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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutc's of the regular mou'thly meeting of the Excecutive Co m- Mittee of the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, Wednesday, July 7, 1920. The Executive Conmittee of the 3Board of Trustees,' Uniiversity' o Kentucky,' met in regular monthly bession on Wednesday, July 7, 1920, in the President's office at thie University at 12:00 o'clock, noon.' The following members were present: Richard C. Stoll,--- Rich rd P. Ernst' Robe't G. Cordon' andI Rainey T. Wells- P"esiden't Movey was pres-ent at the meeting and in the absence of Mr. Patrick, Secretary of the Committee, Senator D. H. Peak acted as secretary. The minutes of the special meeting of the Committee for June 1., 1920, were approved. (1) Purchase ofC Gordon property. The President was authorized to purchase the -Gordon property on Lexingtoni Avenue adjoining M4axwell Street Presb-terian Church from Mrs. Diary C. East, as of date June 30, 1920, on- the best -terms possible, the deferred payments to be due in one, {vro- three and four years. The building is to be used as dormitory for girls and such expenditures for repairs as nay be neces- sary properly to fit it for t.,he purpose stated are hereby authorized. The President is further authorized to make such expenditures as may be necessary for the proper furnishing of the building. (2) Purchase of Engineering Equipment. The following resolution relative to the purchase of engineering equipment was passed: Whereas by the acts of the General Assemblye of the State of Xentucky at the session of 1920 there was appropriated the sum of thirty thnusand dollars for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1921 and thirty thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1922, for the uwrpose of purchasing engineering equipment for the College of o'f the University of'IKentucky, and whereas -it will be'grcat:.'..- beneficial to contract`?or _this engineering equipment at once, therefore be it resolved that the engineering equipment provided for in said acts of appropriation be and the same is hereby ordered to be purchased to be paid for as the money becomes available under the law.

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