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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- L). Recommendations of the President (PR 2) President Singletary called attention to the recommended changes in titles for personnel in the Community College System, pointing out that these changes would give them ranks equivalent to those of personnel on the Lexington campus. In addition, he called attention to the persons recommend- ed for retirement and commented on the number of years of service to the University in each case. There being no questions relative to the itenms in PR 2, on motion by Mr. Cooper, seconded by Mrs. Blazer, and passed without dissent, PR 2 was approved as a whole and ordered made an official part of the Minutes of the meeting. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes. ) E. Supplemental Recommendations of the President (PR 3) Note was taken of the retirement of Mr. Harvey G. Hodges and appreci- ation expressed for his effective service during 22 years as Manager of Ticket Sales for the Athletic Association. President Singletary recommended that Mr. Thomas D. Duncan be named Director of University Information Services. He pointed out that the recommendation involved not only the appointment of Mr. Duncan but a change in the name of the Department of Public Relations to University Information Services, which is more descriptive of the functions of the department. On motion by Governor Chandler, seconded by Mr. Wright, and passed, PR 3 was approved as a Nvhole and ordered made an official part of the Minutes of the meeting. (See PR 3 at the end of the Minutes. ) Mr. Wright suggested that a resolution of appreciation be drafted to be sent to all those whose retirements had been approved. This suggestion met wvith the approval of all present and Mr. Clay appointed Mr. Wright and Mr. Cooper to draft the resolution. F. 1971-72 Budget Revisions (PR 4) The recommendations relative to budget revisions being of a routine nature and there being no questions, on motion by Mr. Cooper, seconded by NIr. Wright, and all present voting "aye", the 1971-72 budget revisions as recommended in PR 4 were authorized and approved. (See PR 4 at the end of the Minutes. )

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