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Page 127 of Key to yesterday / Charles Neville Buck.

THE KEY TO YESTERDAY as fast as trains and steamers could carry them, to a town called Puerto Frio in South America, and South America was quite a long way off. Mrs. Horton had known for weeks that some- thing more was transpiring than showed on the surface. She had even inferred that there was " an understanding " between her niece and the painter, and this inference she had not found displeasing. The story that Duska told did astonish her, but under her composure of man- ner Mrs. Horton had the ability to act with prompt decision. Mr. Horton knew only part, but was complacent, and saw no reason why a trip planned for a later date should not be " ad- vanced on the docket," and it was so ordered. Steele, of course, already knew most of the story, and it was he who kept the telephone busy between the house and the city ticket-offices. While the ladies packed, he was acquiring vast information as to schedules and connections. He learned that they could catch an outgoing steamer from New Orleans, which would prob- ably put them at their destination only a day or two behind Saxon. Incidentally, in making these arrangements, Steele reserved accommo- 127

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