aiap, liack river, ia Utiiaie about. 61 de. North, l'hence the followei lh conn cf th str-- aa to ihe Arcti; ccaaa. II r. itwart rerreetiU the fiavi'jou of vhij rive aa eacdeUiiily danerou beiojr by over one hauvlmi d.ihculfc rapids?. Over all these. hover, wi".h nothia more sutshatitial thaa tlrch bar canoed, they io afety, an-- i arrived at its moat a on the, Cuth of Jaly. liiro they itsct tvi'Ji E.qalmaax, whu. eorrjb-crate- d the cf Dr. lUe, ni aLrocud them to iioatreal , a shfri dtsu&c from riv-;r- , cf Lck as th- sp-i- t where, acst-rdito their iastructior:.', th?y t) eoramence ta exploration. ,ia this time untii the ot t'ae pirty were icdas, Jtouily eocsired in researches ca the Island, and on the main Ud, f'T and 5J drae-- North s can not recipitalata the ecafL-edar.d privations pd reru t57 V" meation-.- d ia our iisue of Tuesday moming tie of the 1 rankfort traia a? to midnight. The delay waj ocxsioaei by a chac-rof the switch at La Grange, whica threw w.I the train off the track. No oae was hurt, fortu- who had Deriahed on ol tneir natclr, though the can barelj esoapod rolling over thoe desolate shores. Three times they providenan ernbankaont at the ppot where the accident oc- - tially escaped blu "uipied,' as i!r. Swwartex-prisc- d it, or crosihel botweea movia monatairu currcd. of ica. At. bat, x lien real Island, where their fcow-shoe- , Tha number cf arrests ia Nstv Oilcans, eiIoratlcns coi."Qo2e?J, t2ey tS to bo of tie darinj the month cf November, was 1,5C7 an Dr. Stanley,'a lujae, w:a John name of Frau's-lla- 's wad iuroa of Sir average of fifty-tw- o per day; and yet the psperj iulp, the Erebus cat :a them uj a kui.e. Af- gay that number ia less than the usual avera?. yiois i.iUnd a boat, icun i tn !terwns f belonrtr ly tha Frsaklin eitt-liilocwith tha Lord Dacon, in aa esaj cn staJy, s?.Id : ' naaia "lca-jtn'ul vUitla. A piece tf biat,eoatainir!g this nai;ie, was brou?at along S&me -j ate to bo tasted, otaers to be sri!V lowe and state li to bo ch.we-- and digested." I . ua .tved ia oar uiy and generation, ho would j sod sua with th.-siumihe.i tae Franklin espa- aau Bearing tae nurs cf ihe lintisn Oottave ceea P.liely to Edi " and thtra are sot-i- V. Other articles, known t- have be e?cheve-- l aad prescribed 83 not : io be rsd tt ernmcnt. to tae expcui.-.awera the and brought by the pat ty f- r depjsi; wiih. tha briti.--h Out eriiasent. N-- j however, fA?"The ilon'S'jmcry ( Ala.) AdverlLccf the wera found, or traces of any. The report of th litli init., thai refers to tha aane.vitioa of a por- Li'iaiTua-u- waj, tha; one man dlo-- cn Island, and thai the b.tlai-.wan-- icf tha tion cf I iortia to Alabama: red ca the 'each of the mainland na-ti- i, "Thojuint reiolutioni having rifcrcaeo ty the by Fitia up.l tarraroa, they, cc wtra ca: ccssjioa of Yct i iorida to Alaoamj. hav9 pctsed by one, laid d and died too. tho iicu-si f llepreientatives of tais State with-'jThe Ec ;uiaa.x turtaer th it Iadians Cfjfojitkn; aad wo jresuioe thai they wid far the of them, who tad seen the ships ucenia-ity- . s Ya btlicvo j:-- tho Sencto with like of crasklin's party, 3i'd thai thtt steps are aiso in pirogress for tae Rppcinaient they had bth h'.cn crashed the ieeberja. of a CcinaiL-sionto go ttilorei ilr. Stiwar; tr t o t ejptvhil pain ti acerta'a the Fieri la I.isilatura ca tba iatject. Ad tha whether the party hr.d coma to their usi:h by ia.r is now ia sssbion, the nerv-iFlorida B2C3a3 or Hat ij evo-- y the tjcui-aiau- x of imLaediils action oa thj part of rrotesttsd thf. ucy had d.s-- t oi ii obv:oU5.:' Gather lj t " ta r th-- r?!io t je Tha fi'.Io.Viii rofere-aceto tha sitsia sabjet wa I "Ct out ca rt-ir,ii. fnil'l:S vJry tf .. thol'en-ccl- a Gazot.c: j clip from material.y l?t. Tha return nut! V"o published in our fx-thit tikca oa their way -- Innejj'jf 'oa io JJctla,n Mc. Stswari j I.i."i o reinatks tha Ar&Iiciii ola '' ha- - ccut ied tr-- whoia tlraa si nee ia reacoir; our Adverser and tho Mriuai- i i'atriot, ta the sab- - oily ha 11.5 coma by way.f tha Rod Rlvr couu-je- ct he.v-.E- ; So Ala- -j fy, m-l of the annexation of VVej: h.en a'o.jat ia ail about tea . ir.jnttwnrt btirna, m waica it was statc-- l that tho iuoject e- 1'iu! jesier-intht Kudsoa's L.iy Htadiuarters as would prvbably bs brought teiure uur Lecislature ""'- that is now ia session. Ti'e highly approve th-- eiiiiC, Cani ix, U submit aa account of his adv m:tde by our cri!iternp-;rarijs,aahope our turss. members from the west will ura it upon the at- - j And jo, at L..-t- , tha icjitcy is Erar h h Awkene i tha jjuat.a:hii-en-ible- d tcatioa rf tha L?ps!att:ro, ana tuns they v.111 bo j r John, whesa thiiik" a is? curiosity of theeivili? I to carry out the wishes of (a i: is now kaowa hij Ust s.e-.-- " by tae "a t"sl--large majority rf tho pople of the V'st. cf ilandj ho had Ta.nly seem to bo lotiked upon by t.ur 11 wtera frietidj as S3s thro'th wh'..-- s Fvur wiat :r bick, X4 lha unify cf in- - sought to p.-!- . aa iiolaUd province, baviag no with then:; and it is oniy when our maux said, the party, after e?cpirg from the is in soma important clctr'.ion, that they j shi;.s which c ull no longer ll rv, oa tho 0 dan State, j ous reieaia sr- ni suJ-.rito b3 aware that w-- ; are a portica of ia death. rii.t.'ii'ully, , a3 they bad lived; bru7c!y, A'.abaxa id aaxious to adept us, and should we j like tru-Ertiisamca: tai rcsea wa may bcllevo, iientiied with her interests, will net us a.? illegitimate oj'tprin-jit- , bat will do every ihicg fvr ccnsclatios, that they met their fate a became to advance our interests. We say, spirits in her venture! aa-- noble. Nj traces wer t indicate that even ia then, to fast Florida, give us our walking papers, found by th-i their lait had extretiti'y th-:aad let ns 'seek a home of aHection cijewhere."' their man- 1 ;a 'nj proje The I party Death of ths Ket. M. Has. ell. The .jjenarous Laari,tth9ot:ibt v Rct. Henry M. Haskell, who weat from this city carry suecor to the lost caes or brinr cocjoiation to the livi?, ar re'.ur-tod- , an-wast.-tho Ar-tilait March, to supply tha pulr-- i of tho E.iL-Ard American cha;i at St. Petersburg, is aead. are s.jlitu i;-- in laed. Aa J, i i viu-- of tha sulfer-11- -a was a youn clergyman of tho Congregaiional irs noh'o livrs :acriiljel in to widen the cf ana one tf great prctaise. A corns- knowl- b t.ia rriyr cf ail men . of the 1 ravel! er, writic 1'rorn t. Peters- - ed-- ., wa believes it bur, sajs hid luneral was attcpoed by a ar.;o that Jo they may retuuin f.revjr. numoer o "orrowin.'j fricad3, who fo. lowed iu mourrJ'ul prncesbion his rcmiiad to their Caal rv?t-i- n From the (Mac.i.aa'.i riaso. Tto American .Minister, ilr. Seymour, Wli tt S.ntli the Vcic ! who is very kind to all hid ouatrymcD, wis ex-- 1 so to Mr. Haskell ia sickacs aa-- in BY E0.TON. the farst ia the Ltig health, and hii carriaja lino that followed to the ccaioterv. oat saua tae y:.?, tht: u r. ;t ia th 3 tauadV, Uq:o Timet. 21:. Nor ia the I14V ;a.:. r, tl at burns fr:a tha ky; Ncr ia :h-- ear-.u:a"?, tr.a: reails fciw A Tixaj liE.d. 'Ihe Ges.2alcd Inquirer, of the V.-- r . in t'rKrir:-,'-' S1 a::..rt, I r.iQ t- -o w,..i u ho fsTa;oar.rp:r3 now in our midit ia ta- tie Geatiy at-- lovia. n:iaii.rsu;o Buxetrs. aiey uavecotumoacca tue.r iown in tha silent i.rar:, , wcrK 01 uestrue'tion on tao garner, i atil veetai '.i reprovinj, in a fair w?y ct mikir g?neral!y, and seem to Waa: taa viea? a cleaa sweep as taey go. several ot our ..-.:... .. What svl.h tba vnice, where tha wreehyi ar No doubt tbev by them. cut their ;- -3 asta?yd:i bit fall, and L::e-i-j- riuteas.-s frca bun or aa 1 cagain Jep-)i- t them." , Whera chilly aoatii-u- e, by iieatt spring we win hava frcii swarx-ic- t walls is wec-- bi t7 in Xz VV ua va btien j or rnr tt.r .tj te ls all griea grown with t57A grosioutraa, perpstra ic-- utdsr tho color Over coid hearth-stoac- s : of lav, to lightye.1terd.1yia the Court ofSe- - j aions. A young man named Holland ws arretted Dawn ia the i.ty's lair, I) ;wa ia the ct llara. r n the Jth cf November on a charge ef illegal vot- - j iag, and baa laid ia prison ever siaee. Ua the trial t Where taint acd ttid air tha iadief went, ywterdiy, not a shado.v of evi- - j oi l'visvcs the dwellers ? W ha; satth tha toIjc '. uoaea against Lim could be found, and he waj ills- - ' charged. What bu ha r seven vreekd' ! What fil;o imtnsviiinent. 1. jriOKiie, -- ljf. saiia theroier, whera e' is cheatic,; r, Life of its ;tj iu iihir.e ajd fijweri. h:-rWe are inacy a Fall-- . b&atic;, Two Mss' ovsa Niauaka informc-by a gentleman from Chippewa, Canada, ; Uurtcrs -r bread its younr. Seautiful hours-th- at 3 V.'here. :'ro:a belonging to that villa ga we:.5 i:ei.s-:-:idaa, Hue tutrs Taey wero out .a j over the Falls on Friday la-:--. Toil Etsl keep toi icg od, the liver in a smaii boat fowling, aud iajurenitl V.hi'.e lingers of j,ame, ventured to-- far into tia current, an-V ha: j tee v.iee? were cen;ciaently carried over the cataract. Bujo'ij Courier, l'st. What 'aith tha volee, to ihe lorlly droaea ai J og Treasure and time in luxurious ca-c- ; SisarLAB Discovery. Found oa Chowocalee Creek, ia Macon cunty, Alabama, ia tha quarries Dwellers in r al.ieej, ye who .: t :::r. llajsures bright wine evea down to its l2i? Esq., where he h.ts been t;hi.tin; of Edwin Kc:c, la th giy revei's l.i:e, morbla to burn lima, some beautiful and curious i Is joy abiding: of marbie, havirtg trees and shrubbery, j CVoes n; whtta anztlthora vith their branches and leaves plainly atampid 'Isurpf&ily chiditig. tho lavcr3, into which it is divided. uccn V, hat il't-i- l the . oic.? Point Beacon. J W. DEALERS IN and Farnisaing Gooi, Clothing DECEMBER 27,1355. THURSDAY, JI f Ort THE DAILY DEMOCRAT. e when? a is at 525 Main street, corner of Third. Having made this branch of my business a particalar study to secure ail the latest improve-liieiiin ti.e Shirt line, I can assure ny and assortcustomers that I hare this spring got up the Linen and Muslin Siiirtever rement of ready-madceived, and can assure fill who may fiver me with a supero fitting in the Shirt line. call to give them a My stock Is now complete, With all the modern improve-mssntto wit: Fine plait Linen Shirts, standing col'ars; do P.roau do, do do; d: uo, Byron do; Froad Broad do, n do dc; Full bosom Linen Shirts, standing do; do do; Fine plait Muslin do. Broad do, Byron do do; Broad do, no do do; Fancy Linen and Muslin Shirts, variety of pattern ; SO dozen Musun Shirts, linen bosoms, collars, and wristbands, a bargain at wholesale; 390 dozen Collars, stan-ting- , round points ana straight fronts Byron, straight, Sevastopol, and spiiug bands, corded and plan. For sale lo at MANSFIELD'S, cel7 bio Miiiu street. pia-- e -' vrt now finiiMcg at their factory, uo NUMBER 138. DRY GOODS. FI ANO FORTS3 THE GREAT CLOTHFKGr HOUSE OF SHIRTS! SHIRTS!! k- DISCOVERED The SPRQULi; PETERS, CRAGG & CO. 31ANDEVILLE, and cihrt can bebougt.t, PIACTO FORTEiS! AND SHOW CASE 'MAKES, se21 JJtw CI Third DLosoluiicn cf and ieseraou, Eaet tato, KENTUCKY, (Umbrellas, Canes, attention paid to Ordered&c. ITork. to te hii Prom the Polar Eegions. Return of the Lfist l'arty of llxi.iorer-j- . THE DEATH OF FRANKLIN AND HIS PARTY ESTABLISHED. ?ioi:e ullics found. toa-hi- r Hear ya no Toic, wh jse g and holy, Ui : you go f.rta to the a.i 1 s'ril'a; j - thoiowiy Cheering the j Who perifh i f want oa the highways tf ii.e. llirdbv the ylded gales i I j liillll'.plcsil,-- , a L.iaru waivi Many l'ass t ur.hec I'.v.g tas sJita ;is vcieo: refort confirmed. doctor rae's Whalsai'.h tha Tclee, to th.vDive who mesura I.ifo's future years by the weight-their We Lave received tho St. Paul Pieisetr and "W .a.'e iu Who have r- id. !, no G bat thttr 'reatiare; Vali ar.d Winter V recommending as or.e of the most elegant andt.teful Democrat cf tha 12:h inst., cca'jiaing reccat and Fools, whila they worship, their last hour is Uld? tane ever opened 111 the Falls City. Fvery desire has been highly interesting intelligence from the Arctic ra- - j G- - ! 1 io but sordid dust; is an exconsulted in the selection, and all we Worth small ; amination, with tiie confidence that 11 is ail we will need gions, communicated by Mr. Jamos Green Stewart, j to convince ny one of our ability to satiny the most Priceless tho soul thus must it, fair fastidious. It there is any doubt about i:i the onlyany. a chief trader of tha Hudson's Eay Company,! Live oa lerever; all need of respectiuily inv-t-testis atrial. We who arrived ca. tho 11th iast., at St. Paul, by the What saith tha voice? Ais.Utii.a3 eunii.ii ol . ning iu our line. ilarkf t street. orerlani rute, from the Arctic regions. It will g..ij t- -3 wil?T "r-:e warriors havo RE At) THIS! ba remembered that Dr. IUo, sent cut by the Dri'L-- h government to search for Sir John Frank- Zuulr.s the rirers ad blaekoas the sod, IT WON'T TAKE YOU L0NO1 WHOSE lin, returned in the summer cf 13o L, having dis- - j Whara mayagailsatheart j.v-- unshrtvn J Stnreis on Preston street, between Jenerson and GedT perished party, ia j From the hot strifo to tho vireen, desires to inform the public generally, and the covered traces of Franklin's cou.iner.- ed reLauiesin particalar, that he has spoons and other articles, whese marks kf; no j No'hiog Uoe-dsceiving his New Stock of fall aud WiiterLry ltii.l siocK CDiurnil-- s every arucie acown iu iue j.tjt doubt of their having been left, oa tha e?ot where j The still, "small whisper, Cala. eroods trade, and wiuds soiu upon tne mooireas jaak-iWho: b thy brotner'f they were found, by the lot mariners. Oa the re-- j tertns. 4 l tie aesires purcnaser. 10 cu bdhueiiic usisisu-gvice. Dr. Rae, the British government deter- Stock of beautiful and substantial Lr Ooods fceior turn cf purchasing, as he feels aatished tlia he is prepared 10 mined to follow up the elae thus discovered with a j fai ,h tio T0e to th, Ja(... , rf give satisiaclion in every particular. . ivosetioer i"ij and o . sales-raeiuite. e.eij- polile ... attentive...... uuu view to the ccmpleto solalion of the mjstery The vengeance of Heaven wita honor's pet crime? lie and ht for themselves, n''t the taiat of tho Ufa ha is boar.og will take pleasure in showinglhe irooosto ail whom which 'nvolyed Franklin's unhappy fate to ascer9Ur it please lo give him a call, liespecifully. tain, if possible, bow and when he died, and to geB uti " rescue the survivors cf any tt the party of whites ! The.agh ha bo honored most Fancy and Staple Dry Goods. Though no man chide him reported by the Esquimaux to have been soea tear B. F. TURNER, Walks not a ircry host Great Fish river, ia bout No. 112 Fourth St., batwecn Market and Jefferson, the outlet of Back's cr Everhcsida birn.' C3 dcg. north. The Hudson's Bay ComT177TAS NOW OPENED AN ENTIRE- - latitude What 3aith tha voice? 1 Dry pany, at the direction of the government, fitted 1. now itnt-t- of Fancy and Staoie Domestic Goods, purchased in New korkand Vluladeiphia, which out a parly of tried men, accustomed to the hard '.alia the voice, to the -- ted who tower, Waai will be sold at a small a.ivauce. beet in Hicli Dress. aii's; a l,:H,.ir 1 laias; ships and rigors cf the Polar region, and placed it M?n God'shave endowment abr.e the great throng; . . n cntna - e...-1t. ni.nvti? rnlnr.: who feioqu ei-- ?, a aad pr.wer, rich Merino and caahmeie Plaids; under the command of idessTs. Stewari and An La the futnra, aad hearts brave and strong? Hope Solid colors W ool Be Laines; dsrson. Moa who can do aad dare s 1 .enca aiennoes; Lnv-iMore than their brother?. Lieu printed H oolh'e Laines; Tha foHowing is tho narrative of their opera Black Merinoes and bl.iek Be Laines, Should quell th that bar Black Challies and Lustres; w.oos as related by Mr. Stewart. Tha localities j Dlis.-tinfrom others Super black Bombazines; City Insurance Composy,. I. H. riKCKKET JOHN F. BELL. Lumber Yard, Planing Mill, and tuper plain and plaid Nalnsoo hlusilns; they TLsitel and the route they traveled, nay be W Hat salt h the voice? jaconet Muslins; JJaukiiig and Ixchange Ollicc of do do lo Marlins; Linen SkjrLin,C. JEFFERSON ST., UET. TiilKD AND 1 0URT13. GENXTA,Switz:rlaad, November, O a ordinary map : iliiUS seen by tho inspection cf gwiss P'FICsi iIalnaDdBaliittJ-ree-- c CO., .C&tranc J. IJ. PINCm-rEJust received per Fxpress, a beautiful assortmert of DANCING ACADEjIY. Corner Washington and Brook M3.,LouisviI!e,Ky., Mr. SteTftt, with a party of fourteen men, litfht colors (pinks and blues) rich evening Dress Silks, ..'.it 522 Sf a!a Et.,oae door above Third, t3M,003, fron l ai.:U. 'rL. , HAD AT RE CAN grcatsacrice,and will be sold at half the therefore, started from his pest, the Caritoa House, Tai Floxtda TJBMtX'aATj ast tax National iONS.J.P.LASSERRE RETURNS TSTS7HERErates LumberBE any kind, either in the bought at aprice. importers' w". f- -- .L J so.odO iiviiiiinirf! secured of in 54 if 2' North latitude, on the 7th of February, Convsxtiox. We Ittarn front the Savannah Genr-eithanks for the rapid increase of his his sincre wv duced 7T?UY AND SELL EXCHANGE ON DOMasricsr Ile.wy brown Jtna; Negro Blankets; 1355, and proceeded to Fort Chipewyan, at tha J He will continue teach throueh the Continue, to insure Merchandise. members of the Florid that the of the United and Cana-laAlnuld-nc- . f all pointsAu.cricsn ana Slaws en (.o'.dsni. Purer. school. newest f.rtl most tofashionatlle Va1l2.cswinter roui'h or manufactured into Flooring, Shelving, Base anu Cottons; ; , Tickings; lo-- and la-- Coiton hea l of Lako Athabasca, in latitude 53 (teg. Nortn, Tesiframes, Sash plaid lbior and Win-loand on tte.cts.or stl tiie lonswlt-r ore a; a recent maetiar, appointed the-thirand sed l.ui.i-Kaa wbie.ii are innumerable. outtciir-vHrise Poors, lttlEtls, SC., tc,any wen as evir.iiuui Aiso, warrauteunottosiinnk; ren xisuineiB, neisn riaiiuci. eaaaer iiannels; iwceuaanu at which point they arrived on the 5th day of usu;-.kind of atuil.iinn. of Lv n.l :li fcsisttrn, western, eauilrn, uu i for Mioses and Masters pnededin theerttiion Wednesday ia April next, for the nomination liays of Taiih n as H description. Orders from 8JunsforenedrwhiU.,W,ci,and to -- wiroo all rcir.ts in Ihernitcl BtaU-- j ev crv Saturday, fromevery - o'clock a. if., stnd a to 6 f. Parking Boxes of every to. colored Cotton Ho-- March. It bad been determined to make the trip of deleaves to the Democratic National Convsa-tic- n "r Monday and Wednesday, ..-- . ..a i.rrmrtlT attended and shipments ir.adi with- m. Vor (ientiemen ' . ndtaice niivdi; on the uav ot for sale to the Arctic Sea by water, Jo far as was practic at Cincinnati. The Georgian says i evening. Private cia.fes taught tit nut delav to any quarter. Price Hsu will be furnished siery; Kid Gloves, best makes; Bacet from to Din tiie Canada, aau . dell ill ii. S.TCHNKH. (oOJ al fair price. I : .rbord or in i:nvat3 f milies marte at upon application at the oflice ASMSTRJNQ.rresident. ble, and the party, therefore, remained at this post These delegates will be instruotcd to insist upon . ineht. BTTNN fe L CY- no his liaii. or at Mr- - Johnson's residence, Jeherson street, K.CSitss,cecnn'wry. ATTENTION, FIRST AND SECOND WA1LD31 until the -- Ota auy, busily engaged in construct- the adoption of a platform of principles as the basis) liau. iliiJtCTOR3. -ing boats, and making other preyarations for their of a national orgaaiiat.on, prior to the nomination Dissolution cf Cop2rtnersliip. a. i'. L. re.nectfuliy informs In citizens of Lou 400,000 H'rdBKIl. RobertHesttr. Tia. Benefit Ball, for the relief of dreary journey. At that date the party left Fort of candidates, aad that said platform hail, among II. A. bcmesril, Jsuies tri l;i ,ri, PARTNERSHIP HERETO- - .iwine luju.. ... . m;vs a w HAVE ON HAND ABOUT 700,000 RESPECTFULLY rot been able to at Chipewyan, aud journeyed by canoe oa tha Peace 0ther things include, ia substance, the ktllowin . h,,u JotthA. Poxdc-p- . J.v.d ii.vui.g, ir. a:iei, ML. foreeiisting between el. M. Bawbrc. ' and c. 11. bis sm any : I av. friends, and the public In genera', that Try Pine Lumber, oomprtslng a fslr proportion - e: .k ..... pud to rnsmm i.Vtt... .liu ins business for tho last two vear., an.., Jale a.uvmv -- at. ui... i rrOpoUlOQS R.sli;.s, under the tle of 11. M. KA LINGS he has on hand a laro'e assortment of Dry Ooods and rift,, .liltu hundred and fifty miles ia a Nonh family, uops to De wen pa on litis occa-tl.i- of clear, seconv. , this Oar dissoived ly runtual consent. All a 1. The and adoption cf the prin a Clothing, with Boots aud ehoes, Hats, Lake, tome reaJy-madThe Hall n ' tit'e place tt (Mil Keliows' ltall,on liabilities of the concern w ill be seined by M. Jl. Raw- (J mlirelias, C arpet Bags, , westerly direction, till, on thaidth day of May, ciples a.-tI keep, abo, all kin.Uof C a ps, C ra vats, Hand kerchiefs, and ia taa L.iasas-Nabrasor Voo-PlifNUAY, tiie i.'tn insi. sir. jianets as.ugnwr win SSsIS" ? lings, and all del is due are to be pi-- by tun con numemufl bo xneisuoa. ucu- - they arrived at Fort Resolution, which is situated Fnncy Dances. Refreshments will be provided tor.lar Lumber, Laths, Shlnles, b c. Thoe in want ol . n a tsn. r. v their applicati. a to the admission of new Stares. ON THE NORTH SIDI hi. .11. a - 1,1 .m !?, executeUdies- will larLe !ote of Lumber (or small lots for cash) wiU save a suresthosewliowlll favor him with a call thai La for the C. 1. BAWLINGS. on an island to Suva Lake, about latitude 31 des. Fvurth-CThtvt aeither tha Missouri Compromise, aor tytweet Third atl 2. sell a.1 b wefiuoni (unuinriara s tjani is enRapeu ror ire occasion. Uanasomepeiocu.. iy, Slonnd City, Ills., Oct. 29. 1853 ni;d2m JXa.OBJJGOET, BtiL.At.rt, "t North, any ether ac ti slavery resTietion, shall aereafter cheapest in the city. th (;hartr V Carital. Tickets 1, t ie had at Mr. Mct'anu's MusicderiStore, tlOT.OW o. .. u iui Jefferson, fthoye Freator strtet. ctf ppftifif boutn siae J euersoa and Mr- Gunter's Book Store, Third st. At Fort Resolution the party was joined by Mr. be extended over any tcrrit ry cf the United door UjIow Cij. Three .!liB anisremrj, gl3 2. The prompt and f..:h;ul execution of the) maKe npJf t:t. now orPisefl, will ry tsne,f:j t3?"Gents'and boys' Cloth ir.g made U iiUer at the Anderson, who, wita Mr. Stewart, had Leea ap. LUMBER! LUMBER!! UNDERSIGNED HAVING 5100 REWARD r cas S. 8. id i:rg'- pointed to the command cf the expedition. Hera fugitive slave lav, nl its permanent eoaiin nances thcrtesl notice aad oa eaooaole terms, JU. bvt n app' anted sole agents for Kentucky for the . COMPLETE a ut- - a tha stakuf-- i c-anotasr delay waa made, for the purpose of 'e-RAN AWAY FROM THE SUB- - MV LAROE AND Lumber, comrrislna- - AS : t rs' also ea i'ctu. " splsi Cil Biel r.i,KTvir.Cb-- j'Ate,1h.-)- ; clear t nf iir. Pin. . . LliitiiUlCX.l reiiierjU RECEIVED, rCO DOZEN ganiiatlon, and making the last preparations, be shall not, ia substance, ba If thasa about two weeks ago, a Aegro Boy named L'r.ite.1 rtit p rates, and common White and Yellow rr icribr, USON, about 6 years of nge, weighs 160 or PinT and tnirdSldrgles, Cedar Posts, and Fencing ' rtcan Cliriei UK Muslin Shirts, eyery style; W doien chesp fore attempting to penetraia tae lasermiaahia n Cm n; A in the platform adopted by tha Conrio.wir.a-scar . V1.SS. to pou l.ericans; Muslin Shirts (16 per doseu); w uojen iiaiiup,' frcxerf sNorta. These arrangement completed, the vention, the delegate from Florida wdl be la-- . r'Jt pu he isin's. fio 6k. IfeeiLigh;has aabove over his Borusis, cheap for cast. 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