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Image 4 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), June 4, 1959

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

Thursday, June 4, 1939' REPORTER, Okolona Woman Only 'Old Maids9 Club9 Dcaufy Salon Charter Member To Take A Husband curuc-c- u: i BEE DC POT LIQUOR CHAMPAGNE ON ICE ICE HOUSE o:(olona 7804 PRESTON GL CHARCOAL LIQUOHS FROM Sixty years ago, "The Old Maids' Club" was organized in the South End of Louisville by 12 young ladies. This organization has been meeting regularly sinoe that time at the homes of various members. Of the 12 charter members, six still survive. The six are Miss Emma Eggers, her sister, Miss Amelia Eggers, Miss Anna Schuman, Miss Lena Fries, Miss Minnie Drenzinger and Mrs. Standi-ifor- d Beeler of Okolona. Mrs. Beeler "crossed up" her companions by taking on the duties of a housewife about 21 years ago when she married her childhood sweet $8.50 SPEQAIS for Father flic Graduate & -- DAYS ONLY-Ju- ne 5, 6 0 & 3 BY JO STOCKING COLD WAVES OPEN SUNDAYS, 1 P.M. WO.S-eS- SO 'Weaker Moment' PICNIC SUPPLIES POPCORN r Action Termed Gardiner Lane Shopping Center (formerly Curl PARTY NEEDS if heart. A 'Weak Moment' She said that she was per mitted to remain in the club by the other members who apparently felt as though "I was the victim of one of my weaker moments." At the May meeting, held at the home of Miss Fries at 3904 Hill Road, members attended along with Mrs. Grace Fries, sister-in-laof Miss Fries. Mrs. Fries joined the club few years after it was formed as the result of an invitation extended by the single girls. She enjoyed the monthly get togethers and SHAVER l SALE PRICE Reg. 32.50 u 0 w Graduation SPECIAL REMINGTON REMINGTON QUIET- RITER. The only port- with I able Tab amazing Mir I aole that nets and (t I " dears tabulator stops 1 rght from keyboard. 'l Super strength frame construction. Carrying Case. REMINGTON teen-ager- s. II QUIET-RITE- R "e9 A 141.18 Vii r r - 1 Jefferson Reporter Photo REPORTER COLUMNIST Jo Stocking chats with Mrs. Standiford Beeler of Preston Highway, only charter mem ber of Old Maids' Club to marry. AUBREY Highview Bible School June 8 FEED ooa.lete election DAVCO 99 REG. COMPLETE SELECTION Cucchcl Coal Ci Food Co. Buechel Ave. 21, BehiBd-FaaelU'- s 145.17 TRAVEL-RITE- JU 4-02- R spent several days Other workers include: last week with their sister, nance chairman, Mr. fi- Gifts & Greetings for You through WELCOME WAGON ner. LEVEL RD. it & fif r r MI 1 Pete Mrs. Dave Youker, 4408 Mt. Sanders; personal contact Vernon Road. committee, Mrs. Betty Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders; equipment chairman, Mrs. Lorraine Schreiner; transSt. Paul's Plans portation, Bro. II. E. Schreiriday Fish Fries refreshner (WO ments, Mrs. Aline Burroughs; A fish fry will be held at advertising, Kenneth Briley; St. Paul's Episoopal Church picnio, Mrs. Aline Burroughs; every other Friday starting program, Mrs. Schreiner, Mrs. June 5, S to 7 p.m., spon- Wright and Mrs. Farmer; song sored by the Men's Club. leader, Miss Shirley Schrei- 23 ON INDIAN TRAIL BETWEEN PRESTON & POPLAR 8-- Major and Mrs. Armand C. and up, including adults. Riopelle, Strategic Air ComDirector is Mrs. Margaret mand, Omaha, Neb., and Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Riopelle Farmer; assistant direotor, and children of Elizabeth-tow- n, Mrs. Betty Wright. 6339 REG. $89.74 GL. Classes are for Universe! DIstribuSEng Co. -- Fertiliser WE HAVE A 1 8-- WRITE FOR FREE WHOLESALE CATALOGUE NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS 701 W. MARKET X.; 1:30 REMINGTON ' if ,f has maintained her membership throughout the years. All Were In Teens At the time of the con Vacation Bible School at ception of the club, all the Highview Church of Christ, G ass er Lane and Fegenbush members were Lane, will be held June from a.m. Visit The Youkers QUIET-RITE- R J"T 4 . REMINGTON Price S pipsfe. TEACHERS and Helpers -Mrs. Margaret Ferris, Geor-gett- a Burroughs; Mrs. Betty Johnson, Jeannie Gray and Donna Tamplin; Mrs. Thelraa Flora, Mrs. McNabb and Mrs. Tamplin, Mrs. Francis Cau-dil-l, Mrs. Alena Gray, Mrs. Edith Briley, Mrs. Pearl Stout, Mrs. .Elizabeth Sanders, Jessje Ferris, Mrs. Betty Wright, Mrs. Carolyn Peak, Mrs. Doris Parker, Mrs. Betty Kaufman, Mrs. Nancy Stout, Mrs. Ocilla LaWson, Bro? Vickery, Mrs. Grace Lane, Mrs. Darnell and Bro. Schreiner. from Your Friendly Business Neighbors and Civic and Social Welfare Leaders On the occasion of: Arrivals of Newcomers Phone JU. 96 or GL. 35 (N cost or oblif alien) where your money earns more at four ED. MILLS, DUILDZR EM Look at Thoso Features: 3 or 4 Bedrooms City sewers tile baths Paved streets and drives WE TRADE-A- LSO WILL BUILD ACCORDING TO YOUR PLANS SALES BY EVAI1S REAL ESTATE CO. EM 0-33- Garage and full basement Large landscaped lots ZY CURRENT with DIVIDEND ANNUAL SAFETY! 77 OSCAR WILSON, AGENT Bedford stone or brick House Available From $167750 Up Convenient adjoining and free customer parking 17 drive-i- n SERVICE AS an CI AT ION BEET ST KENT' 122 SVU-L-

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