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Page 802 of History of the First Kentucky brigade.

802 HISTORY OF THE A. J. CHENAULT, Hardin Couuty, Ky., died of disease, April 4, 1862. DONOHUE, Barren County, Ky., fought at Shiloh. Was discharged on account of disability by disease, July 15, 180'2. ROBERT DARST, Grayson County, Ky., was generally disabled by ill health for duty in the ranks, and was employed as teamster. LL. DFJXCAN, Louisville, Ky., was appointed sergeant, Febru-. ary 10, 1862. Fought at Baton Rouge, and was wounded there. Was assigned to duty in the ordnance department, Army of Northern Virginia, in 1863, with the rank of first lieutenant, and remained there during the war. WB. DAVIS, Ky., transferred to commissary department, Sep-. tember 1, 1862. GEORGE S. ESSEX, Louisville, Ky., was detailed for duty at General Breckinridge's head-quarters early in the war, aud was with-him on the field at Shiloh; fought at Murfreesboro' aud Jackson; was transferred to Company G, June 1, 1863; was generally employed as clerk at the head-quarters of different field and general officers until the opening of the campaign of 1864, when he rejoined the company, and fought at Rocky Face Gap, Resaca, and Dallas ; fl-om Dallas to Atlanta; at Peachtree Creek and Intrenchment Creek; after which he joined Morgan's cavalry, and served with it until February, 1865. He was then sent into Kentucky with recruitiug orders, and while engaged in that duty was captured and imprisoned, but was released about the close of the war. JJ. EDELIN, Grayson Couuty, Ky., fought in nearly all the . engagements of his command, but was some time on detail service, having been disabled by wound. FRANK EVANS, Louisville, Ky., was discharged on account 'of disability by disease, December 1, 1861. JORDAN FLOOR, Jefferson County, Ky., was transferred to the Buckner Guards, November 1, 1861. FRANK FUNK, Louisville,. Ky., was transferred to the Buckner Guards, November 1, 1861. ' EDWIN J. FREEMAN, Elizabethtown, Ky. When Company B was first organized, he was elected a lieutenant, but upon another organization, he was displaced, and served as second sergeant of the company until the autumn of 1863, when the War Department adjudged that he had never lost his original rank, and that he should

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