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Page 9 of Celebration of the centennial of the organization of the Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky : October tenth to fifteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, Anno Domini.

CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION Chapter I EXERCISES IN THE SUNDAY SCHOOL. The anniversary exercises began on Sabbath morning, October ioth, 1915, with a service appropriate to the occasion, at the regular Sunday School hour, 9.45 o'clock in the Lecture Room. A large number of visitors was present and among those attending were three former pastors, the Rev. Robert Christie, D.D.; the Rev. George P. Wilson, D.D.; and the Rev. WV. S. Fulton, D.D., each of whom took some part in the exercises. The superintendent of the Sunday School, Mr. J. E. Bassett, presided. After a short devotional service, papers were read on the work in connection with the Sunday School of Mr. Andrew Gilmore, Mr. J. R. Sharpe, Mrs. H. M. Skillman and Miss Ella Williams. Before the papers on the work of Mr. Sharpe and Miss Williams could be secured for publication they were destroyed, and it has been impossible to have them repro- duced. It is to be regretted that a full account of the labors of these two splendid workers cannot be given here. For thirty-six years Mr. Sharpe worked in the school, and contributed his energies to its upbuilding and welfare. No less devoted was Miss Ella Williams, whose un- timely death removed one upon whom the Church and the school had learned to depend. The sketch of Mr. Gilmore's association with the school was prepared by Miss Lizzie Lyle, and was read by the Rev. George P. Wilson. 9

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