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Image 11 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 20, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN WH1TESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, EAGLE WH1TESBURG .. (from page 7) . Home and Foreign MiMlon Work of the Brazilian Baptist Convent-Io- n was the topic of dltcuMlon for each circle. Organization, location, typei of work of the missionaries, countries participating the program and goali to. be reached by both helpers at home and In the foreign fields were discussed at the meetings. Mrs. Edd Klncer was hostess to the Grace Hutson Circle with M s, Pon Collins acting as leader for the group. Others present included Mrs. Robert Schoffitall, Miss Lorraine Collins, Mrs. Leonard Lewis, Mrs. W. F. Mercer and Mrs. Maurice Lewis. After the program the group enjoyed a social hour and refreshments. The Rachel' Adams Circle was entertained by Mrs. Sam Collins, Jr., with Mrs .R. C. Day leading the discussion on the mission work in Brazil. Present at this meeting were Mrs. J. T. Ward, Mrs. S. T. Wright, Mrs. Lexie Potter, Mrs. Ferdinand Moore, Mrs. Don Almond, and Mrs. Day. A social hour concluded the meeting. Mrs. Emery Lewis hosted the Ellen Webb Circle at her home on Mountain View Road at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Bob Stansberry, Jr., led the group in the program with Mrs. Lester Hammock, Mrs. Richard Keeler, Mrs., M. R. Blackson and Mrs. Herbert Smith taking parts on the program. 0 thers present Includes Mrs, Jack Co and Gene Ann Cox. Refreshments featured the social hour. The Verna Enlow Circle met in the afternoon with Miss Bonnie Grlffle. Miss Martha Jane Potter directed the program on the mission Workin Brazil. Others participating were Mrs. Sam Collins, Mrs. Lewis Ammerman, Mrs. John Niece, Mrs. Lawrence Lewis and Mrs. W, I. Vermillion. The group enjoyed a social hour. The Lottie Moon Circle met at the home of Mrs. J. D. Boyd at 1)30 p.m., with Mrs. Curts Hens-le- y giving the Brazilian study assisted by Mrs. W, G. Holbrook, Mrs. Edward Baker, Mrs. Cleo Prichard. and Mrs. A. J, Arlington. Others present were Mrs. T. C, Adams, Mrs. Paul Klrkland and Mrs. Curtis Qulllen. Mrs. Ferdinand Moore was guest of her aunt, Miss Martha Roark, in Lexington over the Week end. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor of Lexington are expected by Mrs. Moore for a visit this Week. . THURSDAY, KENTUCKY APRIL house guests of Mrs. Orval Hugh- her thtee sisters wno are vis- ed, to her home in St. Petersburg, itlng--Mr- s. jack Williams, ChiFla. , after a visit here. cago! Mrs. John W. Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Quick spent 'and Mrs. George ChaiSunday In Plkevllle where they ns, Cincinnati. Mrs. Hughes were guestl of her parents. and Mrs. Rice completed the Weekend visitors in Louisville party. Others entertaining for were Sam Addington, Hillman visitors were Mr. Addlngton and Mrs. Gertha Boat-righ- t, the and Mrs. W. H. Blair, who Inandllck Road, who were vited them for a dinner at their guests of their daughter and sishome and lunch at the Cardinal. ter, Mrs. Lee Frazler and her Mrs. A, C. Brown and grandfamily. daughter, Jill Brown, have returnMr. and Mrs. Jim Reynolds, Ermine, had as guests their daugh- ed from Loulvllle where they visited Mr. and Mrs. John Brown. ter, Mrs. Gary Knight. Mr. Miss Virginia Vermillion was Knight and little daughter Susan In Lexington for a visit with Mr. Rae of Palntivllle. Peyton Reyand Mrs. Jack Little and other nolds, student at Morehead Unifriends. versity, also was a visitor with The W, L. Stallardi and son his family. Jody enjoyed a fishing hoHday at Mrs. Sam Collins has returned Cherokee Lake during the lovely from Henryville, Ind.. after a weather last week. visit with her son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Fields had as the Harlan Collinses. guests last week their grandchildKareen Cahoon has returned to ren, Dannie and Dottle Fields, Eastern University after spending while thelrparents Were In Lexinga vacation with her parents, the ton. Alto a recent visitor in the Bill Cahoons, Fields home was their son, Don-n- le Roscoe Peterson of Cincinnati Fields, student at the Univerwas guest of his sister, Mrs. Edd sity of Kentucky, where he Is a Klncer and Mr. Klncer. Overnight guests at the home, of second year student In the school of pharmacy. Mrs, T.C. adams on Indiana Mr. and Mrs. W. N, Bowen, Avenue were Glenda Fields, Jo Solomon Road, spent several days Ann Spence, Betty GUley, Patsy Clark and Rebecca Terrill, all of last week in Lexington where they Jenkins. The group visited Whites visited Mr, and Mrs. Casper Bowen, Mrs. Faye Elliott, Tom burg High School on Wednesday. Mrs. John Artls, the former Sue Cutshaw and other relatives. They also spent some time in Irvine. Price, has returned to her home Mrs. Ella Cook of Solomon in Ashland after spending several Road is a patient in the Whites-bur- g days here with her parents, Mr, hospital. Her sons. Landon and Mrs. Conley Price, Solomon Cook and Amos Cook of Tiffin, Road. O. , are here to be near their Mrs. Wlllard L. Daugherty and mother. two sons, Stephen and Daniel, About 113 seniors accompanied have returned to Lexington. They by their sponsors will leave this had been houseguests of Mr. and week end for the annual senior Mrs. Stephen Combs. trip to Washington and New York. Miss Kay Hale and Mrs. HenMr. and Mrs. Ulis Hunsucker rietta McCleese Were In Louis were in Louisville this week end ville during the Kentucky Eduwhere he attended KEA. cational Association. Mrs. Forrest Brown and daughFormer Letcher Countlans who . lilted relatives and friends here ter, Mrs. Ted K. Fields of Hum ington spent part of last Week In last week were Mr. and Mrs. Leexington where they visited William Edminson of Lexington. Raphael Salyer has been In Huntington part of the Week on business. W, P, Nolan, editor and publisher of the Hazard Herald, Is resting at his home In Mayklng, Eagle's Rest, after undergoing eye surgery at a Lexington hospl Cyn-thlann- out-of-to- PAGE 11 Pt . Vnnt - Private Blllv SENIORS LEAVING ON ANNUAL TOUR Mrs. Leonard Kelsey has return- 20, 1907 b. Mulllns, with Mm. Carl Hbltuook and Mri. C, L. Kllgore. Enoch Sergent dies son of Mr. and Mrs. IRoyW. Mulllns of jenKins, Ky., mas been assigned here to the U. S, Army Training center, Armor, Company D, 9th Battalion, of the 3rd Basic Combat Training Brigade, for his initial eignt weew oi mil- Enoch Andrew Sergent died Sunday morning, April 16, at his residence on Camp Branch Road. itary training. Sergent, 72. was survived by FARM FOR SALE his widow, Mrs. Stella Taylor sons and two Sergent and five 60 acres with good house, new daughters - Shelby Sergent, furnace, cellcr, barn. Some out Pembroke, Ky. t Culton Sergent, buildings. School bus, mall Lexington! Elmer Sergent, Panoman runs to the house. This Is rama City, Callf.t Enoch Sergent, located on Spring Branch at JereJr., New Richmond, O., and miah, Ky. If interested phone 2, Parnell Sergent, Tiffin, O., Clearsprlng, Ind, area-codand Mrs. Drucllla Clay and Mrs. 812, or write Riley Caudill, Nannie Lou Holbrook, both of RR 1, Medora, Ind. 47260. Camp Branch Road, Whltesburg. Other survivors Included five brothers - Sam Sergent, DemoVote for crats Archie Sergent, Salem, Ind. ! Bill and Isom Sergent, of ARTHUR TOM SCOTT Millstone, and Joe Sergent, of a sister, Mrs. Essex, Md.. and Sarah Elizabeth Profltt, of Camp FOR Branch. Funeral services were held at the Camp Branch Bible Church, State Representative on Tuesday, April 18. Ministers were Rev, Jake King, Johnny Holbrook, H. M. Wiley and Democratic Primary Steve Polly. Burial was In the family plot of Sergent Cemetery on Indian Creek at May 23, 1967 Blair Funeral Home, Whltesburg, was In charge of funeral arrangements. 995-206- Baptist revival set Revival services at the First Baptist Church, Jenkins, will start Monday night, April 24, at 7i30 and will continue through April 30. Evangelist will be the Rev. J. Edward Cunningham. SOUTHEASTERN KENTUCKY BAPTIST HOSPITAL R. N.'s, L.P.N.'s, Surgical Supervisor and Surgical Scrub technician. Salary based on experience. If Interested call collect! Mrs. Rollins, 628-121- 2, Southeastern Kentucky Baptist Hospital, Corbin, Ky. only interest is to help build a better Letcher Countv. My THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE is pub- tal, Mrs. Ruth Rice entertained the Inn on Saturday night the at DO YOU HAVE THIS CARD? If you do, you know the secure feeling that comet with ust having If . . . carrying It in your wallet. If you ever have to use It, you'll really know what Blue Cross and Blue Shield can do when put to the test. . . to make sure that Ken- tuckiont hove the best voluntary Health tare prepayment Protection to help them meet the cost of care. Year necessary hospital and surgical-medicafter year, our members receive the. greatest return on their dues dollar In ths form of benefits we Invite comparison. Most.mtmbers belong through the Group where they work. (There are ever 8,000 in Kentucky). We have only one lob . al WRITE Flameless electric wafer heaters have 'no pilot light or controls within children's cool to the touch. reach-- are Hi ffcmm or fumes can dis- turb your peace of mind. No repair worries, either, through our Protected Service Plan. PSP guarantees tank, parts and service 100 for 10 years. Ask ytw fafer tr fkwkw Additional wiring needed? Take advantage of our money-savin- g wkinf ctrtificatts. tlMtiis fysfevn. i BLUE SHIELD Louisville, Kentucky 40205 3101 Bardstown Read FOR INFORMATION ABOUT GROW HANS IF YOU WORK WHERE THERE ARE 5 OR MORE EMP PLOYEES OR FOR INFORMATION ABOUT NON-GROU- ENROLLMENT msabMtPSP. . BLUE CROSS IMP' KENTUCKY POMH CO. 4 lished ieery Thursday at 120 W. Main Street, Whltesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, 41858. Thomas E. Gish Is the editor and publisher. Second class postage paid at Whltesburg, Kentucky. Subscription rates, $3 a year Inside Letcher County! $5 a year outside Letcher County. Single copies. 10 cents each. This Is No. 4" of Volume 59. IF YOU 1. are a Kentucklan, 64 or under, In good health and neither spouse nor self Is employed where there are 10 or more persons, or . . . 2. will soon reach age 65, or . . . 3. have a son or daughter reaching age 19 or marrying before 19.

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