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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 11, 1904

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

miMMiMmHHtHtH Irl 1 TIE i JAMES MILTON RACER Editor and Publisher Sntertd at Uu Pottofflct al Btrta Ay at ttoontlJ J ttau maUnatttr HIHIH 11 II lHIJJH VI VOL A KENTUCKY THURSDAY AUGUST Ilayti It iN iMtliovod that tin American demands will soon Iw granted II y Turkey Kirn III Slrassburg Oerinany di hostel properly worth over 1500 retorts the Russian armyworms still retreating to till north withthobyuans in hot pursuit The Government of Son Domingo haw asked till United States to nego tinte n parcels jxwt tn Gen Itafael UUt time IIlIkor Pnamlent of Coluiiihia and announced his Cabinet It in rfx rtfd that Russian credit in considerably shaken at home as n result of tIwnr in the Knst The Government wireleiw telegraph to St system from Nome Alaska Michaels wan Huccossfully inaiigtmit for Cover nor Purr United States Senator Vest died nt his homo nt Sweet Springs Mo John J Cornwell was nominated for Governor by the Democrats of F f i e > o4 i 11 + ticketA Vandalia train carrying BOO assengors miming at tho nito of sixty miles an hour was wrecked at Plalnlield I ml Onlya few passeng ers were slightly injiiried while live coaches wero burned An tinnyof workmen are prepar jug tho battlefields of Bull HUll and Hay market in Virginia for the army maneuvers which will take place in Tho Government will SeplumUr sixmi 000000 on tho project THOMAS t nightChief I 1t I Justice Hiirnam will ho a candidate on tutu Republican ticket to succeed hiniRolf on the Appolilalo iMtnch from tho Fifth district Oliver W Idea for years n lead jug Republican politician in tho State is dead at his homo in Now Bert at tho ago of Hixtyoight years has apioiiited Gov Reckham Charles U Ioyntz of Maysville Democrat mind James Urealhitt of Hopkinsvillo Republican as mem bers of the Stale Election Commis sion Ij t 4 Through freight No 01on tho Henderson route went through time bridge over Green river at Sxtts Engineer Waller villo last night Reidol Firiinaii Wallaco Lishon and two negro tramps wire drowned The engine and nino curs ono ofthem loaded with livestock wont in to tho river ti tol 0 0 i o ° 0e 0 i o 0 0 Buy your o ooo Engagement and Wedding Rings From Buggies I o0 OO OO ++ A Sixlrks1i0 Itite121XJ- I County OwsUy Noni Wilson Snowden Reynolds Niiiintu Click SG0 Lucy Parsons 1100 Mnv Smrkman C D Smith t50 Koltort Tnylor DurableGraceful Useful ComfortableStylish Cmunplxll1i0Mnry Ray Garfield Flout IVndorgniRs B 201- J Pondorgrasrt Jeanette Gabbanl Hurgoyno Rotnor Nellie Treadway Rockcastle County Rachel Hiblxjrd E H Thompson John McForron Fannie McCluro Mollie Carter Minnie Nicely Hyrda CATHEDRAL auo aoo 21X Since I loft Now York I havo not seen 0110 houso that was not built of stone or brick andl hove not seen a single roof of shingles all tilo or slato or tho thatched roofs of a low cottages oldor parts of every oldworld town are houses which long history lulu havo been used by many owners 1 lire ilk ono of tho now houses in Edinbourgh but n woman hums just died here in tho name room in which saw was horn ninetyfour years ago Across the street in a great school building which was erected about time tinmo time Pilgrim fathers were lauding on Plymouth Rock This long history of buildings is sewn especially in tho castles which were really tho forts of people who lived Iwforo time invention of gun powder uIIIIl1I tho churches Many of tho mutest famous churches of time old jvorld were built before tho Fro testant Reformation before tho times of Luther and Join Knox when tho Roman Catholio church controlled the world with all its cur make them time most desirable of any wagons on tho market running gear f1250 cash in running guar tUjOO cash 21 in H P SETTLE Jr Beren Ky KENTUCKY CARRIAGE WORKS C F HIGGINS Prop Richmond Hr Get The Latest Ky No season has produced such an abundance of beautiful styles in Ladies Neckwear as time present Wo show all tho now styles in endless varieWo have just added all rrrI 1 H 111 I 1 IHMIH Ice Cream Ladies Collars Crushed Fruit Flavors limo now ¬ quitoes biting Cherry Phosphate > est patterns to our stock of laces and ineertings nud can certainly please you Mothors Protect Your children from tho pnin of Mosquito and Chigger bites Apply Paracamph freely It relieves tho pain draws out the fever and the in ¬ flammation and prevents swelling If applied night it prevents the mos ¬ Coca Cola Ice Popallflavors Grape Juice Subscribefor Citizen ruption and cruelty MillineryMid prices already pre It is a long story to tell how time Wo ore determined to vail hero religion of Jesus was corrupted in to carry nothing over Sloop Good time dark ages Men canto to believe Get the boat at the in outward ceremonies rather thin let Mosquitoes keep you Dont No trouble to show goods in religion of the heart And wicket awake at night Apply Paracninph own got into the highest ollices of to your face and hands before retirCo the church because of time dower ing It will prevent the mosquitoes Main Stroot B roa Ky which such positions guru thus And Mrs Bettie Mason biting you If they should happen thou ninny heathen customs and ideas to bite you it will relieve tho pain nud Borea Ky Main St wore adopted by the Roman church HH1HIHHH prevent swelling It nits in these times when tho people wow earnest but ignorant anti many of the ollicers of the church fir from Christian in spirit that time cathedrals as they are called wero built cathedral is a very beautiful building though it is better plan ned for heathen titan for Christian worship Tho ground plenum is in tho For tho benefit of the colored subscribers of TilE CITIZEN who mire prevented by tho recent action of time Kentucky Legislature from entering Berea College wo havo decided to make time following SPECIAL OFFI3R which is open only to colored subscribers mind one of a grove of stately trees On Soptomlnr 20 UK I TUB CITIZEN will give 3000 to IK divided into two equal sums of 1500 A cathedral is not a good place for each aunt applied on the school expenses at any school or college they tray select of tho two young colored or prayermeetings but it preaching people ono young man and ono young woman who receive tho largest number s t votes provided that no strikes ono with aw t and wonder and money shall bo paid by TUB CITIZEN to any candidate if tho total number of votes cast for all the candidates In voting for your favorite use the blank below is less than 15000 monies processions from one end of the church to tho other mind tho like This blank if sent without any 1 vote for Mr O At time WillIor the cross was time altar money counts Otto for each person 0Eo as the most popular young colored man and for where time false miracle of tho Muss voted for If sent with 100 it env was performed and around the sides titles time person sending it to ono DID c P0 Miss of of tho building woro images and in years subscription to Tan CITIZEN + Z as time most popular young colored woman windows wero glass pictures of the and to 100 votes for each candidate 7Nof the smuts which time ignorant people voted for If sent with HO cents six worshipped Time Ronlan priests Tim months subscription and CO votes UvuW leach that our friends who havo died to applyon my If sent with 25 cents threw for such sufFering until urn in Purgatory subscription account mouths subscription and 25rotes nude puro for heaven mull that by for each candidate I paying utottoymull by gulling time Namo P0 youiu ¬ ¬ fTennessee Wagons Depot Street mj tySummer Laces 8X Maggie Loveu I land hat a 3i5 1011 Hostile Hnys 100 Wallace Adaiim 101 letmrl Gay 1k Tommie Hakor mummy time 100 21X1 Madison County 5X1 Sod to London Glasgow is tho largest city in Great Hritian taw United Kingdoms of England Scot land Wales timid Ireland Tho first thing noticed by an American in olt world city is that it looks older rind more solid maul substantial than anything in our own And in 5X roo Claude DeHaun Mellurgue100 GLASGOW lIiO- Boroa Ky Tho Special build o- byA Get our prices I 1200 Floyd LUOHB 11 MeGulrc Stella Thompson k0O repaint repair and retire hOt Mary Farlor Cluy Comlw JOO IOU We 100 Leo County 101 carriages invariably givo 2o butter place to buy than HERE No bettor time to i Miy than NOW Pricwt down to Rockbottom Qualities up to Topnotch 3X BOO BOO J Thompson Opposite Hurdottos Mill Traps Oi oo of Call and see our Hub of goods RunaboutsSurries Our Popular Scholarship Contest 00 tin largest and best stock goldjowolry Phaetons of tho Itomori illc of IiullnnnMills ud vi n years of age hian ktibt1 ar pussAs Lotlyfiuib + o COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY President Frost Writes About the Pro Georgo W Hays L and N agent testant Reformation and the City at Sunny Side Wnrrvii county was Where Steel Ships Are Made r < Berea Kentucky TAGGART Thom nN TiiKgnrt who tens favored hy n innjortly nntlomil committee for Iliiilriiinn IIIIH tlirhi IHMII iniiyor IIUH held utter lures Ho was hurts In InIinxt IN fnrtjM D great ixilltlcnl hustler nut has a mnllo that would molt 1 killed by n train George Bullutnd Tom Davis fought with knives uearMiddlesboro Kyand lathnay die Dr D Y Winston n well known surges formerly of Russelvillo Ky is dead at Clarksvillo Tenn In a street fight at Williams Skiing Ky tlesso Williams wits shot anti killed by Green Flynn Thirtyeight persons wore injured in the wreck on Iho Louisville mid Nashvillo at pursue Cure Wednesday s i o Carriage Satisfaction Here A lA Possibly you would like to talk Main Street M> Pacific flyer went Missouri through a bridge at Eden near Pee lilt Cu1Dud more than 100 lives were lust Ames former Mayor of Dr Iinuealxdis Minn convicted last year of accepting a brilx will run fur Congress on tho Republican 0 ooooeooeooeoeooeooeoeoeoeoeooeoeooeoooooeooooooeoooooou Tilt CITIZBXS ofTur of Fret Tuition in Heron College for two terms to West Virginia Imo given to time two most pular young lnoplo in tmchof time oight sur Dr Hrowu Ayers of Sow Orleans has IMVII elected president of the university of Tennessee Clay County Estlll County Judge Alton B1arker filed his 12lO Robert L Qoylu resignation as Chief Jimtico of Iho Ida Kongo 101 10 Susie Mai tlm Ioj ion 101 WM Jackson County M Hobinson 00O Va has been elected president of W L Itagley 2000 ii1Xl G J Janis Kings College at Bristol Icon Laura Hntflold 850 tOO T E Hurch SOO Susie Wntsou One null was killed amid one fatally Mary Collins 100 Samuel Dart 500 injured by falling rock in a C and Churns Combs HOO Li77io Wihvon O railroad tunnel in West Virginia 950 Yorkt arc all essential to of Saving is of equal System The Berea Banking Co o o o Northern liH 01 o o o o Au archaeologist has uIsM verel a raw of cliff dwellers in the Sierni Kent of IndianaK A ° iil W a little Savings account us about the matter u lItI ndiana Democrats nominated ilohn ° 0 Perservance and Systematic financial Success 9 At last IN OUR OWN COUNTRY I openingo Itl Jit Pluck Push o XX Fraiio1 ° ° o FROM THE WIDE WORLD disorders aro thrcatone in Nineteen lives taro lost and property valued at 2000000 destroyed by a fire in the arsenal at Toulon eoQoeoeoeoeoeoeo o SfrifcUH in NO8I One dollar a yet r 11 1904 eoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeooe ° Uod shows Isis ways tu those who do Mix will Men seek happiness in ease but find it in effort Men often neglect to do what they tyro in striving to do what they cant MountaiiiH 1Eight PsI IDEAS Heaven lies up Ntn nin- Madro Mexico Sixteen CITIZEN BEREA MADISON COUNTY Family Taper IIII1II + Hi II rIIIII East End Drug ¬ upheld ¬ Popularity Contest ¬ > putyerlike ofP I ilontmiKil on pago ilx l KyPleura

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