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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 26, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS I II vtrn1R r OOIUMBIA 6 POST OFFICE DIEECTORY JJ HIS UT Linn J HAJCKI t1 J J of Corporation Operated by Roosevelt to Perpctnnte Their Graft j ttr eInnljii Motdapinfanuary tbinl M Tdrd Monday ID 8epv OIl r Circuit Ju IKtW WJuncH CiiinmnnwKMtb t tvrn y MjcriO F W A1IU r Circuit ClerK J nOoflay yt Tor Mm s NM WAnrou Kril Mmttnytn erchtnunt OoORf L il JIIor Ciunly Attotn pJreOrntLJtA T C JailtrJ t K K P Cm ivw AllurK W liurun Hlrreyor RTMcC ffre School Sapt WD Jones i lu a It nr 3lTT Ooparnegnlareour second J rsOIJURCU tv mry DIRECTOR Wall Street FIGURES AND THE TARIFF It publican wishes RAM No7 tparty it it of course necessary that nowbeen CortelyoIntends Fistulu pull evll splints spavin or any surgical work done at lair prices I guarantee satisfaction J am fixed Ui take care of stock 8 > OKENSHAAV S C WITH NEATr that the present administration is HOLESALE GROCERS Jmd COMMISSION ttacticszoological whichbe enda loving OJ u given to CwH n and I rk p attention TOFriCE over Russell Murrells Store Columbia Ky E 0 Scientific Shoeing ¬ corporationsIs of its constant attentions and demon ¬ strations of love and nipped the lit ¬ When the idustrlal trust boom was full blast dud corporations we being manufactured with millions ref capital every day in the week the protectionists cited the fact as the result of the great system of protection to American industries Now the stocks of these trusts are in a state of co lapse and the water has been squeeze out of them with remorseless energy what will the protectionists sayl The prostration of the boom in Wall street cannot be blamed on the democrats neither Mr Bryan nor Mr Cleveland can be holdresponsible The blight ing influence of free trade has had no part or lot in the matter and ye the marvelous prosperity of these trust corporations railroad and in dustrial have received a check which is but the index finger pointing to th prostration of general business the will follow in Its wake The abnor orally high prices that now prevail of all the necessities of life must result In reduced consumption and vena protected trust cannot pay big dividends unless the public will pay high prices for Its productions Wall street generally discounts In advance the falling off In demand for products or the reduction in earnings of railroads and these bear raids are Wiimore Hotel W 31 WILXOKR GradyvfUe i f I rroj > KenluO y tIllthan 1table f WISEMAN aftI JKWrLEIW teetbright DUCKS M Popellushas glvoa Born > < 1 Z Ancient Silver Pennies Not long ago 6776 English silver thePhiladelphia a g Gould like all the other players wore The crown stepped in and seized the find but it rewarded tho finders an a few rare coins in the collectiowere sent to the British museum down at his trousers with w I smile all the coin collectors markets Thi ficiencies when he came to me It took courage to attempt the change of a voice like that but I told him that the effort was worthwhile I knew of course that his voice like all KKvrunrv BIG ship was one of those tjiat lay off tie boats were cincttng about bent on seeing all that cputfd bo seen Thee was a peung officer on hoard who must have sat down acci den aily on a resflnpainted bench or something of thatlain for his white t duck trousers wire very dirty He i that pays dividends of four percent though was not aware of it He sells around 23 there must bo som y moved among the ladies gallant p so 34n plauslbereason protectiondoes F nally some one on one of the little boats below in ai stentorian Irish voice shouted for d ashwm partthat Indianapolis Peoria and al points in Indiana sod Michigan Uinquibd Dining Car Service Modern Equiprnmit Fast Sched ¬ alee Write for Summer Tourist public was acontralto when she went to her teacher He realized the mis- ¬ take that had been made in placing her voice and all that had be doneandmadeherasopranoWell bookWARREN squeaky voices have had their voices badly placed nature When that fault is corrected they will talk as they shouldI begin with singingexercises whether my clients have singing voices or not I work them just as I would if they were preparing to sing liTho caso of the elocutionist was almost the worst that over had ut within a year he came around right It is not merely that the voice becomes lower fuller and more SJ connI i5 eableto buy our own goods Figures for Freemasons it 1 v 1 J x > t < 2 while at General AgentLouisville Ky TRY 2 + NNNN + + + 14 + FULL BOAST WINE BODY and DELICIOUS bLrY VOlt Each 1pound carton contains a sil- ¬ Tin tHbespoon after the reputa 110001 OLD PORT JAVA Is estab lished Ask your grocer ver steel tablespoon will be discontinued JG HILLeR WPORTER AND ROASTER Louisville Ky NEW BUGGIES capacity We sell the Fisher and PooenM We also have a nice line Buggies of Buckboards If you are going to buy a vehicle thin year it will pay you to see us and get prices before you bu- pleasureIn water sheis uspe lcd wit1l out the least hindrance to the motion her body she can move her arms or legs in any direction and bend the trunk freely The different inoWi ods of swimming all of which she will learn in time bring into ue all the muscles of the legs and arm A swimmer soon learns deep yBEARD < JACKMAN COLUMBIA KY M7TDSTOICIB L Not The ordinary howitzer or siege 2i 3 I have an Excellent at DULWOBTH Kr JA r 1 r t- W VEAla This wonderful medicine N CoughsColds CoughEvery 50ol Cure No Pay Price Trial bottle free HOTEL BOBB1TT KY I LEBANON J U BOBB1TT SON Proprietors Raiirnad Street Within Fifty of the Depot t tI 0 X u wly and neatly furnished clal accommodations rimiMtia tutro Rates reasonable Tr iiinr artists t adjoining counties r < i + ollullysuhcited o L N S ti t t t< i Ie I It posi ¬ monia Hay Fever Pleurisy La Grippe Hoarseness Sore Throat WutedI 1Yards ii7 r DULWO RTH THOUSANDS SAVED BY DR orimIporting 2ii MAD wblonlias bcqn tried in about oaeiuindreAcases tit hydrophobia and BnaKo bites with good results J can cite you to many of the cases Write orcall on me STONK of acquires the long sweeping graceful stroke of legs and arms which cemes to the proficient swimmer by prac tice his ever watched time actions of a professional swimmer and noted the long sweep of his limbs the re ¬ covery of the arms for the new stroke and the wide powerful swing of the legs without a desire to acquire a little skill and power combined with a like grace of motion The Howitzer i J TA OHIO a OLDPORTi straightens time frame throwing time chest forward and the shoulders back The woman who swims gains all this and in the gaining has much gun weighs 2500 pounds anoHas six 5 when full feet ten incho long A large estate has been letr Coa Curtis Jett wilt bvtrifl fonhopt Judge IiJB7HallQfDI it tfr county dojped drat grcssman QibsoQi pi Tennby a Mroio in j der of Jim Jockrell7 Thetas A Ill vtho befrteBctod him labpybood called September work on his falnu tv t GATES I ntCeDUty W Dr William H Jett a > romln physician of Munfordville diedsudden ly last week > Asst QF CINCINNATI 2 asWho There are at least 1750000 free masons in the world of whom 160 OOO belong to 3430 British lo gei shoudcertahlberefOrned > Comparison While a womancnn asps rule on throw a cricket ball 45 per celirtfar as a man she can Jump 62 per cent as far as a man canleap American near LYNCH W P DEPPE wN NNe NN1 NNNOo thev in Ocean The entire plant of J Oen1PssTicketAgt ethe world is somo 1778 Madeira taco ercd from a wreck in the Scheldat in 1814 It was sold at 114 a bottle mucblGtdieass glassesiamelQda exasperating tp those who use steel twist prortuVjj that the foreigner ROUTE placedPlacing without the extra effort required by use of the legs and arms The positions of the swimmer at 3first seem strange to a woman she ¬ disuse of cei tain usdes has degen ¬ e xeratedthem and when she enters the tended from England to France Ge r¬ water io swim she feels no inclina- ¬ tion to use muscles which she has not s used since early childhood the mus ¬ it for his own use he is liable tafine cles of her waist and abdomen What and imprisonment It used to be a she does try to do is to make the same hanging matter restricted motions that she is forced Expensive Wine to make ordinarily tho knees to gether and the little jerky strokes of The most expensive wine t eyesoretheyA of ld FOUR Snmmnr Tourist Line the most important thing about a ai > UST4 TNS LA KES singer and the voice that is not well FOKKT AND snORE placed will not last however fine it NEW Y0AND BOSTON may be by nature Some voices are naturally placed but ordinarily it is The Traveler Favorite the placing of the voice that is the 1 most important part of tho singing steachers task Chicago Pullman Sleeping Cars What a difference it makes in a Strictly Modern BaygtheNewYork a battleship last simmer Tho battle and Precious Stones 1 Special 3tronri n iriven to work and all ordfirs f LMc1c iniirliriH 132 W st Market between l r trod Yon Opoltr eta + tc Hall L MsvTTM1 dof meIreasond Thedayanye thatUtIqt distribution among the pJ I when pennies were silver were sol to tho publio at auction in London r realizing 500 for the national treas° ury This money was dug up by NEEDED A SWIM pGazette peoples roAcrossthe Roosevelt has captured a ne group of admirers by rowing ten mileto the sandy shores of Huntlhgton bay and sleeping outdoors all night under a blanket with his boys The ex act whereabouts of these admirers Is not indicated but they exist somewhere of course There must be people who like these antics slid Who wart to reflect a president who cuts upm Observer many hearts are revealed pennies which some man had hoard ed up for his own benefit in times fellow to squeal under the pinch II op i ICIANS- unit DMlrrj in Diamonds keepn afternoontpriga tlon mayjook like the sy thrust of enemy but the country should recall what happened to Platts preceding se JWCOFFEY t Deep Tones for AH Men Merely a Matter of a Little Training Men with squeaky voices need not despair of talking like their fellows If they continue to have such piping voices it is their own fault One of the bestknown elocution- ¬ said the pro- ¬ ists in this country fessor who did the trick for him to a New York Sun reporter used to have a thin treble voice that would have made success out of the question for him He was gifted with considerable talent in other ways and wanted to overcome his vocal de- ¬ notknowjnstist Whitdwhilee tutlon me yonr work do ofr ¬ othertimes The Tariff Protected Steel Trust is a Dad Way anti Stock Depreciated in this statement to frighten the trusts Is It not cleat that this new bureau will give the trusts two years more leewaytwo years m license to squeeze the people and exract money from their pockets two years at 1000000000 year And what then Publicity Thats all and more than all for It Is entirely optional with the president whether any of the facts gathered by the bureau are ever pub lashed or not But the facts when pub llshed are intended to serve only as a basis for conservative anti trust egls sting sometime in the dim and distant future President Roosevelt fighting the trusts He Is their best friend He as no other man living knows how to tackle them and at the same time make the multitude who sees his fierce face and vigorous gestures believe that he IB mauling the life out of them The trusts have great need of just such a man at this juncture to save them from the wrath of an outraged people It Is a part of their game that Wall street and the trusts are to be against Roose velt this year Next year when the campaign Is on it will be found that the G 0 Pls getting financial suoport from Its oldtime friendsthe trusts BY ¬ RON W HOLT ¬ elephant liea Givei oAldrichrontru ryi iiiyf ti 41T itthat zebra and although the latter was usually very affectionate toward th NOT MUCH PROTECTION I am ready to do Black Smith ing of any kind from horse shoe ng to the repairing of the finest YpbipJeB Jwill make a specialty POLITICAL DRIFT of shoeing horses with diseased A lot of Mr Hannas party friendhoofs and guarantee satisfaction who lave their handin echo his sent shop is located back of livijry menfsof Hands offAtlanta Constl 1 M Ca exactly what is due them toward oth- ¬ liE have found this all to be thecer ers when they do have convictions tain result of these exercises I haws What ought to be the general tone never known a case to fail of a man who has them Ought i Because a man is unfortunate not be one of belligerency ThatIenough to have his voice too high in all depends upon the situation Cer his head and to talk always up there tainlythereisno ono strict setof man insteadof down in his throat is no nora that belongs to amanwho holds reason why he should go through life his beliefs strongly But there is the talking so Ho can make his voice danger with us all that as soon as wo as deep as the next mans by taking ire really convinced of a new truth a little trouble we are a little inclined to suppose THE WOMAN WHO SWIMS that we are tho only ones who believe in the rest of mankind are Exertion in the Water Calls for Use reluctant or hostile to it just as wo of Every Muscle used to be ourselves so that our first Swimming will do more to develop announcement of our new principle perfect health in women than anrather assumes that nobody else be other form of exercise declares Mac lieves in it One man finds this hosfaddens Magazine It develops the tility almost immediately another whole body asymmetrically loosens assuming that everybody has some tho joints gives free action to the thing of the same principle in him berito gto reI I C S GRADY k 1 DENTIST I SPFXJIAL lif hr rather that people European bear Somotim the bear would get tired of the incessant boisterous play of the wolves in which e some branches leaving his companions to howl over his absencebelowSir Harry Johnston the discoverer of the Okapi in his recent work on e undertook the taming and domestica- ¬ tion of a number of wild animals of the secretary will be induced to defer making a change until the secondterm and the standpat Idea are able stand without being propped up Th people must be fooled to the top of time bent even if the figures of trade have tobe doctored in the effort to reach MERCHANTSt LoulHvilltt Kentucky Gold Filling work ap plying itself with unusual Industry and zeal to the game of politics Mr Roose velt having apparently conceived the idea that It is necessary to the removal of all obstacles to the gratifies tlon of his ambition to succeed himself A part of this game Is the cooking o reports from the bureau of statistics in the interest of the standpat pro gramme If the figures and the facts fall to justify this programme then the fig- ¬ ures and the facts are suppressed and the reports are confined to such show ings as are calculated to make it appea that the tariff is doing quite well thank yowl As to Secretary Cortelyous re department win really begin to show Its hand in the matter of trust Investiga tion cannot be certainly predicted but those who are in position to know say It will not be until after the next presl dentlal election As a matter of fact a good deal of time Is needed for the or ganlzatlon of the work and for layin out special lines of Investigation Al this will consume many months and Sec retary Cortelyou Is too tactful a man to weaken his strategic position by opening fire In a presidential campaign If thenwould be any danger of hurting his party thereby It will therefore be a good while before there are any definite results of the inquiries of the bureau of OTTER g COW- S VOICES BNowgatherstrength generallylikely itsetotheIr grnpWGlvesd meets X mile from Colombia on Disappointment i cause there wasnt strugglin and wrastlin enough in his sermons Veryoften the man who is himself quits disinclined to anything strenuous is very particular in his demand that other people should be strenu ous and all along the lines there is 3 popular notion that earnestness and moral effectiveness must he in someway mixed up with strain nnd dilli culty Have we not all seen the religionist who feels that religion is never really taking hold until it begins to hurt He comes to feel that he has not truly represented it unless he has made people uncomfortableby it and the very fact that they are uncomfortable under his influence often makes him feel that there is an unmistakable sign of the reality of his doctrine Theodore Parker was one of the men who were always strenuous and while ho never shrankfrom declaring a truth because it was disagreeable there was in his general habit just suspicion of feeling that the more disagreeable tIle truth was the more likely it was to be true Indeed he somotimesBssuredhispeople that the very fact of their not liking what he was saying was in itself good evi¬ dence that it was the truth This is very dangerous ground to stand upon says the Sunday School Times andnobody would have resented such a position when occupied by others more quickly than Theodore averatetwo byanything anybottom i One man cannot conceive that there is any earnestness afoot unless he sees strata and agonizing lie is in clincd to distrust calmness in moral matters and think it too glow This type is exemplified by the deacon who did not like his new minister be1 haveIt dayA11 Itooaevclt Do you see the bottom r l diiferrntpeoj treasurybureau propagandaAU desoriptionofthe YETINERY SURGEON r CURE FOR SQUEAKY ITruth tolde obviatee Wntt rlday night after full moon J E MtTBBKLL H P W W BBADSBAW Secretary t IndlKeatlble Secnrltlei Irldeuce Ailnilnldtratlonji Active noy but COLUMBIA CHAPTER NUMBER 263903 to Be Dlsajrseable in Telling to observe Not Necessary corporations were pat policy in The amendments the republican mind It prepared by the corporation attorneys has been asserted that there is no prE s PRESBYTERIAN and were Intended to make the act un ¬ ent necessity for any change in the constitutional The courts have not BaRttviuB STBXXT RCT Ypantor Semites second and fourth Sunday after four years of lost time fully d In each month Sandnytchool aLila m ern ytided the case It was the presidents after the election next year and it is Viabbalh Prjer meeting erory A odoea aS- voice that killed the LIttlefield antitrus5aIRbbill In the last congress and caused th passage of two sham antitrust bills the UKTKODI8TUof any official information that would Elkins antirebate bill and the depart ¬ tend to discredit CBKBVIIIB STBBBT RrT E M Mctcalfc ¬ ment of commerce bill with Us bureau of the circumstances the assertion pastor Services firth Sunday In ech month are such that tart corporations to give publicity to trusts was revision can walt says the Bingham SaadaVichool every Sabbath at 9 am Prayer The facts that are slowly coming to ton N Y meeting Tburiday night As for Leader In view of all this and restless till it returned light in regard to this new bureau should the following from the Springfield the swan it grew so nccus1 med t the open the eyes of the voters to the real Republican is pertinent and sig big animal that it had no fear when position of the president on the trus tniflcant Rov J P Scruggs OURBHBHDRO STRBBT question In discussing the It Is vets well known In newspaper of ¬ the manatee rose by its side to take pviuir Finland third Sunday Ineacb month Statistical Outlook in Washington the air and so the two got along fa S ladcyachuol every Sabbatt 9 a m Prays r correspondent of the New York Journal mnlng Tnendar night present chief In the most unblushing man ¬ muosly of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin said on July 27 of this new bureau OHBIBTIAiJC¬ PIjBEd W K Albill reau of a really thorough type and if AMPBBLLnVlLLB sayg that such attachments P tarot 6eiTlcrrSeccnd and Fourth Sundajs came Ty prepared articles and mailed to the B In each month Sncdayscbcol every about often in the big animal parks of bath at 930 am Praycr meeting Wednuda of Great Britain At one of them complaint in the near future when the the background unnoticed These govern night methods now contemplated are actually Leonardslee he saw a Sambur deer applied Pressure of the most strenuous LODGES and a Welsh pony that were great sort will undoubtedly be brought to bear chums At present ono of the pair of at the white house Just how soon the MASONIC hippopotami in the London zoo has PO and AMRego ¬ CoLUMnI LonoaNo96 commerce and labor and the report comes grown very fond of an ordinary black lar meeting In tbelr ball over bank on Fri Jaynlghton or before the full moon In each month W ACotrey WM It has for some time been evident < another private menagerie in Eng W D Jones Secretary LtBAPTIST I Cases of Attachments Formed in Large Zoos ¬ end thate kJDdaJ in each month Judge T C Dividual AttTVrnej Gordon itont Marshal G T Flowe- DAY AUGUST COURTESY AND CONVICTION j Among the strange features of life in a large zoo arc the unexpected andat tinier amusing friendships that spring up between animals of ale together dissimilar habits and natures Out at the National Zoo says London TitNils two llhcsus mon ¬ keys have formed a warm friendship for a large Belgian hare but this is not so surprising as some of the Pla- ¬ tonic loves that have been noted elsewhere Some years ago the bo- ¬ tanical gardens at Rio do Janeiro the capital of Brazil kept a large mans tee in a pondon the grounds It was an immense creature and in time became so tame that it would come to the waters edge andeat grass out of he hands of the visitors This levia formed an attachment for an European swan kept on tIle lake and followed it about as though the swan were its guardian so that wher = over the swan happened to be one had only to look in the clear water by its side to see the lazy manatee float- ¬ ing about and feeding on the water plants at the bottom Visitors soon found this out and by coaxing the swan to the edge of the lake they were always sure of the manatees fol Gameff tCr I Queer If President Roosevelt is reflected next year It will be simply and Eolrly because a majority of the voters sin cerely believe that he Is helping them to fight their battle with the trusts So odious have the hundreds of protected trusts become both in the eyes of ccn ¬ sumers and investors that no man who openly favors them can hope to be elect ¬ ed to any kind of public office It is not strange then that President Roosevelt is seeking to have the public believe that he Is an enemy of all bad trustsassum ¬ ing that there are some good ones But what did the president ever do Al- ¬ to really injure great corporations though he began political life as a stren ¬ uous free trader yet he recently pressure from the Protective Tari league Joined the standpatters and thus stands opposed to the most certain way of curbing the trusts and giving relief to thepeople by reducing the tariff du ¬ ties As governor of New York he calle in extra session of the legislature to pass amendments to the Ford bill t tax the franchises of the public servic- DIKIVTOKV + 4YEDNE ANIMAL FRIENDSHIPS nrefta DEPUTY POSTMASTER u mt Fe lIIIITCuTThr BY TRUSTS KENTUCKY I ek darcru HUKT OOOWTY CONTROLLED fLit OSTMAR AiAIROUNIY 0

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