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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 27, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Unlvenlty of Kentucky Serials Dep rtment Elizabeth Hanson UK Library Lexington, Ky. 40506 H MOUNTAIN EAGLE - IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, April 27, 1967 Vol. 59, No. 50 New School board hires teachers for 1967-6- 8 The Letcher County Board of Education has announced appointment of the following certified school teachers for the 1967-6- 8 year: Bobby M. Adams, Carol Jean Adams, Letha B". Adams - ESEA, Marry Ann Adams, Mildred S. Adams, Pauline B. Adams, Richard W. Adams, Ruby C. Adams, S. Arthur Adams, Sarah A. Adams, Tkuman Adams - ESEA, Cora Addington, Peggy Adkins -ESEA, Goldie Aldrlge, Frances C. Amburgey, Manuel Ambur-ge- y, Preston M. Armstrong, Jimmle A. Arthur, Loretta Arthur, Alice Asher, Benton Back. Beulah M.Back, Hazel Ann Back, Nola Back - ESEA, Sandra Ann Back, Virgie H. Back -E "EA, Willie J. Back, William D. Back, Cordell Baker, Anne L. Banks, Billy K. Banks, Carl B. Banks, Edrie Banks, Hattie Ba'nks, Jackson D. Banks, R. Edgar Banks, Ruby W. Banks, William Banks. Muriel Barger - ESEA, D. B. Barker, Inez Barker, John E. Bastolla, Barbara H. Bates, Creeda C. Bates, Danny Bates, Eunice Bates, Gardner Bates Jr. , Peggy Bates, Helen B. Bentley -ESEA, Sue C. Blair, Vera E. Blair, Carl Boggs, Elsie B. Boggs, Ida L. Boggs. Lena S. Boggs, Lowell Boggs, Ray Boggs, William Boggs, Vessie J. Bowen - ESEA, Faith A. Bowling, Gaylen Sue Bowling, Wayne Bwoling, Merlin ' Bradley, Lelah John Branson? Begie L. Breeding, Bradley R. Breeding, Joye R. Breeding, Shirley F. Breeding, Billy R. Brown, Carol F. Brown, Lov-et- te F. Brown, Phillip Brown, Jack M. Burkich, Ruby Burk-ichi Joy F. Cassldy, Beckham Caudill, Freda C. Caudlll, General Caudill, George H. Caudlll, Herman Caudill, Monroe Caudill, Ruby M. Caudill, Sadie Caudill -- ESEA, Venson Caudlll, Virginia W. Caudill, Cleve Collier, Anna E. Collins - ESEA, Betty J. Collins - ESEA. Cleve Collins, Corsie Colllngs, Edwin D. Collins, Hiram B. Collins. Jimmie N. Collins - ESEA, Louise V. Colllngs, Rober t Collins, Wanda Collins, Warren G. Combs, Charles Cook, Ritter M. Cook, Jerry W. Coots, Ted R. Corder - ESEA, Elwood Cor-neGlenna S. Cornett, Harold Cornett, Hetty B. Cornett, Madeline H. Cornett, Maxie Sk Cornett, Reva B. Cornett. Sylvia S. Cornett, Verna Cornett, Dallas June Craft, Dave L. Craft, Glenna P. Craft, Hazel W. Craft, Dorsey Crase, Tilden Crase, Kay Daniel, Bonnie B. Day, Frances Da y, Juan-it- a S. Day - ESEA, Bernlce M. Dixon, Louisa L. Dixon, Frances Dobbs, Jim Dollarhide, Carol Adams Duke, Joe Duke. Charles Dunaway - ESEA, Ruth B. Dyer, James G. Estep, Edward Ray Evanoff, Ivagene Everidge - ESEA, Ernestine Fields, Patsy A. Fields - ESEA, Sabine Frances, Delores G. Fra-ziHenry G. Frazier, Ira L. Frazier, Ritter K. Flugate, Sally Fugate - ESEA, Christine Gatton, Robert Gatton, Alvln L. Gibson, Delia C. Gibson, Bessie Greer, Margaret Griffith -ESEA, Billle Faye Grlgsby, Charles Grlgsby. Flossie Grlgs by, Bobble Sue Halcomb. Truman Halcomb, Rita Kath-erlHale, Grace D. Hall -ESEA, Jack R. Hall, Majie Hall, Margery B. Hall, Michael D. Hall, Jack E. Hammock, Mal- tt, for poor aim low-inco- Hol-broo- is Ann Horn. U. G. Horn, AudreyB. Hubbs, Sonnia Hunsucker, Harding Ison, Annette Isaacs, Can M. Isaacs, Raymond Isaacs, Barbara Ison, Larry C. Ison, Stella Mae Ison. Golda Johnson, Lillian M. Jones, Eunice S. Kendrick, Clinton Klncer, David J. Kln-ce- r, Effie B. Kincer, Reba Klncer, Belvia C. Klnser, Donald Kuracka, Lorraine Kuracka, Sally C. Land. Bobby D. Lewis, Georgia Lewis, Hazel Lewis, Mary Emma Lewis, Larry L.Lucas, Henrietta McCleese. C. Bascomb Mclntyre, Hester Mclntyre, Lois Mclntyre, Martha J. Mclntyre, Gurnle Maggard, Iva Maggard, June Maggard -ESEA, Vernon Maggard. Astor Martin, Lenora Martin, Hester May - ESEA, Hettie C. Mayes - ESEA, Marjorie Mills, Edwin L. Moore, Rachel Ann Moore. Leonard Morgan, Sue Morrow, Norma Nelson, Mable C. Nichols, Faye Parsons, Dan Polly, Fonda Polly - ESEA, Geneva Polly, Mary Rebecca Polly, Bonnie B. Pratt, John H. Preston, Ella V. Preston - ESEA, Madonna Quillen, MaryR, Reasor, RoyT. Reasor, Dannuj. Richardson, William H. Richardson, Selma Riley, Norma J. Roark. Alice Roberts, Ralph Roberts, Doyle Roe, Jr., Randolph Scott, Rebecca Scott, Thelma Sergent, Columbus Sexton - ESEA, Shirley B. Sexton, Alan W. Siegel, Carla Adams Slone, Sherrill Slone, Dorcas Smith, Irene B. Smith, Janice M. Smith, Major H. Sparks, Charles D. Stallard, Cleo Stamper, Avis Stewart -ESEA, Critty Stewart. Hattie Stewart, J. Mose Stewart, Paul Stewart, Myrtle F. Stallard, Roxle Sumpter - ESEA, Virgie B. Sumpter, D. C. Taylor, Patria Y. Taylor - ESEA, Phyllis A. Taylor - ESEA, Delano Thomas - ESEA, Irene C. Thomas, Raymond Thomas, Susan B. Thomas, Walter B. Thomas, Jr. , Darlene Vance, r, Harold Vance, Bettie Sue Georgia A. Vanover -ESEA, Ann Vermillion, Virginia Vermillion, Billy Ray Waddell, Reva H. Walker, Glenna Wamp-le- r, R. Jeanette Wampler, Bernard Watts - ESEA. Mae M. Watts, Jo Ella Watts, Ruben Watts - ESEA, Shelby Gene Watts, Burtis Webb, Doris C. Webb, Gladys K. Webb, William C. Webb', Lillian F. Webb, Billy H. Whitaker, Dorla B. Whltaker, Llllle Mae Whltaker, Phyllis Whltaker, Shirley J. Whltaker. Jonella Williams, Mae D. Williams, Margaret Wojclechow-sk- l, Danola C. Wright - ESEA, Donald Wright, Elinda Ann Wright, Jessie Wright, Leona C. Wright, Nancy Louise Wright. Van-ove- er, ne A proposal for a project t o show new methods of designing and constructing housing for families was to be discussed tonight by the Leslie, Knott, Letch- da Hammonds, Barbara Helton, k, Faith S. Henslcy, Fann L. John E. Holbrook, Ran-so- n T. Holbrook, Cortls E. Honeycutt, Betty C. Horn, Dor- Bill Lewis, 60 UK housing students to get certificates Some 60 students are expected to receive degrees and certificates at the second annual Southeast Community College Commencement which will be held Sunday, May 7, at 2:30 p.m. Harry M. Caudlll, Whitesburg attorney and author, will give the Commencement address. -- Mr. and Mrs. Herman I urcheti of,-de- n celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary April 21. They have lived In Jenkins for many years. They have six children, Wlllard Burchett of Portland, Conn. ; Mrs. Elizabeth Nash of Grayson; Edwin Burchett of Cincinnati ; Jimmy Ann Farley of Jenkins, and Donna and Nancye Burchett of Cincinnati. MARRIED 50 YEARS JENKINS ATH LETIC BANQUET SET MAY 6 er, Perry Community Action Council. If the .council approves the proposal, it will be submitted to the Office of Economic Opportunity In Washington with a request for a $75, 000 grant to put it into operation. If approved, it would be the second rural housing demonstration project in the country. The first seven months of the project' would be designed to establish feasible possibilities for economic development in the four- - county area served by the LKLP council, to analyze the housing market for and to construct two houses specially designed to show how new materials can reduce housing costs and which construction techniques are partltularly suitable to the mountains. In addition, the staff employed to run the project will attempt to make use of a variety of resources available through other governmental and private agencies which may help In the development of better housing for Eastern Kentucky residents. A housing corporation, run by a daoard containing a majority of low- - income persons, will be formed to build housing with money which ray be come low-Inco- The Athletic Banquet at Letcher High School this year has been scheduled for May 6, 1967, in the sqhool cafeteria. The speaker at the banquet is John U. Pike, director of the Athletic and Recreation Department at the Kentucky State Reformatory, La Grange, Kentucky. He attended Harlan High School, Harlan, Ky. , where he lettered in football, basketball, baseball, track, and boxing. He Church dedication planned Sunday Dedication services for the Elizabeth Regular Baptist Church at Millstone will be held the first" Saturday and Sunday in May-Ma- y 6 and 7. Dinner will be served on the grounds. Students to appear Three students from Mrs. Carla room at Jean Slone's third-graColson Consolidated School have been named to represent their Kiddie Kol-leclass on WCYB-TV- 's program May 3. They are Barbara Sturglll, Stephen Sanders, and Jerry Richardde ge son. The students will be working toward the realization of a $340 balance to an original $540 goal to provide chairs for the school's library. Carnivals and pie suppers have helped finance the current total. Future plans also call for a pot luck supper, proceeds of which will be slanted toward library equipment and furniture. This Challenging twam will compete against the previous week s winners for a chance at the top prize of $25 and an invitation to a repeat performance. e, Ed Spiegel hosts Kiddie which originates from the ' channel' 5 studios, Bristol, each Wednesday evening at seven o'clock, live and In color. Kol-leg- was also captain of his high school football team. He attended Davis Elklns College In Elklns, W. Va., where he was captain of his college football team and re ceived an honorable mention by the Associated Press as an football plaver in 1933. Enoch Holbrook dies Enoch A. Holbrook died Tuesday, April 25, at Appa lachlan Regional Hospital, Harlan county, where' he had been a patient for two weeks. He was the son of the late R.H. and Eliza Adams Holbrook, and was born October 12, 1914. ' Surviving him is his wife, Georgia Adams, and the following children: Mrs. Willie Evelyn Dabls, and Mrs. Emma Potter, both of Dayton, Ohio; Mrs. Nan Lou Huff, Middleton, Ohio; and Miss Charlett e Holbrook, at home. Also surviving are four grandchildren and the following brothers and sisters: S.E. Cole, Mrs. Willie Jean Sexton, and Jess Jooker Holbrook, all of Sergent, Kentucky; John D. Holbrook, Detroit, Michigan; Mrs. Sallie Ann Day, Thornton, Ky. , and Mrs. Eva Potter, Covington, Ky. He was a member of the Methodist Church of Sergent, and a past master of the Whitesburg Lodge No. 754. Funeral Services were held at the Methodist Church, Sergent, Friday, April 28. Ministers were the Reverends John E. Holbrook, Jake King, andH.M. Wiley. Pall bearers were the members of ; the Whitesburg l Lodge F. and A.M. No. took place In the family plot of the Holbrook Cemetary, Holbrook Town, Ky. Moore and Craft Funeral Home had charge of f iineral arrangements. 754.-Burla- later. The demonstration project will try to show: 1. That housing can meet the needs and desires of the families who live In It and at the same time follow economic development trends for the area. 2. That construction of nw housing for a large number of Eastern Kentucky families can mean jobs for Eastern Kentuck-ian- s rather than importation of outside labor forces and outside firms. 3. That the housing corporation can develop new skills and capital which in turn can result in a substantial new housing Industry in the area to build adequate homes for people of all Income levels. The LKLP Council also was to discuss the application to go in to Washington next month for another year of operation of the LKLP Council Itself. This application asks for a federal grant of $344, 657 to finance another year of such projects as the Millstone Sewing Center, a general education pro- ject for Neighbor- hood Youth Corps members, a guidance, referral and social work program In Letcher County and the administrative staff of the LKLP Council. Vocational loans to become available Frankfort Kentucky students in vocational education will be able to apply for loans under the state's guaranteed student loati program about May 1. Billy F. Hunt, secretary of Kentucky higher Education Assistance Athority, suggest that students reach agreements with their local banks for loans now to save time when the program goes into effect. He said vocational education students should have fewer difficulties obtaining a loan than college "udents have had loans generally wiu ..ialler and for shorter periods. The process will be the same as for the college students, Hunt said. The student first applies at his schoil for certification and then ncgio-tlat- es a loan directly with a local bank. Repayment for a loan Is guaranteed by a stu- dent fund. Vocational education students will able to borrow up to $1,500 a jearbut will be limited to $3,000 for a two-yeperiod. They must start repaying the loan and three of the Interest 10 months after leaving school. ar The U.S. Department of Education pays the six per cent Interest charges while the student Is in school and three percent during the repayment period. About one-ha- lf million dollars will be available for loans to vocational education Hunt said. He estimated the average loan will be $500 . Financial assistance officers at the vocational schools will be briefed on the program April 20 and they should have application forms by May l.Hunt said. ts,

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