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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 3 5. PHARMACY COLLEGE TELECASTS SEMINAR SERIES More than 1,700 pharmacists throughout Kentucky this month were able to begin a continuous education course via closed circuit TV or video tape programs at 17 locations across the Commonwealth. The College of Pharmacy has telecast the first of eight two-hour TV semi- nars on various medical topics. The series will continue through next May. Programs will be available at community colleges in Maysville, Ashland, Prestonsburg, Hazard, Cumberland, Somerset, Elizabethtown, Henderson, Louisville, Hopkinsville and Paducah. Locations at Western Kentucky State University, Eastern State University, Covington Catho- lic High School, and on the central campus also will be utilized for the seminars. The pharmacy college is broadcasting the series over the University Educational Television network to all locations except Covington, Louisville and Henderson, where the program will be repro- duced by video tape. "Today's pharmacists, like other health pro- fessionals, must keep abreast of many technical advances, as well as the changing role of practitioners, by continuing their education," said Dr. Harry A. Smith, director of the college's continuing educa- tion program. "The College of Pharmacy is using a statewide program of education assistance for Kentucky pharmacists to aid them in ful- filling their responsibility to maintain professional competency," added Dr. Smith. Program content for the seminars include "Arteriosclerosis and Therapy," "Diabetes and Therapy," "Childhood Diseases and Pediatrics." Several physicians in private practice who specialize in the subject areas and faculty of the Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy will staff the programs. Each seminar consists of a lecture, question and answer session, and discussion period. The lecturer will be available to participants by the use of a telephone connection with each location. Televised programs on the KET network as part of the PANMED series and produced by the colleges of the Medical Center also are aimed at pharmacists. In November, the following subjects will be aired at 11 p.m. (EST): November 10, "National Health and Insurance Plans," November 17, "Patient Medication Records System," and November 24, "The Roles of Pharmacists in Public Health." Another educational tool being developed by the College of Pharmacy is an audio-cassette tape library. These mini-seminars or special lecture programs are de- signed for individual or small group study and include questionnaires and visual aids. 6. ASHLAND HAS LAW ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM Ashland Community College has received funding for the Law En- forcement Education Program from the U.S. Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. A grant of $2,500 has been received with a commit- ment totaling $3,750 for fiscal 1971-72. A local advisory committee for the program and for the Social Work Technology program has been established. Lewis Mutters, chief of the Ashland Police Department, has been elected chairman, and Miss Wanda Joan Franz, a student in the Social Work Technology program, has been elected secretary.

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