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Page 10 of Celebration of the centennial of the organization of the Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky : October tenth to fifteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, Anno Domini.

SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ANDREw GILMORE, SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER AND SUPERINTENDENT. The minutes of the Sunday School Teachers' meetings show that Mr. Gilmore began his work in this school as teacher on November 5, i86o. For twenty-five years, his name is but twice missing from the roll of teachers present at those meetings. He seems from the first to have taken an active, practical part in the work, as shown by his motions. He moved that the Constitution of the Sunday School be read to the teachers; that the treasurer should make a monthly report; that each teacher should be given a drawer in which to keep the Bibles and class-books of her class-all of which tend to the orderly, business-like management of the school. Seven years later, on October IO, i867, Mr. Gilmore was elected Superintendent of the Sunday School of the Second Presbyterian Church-an office which he held until January 3, i869, when he resigned, but was con- tinued as assistant superintendent with the pastor, Rev. E. H. Camp. The minutes of the teachers' meeting record that Dr. Scott and others made some remarks expressing the feeling of the teachers at the retirement of Mr. Gilmore, and a unanimous vote of thanks was tendered to him "for the efficient and faithful manner in which he had performed his duties." It is further stated that "Mr. Gilmore was never absent while Superinten- dent." On April 5, i870, Mr. Gilmore was again elected Superintendent, and continued in office till April I2, i875. IO

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