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Page 663 of History of the First Kentucky brigade.

FIRST KENTUCKY BRIGADE. 663 JAMES WILSON, Henderson, Ky, was elected first lieutenant, September 9, 1861; fought at Donelson ; was captured there, aud imprisoned at Camp Chase. After having remained there three weeks, he escaped, and reported to General Breckinridge at Burnsville, when he was immediately assigned to duty ou the General's staff, as orl-nauce officer and chief of artillery, with the rank of captain ; was afterward promoted to major, and served with General Breckinridge as A. A. General of Division ; fought at Eariuingtou, at Vicksburg, at Baton ltouge, at Murfreesboro', at Jackson, at Chickamauga, and at Mission llidge. After the battle of Chickamauga, he was commended for gallantry, and promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He was captured at Mission llidge, November 25, 1863, aud detained in prison till the close of the war. JNO. S. CHAPMAN, Union County, Ky, was elected second lieutenant, September 9,1861. Fought at Donelson, where he was captured. He was carried to Camp Chase and imprisoned there, but made his escape, and reported to General Breckinridge at Corinth, who assigned him to duty as ordnance officer of Preston's brigade, in which capacity he served a few days, and then resigued. He weut to Kentucky, and recruited a compauy of cavalry, which was attached to Johnson's regiment (Tenth Cavalry), and of which he was made captain. With this regiment (iu Morgan's command) he fought at Uniontown, Ky.; at Milton, Snow Hill, and Liberty, Tenn. ; at Corrydon, Ind.; and was captured at Cheshire, Ohio. After having been imprisoned in the Ohio Penitentiary, aud at Fort Delaware, until the spriug of 1865, he was sout to Richmond, aud paroled. TIT G. OWEN, Washington, D. C, was elected second lieu-M . tenant, September 9,1861. Fought at Donelson, and resigned in 1862. Was subsequently major of the Tenth Kentucky Cavalry. THOMAS H. WINSTEAD, Henderson, Ky, was elected second lieutenant of Company K, September 9, 1861, and fought with that company at Shiloh, Vicksburg, aud Baton Rouge. In December, 1862, Captain Ingram having resigned, Lieutenaut Winstead was assigned to the temporary command of Company B. The men had knowu him before, however, and he was so popular with them, that after the battle of Murfreesboro', in which he commanded them, they elected him captain, and he led the company in every subsequent engagement to Dallas, when he was very badly wounded, aud some months disabled. He had also been slightly wounded at Resaca. After having recovered, he was assigued to duty in the autumn of 1864, with Provost Marshal General Cofer, aud acted iuthat capacity during the remainder of the war.

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