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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 23, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

rn lT(TrV KEN 9 A ' f J HaP iP ltd AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. -- 'fmJ9m" w"BWTySJIJ'?vvui.J.fWi,T Wpps.Hry- Np 1033. VOL. XIX. w"jw 'hjjpiwi raFCMt''V"iM-.tiiii- i "" BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. ...iijVUiiiWAi.lJJC-ii.- . css33ssssnsrxuicmisi. TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. JOHN DOWNING; Geo. M. Bibb, tl&W3G4A r. V5ta33VJ'rtft vuL.i. 1 v intorms 111s 4 thatiiiu i,J 1 K MIE subscriber "l , informs the pnhlick, ' "P ope led. a house or EN lh-- 1 a un iI . ILJl'll IV I .it tlie sum ot tin r ZX'i Is (J com COMPASS. The ii- :,...,p1 SOU ARE & .n.1 both art m .dnus, die stable extensile, 1. . tliinc necessary lor me of travellers and others, v.l 0 call. He may think proper to f.ivor him with a n provided with a largo and convenient 1) . nm , reception m uuwu-.not superior to any in the place. He irnilSK. tort be Suppbdyou all can be, owever great is the demand, Mv iriends come unto me. I . V ill dig iv ells you all may know, Good watei'fl can find, I,i spite of patent Ir.vs I'll show, For nought I will bo kind. v - r N t t r : S: "9081 'C ; ?r MANUFACTORY. UMBRELLA VI 3ll CU04J pUE lJ3lU.tOJ ""- r u iu.10- mo , jnoqc 'itAVuiaSjosj) 03 a conn and Tdtorrt, istlus tiayaisMmeum (r,q3uiX3T iuoj J puoi sqt 110 sjinmoa UKE USHER, , S "j mutual consent, those indebted, are ri.icstcci. UI AiIWV ' fmm Bilti-.i- o e. in I . f foims the publick, that lie In. in rail ml s'tl" the.r accounts with James I.L I 'JPJ'!'l J aSpnf put put, AdWtJSJJSK r'Tnoiedhis Factorvto I.evinn-- . NMa-cou- n and those having demands against T oi Sni 'will present them to hiiri for setUe- - ?ip 33J ol iijim piroAv ton, at the sign of tlie Umln-cl-lie firm JB nl. UJ1U tlOllSa AUE 30 IGOJ T 1, xl door to Ti "cllers' Hall, Maccoun. "tnmts un sq pnpA sjiiuajd pit; jo Ik re h will keen a constant ' S'l'ipl; of jatpanj Auty 's'P"n ,ail1" ) ","JJl 'i11Jl 'John Tllfordjiin 1806. IJJKjd pu: P;rasols, J3l(:0 JJP,3J pun 'pjVipJO Lexington, January 31st, 3idd un iiouBAijina ut sdj-oot- ty iin.s Dei', 1.1 t'leneatf t .nannr.v Merehautsand bo MippliiJ v ith Umbielbs at H E subscriber has just received from spjBAidn ijiav 'S3J3C 0C5 inoq limt;n!i!tradei" nviv tei ms than Philadelphia, and now opening ai me i.-o '3ai.' aou t ipuiAv 110 aTY' J" I ' x ' : m im'xirtm ' them. u.. i.rt- .hfii. ,i m., rn . lately occuprcu .. ' a53iqnniCAar.iil.';4lt5 JfOJ .t a:n street, opposite tr.c market uuuk, .u. ci. NIVOHV3 J.VHHO lensive auditionai suijijiv LEAVY 8: GATEWOOD, Merchandise & Haveju.f imported from Philadelphia and Baltimore, an.l are now opening sit their nbich will be sold at the most reduced prices ;UHE PartnerfSiipof Mentelle & ftorc, Lexington, ' for Cash. or F. Downing & Co. is tlvsd-iA Large, Elegant, and Well Chosen Jamcjfiocconi, fiiSweil by mutu.J consent ; tliose iiujehttd Arsortment as are requeued to call andsaile their a..d those ha ing demands ag.uust tlie iirm will TAMES ROSE, MERCHANDIZE, present them for sC. dement. . 75' nt f? Shoe Jlfkrr. UU f 1 Dry Goods, ui'uceues, Iron Monpery. rtESPECTFULL mlorms THE fubftriber dill continues his . Cnilery, Saddlery, Chun, Queens' the ladies and gentlemen cf tliat he carries on tlie a- - .hop opposite mr. Pope's oiSce,Mlieie he) . and Gljfs Ware, Stationery, P.iints bove business in all its various on to Ins other business, .set up the Medicine, warranted Boulting branches, at h's old stand, Main vindsor Alukinv, Cloths, from No. 4 to." ; and in ad- Cross streel, one door from Main le will be able to furnish Chairs of even idjtipn, thy have ;i large quantity ol street. He has on hand an cle. Itscription and color, painted, iapanned anil befi quality of Iron, cut and wrought gmt assoitment of ladies' Kid & gilt, which has never yet been done in this Morocco Slippers, spangkd and eountry. Nails, U a quantity of Man's Lick rfy ..,. whirli list Will . !""-plain, 01. al ' F. Downing jftin. L'toise hanu at the lowest All of which were purchased at the lowed .ifcliiklieiia' Kid. Morocco, Lexington, March 6:h, 1806. Cam prices, and will enable them to sell them, m,ni. He has sent to ....1 n cither by whole sale or retail, very, loiv fur phia for an additionabupply of leather of the l.asn. and intends receiving a constant first quality, GentScmcns supplv nerr pring and fall. JAMES CONDON, WALTER WARFJELl), Coss'cks and Back strap Bodts made of the HAS removed his (hop to a small led " as Will practise . best imported Leather A haniUame house, on Main ftieet,the fscond door above ... .u. sortment of line hlicK. gram .Physic and Surgery, s' Moiocco Pumps mr. Laudeman's; where lie purposes carrying In Txm&ton, and its vicinity, ife keeps hi ind Gentlem-nThose gentlemen taste-B- oot on Ins business as nfual. fnade in the newest fashion and jeatot who may p'.afe to savour him v.ith their cuf Oinp in the house lately occupied by Doflors and Shoes cut to pattern for Li"--icaydepend on having their work done Brown ana warneirl. ma be supplied with ajiy of torn, best s Lexington, Feb. 19, i2o(5. minncri as the at- - in the tli - dme arucles, nearly as cheap N. ii. He wilhes to sell a LOT of hntk st'es. GltOL'ND.hiirR On Mill Iritt, adjoining Col. Marrii 1&i 1806. THE SUJBSCRIJJER Fancy S'dk and Satin, made Hart's Itsat present undei good enclof r , B- - Le','s' JIas for sale by tht quarlerKatl or barrel, - and a brick house on it, that will make art ex. o' 'heir oot, nit tern to measure. Ordeispunc- ccllent flab'e. Lexington, March 3, 1806. lstmialily Madeira VjriR sit forimmediateuse. om tu .'1 atte i;led to and neat.y eecmeo. t. KlOi U, ' .Chfrry" ounce .EATnTfLAX SEED do. 4th proof Cofrniac Brafidy, that:h.i3 been rorjfle a t the oil mill in Lexington Also, STRAYED,, heenfo yeara ut mv cellar. LINSEED O.IL sew diys fincc, From my farm, a Holland Gm, nly4eh at said mill. Loaf Sugar and Coffee, A SORREL MARE, John Bobb. 1 bbl. 1st rjuality Muscovado Sugar, iho-i- t fourteen hards and a halt hicn, no Feb. 26th 1806, tf 1 chest Hyson Tea, & It is fiippnfed jrtarks or brands recollected boxes 1st quality Chocolate. 2 the ro3d to Mason county. she will tal-RfcfiJiARD TAYLOR, I'vi. Morton. hoever takes her up, jnd informs me where "f FJCPECU'FULLY inform? his friends and Lexington, 2J April, 180O the can be had.ordelhers her to ine,fhallbe , lie publick, that he has Opened a jA rewarded by yf t T- HE - i c .,, ..t' -- jr-ipjnd 231 p -- 111 : - T.. 'r 1 ito--- )) PS iU ail Coir ife. 1 .,. SE Tailor, , oes, , . 111 T (7 Fayette, March 31, A 3 8c6. Robt. Barr. tf 500 ACRES OF LAND, lyiiifl on tlie Ohio, a little above the rnnuth of Doe run. and tocomey the fan.e by deed of general warranty. It is good bottom laud, and I believe a good -- title. Nigioe., Printing Paper, Calhor notes on Hurt credit, will be taken in payment by Achilles Sneed, atCy injacl for Martin Armstrong. JPtankfort; April lotli, 1806. Jfu" ul ju DJ 'HICHthey 3 011 Sun- - dav, the 16'h March, a blood bay filley, two vears old this Ipnng, branded oft the V near Ihoulder i, no white or othe jnaik ; but has been docked. V hoever will drl.vei the said Fillevto the fubferi- ber, or givefuch information as to enable bun to tt htr, fliall receive the above rewaid. William Story. Georgetown, April 3 tf 1 reL0t; i. AZ.FZr madeira L. Sherry, 10 4 4 . V A. house. fr,r i .1.. 10 bbls. ': nijic Brandy, 10 Jamaica Spirits,' , KV.RT-GBARTLET, rfiwist imported nrd are now opening, Large :.nd General Assortment of MERCHA V Z E, l.rS I'ANNF HILL, 111 , I wines, Poit, Pepper, Hnmstonc, Alium, Copperas. el rn i Colemenar, 10 can veiHu-et- o assert are . V will boiiirht. and rhirh .,.,,1 .).. 1.. so.d as low as any ?r brought to the state. 1 hev w ,U 1 eeeii e in p 1; tQ)vcm H'..p, or hog's I ud m hand , ,..t from the many .,sapix,mtmrt3 tluy liave mttwithin couecting for their lw s.dcs, tluy nn determined to credit none. 6ili 1305. 5 13 10 10 y linger, Matltkr. Chocol.-.v- . 50 boxes 1 Srg-(.vr- , case roMaini Nutrnogf, Clo Mace and Cinnamon. , . ,1 Logv,-ood- l'J boxes YbimgHison 10 t'o HvsorVi.k,n V-- N O T I C K. O "2WDSE JRclcbtcd' to IMaccoun t and Tilfoul. are ivmtitr.! tn rll , blU C", ? es,n,in and v P 'J TEAS Loaf Sugar, l.ctri. TI e ,bove ar! cles will be tneir respective accoiniK on m- I,aC.i,i;,.i (n,pol of advance, bv t:.h .i ' . (layoff Arjsrcli' next. All fhosr- - lint failto com-- l 0..1-.tneii- accounts put cvpcci !.., the A supply of hands of propel' officers for coi!cct;on, without viili be GROCEJiKS ,0 qrl-.l-c- eivtdf,om ' discrimination. Ph W.fyh vI tm i enable u to!, stor.- - t,J.-. Lexington, January o, 1806. -- "a - nodf-r-.t- e T - I ' 'w.LT. . "MtiflQHTsttfnu. THOMAS MICKEY, viaiijjjrnis srrcet. .fv.,fnn. JV P'Fr.RS Tailo ,.,. R, A NEW STORE. ,!,. Bain's new Brick House his lervices to hi; friends THOMAS & ROBERT BAUI? riAV Lhavcjutr.cdv-o--i rnd the publick slitters himl'elf thai from hi . . .:..,.-.icng experience in the principal cities of F.n Pliilatlcipliia, and are nm. ope, and being lately frorrf Phlhdelnhln ,iil lately oceWd bv mr. K enable him to give Kencral fatisf velum. .He genual icisoitnieiit of presumes thata fpecimenof his abilities will MERCHANDISE, fufficefor anv tiling more he mir;ht say. LaConsisting of dies' habits and great coats made in the first DRT GOODS, luiuinu. N; B. Oneort' ll mended, wanted immediately. 6ni &c. . .'. - .. . flr"ii'"..m ol" hard rm li wiiu:, LU-JLEK- T 5 ) ' QUEENS' CHINA &? WARES, GLASS BOOKS. &? STATION '? r BLUE DYING. Mrs. Kr.isnu, takes this mpthnd , h.di they willsell for Cash, at the !he has commen most .edV ced the Blue Uying business, next door below GO? They have ,on hand Mr. Huflon, the saddler, where she will live an assortrr sit of cotton, yarn, and thread, or any kind of imported UAR IRON. tf nome made clotli, which (he will warrant to itanuus color, as Hie dyes with hot dye JOSEPH . GRAY, MWjWin live the above articles as a, UAC. rcmoveri .Iiih . they can be done any where in Lexinjtoii, btore to the ilnne house, opposite G eortre Tir (kic.vcjjiuuuiciii payment. ters, lately occtipird by Meffr February 25, 1806 --a W has juit -! of informing the public, that ""J leceived, dition to his former affortment in ad ' a very elegant supply of t TTi, . Sn i F GOODS, n.ij&UJiyJDRICKJttOUSE, vy ami uotoi ijiouml, on the Limestone which will be sold cheap for Call,. roau, acae eoge ot town. Alfojthe. Lexington, March 5, 1806. t-- . BOUSE c? LOT - in Lexington, efcenpied by Geonre Arlm. next door to George Norton, and the Ground jonn mams Jim. A (rood House Wench, a Wfljrgon and Team of Five Hnrfes, well eqnipt for the road, two Brood Mares, and, six Colts, two years old .and vearlins. The Above property is to be sold 'on a long !n a'ji'"B 20 dollarITrewardT' RAN away on Chrillnm last, a o Woman named LETTY, briong,,, r totbefubfenber, fhcis about 2 yVs Ne-?r- Tr j a"mmo" of ftron stature, sp,re 3I,d drink, andwh.n intoxicated insolent Her ckath Madison Circuit sit. inuiai lai geani conuiHmiuus uriei iii.i-i,"' ". bvi me, .giving oondjvith appro ng confiAed veiytwo cr of ted fecuntv, Marcb term 1806. three in Frankfort ; occujneii by Mr. John oily Weathera, complainant, GEOflGE ADAIS Sen. l.ndrefTes one of fancy chintz, where lie is supplied with the best ot liquor aitimlt Dec. 17th, 1BA5. and )iOviaions of every kind. His stable, is lmfey petticoat, white tf vam William Wcathors, defendant, well fiiiuisiiedwith foi.ige, and an attentie ostgood fhoes.with ler. From the arrangements made to accom ;: Chancery other cloathmg of good quality, sundry I .Just Published, and for sale at lieve this negro was modate his visitants, and the attention that will ON the motion of the plaintiff bv her harboured for be paid them, he flatter;, himself he will ihare toruey,;afid it appealing to the fatisfaftion of ti)is Ufftct, time n, and near this pface, and is rcmo! the publick savour. tne com t, tliat theiletenrlant William, is not VIND Xi 1 KinKtort, Uctobcr 'M, 1W5. .u, ..., uuuu.t is turmllied with a pass an inhabitant of ihis flare, it is ordered, that OR THE .0 i.urKe county, Baiidllo wn the laid anient defendant, do appear here on or Dan- tire fufl Monday in June next, to fhew caule, ville. Doctrines of the Stricture's is any he can,why the compl linant's lull fliall I will pay he aboye Le Gramu's NOTE n not be t i'en as nftffed, and t'lat a copy of Vindicated, dehvered to dati.u order be minted m the Kentucky Gjz. Payable to, Jrt.idorfed bv James M'Coun, AGAINST Will. Morton ted, Lexington, February, 4th, 1806, at sixty ette two months, agieeable to an act of the Tlie Reply of Mr. Stone. Lexington, 2d April, le06 days date, for 1000 dollars, payable and nego general al.eiiiblv of Kentucky, &c. A copy. Kentucky Infuranfce By John P. Campbell. Telle, li ible at the ofiice of the Will. Irvine, C. ill. C. C. The pjblic aie rautioned from Company. 3r CHs. HUMPHREYS &? Cn been floppid. takingil,as pavmtnt has CUT NAIL MANUFACTORY. a savor on the Tub The finder will cJg ui.y n.... Jicwau, L.CU n scriber, by leaving it at the florc of John uni William Jordan. "H. apprenc.ming malU5j HO- - "'HE fublcribers refpeafully f occupied :y A. L,s Grand. M , an to .the Copper- - tJdr f.iendsand the public in infon ' "mcc ejc,. opposite the rums flfcUrTTs biifmtls w ho nhfenterl-- h mf.k,..!... .. . .. . tiferai, Lexington, 6th Feb. 1806. house. ecotirt , mrv mvr . " irominv C, da v evening, the, UFAGTORY, opened a iNVI HAM. Lexington, April 4th, .8c 6. the Jl E M O V AL 8th dav of Frbruaiy ; he ,s about .Seville, on Water (Iveer, town of AI,vs. r of atjc, , teet 3 or , uid.M high, JohnArmllrong's rfore next door y.,rs AlLL persons are where they maim E. W."CRAIG, ' of a da.fe cn.r:,on. had on a ew faflu.e all kinds of Cut Nails & 'P"gs from taking an assignment on a Noir, oie . I. AS removed his store to the brown Cloth LO.1T.. tint JV tnill 'nanrn'nn,,.. AIT.. "vc -- ..I bv melii 1'nlu.r' -. '" ,c ': apt., for a comer hile liouse, opposite Mr. Lea- Iw ui down waistcoat and a ,w fafT,ion. of W.ougbt Naih.sJdlerS lachTEor horse of V. value of the J1C s;f) was 'ii where he has leeciied and just opened, able fu. ..t. Toe .,W reward will bcise,', Barr Iron, tlJow Class, eonsiflerafon of a truet "of d' ijn-ei11111 on (leiivei inv new anil lare of choice ne ima apprentice to eountv , winch be,iur lost. I am ,' which thev .,,..n,l . ar . . . ' in!)! l It- - firbftruci in Lexinp.toii. pay FRESH pners with the additioif he 3ied not tu w,. saw note unt 1 get a" tltlota ofi ud land. . and which hi offers to h',s frinvl-the ubl.c at 31. Frrbel. 1 .linage, uu Mm or approved nose. tlie noat and rduccvl p: ices. 17th Apr.', iC 5, i,3t Williav. Porter Jan. ? q Elijah Sumhicri. Otob r :, 1S05. 3t 3. Nkouse of Entertainment, y H',,l-"a.- Jt LOST, III SALE -- On long Credit, d .io c- - rWgM 1 Six Dollars Reward. RAN off, fiom Georgetown, ll BARGAIN. I AM authorifed by power of attor ney, duly execijted and authenticated, to sell MILITARY LAND. Received by near Mornbecfc's null Claike countv, a part of; coi isauianiel Gist's survey. He will tak vVILKINS s? Cash or Young Negroes for it , awnnirw U JC1I ns t h,. Mo r aj eltecoimty, 10'Ji Feb. 1S0C. Cupid bym, John Junla; 111 nftjg, iujtv , i""' 1 pir-tie- SNITIOD J.311llVff V. ms ataoie allured that they fliall receive the greater! attention, and every exertion will be made to make their situation agreeable. Private s may be accommodated with a room undillurbedby the bustle of a tavern- Lexington, April 29., SAMl. JANUARY. . , rest l Ji aiij ..nm lor f (c , is uiiiuey s; vvlierelte wi nrar.t rr-- Mftlrhir- ! well supplied with Hay, Oats, and all its difiei-cn- t branihes. He has on hand ! would much improve the tnct-en- cu, Jer, on the premi- Gofn, and his Oftler pdrticularlvat-tcntivc- , large quantity of Gcimine Medicine, which he ..." t" uy wmoip saie or JameS Barlow. and caeful. Those who He :dso osiers for sale, two hundred in,l ..Iv ?vlarc!i 13, 1306 are so obligingas to call on him, may ty eight acres of first rate iveuern vountrv. also In all the branches of my trade for So punctual I will be, make SALES upon COMMISSION, transact in to It never shnll by one be said, ns-- - who may have any thing with the John Shaw has cheated me, tlut vv ay, which v. .11 be done, together reduced I am, charges for storage, upon the most the He slitters himself, that from vei im John R. Shaw. he has had in mercantile transactions, N R. I shall refuse to work in flint rock, busi.iess, and a doire to he useful, I ha e been three times blown up dt ition to . ,,.,. f the nahlicnatronage. . "' ? 1 dlimo I have always on hand, ) ., " F 1 I' r .. m-- m 60 ll?- - Firsf Quality hZQOO . teres of Land, YlNGint'-''' A V ii I i.iumv ol Hrnderfon, ! rhKrtyon the waters of H,-- i,l ,.! IjFw S'"' f"r Cash. I'r.ide Watei. 1 williVH rht j,mi, i;.a. J tir.ift " tLI . ?' 18th, 1S00. laud very low for ialh, hnrffs. be. f, pork wliifkVy or flour. Any p rfon williing topuictiafe, will please apply t fOR SALE, THE FARM whereon I now me, livmsf near Robertson's Lick, in thr ' '" Sett count), within one alorelaid. county. , t of Georgetown, r rhr m John Hobkins. to Lexington, contami.ip Wn lr. Sept. 3rd, IR05. tf land, about CO arres , dwelling houfr, twr. ftor.e-- , 9- - ; variety of the belt liquors his Bed DOCTOR JOSEPH BOSVYELL, tety, a large birn. I.e. f r ,.1,:. . take call, or negroesA .y.,,,, , r , ding and other accommodations will ASremovecl to his farm.Ieven -- r .w be furnilhed equal to any in the l''uwf, may mc-- t Ult;, milteeJsl of Lexine-ton- . iwn il,n !!. a """ ana niiorr, WILL continue to exercise hi: friends and the publick in is published twice a annum, profefTion of counsel and attorney at law, in nues to keep a liouie of at Three Dollars and a half per those. chcuit courts in which he lias heretofore KKTAINMENT, piid in advance, or Four Dollars at the praftifed, and in the court of appeals, and court of the United States, for the Kentucky (nhjeommodious frame hcuTc, on end of the' year. diuricL Main Street, opposite the Court Editor, mud Those who write to the HE suoscriber returns his house, at the sign of letters. pay the poltage of their THE BCJFFALOE; thanks to his friends for the encourage. ment iiehas lercneil mlns Ime 01 business. where he is prepcred to accommo-iat- e In Lexington my friends may find Travellers, and others who may Me working at ray trade, COMMISSION please to call on him, in the bed man TIVERN, STORAGE S At raising stones to suit your mind, ner, lie is well provided, with And digging with my sjiade. respectfully weelLU T HIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1806. TtM.hae 'el? r, ssorrtof, to-M- fni-.,.,-,- - "'V WOn-.tsV- GOODS, I I7tl' .'S ''ii ! i , ' a. J f

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