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Image 7 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), June 4, 1959

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, Jnae 4, 1999 fl 3 ... V3 r.r..v7 u ;. "Iff A'. n v. - n ,m v.C''' vt vi I) . .v ft '.V7i'.lf-yr-.- r Jnn nn hu u .. ' I. mm t ; s m !; :w ft ..v-.- ' 8 LKJ 'SPARKLING FRESH CLEANING" JofesofifQUfl 10106 Toylorsuillo load rn n aracl SAVG God FoGoiroraGo (2C5p JVJLa 'JUNE 4? ,1111:5 f SUITS rr. CARC0AT& (r' rJ c,1,lD:iEs I ju::;;;-july- ? 1 22-2- 7, i'J Peats DRESSES Shirts or 1 , , I''.1 UDIES OR MEN'S tV 1 ii .1 Sweaters . PLAIN ' TP CLOTHES . I S3J COATS & M I )5-- :j for r I' 14 1' SAVE 10 on CASH AMD CARRY At OUR NEW PLANT ONE HOUR SERVICE AVAILABLE I. III i I I Jr 5w V TV1 ' ri T!! Ill III N-- tv rSCA' i IV Let us " put your furs where summer heat and moths can never harm them. They're safe in refrigerated storage vaults . . . insured against fire and theft. B0I5 We're proud of our new plant, one of the most modern and efficient of its kind in Kentucky. We want you to see it and to see what a really fine service we offer you. We're looking forward to your visit Saturday. - 'OQAGE SIIIHTS LAUIJDIRED HiAlLY UI!ITE Ccrn-bt- D Lcir.dry Service Store all your winter woolens! Ray Anderson Price includes $200 insurance protection per box Manager PER BOX Stored in refrigerated vaults Plus Reg. Cleaning Charge A S gDdugltv W too Ptop "tw won tow's mmim about nvs cmum" L FOR JEFFERS0NT0WH, BUECHEL, FERN CREEK, HIKES POINT AREAS 7.

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