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Image 6 of The Reporter, April 14, 1906

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TIIE'REPCRTER, MT. STERLING, KY., Saturday. April 14 1905. "Where ye from?" questioned IP: J w Pt ki hucK-htiis- "Just down from Dawson and boi nd new strike at Faro mouinaiQ." "That's where we're goin'," said "We're from St. Michaels." Thomas. Matka entered at this moment from his care of the dogs, and with tarnished face staled curiously at the vanishing or the food. Captain cleared his throat uneasily. "We had an accident down the ,'oast," he began; "Matka upset try id sled in an ice crevice and lost all the ut fit. we saved a little ' tlour and some seal oil that I brought ilong for dog feed. We've traveled uu miles on that diet, and if it isn't asking too much, gentlemen, I'd like to buy enough of your grub to last me md my boy here to Faro mountain, i'm simply famishing for something to ti4 m at." ain't got any more grub than "We ive want," said Thomas. "we've "Yes." echoed Buckhurst, m liauled this grub clear from St. Michaels, and we want what there is jf it ourselves." The hungry newcomer smiled a 'rank, ingenuous smile, while his voice tit rook on a gentle tone. MS "Gentlemen, you don't seem to realize what it is to hit the trail on an I haven't eaten for M'i ?mpty stomach. 'wo dn"v and this cold bites hard. You can get more Name yoi.i' price. rnb at Faro, and " "No! I don't know what It is to go and don't intend to learn, bungry, either!" roughly interjected Buckhurst, apparent ;mboldt led by the other's m timidity. I ax Then he paused abruptly. had leaped A big black o the stranger's hand and lay a: - i ro Everything In:-- - - Gas Goods, -- TP h Lighting, MS Li Heating, Li ii and Li Cooking. rr H r SATISFACTION GUARANTEED care-'essl- y thPrein. PJ i'3 n? quick-tem-jere- d r? Li Li n? m pave me. I've been planning we Q laKa . laugh!" Look up." says but he didn't laugh. He pulled me down onto his knee, and hid his old lace with the gray beanl on my shoul-c!h- i. There ain't any clothes in the world could have evened up to that "a With a sharp gasp of incredulity Thomas instinctively shoved his hands till his heels left the floor. 23 Buckhurst. pipe in hand, with gaping jaws, rose stiffly, back to the wall. d "Fortunately I am not a Kit man," purred he of the dulcet ones, "or I'd injure you curs! Don't try any quick movements. This gun :ias the easiest trigger I ever saw, and was born with the gift of marksmanship. ' Face the wall, both of you," commanded the stranger. "Hands up! Now. Matka, divide that grub. Half v ind balf, you savvy? Two piles, all same." With an alacrity born of hunger the uirte obeyed. "Matka. tell the squaws to hitch up he strangers' dois; they're going to leave in a few minutes," "Now get into your clothes." commanded Captain. "It's your turn now." growled BuckAs Buckhurst prepared the welcome hurst. "but if I don't get ye some day, meal within, willing hands brought I hoi:e I rot! " wooden bowls of water from the disThe sled shot down the bank to thp tant hole, while old women, weak wilh hunger, mutely laid offerings of dried dim trail which wound like a thread ahlps, grass and driftwood for the tire. along the gleaming coast, and without Weeks before hunger had stilled the a look behind at the row of curious childish laughter of the village, and laces they plunged into the silent cold. teething babes sucked at rawhide "1 say again, we must maintain law thongs, while the elders gnawed on bits of bone and salmon fius which and order." The governor paused and gazed" at promised nourishment. Thomas, knife in hand, sliced thin the bearded population of Faro Mounstrips of bacon for the pan, while Chief tain, which had assembled at the Joe eagerly gathered the moldy rinds Northern saloon. He continued: "These strangers have beeu robbed and apportioned them among the mothers, who muttered to the skin-cla- of that which is more precious in this desolate country than gold their food. Infants In their arms "Long ago we formed regulations Soon a fragrant steam of cooking food, of boiling coffee and frying meat. governing ihis camp, which read, imfilled the low room. Children cried mediately following the section refersoftly, while the squaws stirred un ring to the return of stray dogs, as follows: 'Any person or persous coneasily and moistened their lips. Unmindful of the hungry sounds, victed of stealing grub or provisions Buckhurst and Thomas voraciously fell of any kind shall be publicly whipped to and noisily cleaned up dish after at the post in front of the A. C. company's store, and forced to leave camp dish. The low door swung back to admit 12 hours thereafter.' "Therefore, as it is your pleasure i stooping figure, which straightened to carry out the letter of our law, up showing the tall form and cleanaa chairman of this meeting, I will 'apshaven features of a while man. point Mr. Barton. Kid' Sullivan "How are you. gentlemen? I judged and rom your sled outside that there were Brocky Dick to execute the sentence upon the accused, if he should grangers stopping here. have the "All right, Matka!" he called through temerity to appear among us. "This meeting is adjourned. the door. "Unhook the dogs; we'll lie jver here till A man opened the "Yes, captain," came back from out- door closed It carefully behind him. and said in CHENAULT & OREAR. f!J res-t- moment. After that we pulled neck and neck, wiiie as before, and we pulled clear Spending's a fine out into the open. thins but saving's finer, wnen you tan 'lo it you couldn't, nor Marian bringing tip's different. for the Get out that checker-lKjarpain's tuning up again, and I'm planning to 'beat you at a game of checkers. Playin' checkers is a sight bet Icr lhan grumbling. i ll- - yovermnenf of Turkey is culled in diplomatic- lau;ii;ire the Snlilinie l'orte. The origin of the ( nil is in the oriental custom of - administering justice at the gates it the palace. In time the phrase liei iitne synonymous with the gov-rmnoiit Trojan councils we c held in the gates of Priam's palace, and Xenophon calls the 'iVrsiau court "the (late." Moham-ini-II, founder of the present Otto nan empire and sultan from 14.11 to 14S1, styled his capital 'The Lofty Gate of the Royal T. nt." Through French, the language of diplomacy, "Lofty tJate'' became ''Suliliaie Porte." i its-el- f. A Mining Camp Verdict By REX E. BEACH (CopyriKtn, lUUti, by Juaupn K. ttuwies.) Buckhurst and Thomas lashed their bleeding dogs up the steep bank, pausing leture the door of a log cabin. Howling curs swarmed from the village roofs, while out from the low tunnels crawled tattered, d Eskimo hiklren and silent women. From the :abin a wrinkled old man tottered, speaking guttural words of welcome to fur-cla- the newcomers. "Here's a go. pal!" said Buckhurst. ss Tie unlashed the bulging sled. "It's ill squaws and kids. I wonder where the bucks are." "Dunno, and what's more, I don't replied Thomas. "What I want is something to eat, and mighty quick, too." In halting words and eloquent gestures the old chief explained that the men had gone hunting and would not return for many days. "He says the grub is gone and they're all starving." "Serves 'em right!" grumbled the ither, as he strained at the heavy grub-bo"They'd ought to work sum. 'Spose mers and lay up a uow, they want to eat ours, that we've hau.ed SOU miles, well, we'll fool grub-staltu- t. d

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