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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

PRESIDENT'S REPORT TO THE TRUSTEES November 15, 1971 1. RECEIVE EXCELLENT RATING IN GRAD SCHOOL PROGRESS A rating of excellent for progress has been given the Graduate School in a report released by the U.S. Office of Education, National Defense Education Act. NDEA, which regularly surveys graduate pro- grams to assure proper training of students receiving three-year NDEA Graduate Fellowships, ranked the University highest, or excellent, in the area of "recent progress in the expansion and strengthening of doctoral programs." The Graduate School was given an overall score of good--the second highest rating on a five-point scale--by the sur- veyors. NDEA officials said the University graduate program could make a great contribution to the needs of its geographical region. Dr. William H. Dennen, acting dean of the Graduate School, said he was extremely pleased with the NDEA rating, pointing out that this was an outside group coming into the University and evaluating the overall program. "We have no idea who the individuals were that sur- veyed the campus," he continued. "Each department which has developed a graduate program was visited." rhis year, the U.S. Commissioner of Education allocated 18 new NDEA graduate fellowships Lo the University and approved 36 doctoral degree programs where these fellowships may be used. Fifteen of the 36 programs have been added to the curriculum since 1966. 2. RECEIVE SAFETY COUNCIL AWARD FOR FOURTH YEAR The University has received the National Safety Council's high- est award for safety achievement for the fourth straight year. In its annual report the Safety Department notes that the 503 accidents reported is the lowest ever recorded, although the number includes 123 disabling accidents, an increase over the previous report. The disabling accidents accounted for 1491 days lost, but five separate accidents were responsible for 851. Improvement especially was noted in the Medical Center, where two accidents accounted for 51 of the 86 days lost. Accidents involving sharp pointed objects, primarily needle punctures, were reduced, but eye accidents increased. A new program enables employees, as well as students, to buy prescription safety glasses at substantial reductions. It is noted that 52.6 per cent of all accidents occurred to employees with less than three years' employ- ment; well over half of these were to employees with less than one year. The report states that "the University has compiled an excellent safety record and can be proud of the progress made in improving safety con- ditions."

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