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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), May 16, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

-- J The Jefferson i an DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday May 16,1912 bers address the words of our "leading nieu'' that we must have something to eat, or perhaps, smoke, and iu the words of our "humorous" members, else we will smoke hereaff we fail to do our dut y here and now. Expenditures: The total outlay of theclub has bef n about $1H(, which just about balances the receipts. Of $100 For Best Ten ter, From South Jefferson Commercial PRIZE Club. Been Done During the I.P. Acres of Corn. MOBBMBN, Secretary. Capt. John BUECHEL. Gallegher Dead-Soci- al And Other Buechel I News. Happenings Along Central DOINGS Lin- tions, songs, and finally ice cream and cake, all of which can be enjoyed for the modest sum of twenty-fivcents. The proceeds will be donated to the school fund for improvements. Miss Sallie Kwine will dose her school Tuesday afternoon with a picnic iu the adjoining woods, one of the features being a tish pond of boa boas to be hooked out with pole and line. Anything with a mystery behind it delights children, as well as grown folks. All look forward to a good time. Miss Ewing has made a success of her work this year (as always) and her scholars' rapid advancement test fy to her efficiency. A. B. C. e Misses Helm. Miss Virginia Rriseoe is attending i May J. 1412. Secretary Writes Of What Has Past Year. cent guests of Mrs. J. W. Gilmore. Misses Cora and Blanche Landers, of Kingswood, are guests of the I REPORT the commencement exercises at As Seen Potter Bible College at Bowling Of Green. When she returns she will be accompanied by her sister, who is By A. B. C. a studenl there. Miss Katherine Bishop, of Buechel, is a guest of Miss Mary Sierp. Misses Amelia Velght and Niva It Pays To Advertise in The Jef Bell closed their school near here fersonian Schools Close-O- ther Friday evening with an entertainment that was very much enjoyed by News. the large crowd present. The school at Meadow Home closes the Saints i Tuesday. The South Jefferson County Com- coln Way During Past St. Matthews, May 13. It seems Rnechel, May 14. The Buechel J. B. Allen returned to his home FANELLI BROS. Club was Inaugurated iy we were mistaken about summer set Commercial Club has just announced Saturday from Odissa, Mo., much exchange of windy Uleu exwhere ting in Week. cold as Christmas tiiis a big prize corn contest. To the Jef- ne n as been a pressed ly words of dual meaning student in the Bible morning: it'sProbably all ferson countv farmer growing the College there for aada postal card notification of the the past two years. berry winters have formed the bud aud best ten acres of corn during the acombine, New Name of Jeffersontown movable denisens of the Ith Miss Mamie Hayes closed her which will wind up tin- cold snaps for ;inl between the V Buechel. May 13. Mr. and Mrs. coming season a prize of $100 will be school near Mt. Washington Thurs- th is district, bf season. Diehard Bffinger (rave a supper to given. Any resident of the county, day and is Baseball Club Uniforms ride awake personages of Mr. H. visiting friends here this There has been a stormy time for W. Morensen, Keodrick Lewis and qjiite a number of friends Sunday, outside of children, is eligible to week. Donated. days iu this vicinity felled V. a. McCattoogh. The initiative Ma .", in honor of their daughter. enter the contest, the only requireMr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnson have several many large trees, one falling across Miss Elsie. Those present were Mr. ment is that they send their names meeting was be Id at the store of Mr. moved into the city and have gone to the Commercial Club of Huechel. the track of the electric line, delayBen K Stewart. Dr. Dudleys. Rey- and Mrs Alex Frederick and into business t here. ing traffic foracouple of hours. The Mr. and Mrs. George Effinger, Mr. nolds was made temporary chairman Several from here attended the After this t he .1. ttei sontown and Mrs. W. Lone. Mr. and Mrs. C. blacksmith shop at St. Matthews was Hard man Seibert. and gave as special cause off meeting funeral of Capt. Jack Gallegher ball club will be known as "Fanelli and is now decorated with a permanent organisation, a com R. Etoederer, Mr. and .irs. s. Boeder-Miss Alma Hardman, of Jefferson-ville- , Monday, who died very suddenly at unroofed Brothers." There is a reason. Frank er, .Mr. ami .Mrs. Kd. Schmitt, Mrs. tarpaulin covering. pletion of tbe Sail Kiver bridge and formerly of Fern Creek, and his home near Newburg Saturday. Fanelli, the hustling proprietor of establishing the "Lincoln Way." An C. Golden, Mrs. Carrie Loogeubohn, Mr. George Seibert were quietly Capt. Callegher was a remarkable Charles Coroniack and sister one of Jeffersontown 'a leading stores, organisation permanent was com Misses Edna Krauth, Klsie Effinger, married Wednesday evening at the man in many respects and wi . j nave movea irom tneir home where on Monday gave an order to have pleted with the officers now setting Margaret Boederer, Qertrude Klein-brin- home of the bride's parents, Mr. and greatly missed in the neighborhood they have lived many years, to Mr. uniforms made for every member of Kathryne Effinger, Lorena Mrs. T. EL Sam Le- - ' residence next to no tbe club at a cost of something like as chairman and secretary. The Hardman. in which he has lived so long. parsonage at Beargrass. vital point was raised at once --where Richer, Ida Belle Etoederer, Messrs. fifty dollars, aud will present same The annual meeting of the W. M. a suitable place to meet, Carl Kramer. Otto and Willie is there Capt. Gallegher Dead. Misses Cornelia and Ella Mae Lee, to the club with his compliments. S. was a successful meeting at the Elmer and Christy Roederer, this store being too small. Mr. W. C. Capt. John S. Gallegher, aged Methodist church Sunday afternoon. from Pewee Valley, spent the week- Of course, the boys think Fanelli is CMHe Frederick and Ed. Lausmao. Kennedy, bearing of this dilemma, end with Mae belle Rudy at her home the "real thing" now, aud will be eighty years, died at roll o'clock Sat- A large crowd was present. M iss Helen Kasper is ill of measles stepped in at once and ottered his !nown hereafter as "Fanelli Broth near St. Matthews. urday afternoon at Newburg, after ball, Kennedy Hall, for a meeting at this writing. an attack of paralysis, from which CANE RUN The death of Mr. Alfred Barie last ers." place, thus obligating. the people to Miss Edna Etraugfa spent Sunday The suits will probably arrive this he had been suffering subsequent week cast a gloom over the entire his kindness, as well as stamping with friends on the Taylorsville pike. week in time for the game next SunMay Misses Delia and Margaret neighborhood. attacks for rive years. He was a forHe was a man of himself one of the leaders of the com- -, On last Wednesday evening a few mer member of the Louisville detec- - Welch entertained Friday night between the local much prominence and sterling qual-i- t day afternoon inanity. team and Febrs of Louisville. The riend8 of Miss Elizabeth Hrim-Ltire denartment and assisted in man v Misses Delpby and Cora Brinley, ies. While our beginning was a few mem- Mtbered at home, in honor game will be called at o'clock in of her good captures, among them being Ella Risinger: Messrs. Thomas and Springdale has housecleaned and Jefferson. Heights, bers am proud that this embryonic ii Liiuay anniversary. A very pleas two members cf the Jesse James Lewis Brinley, William and Davie and tbe pufaJic is slart has continued a good lead, and ant time was spent and among those gang. Later he was marshal of the Risinger. Games were played aud whitewashed until ii can properly he invited. Our boys in their new unicalled the "Spotless Town." Really, forms will put up now we number, by actual newspaper preheat were Misses the game of their Katie Graff, City Court, from which he returned all had a delightful time. It is surprising r, hat we are alive to lives, and the Fehr team is composed computation, one hundred and fifty Anna Helle Uieuier, Elizabeth Graf), thirty years ago and went to live ou Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Welch and tell the tale after such a battle with si embers, all working hard for the L,ula Hoock. Margaret Henn, Theresa his beautiful farm near Newburg. of some of the best amateur players children spent Sunday with her par- the dirt. uplift of this section: and there Diemer, Elsie Schmidt, Florence He is survived by his widow, who was in the city. ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Risinger, should be, and is, a decided unrest of Hoock, Messrs. Robert Henu, Our new blacksmith has arrived BartoRoenimele is manager ofFan-ell- i Henrv Miss Elizabeth Seabolt; live sons, the club members until all the citi- Diemer, Fred Gratt, John and George John, a real estate man in Louisville, near Fisherville. and the shop opened this morning. Brothers team, and other local zens of I lie district are numbered un- Hoock, Nick Schmidt, George See how quickly one can obtain their players are Walter Jones, Walter What Texans Admire. Sam, general manager of the Evans-vill- e Gratt', der the banner of the Soul ii .letter-so- Lou st' Hoock. Harris, Edwin Davis, Ben Stivers, Gas Company: Ransom, Charles is hearty, vigorous life, according to desires, if advertised in The or some other com me i cial dub. This gentleman is a Middle, John Finn, Jack Baker and others. Mr. and M rs. Charles Gorbandtand and George, farmers in anil aronnd Hugh Tallman. of San Antonio. "We can't spell bis children, of Lyndon, Mr. and Mrs. Newburg. and two daughters, Mrs. find."' he writes, 'that Dr. Kind's town product but The Jefiersonian can save you Same of the Doings of the Club. meet him and find the name until Albei t Shatter and daughter, Fanny, Anna Zeigler and Miss Nellie Gal- New Life Pills surely put new life A visit to Ellsabethtown with banMr. and Mrs. John Henn and Mrs. legher. He is also survived by and energy into a person. Wife am! proper number of consonants to give money if yon will have your prim ner "Lincoln Way" enscribed there- Theresa Drives, all of Louisville, and several grandchildren. The funeral I believe they are the best made.'; t he Cci man accent ing dime at this office. Call us no on; S baud of youthful musicians and Mrs. II. F. Schneider aud two child was conducted Monday at noon from Excellent for stomach, liver or kidThe Buckeye school closes tonight over either phone, Home or Cum- members in such force and numbers ren, of Huechel, spent Sunday with the Highland Church of Christ and ney troubles. 26 cts at all druggists. with an entertainment of recita- - herland. ki. ii as to capture and convince the good .mis. Maggie Henn and, tamily. A interment was in Cave Hill cemetei y. . roads convention assembled there delightful supper was served. (Elizabethtown) that the Jefferson The Carpathian Society. Miss Margaret county delegation meant something, on Tuesday aight Henn entertained A young people's club, called "The for Misses Margaret as one of our members facetiously Simcoe, Fieda Schneider and Kathryn Carpathian Society," was organized though thoughtfully put it, in an af- Simcoe. They will in Buechel last week. ternoon speech, "we, the lefferson hold their first regular meeting at Mrs. John Hartman spent Tuesday County Commercial Club, were certhe nome ot Air. and Mrs. vVm. Feg iu Louisville. tainly IT and had things coming enbush. Mrs. Lee Jones entertained Mrs. We took the town peacefully and declared to the convention what L. Simcoe and daughter Tuesday Rev. James McKittrick will fill his a termini. the "Lincoln Way" was. regular appointment at the Buechel Mrs. Henry Suhre and son visited Presbyterian church Sunday afterJune loth, a rousing picnic in a nearby woodland, donated lv Mr. W. Mrs .1. Lut.e one evening last week. noon at 2:45 o'clock. All are cordially C. Kennedy for use for the day. to be present. Mrs. Mary Long and Mrs. Lee invited where all that conformed to the best Miles of Wildwood spent Thursday Mrs. J. W. Summers spent seyeral wants and wishes of the genus ham) in Louisville. days last week in Fisherville with coidd be obtained . Miss Margaret Henn will enter- her brother, F. W. Gaunt, and family. In the way of feeding, as it was esMiss tain n timated, about 1,580 people in old Sunday few friends at her home next several Venita Johnson entertained friends from Louisville at evening, May hth. Kentucky style and abundance were supper Sunday evening. Wallace Wheeler spent the weekfed. The afternoon was given over at to a feast of "reason and How of end with relatives and friends in Schoolvery Huechel closed Friday successful nine, months' Buechel. Wallace and his father. after a soul" in that we with Dr. DuV. W. Wheeler expect to leave in a term tanghl by .Miss Ada Hanks. dleys. Reynolds as loastrnaster had Mrs. Belle Lewis and Miss (Nancy J. with us such speakers as Mayor Head. short time for , Florida, where t hey : ri An entertainment was Thixton. iii ioc. ue. i ney formerly lived at Cel. Young, Judge Hearing. J. Meygiven Thursday evening by the pupils ers, Col. Funk. Senator Xewcomb. Buechel and have made many friends assisted by Miss Bettie Lewis and Hon, Pendleton Hec.kiey, Col. Wood, here who hate to see them leave others. so distant a laud. and others, made the welkin or wood NjThose who took the examination land ring in an oratorical way of the at County Superintendent O. J. Stiv. GKOLONA needs and demands of our country. ers' office Friday and Saturday were The intentions of our club from its M isses Rosalind Scoggan. Marie Encipiency was to boost up our pubMay 13. Mrs. J. E. Thome, Mr. Diemer, Lula Voting, Mary Wright lic servants to think we, the people, and Mrs. M. M. Thome and children Russell Frederick. Carl Stol! am had rights to be respected, as re- spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Will t laggett Hoke. gards street car and service, borne. i. W. Summers bought a handsome telephone service and prices, county 'f Barley Walls, of Tennessee, was driving horse last week for his fami commissioners, magistrates, road builders, etc: the establishing of the guestof Miss Edna Heeler Friday ly's use. Fred Curry is the Lincoln Way, good roads, good J. A. Brown, of Jefferson ville, Ind., ing a handsome contemplating build bungalow on Seaton schools and good drainage for this peuL umuay wiin ins parents here. A venue. .virs. s. i.. ji ji had as her guest valley, in fact anything and every The beautiful residence of Mr. and thing for the uplift of the people Monday Miss Ida Beeler. Mrs. Joe Rudolph is Hearing com of the 4th district, which every one Miss Nina Bell's school closed pletion. They will move out from Best Ironed Body in knows is one of the best valleys on day with a big entertainment ud Louisville as" soon as it is finished. top side of God'sgreen earth. she is with her brother, Tom Bell, the World ;Male for Misses Gertrude Hikes and Virginia In our many measures we have con- who remains very sick. Long; Wear. Briscoe have gone to Bowling Green tradicted some, for I find a motion Miss Georgia Farris visited her to attend the commencement exerto create commissioners to attend sister, Mrs. Bettie Cruteher, from cises of Potter Bible College. our county's business ami later find Thursday till Monday. a motion sending a delegation to our PRICES REASONABLE Mrs. J. E. Thorne and Mary to oppose the PRESTONIA. convened Cooper.were one night guest of Four of these Irons same purpose. Mrs. J. W. Gilmore Friday night. on every seat. May 13. Mrs, S. D. Thompson and We have met and R. EL Boll, of Louisville, spent children spent had with us profitable rhembers from Sunday in the city. we have congre- Tuesday with P. H. Brown. Preston and Jefferson neighboring clubs: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Langoeft, of Miss Nellie Young is with her par- Louisville, were guests gated peacefully and acted harmoniof Mr. and LOUISVILLE, KY. ously, we have aggressive members ents here. Mrs. Henry Krill, Jr., Sunday. Incorporated. aDd pacificatory members, humorous Miss Georgia Mae Grepn, of LouisMrs. Julia E. Thorne and Misses memville, spent Sunday with her mother. Georgie Summers and Mary members and cronic Seccessors to Garden Seed Dept., Southern Seed Co. Jeffries bers; and to that last type of mem- - Mrs. Emma Queen. Cooper, of Bullitt county, were re- mi-rci- - .4 . k. Ef-lin- er, .. 1 - .'! I I n Jett'er-sontan- i , ? I I i t . JOHN DEERE our-way.- BUGGIES " I i - II I i fr The Trade's Standard for Real Value. s . DEERE BUGGY BODY -- 9 i Leg-islatur- Jeff-erie- s e semi-regular- ly HALL SEED CO. stay-awa- y 1

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