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Image 12 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 20, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY,- KENTUCKY THURSDAY, - 1987 APRIL 20, PAGE 12 FnHc'IMC. Fleming-Neo- n Rev. Lloyd Senters is at Manchester MR. AND MRS. HERMAN BURCHETT TO CELEBRATE 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY APRIL 21 By: JOYCE GISH Mr. and Mrs. Herman Burcheti the Week end. F.M. Johnson, Lester Bentley will be celebrating their 50th and boys, John Thurmon and JimAnniversary April 21. Friends my were fishing down on CheroRev. Lloyd Senters, pastor of kee Lake this past weekend. Fleming Baptist Church, Is preach- wish them many more happy years together. Harry Stallard received word ing a revival at Muddy Gap BaptThe Jenkins PTA met Monday Sunday that his sister, Mrs. C, ist Church, Manchester Ky. night. Several were present for L. Martin, is. seriously ill in a Mrs. Joan Adkinj, who fell and the potluck supper and business Phoenix hospital, friends WishInjured herself while hanging cursession. President Warnie Flint, ing to .write-masendlett'ers. to tains, Is home from the Whites-bur- g her. home ,acj.dressi till West t., hospital and Is feeling mlch Jr., presided, and called for a . special meeting next month at the Phdehtx, AiiZi Mrs, better. Martin (Ruby Stallard) isa former Little Nancy Lynn Tucker, daugh regular meeting time to discuss several items of Importance to resident of Jenkini. ter of Jlmmle and janet Tucker, the Jenkins PTA. Mrs. D. A. Mr. and Mri. Jim Stallard an4 came to Sunday School last SunZegeer, program chairman, Terri and Mr, and Mrs. Carl day for the first time. She was presented the program, a film were in Bristol for the Week very quiet and seemed to enjoy on safe driving. Miss Dotson's end visiting Mr and Mrs. Jack De it second grade won the attendance Priest and family. Little Jimmie Revls, grandson banner. The vacation fr6m jchooLliit of the Bill Dempsflys, had his Mrs. Phillip Davidson and week made It possible, for many tonsils out at Jenkins clinic and Kathy and Mrs. Eugene Adkins of our local citlzeris to go camp-is doing fine. and Timmy and Sammy were ing. Among those seen taking in Luther Baker is home from Wise visiting relatives in Fort Wayne, the sun and angling for fish at ' hospital after a stay, Ind. , and Ypsilanti, Mich. , over Cherokee Lake were: Mr. and and is much improved. Mrs. Ellis Venters and son; Mr. Keith and Gary Pack have been and Mrs. James Gray, Miss Naga-th- a Larry Tackitt, who spent the home for snrlna vannttnn fr Venters, Mr. and Mrs. TomMorehead University, where they winter with his slter, Mrs. Mary my Brush, Ivan Brush, Gardner E. Phipps, has been visiting reare both studying to be teachers. latives in Cleveland. Helton, Mr 4 and Mrs. Ed Boggs, Keith will receive his master's Mr. and Mrs. Truman Conley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Massey degree in June. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Preston, of Oak Ridge, Term., have been Mr. and Mrs. John O. Smith, visiting her mother, Mrs. Goldie Jr. Sturglll, Fred pavls, Mr. and son Johnnie, and daughters ShearMrs. Edris Caster, Mr. and Mrs. Hawley. er Kay and Susie, haVe just reRay Goff, Tracey and Lisa, and Mrs. Myra Standifer, and turned from a weekend with Mrs. daughters Mary.LoIs, Lester , Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Adams and Smith's mother, Mrs. Gertrude David and Sandy had dinner with Jeff. Shear er, in Belton, South CarolMr. and Mrs. Bill Moorefield Mrs. Standifer's brothers, Lige and ina. and Wade are here visiting her Larry Tackitt Sunday. The occasMis. Re jecca Anderson has reion was Larry's birthday. Larry and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garfield turned home from a visit to her Goff. The Moorefields are living Nancy cooked the dinner. All daughter Pluma Jean Meade, In in Cocoa. Beach, Fla. enjoyed it. Charlestown, Ind. While there Miss Cheryl Adams Is at home Mrs. John Holland and children they were joined by her son Huey visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy and Brett spent a day and and his family, from Huntsville, night with Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Mack Adams. Cheryl is a gradAla. Mrs. Anderson also visited uate student at Florida State UniHolland. John Holland is stationher son Edward, who lives in Inversity in Tallahassee, Fla. ed in Thailand. dianapolis, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Sam DePriett Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Wright have Mrs. Lida Collins, daughter of of Ft. Wayne, Ind., are visiting moyed Into the house recently the late "Big Jim " Wright, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl widow of Delzey Collins, has been vacated by the Archie Meade ifamily. DePrlest. quite ill since her return home to Springfield, O. Mrs. Collins attended her sister Nona Quillen's funeral in Hemphill while here. Fleming Day Care Center was host Wednesday for a one-da- y I training session for four counties. Those counties present were Harlan, Letcher, Floyd and Knott. Then on Thursday the Fleming Day Care staff attended a one-da- y session at Booneville, Ky. They all reported a nice trip. ' Mr. and Mrs. Bill Marshal of' Cincinnati were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hill over the week end. Mr. Hill has been quite 'J' 't is improving now. Doug Barnett has been v ,ig his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barnett. ft:. Barnett expects to be sent to Germany soon. By: MARY E. PH1PPS lohnnv Craft Wa Inllirerl (n a motorcycle mishap and Is In a Norton hospital undergoing observation and treatment", for injuries sustained. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nash and Stevie of Grayson, Ky., were vislting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Herman Burchett,, over, the jonnny potter is hospitalized in the Holston Valley Memorial Hospital in Kingsport, Tenn. He is undergoing further treatment for injuries sustained in a mining accident. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Farley were. 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