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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 27, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN WHITES'BURG, LETCHER COUNTY, EAGLE KENTUCKY TIME MM it APRIL 27, 1967 THURSDAY, . We need used appliances. Our . PAGE . recen-ditioni- 6 ni department is practically empty. So we'll five yeu bonus lowances if you act now! al- - BUY NOW" Our sales drive is on! That means Differ values than ever. And with special trade-i- n allowances you get the lowest possible net price. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES! DURING OUR SPRING SALE IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR NEW FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCEWE'VE SURE TO FIND IONS ARE1 BIG-YO- U'RE CUT PRICES TO THE BONE TERMS ARE THE EASIEST EVER-SEL- ECT A PRICE YOU WANT TO PAY! JUST THE APPLIANCE YOU WANT-- AT RIGHT NOW! 1 Era A II 15? ICE EJECTOR KIT SSL FRIGIDAIRE GEMINI 244 POUND WITH PURCHASE OF THIS REFRIGERATOR FREEZER They're BIG BARGAINS from FRIGIDAIRE! Giant new Frigidaire :ufs shopping trips! zero zone and huge refrigerator section add up full 16.1 cu.ft.l to a Magnetic Door Seals locks cold In Refrigerator section defrosts itself automatically! Twin Hydraton keep fruits and vegetables criipl Big 11.Mei.fL.4cl(ntrvkitt! V or Feature-Packe- d fiiiililliliiM. 'I!, t" Space-Save- r! Big 631b. freezer chest. Big chill drawer for fresh I (f Siiiii!teiiiiii!iMiiiiiiiiBiii Hithtd, M ti j I meats, cold cuts. Hydrator for vegetables. Deep-shel- f storage door holds lots morel m & I IP FRIGIDAIRE 149-lb.ii- Full-widt- h Wk h HIS 169 95 with trade Thriftiest Full-Siz- e FRIGIDAIRE Range! On A complete Food tin left side Is zero zone vertical shell space, sliding a mammoth 244-l- freezer with load: size of even a flip basket Quick Storage Center less than a yard wide! oven holds Big even-hea- t holiday turkey. lots of Roomy 40 width cooking and work space. 2 storage drawers-a- nd features from top to easy-cleanin- g floorl 169 BAKER MAYTAG 95 and Imagine! AH this Space Age convenience can be yours for only.. Ice Ejector to end the bother of set-tiout ice. The right side is a spacious Space Age refrigerator1 section with Meat Tender, Hydrator, three adjust- shelves able both the and one sliding shelf. And freezer and refrigerator section are 100 you'll never def frost again! All this span and convenient In a Space Age cabinet only wide! 35" $ 498 00 WITH TRADE FURNITURE CO

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