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Page 5 of Celebration of the centennial of the organization of the Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky : October tenth to fifteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, Anno Domini.

The Committees General Committee- The Session-Rev. Charles Lee Reynolds, Wm. E. Bush, W. W. Patterson, J. E. Bassett, W. L. Threlkeld, A. H. Gilbert, J. R. Wil- liamson. Committee on Hospitality-Gen. Wilbur R. Smith, J. T. Tunis, J. E. Bassett, J. Bruce Davis, G. Norton Sharpe, Mrs. John W. Scott, Mrs. J. Will Stoll, Miss Elizabeth S. Kinkead, Mrs. Wm. E. Bush, Mrs. Frank Gilmore. Committee on Decoration-Miss Elizabeth Threlkeld, Miss Anna Bassett, Miss Ruth Beard, Mr. Hugh Frazer. Committee on Music-Mrs. W. A. Hifner, Miss Lillie T. Sharpe, I. J. Blackburn. Committee on Reception-The Pastor's Aid Society. Committee on Finance-The Board of Trustees. Committee on Publicity-Rev. Chas. Lee Reynolds, A. H. Gilbert. 5

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