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Image 2 of The Reporter, April 14, 1906

Part of The Reporter

14 1906. Saturday, April MT. STERLING, K Y., THE REPORTER, (I M f fU ,! : . it 'iUi i ft " '' - a - "'". ...' - v ,v 7 1 It rj '. " o n r j that Wc arc ready for the season with everything good and everything that is correct. is "" t y it 1 "f" f Clothes, Hats and Shoes -F- OR- Men, Boys and Children. i Its a luxury to wear such well cut, well mad.', a sen. A man feels dressed !,an4on cloiUb o A .- -, I jell Top , T v I i- i i ; : c i . Coats. vJ You'll Surely Be Pleased With The Acquaintance! ii ' ' . looks dressed and is confident of his good appearance.1 Let us introduce you to' our handsome New Spring Suits and , , , v ' v.,-- ' f -m ..- Our Clothes have made for us a mighty host of friends in this vicinity who will gladly testify to their goodness. There's just one thing we would like for you to do-s- top tn some time and spend ten minutes looking over this Spring Stock. Thats all. I! Prices , :;. vV rrn-!.;- i! $ z1 1& 7.50, 10., 12.50, 5., 7.50, 10., MEN'S SUITS YOUNG MEN'S SUITS: ti 1.50. 2.5H, :i.5, $5. 1.5a to $'i. CHILD'S SUITS Men's Shoes Hats . Boy's Hats Suits made to order to $5. I I'riJo t (ona'.ed the i lavs lo l.iier! lvpeiitfil, "All tlie splint-- , you r I. p!o:lMS". h'T eei s::" lii iii fur I)l next tuNy d::ys," slio i !'!! to make it up with I'.oli on challiud impulsi vi'ly taken ui tlie Fasti'" irovidnir. lenge and liaj treated Ijim wilh stml-le'l'l:e lust church bells are rinain'-- " cdklness or Lad sLunned liim now. Imt she docs not seem to hear t lie following live or six lor them. How daintily she had dr.-her self on that wished for inoraina-- and It tires one so to keep the arm with what a idad heart had she walked Ftrek'lied aliuic tin1 heai!, so siie lets up the aisle lo her pew. which was just Ler hair drop for awhile ami leans her iu front of the Adamses', in which she Ti' forehead against tile o"l surfaep of uii't'M'U seat'il. the mirror. She is tlihiKiiu ol' 'llP l,lis' till! 1'owelS, till1 SUllsliiue. ali come eral.le days that followed that hasty hack to her now, hut then they were ' d lier ow n siil'i'ei iii ; had all inei'Led into one of hap-- j (. revealed to her how very maeh she lincss. and it was voiced in old Hull, w ho had thouahf. "I'll speak to l:olp after (hmvh had loved r.oli-deseeded at ti 1st so yrieved and per- and make it up." plexed hy her altered hehavior, l.ut The loiitr sen ice al last ov er. !.e to ive! I ioh; after awhile had treated her with a had ui lied in her coolness lo niatih her own. She did l.i. to her siirpri-e- . he hao. t. a not see lien h of ea a net i durtir? tho-Jhe li .i slhH'l her hand ii, .Vceli. and ever.N liiin ; had seemed Airy dull auU stupid. How- she had j,;li a':cu her a ami i'ai-I .1 Mar-snail'- - v I i ..: u ih it niornin' she was read-iii:,to ht i' mother when a card was it is the latest ;" brought up to her, and on it Ihe nauiiJ "Why. of course you laaav ,Tcan-- j of ".Mr. Kohert netle's eim.iuviia'iit to Hub Adams, .leaiiiiette anil Unit had lived abroad leannclte tol.J me ast niyht. Are you since their marriage, traveling from goins niy way';" place to place, ami the card was the t f ist iniimation of their return. Tlie last pin is in place. The new How well she remembers how hand bonnof. a. 'juste., is verv some l'.ob looked as he came forward - to t!'o '"'eomiuft,,.,. it. tc her w hen she entered the room. ,!"'" !" 'K' ' 'e pa!e She feels aaaiu the awful leap of her and. wini. Sla is a t;r,..i ,v heart as she met the skid, warm look nnd sits down to v,,, f.i, ,i...,x in his eyes. All she say was, her rli.iv. She iv.. u'l ,,.:.. , , "How is .leannetteV" could r I:v;t.nt f ,.,:, I,.,..; ,., ".leanncttti died in Home," he but they slip from hVr and fasten on gravely. "She baih; me give isti!l aiiollier r.a.slcr lnoncnij;. this let er to you, and to give it on Lent had cioie very early that year,' Faster Sunday morning. I arrived last and aim.' I, .,1 t ,. bleak ui.alil and had hoped to meet you first for her to voctuiv cel. Her husband iu church Ibis nioriiimr. Missing you there, came un to the uld home." 'I hey w.'tv sia. it..; in Hie old home She to,,k tlie letter from hint and tie u to be i'h a:..;iicr. Wj,g ,.imtf ;0 i pelied it slowly. She feineirjliers eV- - "Whit da y.ii ilcnii of die I esol M 50 Cents to $2.50 15., 18. and $20. Guthrie Clothing Co. I J. 3 .1.25 to $:.50 Boy's Shoes Men's 15. to $2(). 12. 5i ,$15. la lest la r so. l sntisi-:ief.,ril.- , ' !! iii-- r !:. ( " V" ' '

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