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Image 8 of The Reporter, April 14, 1906

Part of The Reporter

THE'REPORTER, MT. STERLING, KY., Saturday, Apr i .."'J ' V ' .' ! RLV. J. M. MITCHELL. the Mitchell R KV J..M.the C. n istor of E C:i;;rv. It has a congregation of a ahout 50 and a 1111 mhership of )oo JJro. .lil::ic has pastured some-o- l LSl churches in the c.n the eetioti lie is one of the leading piir.iters of lpsehnreh. As a fin.m-eienivl pastor he has no superiors All of his serin :is aie well prepar- excellently lellihl- and inher f the Geiier-mis a . !1 a of the Chinch and hasheen ! i - 1 ! . 111 1 111 iv ; truly of him th it he is a progressive .. ii Though this is ,i isiim uii'iMer. in Mt. Sterling, he nan .: his acquaint ,11 ut Ids , i' e 'r .1 v s. 1 h-- ( i ances. His i dials are high an as a christian gentleman. The C. M. E. Church. -- Exterior View. eno-lilin- tr HIS CLAIM Ey ANNIE B. HOUSEMAN tLupi ul. lylK. ly J"eelJ Bowled.) It was a rough road in llie Blue Ridge rane. away up in that part of North Carolina where there is little ci liiatio-than is tound in 111.. re of any typical mountain (ountry; but the. l'a.t was scarcely noticed by the man' whose jog trotting little Jenney mean-- ! fc dertd stolidly along. They were a peculiarly To a pair this man and beast. close observer they Viae cadi other Most likely it was a a resemblance. similarity in their dispositions, though hasten to absolve Hall Jenkins from the little creature's inherited for while lie was humble and p. .jent and stolid and stupid, he was pocSi sseJ of no very nuu ked w ill power; r.nd we all understand tully the in ar.iug of "stub'boin as a rnule." It was prow i tie, warm, and Jenney lud come v. a; getting tired, as they t( , : ! i!! well-mate- - ' u j; ' t -- r ., ;'. 1 !: liarac-tunsti- r . V r: ..,. : . .: S " v :t ".; - . - - i .. . ! s- : :: i : V miles from Lowell, and it was noon, and. tlvmgh she r.o.v long past could boast that her speed had been on this ivily road. Jenney was i little Uiiuking ol a ' stream that they .should be Hearing, ' 81 and. if her steps were slower, they ; were quite decided, while her ears Hew :" 'l ' ' . forward and backward nioi'e rapidly. this. He 'iro rider did not perceive was thinking of the rude little hut M. E. that was his home, and the pretty wife who awaited him, and the child. Miss Alexander Bowen, Supt., How pleased .she would be with the candy real red striped sticks and the bright little dress he had bought each other an' you've a nun to take world over. He remembered so vividly the r her! em an' treat 'em While -- all right. I5ut old man had coughed, and, easThe day he met Liza and the child at t: 'lows to see em well in the chair, spat long as I live ing himself around ti. I A) well fair. quite far off the little portico; then treated." j he little one was trotting along cros.ted and recrossed his legs several Hall expressed the proper gratitude and prattling so cunningly that he times, and drawled out: anu went back to Liza. Soon he took which .gave her some candy, after so but ye her to his little home and provided I reckon Waa l, rhe l;ecame so friendly that she in- know Liza do be fond o' the chile. I her with all the rude comforts possisted upon him being her escort to guess ye be 'lowin' to take 'em both?-- ' sible, and right happy she seemed to Of course see the pigs and horses. Hall smiled now to remember that be, and the child was a constant joy. he war delighted at the opportunity True, she was not his own, but she. he grew almost angry at this, and reof meeting Liza and her parents, and was Liza's, and ?o was his. and in plied that he would not dream of sepsoon they were all good friends. arating them, even if Liza should be his weekly visits to town he never After this Jenney often made the willing. forgot to bring a gift with which to explains her trip to Lowell, which fact "Waa l, ye see. I 'low'd as how ye'd win from her a delighted ry and a Thoi knowledge of the road; and know that we uns don't know hearty hug. one e.:y. Mall never knew how it hap- - better be an' fur as Jenney was very near her goal now, promised to be his wile. who ihe chile's father in Lia our love fur Liza goes, don't give a and at the sieht of its shining sur i,l he weal in search of the old man we loves 'em both, an' is glad face, jogged up a few steps and waded ask L s consent, for this kind of duru; on 'em. but et you an' her Is sot oiu la with evident delight. She went is conducted about the same v. av ti fen I. - ,,l '" 1 1 ya-as- ' i ': ' Sunday School Officers and Teachers C. 1 ' . . - .. '" " 4 !". 1 - . ' J ; - J J Interior View of Church Wellsle Davis, Seb'y. ber knesn, and itretched br short iieck out to drink M sh Went little deeper, while Hall pull! bis feet tip on her back. Truly, this was a cool, pl&at place, and between drinks Jenney tfoi admiringly a shady spot besicl tfce road under some large trees. Vorily, TT)! this was a good place to rest, would not care to stay here loa: 6 knew of a much more promising further on, where tbwe would be loving hands to welooiSfl, rind a nice dinner to refresh the Inner man. Poor Jenney! her reMonlot could not reach so far; she had found' a nice, cool place, that just suited nr, ami when Hall finally urged ber to mov3 on, she stepped a little further in and planted her fore feet decidedly. In up to bt i

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