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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 20, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHITESBURG, . LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY THURSDAY. APRIL 20, 1967 PAGES 6 and 7 Whitesburg RANDY COLLINS CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY; SHOWER HONORS JUDY HAMMOCK REMEMBER WHEN PRESERVES WERE DIFFICULT TC ELY? You do, By: MRS. CECIL WEBB Randy Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Paul Collins, celebrat- ed his seventh birthday at his home Saturday afternoon. Friends joined him for an hour of games and fun after which Randy opened the many gifts he received. Especially attractive was the merry-go-roucake which was cut and served with ice cream and soft drinks. Included in the nd CUT FROM SIRLOIN OR if you remember the 1920's. In those days preserves were a seasonal item. Not enough berries were grown because producers didn't know how to keep them. LB. (that's great berry country!), who assisted the growers in developing a method of freezing the berries as soon as they were harvested. We experimented for a year. CENTER CUT ROUND NE 95 LB. 77 Bottom Round! p Swiss lb. 77t Tod Round 97 1 lb. RoasJiSJ9t Canned Hams 4 -3 Rib The results were great. Now, at last, we could buy enough quality berries to make Ann Page Preserves available to everyone-a- ll r . the time. fe. As a matter of fact, if you took a year's production of Ann Page Preserves, Jams, and Jellies, they would cover a piece of toast ten square miles in size. UAlAMliM : Are Ann Page Preserves a good reason for shopping A&P? They're one of many. COPYRIGHT 1966, THE GREAT ATLANTIC 4 PACIFIC PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE THRU SATURDAY APRIL 22 Ready To Serve Turkeysr d. We have to. Our Ann Page Preserves are that popular. A&P Frozen Cone. ORDINANCES City of Whitesburg BEEF SUPER RIGHT BONELESS IEEF STEAK CUTS So, we sent an expert to the Northwest Today, we buy berries by the train-loa- FULLY MATURED Frozen .......... Suoer Riaht All Meat (Sliced Lb. 59i) duiuuiiu Rump Roasi Frozen Ocean TEA CO.. INC. Jane Parker (Save 16) Of Fillets...':J.::i::.! Juicy Florida Grapefruit Or By The ., 39C fleet .J L, 5 89( I 39 CITY OF WHITESBURG ORDINANCE NO. 191 Ordinance of the City of Whitesburg, Kentucky, Approving Interim Financing for the Construction of Extensions, Additions and Improvements to the Municipal Waterworks System, Including a Water Impounding Dam, Water Intake, Pumping Station and New Water Mains. WHEREAS, the City of Whitesburg, Kentucky, is in. the process of arranging for the construction of extensions, additions and improvements to the existing municipal waterworks system of the City, including a water impounding dam, water intake, pumping station and new water mains which are hereinafter collective-- y S referred to as the "construct- ion project"), to be financed through the issuance of $90, 000 of City of Whitesburg Water and Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series of 1967, pursuant to a Loan Agreement with (and grant from) the Economic Development Administration of the Department of Commerce of the Lhited States Government, and WHEREAS, The Bank of Whitesburg, Whitesburg, Kentucky, has agreed to provide interim financing for such project, to the extent of $100, 000, at an interest rate of 4 per annum, pending the authorization, sale and delivery of said Bonds, which interim financing arrangement is deemed to be in the best interests of the City, NOW, THEREFORE. THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY, DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: 1. That the City hereby accepts and approves the offer and agreement of The Bank of Whitesburg, Whitesburg, Kentucky, as to the interim financing refersd to in the preamble hereto. 2. That there shall be and is hereby created a separate, special Construction Account at said Bank, entitled "CITY OF WHITES- BURG WATER PROJECT CON -STRUCTION ACCOUNT. - Into hospitality were Lynn Caudill, Cathy Collins, Linda Bates, Ann Leslie Collins, Connie Frazier, Kristi and Joseph Morrow, Alice ColUns. Kris Kincer. Jay Roy Hammock, Harry Caudill, Jr., Scott Day and Robert Lewis. Leanna Collins and Karen Collins directed the games and assisted Mrs. Collins in serving. The April meeting of Town and Country Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. Dan QuUlen. Mrs. Cleo Prichard gave the devotional after which those present discussed the value of the food dollars. The craft for June, Cake Decorating, was also talked about. At the social hour the hostess served refreshments to Mrs. London Whitaker, Mrs. Joe Ramsey, Mrs. John Ramsey, Mrs. Cleo Pir chard, Mrs. Jack Collier, Mrs. J. D. Larkey, Mrs. Gus Tolliver, Mrs. M. R. Blackson and Mrs. Lennon Hammock. Judy Hammock was presented a lovely shower of miscellaneous gifts Friday evening at the First Baptist Church fellowship Hall. Games under the direction of Mrs. J ack Hall were enjoyed and Judy was presented the door prize. About twenty were present for the happy occasion and the bride to be received many useful and inte esting gifts from her friends. Wedding punch, cake and hots d'oeuvres were served. Both the bride to be and the future bride groom, Larry Brown, are seniors at Whitesburg High School aad plan to enter Morehead Univer sity in June. The wedding will take place June 3 at First Baotist Church. Recent guests of Mrs. Iva Mag-ga- rd were her sisters, Mrs. Velma Marcum, Denver, Colo. : Mrs. George Dodson and Mr. Dodsoa of Detroit. On Friday Mo. Mag-ga- rd and daughter, Jo Linda, and her guests went to Heidelburg to visit their brother and bis wife, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Parsoas. They were accompanied by thek mother, Mrs. Rosa Parsoas. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Wright aed daughter, Myra Alice, spent part of last week in Washington where they attended the Cherry Blossom Festival and enjoyed several days of sight seeing around Washington and in Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Rod Tate and two children, Roddy and Christie of Berea, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Ison. Other, guests of the Isons Saturday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bickle of Lexington. The Oscar Lewises were visitors in Lexington over the week end. Judge J. L. Hays and Mrs. Hays are in Louisville this week where he is attending the Kentucky Bar

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