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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 2 3. UKTV SOON WILL REACH 11,000 STUDENTS Television as an aid to instruction at the University is rapidly extending into every classroom building on campus. UKTV currently is providing 25 to 30 instructional units a week to nearly all of the 14 colleges in the Community College System, plus a catalog of nearly 200 videotaped lectures to the central campus at Lexington. In addition, a cultural series is made available regularly to the Kentucky Educa- tional Television Network, which has attained its original goal: total coverage of the state of Kentucky, making available its programs to every citizen who owns a TV set. UKTV, in its third year, now is fully staffed, and its closed-circuit cables have been connected to most of the major classroom buildings on the campus. When the Medical Center installation is completed, the system will reach into over 200 class- rooms which can accommodate over 11,000 potential views simultaneously. With future cable connections and a mobile unit fitted with broadcast quality equipment, presentations in Memorial Hall and other large lec- ture halls on the Lexington campus will be available for immediate campus distribution, community college distribution, broadcast over the ETV network or videotape recording for delayed broadcast. Lectures beamed to campus classrooms include large enrollment classes in poli- tical science, agriculture and English, and courses in sociology and engineering mechanics. Cultural programs, largely diseminated through the Kentucky ETV Network, include: "Conversation," a periodic presentation involving University faculty in informal talks with distinguished visitors to the area; "Panmed," produced in cooperation with the Medical Center and the University of Louisville's Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and aimed at keeping health professionals informed of developments in the field; musical programs; drama, and others. UKTV is administered by the Office of Media Services, directed by Dr. Paul Owen, who also notes that UKTV provides laboratory facilities for the Department of Telecommunications. 4. HEW SUPPORTS NURSING CARE CONFERENCES College of Nursing faculty and representatives from the College of Business and Economics and the Department of Sociology conducted the first in a series of four conferences on "Management for Nursing Care," September 27-October 1. The conferences, supported through a short-term grant from the Division of Nursing, Public Health Service of HEW, was attended by 50 nurses from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Georgia. Purpose of the series is to aid supervisors and head nurses in upgrading their managerial skills. Second in the series is sched- uled for late November. Directing the first program was Miss Irma Bolte, director of continuing education for the College of Nursing. She was assisted by Dr. William Bryan, director of student services for the Albert B. Chandler Medical Center, and Dr. Loretta Denman, acting dean, Miss Margaret Doyle, assistant professor, Dr. Eleanor Repp, as- sistant dean and Dr. Betty Rudnick, professor, of the College of Nursing. Guest faculty included Dr. E. Grant Youmans, professor of sociology, and William E. Younk, industrial management specialist of the College of Business and Economics.

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