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Page 112 of Celebration of the centennial of the organization of the Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky : October tenth to fifteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, Anno Domini.

SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH He requested me to acknowledge your invitation; to express his regrets that other engagements will prevent him from being with you upon this most interesting occasion; and to extend his hearty congratulations to you all upon the long-extended service which your church has been permitted to render in the past, and the hope that the future holds for it a far larger field of useful- ness. Tremendous and far-reaching influences for good must have been exercised during these one hundred years of devotion to the cause of the Master. I pray that your fruitful past will be a splendid incentive to nobler endeavor, and that your people will find much of encouragement and inspiration in the following lines: "The Golden Age lies onward, not behind. The pathway through the Past has led us up; The pathway through the Future will lead on, And higher. If we but fight the wrong, and keep the faith, And battle for the future, all mankind Will bless us in the days that are to come." -James A. Edgerton. Very sincerely yours, H. P. FORD. Dr. Henry's Secretary. THE BOARD OF THE CHURCH ERECTION FUND OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, October 6th, 19I5. Mr. Wilbur R. Smith, Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky. My dear Mr. Smith: I have just received the gracious invitation of the Second Presbyterian Church of Lexington, Ky., to be present at the 112

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