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Image 4 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), January 21, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

KENTUCKY CORX AXI) COB M DISCLOSURE! ILL. DOXOX T is well kiio'-vi- .No. 2, 6 to 6 buiUeUpur hour. Weight U;0 fcs. 33 J uu. Adding lYeignt from Louisville. "USE il. j from twenty-twinclic to seven feel long, ornamental and plain tinisli, covered w,i!i !3ne cloth mid &c, tuiver mounted and bronzed. Having first introduced these Cases in onrtity, proven by trial to be mo.-- t admirably for preserving the mortal remains, the decided preference givei. tiiem over the old fashioned wooden bo.lue increased demand in the city, eouily, and adjoining counties int.s induced ns to purchase a first rale HEARSE, whieo, together with any number of CARRIAGES ordered, uiil ancnd all f mend occasions aesired. We fcavo also a iare lot of Wooden lioxes to enclose the Metalic tases v.hich we will furnish utSlfrr small and S3 for la :g':L sues; and in every instance where we furnish;d Cases, lio tes, or Hacth, we warrant the bills sulistaeiory, and no rztor-iio- liorup, Manilla and Cotton Ropo, Carpet Warp, and Lho article of Cotton Yarns, ol all itzes and numbers liV the Paints. vc. Tumblers uf various patterns and prices, Glass Fish Globe? and Hower Va.-sDird Tountg, &:o. Tin Ware. Ornamental Chamber Setts; plain nnd Japanned Tin Wuro of every description; and in addiiwu we have a lari;e supply of Patent Coffee Pots. Owning the right to manufaaure and sell these inestimable t 'ollee Pots, we taku pleasure iu recommending them to every family, with a warrantee to five satUfac-tin- n or no pay. We cannot in detail give further aniculars. Ky way of variety, we have always ready for fi.d , Salt Fish, Dird Cages, Ox V'okes. Ladies' Me'ndint: Cotton, Whoel Harrow Patent Medicine, Cotton Hwr Maps. Stone Ware, Bird Seed, Ploughs, Pamiiy Flour. Meal, Ironing and Preserve Stoves, Kay Carpntiug, i.Vdjr and Pine Ware, i:olognes. Violins Bugiry, Hiding, and Stock Whips, Cow and Sheej Bells, k'azors Pocket Cutlery, and Victoria Pens. Sweet oils. Clot bus Pin, Minnow Seins, and Partridge Net-,- . Pleaso call, examine, and buy from Oct. NOTICE. no person will be admitted within the Cerae 1 tery Grounds on the Sabbath unless by written permission of some of the oificers of tiie Company, 'i he law will be enforced against all trespassers. Visitors are not permitted to disturb the Shrubbery, Fruit, or Elowers. M. EKOW., President. August 2U if. " of all descriptions, sizes and colors, brought to Frankfort. My slock consists of everything in the. Gentlemen's Furnishing line. It has been selected expressly and especially for this market. I have on haud, and will always keep & complete as sortment of Conts, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Hats, Caps, &.c; together with every article usually found In a Clothing Store. Gentlemen desiring to replenish their Clothing would Jo well to give me a call, as I am sutisited they cannot Jo better at any other establishment in tho cjfv." Oct. 15, lc55. VARIETY. NoMcellentarticle of various stylfs. for sale at Sugar and Coffee. WRITING PAPER, Ol" p.earea vo i An Article that all lovers of the must prononno-tfc- o Dr. MlLJ.S' Druir Store. best, at C0NFECT10NEKS. candied Flap Hoot, Dr. M I Ll.S1 Drug PURE HAVANA ihsuru tue lives of Negroes U:me. ,'i GiGh:it. CRYSTALIZED r " BBLS. pood Cider Vinegar, for talo bv GRAV - BBLS 'Zo Oct. q- q Z; Brandy Peaches. BBLS. Pure Spirits for makiuj: Brtudy Peaches. Jm bv rtc'.ed tnd Jor ' GRAY L TODD. Sapt. J. POCKKTS alrickly prime 81d Government Java DU Coffee, Jaat received r.nd for sale by .Nov. 14. W. H. KEEXE. Dec. 5. have In store 200 A. Macklin dt Son's extra surrar canvassed harna, also 125 put up by Herndoo For sale bv ' GRAY & TODD. Ocl.5,1855. WE Z Mackerel. BBLS. large Xo. 3 Mackerel; bbls. larte Mackerel; kits Large Mackerel. Received and for salo by Sept. 3. GRAY di TODD. 4 8 Dr. MILLS' Drug LEXINGTON MUSTARD. EXTRACTS - Store. Kappee. Maocoboy, This article ij obtained direct from nnd warranted, at th- Uoals. Names of t.o:. Woii nd.-The Hij-- h Water in 1810. 1832, j List of Plantation on .Mississippi Riv er. Important t 'niied Suites Supreme Court Disasters on the Scoteli. - manufacturer,. ! Or. MILLS' Drue Store. ! FOR FLAVORING. ued for this purpose. Rose, Lemon, Vanilla, Almond, Orange, &c., at ilr. .MILLS' Dm;; Store. 1 March 13, ilfiflA J'JUU July 13. Dissolution of :nd forsalebv GKAY & TODD. ' & J. T. LUCKETT having dissolved partnersh; 'Pi the business of the firm will be settled 1111. Either of the partners is authorized to use the name of the Una iu euiement,and to receive mouev due the Arm. SEN. LUCKETT. May 23, 1855. JNO. T. LUCFLETT. B I.AKGE fino Fancy Work .Stands; tioz. fine Traveling b.i.ktiLs; li loz. liaskeu, various size au.i shapes; F doz. Plain", School. Cart, Clothe. aad j .. j ' ITU IT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES. VINES, SHRUBS, frC, CULTIVATED BV Ed. D. Hobbs ; sets, diU'orcnt patterns, Table Mat bundles Alicant Mats; 2 doz. Fancy Shuck .Vat?: 1 doz. Fancy In'.e Mats; 1 doz. Fancy VolU:n and ('o'.ton .Mais. Just r'vetvet! and for sale by Xoy. 5,1-5GKAY 4. TOUD. . 0 HATS AND CAPS. F the moitfaahtonable styles, can alwavs be found at Nov. 21, 1J5. riu:.;PhRi;v kvA.vs Shoe and Hook Svore. J. W. Walker, AT THE EViiRGHfiii.V M'RSERIES Vr,7::". Neatly printed Catalogue of f : tliu Fruits, Ornaments, Trees, .'J."'f Vines, Shrubs, o,c.,ai the above vVii-V named Nursery, may be had by J application to A. G. Hodues, b r;:iiklurl, Ky. rr 70rders may be addressed to HOUBS S: VA LKER, YV'illiainsou Post Office. Jefferson couniv, Kv.,or to A. G. HODGES, Frankfort, Ky. Frankfort. Oct. 1:, 1H51. il-,.;:'-- .,. j Whisky. r i i'l'LS. Old Copper Vhiky, from one to eight years slO'J oh!, the best lot of Wulskr for sale iu Kentuckv. ' YV. H. KFENE." Aug. 22. 1M5 Domestic Liquors. G J & Old Copper IU f AND FOR SALE 7'irclvf miles East of LouisoiUc, Ky.immtidiutelij an tlte Lviijvile and tra tl;fort Railroad. i 'i miunigni. The only ofilce in Cincinnati at which through tickets ran be purchased troin Cincinnati to New Y'ork via Pittsburg and Philadelphia Is under the Spencer House, and one door below the Gibson House, on Walnut street FARE. From Louisville to Pittsburg, llrstclass, $110 Louisville to Pittsburg, front cars, 7511 rom Louisville to Philadelphia, 10 50 From Louiszillu io Baltimore. 1G 50 Louisville 10 New lork via Philadel phia, all the way by railroad, id jo For through tickets and information please apnlv at Cincinnati, Hamilton aud Davlon Railroad Office, North west corner of Droadway and Fourth str cts, under the Spencer House, orto J. YV. SHIPLEY, alRailroad Office, on Walnut street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, one dooroutn ot tne uioson House, oral No. 555, South side .Main, between Second and Third streets, ami nearly opposue mc uau iiouse, Louisville, Ky. it'r'Take the cars at Jeffersonvllle for Cincinnati. For further information please call at the oflices, as aiiove. lIENKi O. AMES, Sup't. J. V. PATTERSON, Agenl. Sept. 1, I.55I. Killed and FANCY BASKETS, &c. lbs Sugar Cured Canvassed Hams; sikio ll,s Suo-aCured plain Hams' li,0 lbs Bacon sides; CjtiO Bacon Shoulders: 160 kej;s prime Lard; 2 doz Beef Tontfues; 20 packages alackerel: 2 bbls line Salmon. Inslore ake- - Three hundred pajjes, with one hundred h:uiUomtly bound. Ky remitting One Dollar, (pui paid,) you will receive acupy of the above uork. Orders from the tiade solicited, and agents wanted iu every town and citv to canvass for the work. ' JAS. T. LLOYD & CO Address Post Uffice baildinj;,Cincinnaii, O. Oct. 2m. Saeon, Lard, &c, &o. -- l ) stor. All the various kinds HAMS. di Slephsns. Dm- i SNUFF. All varieties on hand, HVJIPHREY EVAS' Boot and SboeStoru. CANVASSED n Dr. .MIL Surosu Thain Leaves Cincinnati, Hamilton and liayton itauroaci c 0 clock, and 20 nunules even- morn ing: arrives at Crestline 1:20, P. M., and Pittsburg 12 j uuin uiiu iiiiuuLes, innuiigiii, anu aner a cornlorlanigni s re-- t. resume by 7 o'clock, A. M., tram, arri vim Pniladelphia and iiallimore 12 o'clock and 30 minutes. WORK, will be r.vidv ' Correct views of Pittsburg. Wheelini;. Cincinnati, Orleans, m Louisville, St. Louis and N Sketcli of each place; Population, Business, Aa;., Ac. FastTime of Boats on the Ohioand Mississippi Rivers. List ofSteamboal Otliceis on the Western Waters. i Willi w The New .steamboat ouiments Life pLa:u.i. lot of Mason's superior blacklnsr on hand, at BOOTS ND CALF-SKIGAITERSA new supply by express saiisfac-tloA. Saturday. Tlieseoodsbavegiveouulvcrsnl A Ihe iniickesl, cheapest, and most nleasanl route ro 1 lus'jurg, riniaaeipnia, liallnuore and New York. De pot in ine u est end 01 the citv. Only route via Pillsburg and Philadelphia bv which through tickets can be obtained from Cincinnati to New t ork. tine less change of cars than anv other roule. Passengers leaving Cincinnati on ti o'clock Morning Train of Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad go through to Crestline w ithout change of cars, and after having thirty minutes for dinner, proceed by tbe Ohio and Pennsylvania Kailroad, arriving iu Pittsburg at 8 o ciuciv, r. vi. Leaving rmsourg via Pennsvlvania t enlrat Railroad, at 0 o clock. P. M., and arrive in Ihilliiuore and Philadelphia at 12 o'clock and 3b minutes (noouj next day, ami Ironi thence v ia Kensington and Jersey City, or Camden and Amboy railroads, arriving of October Maps of the Western Water-;- ; Towns, Cities and Distances laid down correctly. List of Steamboat Explosions since 112; Names of Killed and Wounded; List ofStcamboats now atioat. FINE BLACKING. TODD. bv W. H. KEEXa. ' F Store. Dr. MILLS1 Dnis: Start. Cid Crow Vlaitky. "Crow V'hliiy," aix aM old, fo',i!a 25. WATER-PROO- CIGARS, Lozen- The very hest in the town, line flavored, and! from the genuine Havana leaf, at Dr. MILLS' lni Story. called to the article Special attention aromatic confection, it cauuot be oxceilctt. it oider Vinegar. ,'ARE REDUCED! New route opened to New York all the way by railroad via Cincinnati. Hamilton ami llauon Railroad. Jl contents: vc-e- flavors, ges of various kinds, at twenty-Jourt- First Application of Steam. L.fe of John Fitch Eupravin of his first Boat. Life of Robert Fulton Eiurnivinj; of his first American Boat on the Hudson Kiver. RobU Fulton and Livingston's Ursa Ohio River Boat Correct Likeness Full Particulars Fir-- t Boat. First Steubi'uvilly Boat. First Explosion on tho Western Waters; from :m SUPERIOR TOBACCO. LIFE INSURANCE c:. D'S GREAT STEAMBOAT IAL-TLMOK- H AND XHW VOICK. 23in3mw&tw. LLOYor about the VntiDe; ink of all colori, black, blue:, and red, at Dr. .WILLS' Store. ill PITTS !Jl KG, PHILADELPHIA, 100,000 COPIES SOLD! Dr. .MILLS' llr.lg Store. Gum drops of FARE. From Louisville to Dufl'alo, JO 50 From Louisviilc to Duffaio and back, j;i no From Louisville to Niagara Falls, 700 From Louisville to Niagava Falls and back. H 00 From Louisville to Ne w Y'ork, (all railroad from llutlalo.) 14 00 From Louisville to Ne w Y'ork, (by Hudson river steamers.) 13 00 From Louisville to New Y'ork, via Niagara. . 'all railroad.) 14 50 From Louisville to IJoston, via Albany, la 'ia For through tickets and information please apply at Cincinnati, Hamilton and Da; ton Railroad Office, Northwest corner of Droadway and Front streets, under the Spencer House, or 10 J. YV. SHIPLEY, Railroad Ottice, on Walnut between Fourth and Fifth streets, one door South of the Gibson House, or at No. 555, South side Mam, between Second and Third streets, and nearlv opposite (rait HouiC, Louisville. Ivy. ""'Take the cars a. Jelfersonville for Cincinnati. For further information please call at ihe offices, as above. HENRY O. AMES, Sup't. Sept. 1,1851. J. V. PATTERSON, Agent. .. LLLS. Domestic YVhiskv. Braudv receive.!. 'Z . and Wine. Jusl W. H. KEENE. Aujr.2J.US53. bugar. r HHDR. prime N. O. Sugar: ij 10 bbls. 10 bbls. Aojr.2-2.lSJi- . double refined White Sugar; PreservIngSt'irar. Juat received. " W. H. KEENE is controlled and managed bv a lloard of ruen of tlie iiiglicst charuc-le- r may be relied uponassafo. 'l hs annoxL'd statement sliotvs the condition and responsibility of the Company: First. Tim name of the Company is tlte 'Charter Oak Life Insurance Company," and is located in the Citv of Hartford,. State of Connecticut. Hccond. The amount of its Capital Slock ia two hundred thousand dollars, say S.Oti.lH.U. Third. 'I he amount of its Capital Slock paid up isono hundred thousand dollars, and the balance of said stock secured lo be paid by obliiralionsapproved l.ytlii Directors of said Company, and by the Compt roller of Public Siiar, bags Kuckwheal l'locr; boxes Tallow Candles; Accounts of Connecticut. Fourth. The Assets of the Company, inclu.lin;. 1st. The jiin't of cash on lnnd rind in me . ?17.jr-hands of agents or other persons. 2d. 'The Company, ow ns no real estate, 3d. Bondsowned by tlte Conipnnv nom except bonds and mortff.i(.-es'o-f real 'i ii iO j 1 1 1 IC.iui ..... .... aloresaid Cu' U' in Cash loans on indorsed promissory notes. with collateral securities, Cth. Loans 10 Ihe insured at interest, secured by policies. "th. All other securities are Bank of Hirt- ford County stock, o share. City of HarllordG ).er cent, siock, (lie tiu 'jry.i '. Pruits, Nuts, &c. doz cans fresh Lobsters; doz 2 and v; cans .Sardines; doz canssjneed Usters; baskets fresh Oil; boxes assorted Preserves; boxes brandicd Fruits; bbls soft shell Almonds bbl Pecans; bbl brazil Nuts: bbl Knglish Walnuts; bbl Naples Walnuts; bbl Cocounuts; boxes new M. II. Kaisin; boei 7 Ccc. 4til. ll'btslo the Comp'ny. secured bv inorl-Kajr- e al '.) per cent, int., first morlt,'iie " Cult Loans on indorsed notes, secured l. bonds mid niortirnires, occ, 5th. Debts otherwise secured, are obligations for the Capital Slock, approved as doz cansfresh Strawberriti; 'i),l.-;- 'Ji ".- -' (jt, i;,cuU fcu :r.M,su 44 Fifth. Amount of liabilities due or noidu to banks or oilier creditors, is dividend to mutual members, payable at the discretion of the Company, . s;3.3o 5i Sixth. Lossesadjusted'ami due none. Seventh. Losses adjusted and not due, ij.iuo ot, Eighth. Losses unadjusted none. Jfinlh. Loss's in suspense wait lug further proof none. Tenth. All other claims ag'nst the Company none. Eleventh. The greatest ain'l. Insured in any one risk, 5,t;iKi en Twelfth. The Company has no rule regulating the am l v be insured in any one city, tow n. or illage. T he undersigned herbv certify thai the foregoing ii a just and correct statement of the'affairs of the Company. Signed: ALFRED GILL, President. Jas. C. Wai.kley, Seeretani. Hartford. Feb. C, ls55. E. D. DICKEK.MA.N. (lentral .iirent. Application for Insurance received bv John C. IIlrn-uon- . Agent, Frankfort, Ry., who will furnish appliaiuk. wiUi pamphlets containing rates, conditions, etc. The Agency of this Company, at Frankfort. Kv., has been in existence one year last Mav, during which limeonu loss had occurred. This risk was thst taken bv Ihe c P. Black null, for the benelit of his wile. One pre- mium only had been paid (about $74,1 on S.'.Jjui. T he ... Sultana Kaiin: 'i ke;s Zanto Current; 2 Uuaker Herbs, x:c; - doz Knglisb Walnut Keichtip, "2 doz WorceitieMhire Sau e: J doz Mushroom Catsup; 2 doz assorted do; 1 box Cayene Pepper; 1 box Mired Isinla.-- ; I box Cooper's Isiujrlais; boxes assorted Jellies; boxes assorted Pickle-drums fresh Kijr ;; i frail fresh Dates. ' December:. ii j U WtSffc LO Liquors. M. irain havcthree Rooms on Lake Stealuei-s- OK. all kinds, plain, fancy, and colored at 0 A. I he roads composing this route from Cincinnati to the Lake, are laid throughout with heavy T rail, and In construction of track, rolling machinery, comfort of cars, Kcueral management, and almost entire freedom from' dust, is not surpassed by any road in the Vet. it passes through the densely populated and uighlv cultivated valley oi the Great Miami and Mad rivers: also ruiinim. through ihe large and beautiful low ns of Hamilton. Da" ton, Springliel.j, I'rbana, I'.ellclontaine, Kenton, Carev , and Sandusky. The steamers of this line were l.uilt for coin-tor- ., safety and speed, and no efforts will be spared to render comfortable those w ho may patronize them. Dy this route passengers havo lour or five hours daylight on the Lake. Fach boat is provided with splendid Lands, for the especial accommodation of pleasure travelers, and every facility afforded to dancing parlies. Reserved Slate Rooms will be telegraphed for bv passengers leaving their names ai tho Ticket Offices. The following rates of Fare including .Meals and Slato Hr. John Simpson, 1.333 acres of land, lilir Barren Kiver, entered, survived and 4; W. J. Strong; tax due, amount Oct. 8, 1855 INK. GKAY & TODD. Nil j'YJ John Ifauisey's heirs, !i,(i3:i, part of ill, 500 W ashinifton eotintv, waters of Chaplin; tax uue, ENVELOPES, cassu prims iiUck Tea. 13- Store- - l'lain and Fancy, Xc? Letter, and Cap paper at Dr. MILLS' DtUK Store. 5 hhds 2 JtxXy lrug Dr. MILLS1 Uoot, lahoea, storo and for sale prime .V. G. Sugar; IU chests CUrified Sujrar for presorvlnj; i:0 buls Crushed Suar, 5 bbls Loaf Sugar; 3u pocketsold Government Java CoQ'cu; 1) bags prime Kio Cod'ee; 3 chests prime G. P. Tea; iV A. SONNUKLIIG. GUTTA PERCHA PEXS. JAM Caps, and Books, which 1 will la&u great pleasure iu ijowingio all who ma favor me with u call. sopv. 10. HUMFHKEV EVA"S. TTE have in Drawers DAYTON IIOA D, Uio first to reduce leaving ou the hours at Dayton. through from Ciucinnati to Sandusky without olimire of ears. iJaggage cheeked lo Buffalo. Depot hi the U est end of the city, on Sixth street ;r ,' Cheapest and most pleasant route between and the Eastern cities. Passengers leaving Cincinnati by 2:20 morning train .f Cincinnati, Hamilton ntid Davlon Railroad, arrive at Sandusky at 4 o'clock, P. M., and go immediately on board the splendid and gorgeous steamers . St. LAWRENCE, Capl. .Mead. . MISSISSIPPI capt. Hazard. Ana arrive in uiilTalo next morning, alter a refreshing night's sleep in lime lor early trains for Niagara Falls N'uiv Y'ork, Rostou, iS;e., arriving in New Y'orkforsuD-per- . LOVE HAS .'OR and Kinnacanick, entered, surveyed and patented John 4; .Marshall; tax due, amount, SO HI. No. 3110 Augustus J. lirowu, .'U.Oiii) acres of laud. Greenupand Lewis counties. Ohio and Kiiiiim-anirksurveyed and patented John .Marshall; lax due. Jci2-- 3 1: amount, )?10 s0. No. 315H John W . White, JtO acres, Seon. eountv Ea gle creek; tax due, 1H52-3-- 4; amount 5 cents. v. uicKinou, J.lil . .o. JJb;t acres rleining eountv, hetween rleminjrsbur and Iron Works; tax. 152-3-- 4; amount, $11 34. IH)I) No. 321' Joseph Chapman, acres, .Marshall eountv. Military; tax due, IH','1 to 1j4; amount. ,S2?f i. No. 323lt .). M. .Massic. ltju acres. Graves county, S. e. .. 29 T. 3 N. H. 2 E; tax due, lr35 lo 1S54; amount. 4515 3ii. No. 3231 Jas. ilumphrev, lbU acres, Grave.s eountv. S.w.n.s. 14T. 5 H. 1 E; lax due, lt35 to 154; amount. $15 3ti. w in. it. r arthinjr, Jno. r. ran hi nar, No. m. H. Brvan and Richard W. Bryan, (two last, Infant heirs of part of l,(i33.' acres, Hopkins Saudv Farthing.) 510 ounty, Deercreek. patented John Brown: taxdue, lf"Ul to 1854; amount, 65b U0 L'nknow u heirs of .Moses Robins, deceased. No. 31G, part of I,U33,!. acres, Hopkins county, Deer creek, patented John lirown; tax IdOl to 1854; amount, $31 17. tnven unaer mv nana luis jiu aav oi uotober, 15j. THO. S. PAGE, Auditor Public Accounts. 50 per cent interest is due on the first year's taxes, lob per cent on the second year's tax; and 100 per cent on the third year's tax. Costs for advertising", 25 cents on f arh tract or lot. SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, goods" Yew fail stock oi lieady Kado Clothing which he promises to sell upon better terms than can be found in any other establishment in the city. Dot everybody, then, remember that 1 am now receiving and am ready to sell at prices to suit the most fastidious, the most extensive lot of Srandies and Wines. r PCKGS. iiperior Pale and Dark Pj randy, Madeira and Sherry Wine, just received direclfrom Eostou. W. H. KEE.NE. Aug.'J2,lt55. the Fare. ilPassengers acres, iouilt side Green No. 274 Allen Kiirsrs, Uri-',River; tax due, amount, GU cunts. No. 30tn) A. J. Hrown and D. V. Worcester. 13,333; acres, part of 40,CHjO. Greenup and Lewi) countie. Ohio the Hast and Ciucinnati with AVortU oi' $Ii 5ii blfalu:: ONLY ROUTE I'REE EROM DUST: Four Dollar TickeU Good on All Trains. amount, 310137. John Winter, John M. Hrieend C..I. Wis- acres of hind. Henrj' eountv.vut''rsSa!id Kion ind i mile. entered. surveyed, aini patented, ll. .M;:rshall; tax duo, li?5i-- 3 1; amount, S12 75. No. 2571 Jasper Cone, HIJO arre. HiitbT eountv. Greenliiver; tax due, 1H52-- 3 i; amount $6 Id. No. iiOTd Isaac Willis, UilUacrc'. I nion couniv 'frade- water, patented Will Mercer; tax du i; amount. . ii CAPITAL $200,000," itl) a lar-- e surplus securely invested una approval ol tl- Cumi,tr..ller of under tl.e s:i tictini. Public Account of the Stale of Connecticut. of officers, UOZ. bottles fresh Pine Apple; y. doz jars Canton fiinger; I doz jars fresh 1'ickles; ,L HARTFOl:i),CO.N.M-:CTICl"I- Chartered l.y tlie UfrUlat.irc oi the state of Conncciiciit liy Cliarler granted in .Mav, consisting i and staiidms, and Tierce Kite; boxes Star Candle; Confectioneries, J'ali, Boston 4tX. Y. .Nia'.-ar- DOLLARS FROM Cl.CIiATI TO Hours liailroad Ride from Cincinnati to the Lake. Srseu No. SOMEJIEiUi 'HO has just returned from UrtAV 6i T01JD. 10 Hi. No. icre. Hi OAK rillllS Company IJ boxes Kn?. Dairj Cheese; in boxes Western huserve t'lieese; Mi boxes Superior Kosin Soaps; Kiue assortment of Green and tilael; 'tmv, : bbls .No. 3. lurirc Mackerel; "l bbls BuUerraekcfc; 'I bbls WHitor "nickers; i bbls Superior C'iier inegar, "l boxes Chocolate; Dec. V. ler,5. FARE REDUCED! lands, on or before the iUih uhv of Kebruan1 next, the sarno will be forfeited to the ( ommonwi.-aitof JUST IN THE EIGHT TIME. 20,000 UAGS,(GO pockets) Uld GovernmeiitJava Coll'ee; ba;3 pruuo Kio Cotfee. Just received. W. U. KEEMi. Aug. !!, Iojj. K IttiSiafo. XLV FOLK LANDS, latnted to 1 IU VIA CINCINNATI, HAMILTON AND DAYTON AND MAD Rl El! AND LAKE ERIE RAILROADS. li (ventucky: No. 15 tM VO 1 FOR KORFEITCRK. the taxes interest. and cot are not paid on the Ck. Elue Wing, a fresh supply of heat Flour, and for sale bv " now retfOiviugrny 100. GfEAHAM, No. 0, St. Clair si., r 'rank fort, A. 2U iiols, hblnSusrar House .Vlolasos; bbls Gollen Syrup; hhds Clarilicii .Suar, 5 bbls Double Kcilned Suar; 0 bblsDoublu reliutd PouUuied bbls Loaf Sutrar; 10 sacks Kio Cotlec; 5 sacks .lava Co flee; ii doz bas Tabh Salt; 'S do boxos Table Salt; i 1 10 5 J: hhds Priiuo i. O. Suar; bbls Plantation Molasses. 'J IMPORTANT TO TRAVELERS. Tnis invaluable remedy lor even" de script tor of .Nkrvov:: AEFEf riovs. and for disease of t!:e Livlr and a popularity Kidncvs has ouiaini-lierever ialro-dueeiinprecedeiited :n the history of any other medical preparation eer brought before the jiuolic. .Many uf our most hin incut Piiysicinit - hn r I'noruh-l- y tested its merits, and now prescribe it as the most Alterative undillood Purllier ever Liiuwn. Neiiral'ia. Dvsoeiisia, Paliiitation of the Heart. Nitrht Sweatsand AlteclioiH of the Limits, will readilv ield to .he Influence of this unrivaled remedy. Physical or Irregularities especially with producing debility and prostration of the svstcui muv be at once obviated and removed by the use of the Hitter cordial aad Utood I'uriiicr. which is a ze;etabte sprout, pleasant to take and perfectly safe to be used in anv state of health, even bv Uie inuK delicate female or child. Price one dollar per bottle. DOWNING &; CO., Proprietors, No. 1, Barclay street (Astor House. Sept. 30, 1653 by. al- White Dead; Linseed Oil; White, Copal and Japan Varnish; Litharge, and Ochre; water and tire proof Paints, ground in .il, an excellent paint for porch xloors. step, the Capital Hotel, A A Market, Sciiool,, Key, Hell, Pear, and Tnwlin; round, ii AA aut square Clod;e P.ken. and Photographer, lit S CHARTER LIFE LNSUltMCE COMPANY, OF WEST" k CO., 15. THE GltEAT ALTERATIVE, MORl'lAtORKK I TT C ORD I A L E Horse Shoe Nails, of the best braa.U. Willow Ware. Buck Wheat Flour. y future li Window Glass K. JT7Allkindsof Pictures framed to Order, ilirch 1G, ltfia If. i Huiid Of all sizes, and Puny iu large and muU quantities, ways on hand. 5 Java and Rio Coffee. I Kails. Cut, Wroughtaud COMPOUND. j I A.MILTON AND Cnosues, Hair, Hunt's DoiarUss .V-'S- , the best article now in Saws, Hatchets and Hummers. EKAA'OKT, ZJ barrel. J point Having tiiken the corner store of Harstow'a new block, havcopenud Ihero a line niipply of tiroceritM, Liquors, fonfrftioneries, fruits, i.-.- . ulii.h Uil-- otter at nio-,reasoiialtlt pm-oni'ari of ihcir siuck mav ik? pecitii-.l as follow: rri. ted portion!! of the State. For further information, please call at the Depot, comer of JeUerson and P.rook streets. AT FRANKFORT. The morning train for Louisville leaves Frankfort at IU minutes before 8 o'clock; and Hie afternoon train at 1(1 minutes past 3 o'clock. The morning train for Lexington leaves Frankfort at :t nnnuies 'J o'clock, and the afternoon lrain20 minutes before 0 o'clock. SAMUEL GILL. Oct. 21, Supt. L. A: F. and L. ec F. R. R. miMtriist. Axes. Runaway Slave. .Nov. Iu. Curlinir Brushes, jvery form, either luilamiuutory lAcu'.e) or Chronic, no natter of how long: Sold by J. U. MILLS, Frantfort, K . Tar. Mattrasses. Double, Single, Lounge, Trundle, and Cmton and Jailer of Knox county, Ky., there was committed a il. me a nsgro man named Joseph or Joal, asaruto away, on the H:h day of June, 6iyj. yid Joseph is copper color, auout 3u to 35 years old, 5 feet 8 or a Inches high, square built, weighs about 1U0 pounds, lialU scar on the forehead extending over the right eye, and a acar on the outside of the lett log. taid boy wears a wig and his hair is shaved close to the skin, 'ilie owner, by proving hiin his property, and complying with the Statute tn such, can take possession of said boy. DANIEL MAKCUM. June S3, 1855 6m. B. W Toilet Powders, OrawiniT Crayons, SGtriUiKU M AT1U (JUA1FO UN D.&isr Is ft Vegetable Kxtract, an Internal Remedy, prepared 3ressly fur this one disease; ?.ud tills it will cure in Ih.'sc K received per S. Paunsylvania iiucli jr Cordage. GAKD.NEK S .WmV. vs. In Equitj. GARDNER'S heirs V crcd. ) j'.HE ndtninistrator, heirs and creditors of Georpo W. X Gardner, deceased, are hereby notified that 1 will attend at my residence in Owen cointy, Ky., near Owen, ton, from this time until first day of March next, to hear proof by the creditors on their cluims against the deceased, and alio to credit and settle their claims against tlii cslate of deceased. By order of the Owen Circuit Court, Nov. 3D, JOEL HE UN DON, .Master Cvrnmissiener. ec. 7, li55 v4;n ilaiu Street, Opposite 'a. Amandine, Saielieis, etHcarious 1UI1S truly celebrated preparation, KiikummicOj-laints- alik , each and every description of is already too well known and esteemed e hnujrhont the United States, to require any leng:lhy of its paramount virtues. It eradicates thie liereto--i ore incurable and distressing disease from tlie systt;in, nid Htunds unrivalled in (he pharmacy of medicine. W'e do not propose to make unqualified .siutementstor 'o force a nostdum before the pubiie, but simply to request those most interested SL'FFEItLRS Til E.lxSE V ES? ,o procure from the a;ent in their vicinity, :t circular, ind not only nad the testimony of those who ha e ex ,jerienced its invaluable curative powers, hut to write to. orcjll upon, the convalescent-;- so that the st:iteutet,t .ujiv emanate from the Kotntai-- ) Hl:au a course whii h .viil one by which the the luost iiKTedulous. reputation of this Klmedv in certain of bein Miitained. Write also to the proprietors, who will accord every and furni-sinauic-of iindMiibted fhaructt-i'roin every of tno Union, numbennj; amon hern sume of the mosi eminent lJh &ici.ius. C'iurj men, Kditors, and jirominent citizens, rend--ithe raliabili-and eflleacy of the remedy beyond the ie;uh of doubt of all Glass Ware. Daguerreotypist Paper, F.nvelopei, .Note JUIELMATIC move! SECOND TKAIX Louisvillcat 2:15 p. m., and arrives at Lexington at 7:11) p.m. Ketuminj;, leaves Lexington nevl niornini; at 6 p. in., and arrives at Louisville at 11:10a. in. I'assencersby the 6 a. rn. Train from Louisville connect, alter taking dinner, with Train of Cars for Covington and Stages at Paris for .Mav sville, and bv stage at Frankfort for Salvisa, Harrodsbu'ri; and Danville, and at Lexington by Stage for Nicholasville, Danville. Lancaster. Stanford, Crab Orchard. Winchester, .Ml. .Sterling, Owingsville. Richmond and Irvine. Passengers by the 2:15 p. in. Train from Louisville overnighlat Lexington and reailluc by morning Train for Paris, Cynthiaua and Covington Stages fro in all the interior towns of the State and" connect at Lexington and Frankfort with the afternoon Traius from llioseptaces. 'I ..'Ticket, through to Cincinnati for sjl good for lwodas. Passengers will find this a pleasant route, comparatively exemptfroin the annovance of dust in lite cars, and pass through some of the richest and most highly cultiva- ElORTIMORE'S fringo, Owea Circuit Court. it G:3o 4.!oiifeftions, Toilet Bottles. Earthen Tubes, 3m. A Denlrilieei, t'osmetics. Smelling Salt-- St;:ilii) tho compauM change, but WEST THK points uf liasotTtiiiiilv won't on KS'J'S .KnHwitni. October SS, IKK, Passonfcr as fullnivs, viz: FIRST TK.V1X leaves Louisvillcat 6 o'clock, a. in., stopping 15 minutes for breakfast at Lajrrancrc, and arrive, at l.cinu;iuu at 11 a.m. Returning I'rain leaves Lovington at l:U) j,. m., ar,d arrives at Louisville at Fane Soaps. Hair t'ins, Hufl'rt, TIIE WEST GOING EAST. ONanJaltfrrun . UPPER TEN, idetalic Burial Cases Merchant. It is unsurpassed for neatnosand utility, and should meet with the sale it richly durves. Tribune. Just what the people ha3 long desired, and recommend itself to every individual of tate ami reiiuenicnt. Jour C WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Mondav, A invention for sewers and drains, costing only six cents per foot easily put down and very dnrable:cor-talul- y the best and cheapest drain over invented. A LARGE SUPPTV OK . . Water-- TO CINCINNATI. 4. Murk con- new and l'a.,hionable perfume liiat cannot fail to please. Lssenee I'.ofiuet, Oriental Drops, Fruirie de Ciilil'oniie, Boquclde Arabic, iolet, Munoliii. ,.litand Flowers, and a very larre number )f olliers. Xov. 11. 18.02. A new iiacii ackae contains four ddferent colors black, blue, b.jen and red, with full printed infractions, for all live hundred distinct impressions. It is put up to in beautifully enameled colored envelopes, with a tnu:.-I'likeness of tha proprietor attached. Each and c warrantee. Price $2 a dozen or live for i. single pacliaira.-- 2i cents. Audrem, post-paiHlTBBELL, o. KiV, Broadway, New VorK. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Hi'BtELL's Maoic 1m?ress:om Papi:u. We refer our readers to the advertisement in another column, setting forth tne merits of this pleading and ingenious invention. Tli s cheapness should induce ail to 'ive it a tiial. J AM Th- excellent Pump, upon the same principles of tho Atmospheric Pump, capable of lifting watertiurly-thre- e and then forcing it fifty or sixty feet, from a hort leather ho ie; but still ibis pump is nfo liable to freeze and burM, unless tho valve is opened by elevati ng tho leaver after piuuing. others. V. V. FARE Pencil Point. Pius and Needles. The selection is larieand varied, artielc of every priee and pattern. Anions the extracts for the Handkerchief mav be found the followijip: The Suction and Force Pump. ot. GEO. THROUGH TICKETS Fine ('olonif. Toilet h (.'ouiis. Pocket Combs, Side Comb, India Kubher (.'ouihs. Wax .Mutches, Violin ii nd GiiitarSirjf;j;s, Hiiir Oils, Lead Pencils, A most t:..; and Courier. Oct. 22 lbu5 . Kvtracts for the haiidk'f, Kxtraets for tiavorin"'. Hufl" Conihs I' licking t ombs, Drvjisiiifij Combs. THE VVKITI.N'G s M Hair i'oinades, This description of Pump is generally well known; they perform satisfactorily in shallow wells orcislerns but their liability to freeze rentiers them troublesome. l'rke IMPliESSlON rr and Frankfort Railroads. LES C rt;ci'ivpi.l the most 1l.'r:int of PINK FKfl FU AILKV brontrht to Frankfurt. Hair ot c a nd price, Cloth Hruahoh, Nail Brus-iie:I'ootli h rushes. Hat brushes. Atmospheric and Suction Pump. Louisville and Frankfort and Lexington "dr. willsand HAS just Fowdr ARTI NCY A AliTlCLKh e sists cf The Chain Pump, WITHOUT PEN OR l.Vit, copying Cowers, pi mts. pictures, paterns for embroidery, iimi'!;i:i0' linen iadeiilly and manifold writing, 'riuaiirticle aix.oii'.lcly tiie best portable inkstand in t'ie !;qow:: worio, for a i.aii imh:i ; udded auJ placed jcUtjt voi. ;t:la'.e'.. a .rav .!:.. n: Hdtu.'id, hich can-nin '.h No pea :.t r,c.uc; !'.:, ny slick sharpen u j jrcl: ...i. w,.y - equally a. ii st gold pen ;o e.l tiu be i; the 'jj.ivti'i;. Fci dru in- - it io iiiLiUnt' j. It is, i.ideea, .iie v, ..o.e an of drawu, uud paiir.ii.g, taught u: t.;j lu.o.i. An leaf, punt or tluv er c?r. U: .o d.e p ol an aoum with a miu'Ue and distinct veeino.iLi.v- - of nature. AVnli equal I'acihty pictures and eir.yi'ukiery patterns are taken, and have- received the and, indeed, a more from tiie :'.iir se s ta;iofui presentlor a laiiy cjM no'.ba produced. iperwill ai- mark linen or other articles Ti:e r.wgic All the WHiiitn' in jo as to rmriiij perfecily ii,(!.dible. Any child cm u?e it wi:n til a world ij bring' it Willi in.s.Maic'Paper, or fo- -r copi?-- of evt ry j.;c. wri;.sn can be secured without any aadidonal labor whatever, mixing it the cueaio.?t and most convenient article extant, it U used to a reat au vantage by reporters of tn s puolic pres.-i- telegraphic operators and hosis of FOK GRAHAM cte Deeidedlv tho cheape-- t and mot desirable Pumnevr-invemeu, ana warranted to perionn wen wiieu put up by us. We are prepared to furnish Iron and Wood curbing, aad Iron, Zi nk, and Wood Curbing at very low price-- The above prices includes the complete Mill rsady to hitch to without any further expense, and can be sei In operation in live minutes time. For sale bv i:. L. SAM'tfEL, "07. M, If j j. tfFrankfort, Kv. MAGIC IF keepLM liy tiling, and persons wishine an outfit fur housekeeping, call on us and find in our every article necessary for from a Rolling pin Uito a pur:ir flam. Taiile :re. Spicen, (vc, Vc, Then thev want FURNITURE. "Not cnlculatine from the proceeds of profits," but from the fact that a complete outfit can be purchased ntour uouc lor relive.s the purchaser from much trouble and many small bill. w have, for the accommodation of our customers, recently enlarged our furniti re room?, andean now, and will in future be aide to olfer inducements to all wishing to purchase provided fig ures bean inducement. It would be. an endless undertaking to furnish a com plete catalogue of the articles we oticr for sale, iu addition to Furniture; but, feeling a to benelitthe public, e venture to call attention to a very few, as follows that th to i reul economy in crushing 1 or grinding the kernels of iill grain before feeding n to slock, and mat thuro is much nutriment in the- cob whsu prop-'rl- y broken or ground. Anil the only reason liiat m: Hi arranged to produce Uieso desired results have no: bjea more jjnerally introduced anions planters and farm sr:, has bicu their complex arrangement ami high CO a. In the Kentucky Corn and Cob Mill, of which the Fbove is an accurate engraving, we claim to have produced a machine at once e.lijient, subUatitial and chu:ipt vinl j iu is so simple that th'J most ordinary band can adjusi and op Tats it. This machine;, u nhke any ot!ijt', is rjgulated by nuaiis of a single et screw, ii easily moved by hand, and is applied directly under tho centre of th j mill. Any ona using these Mills will find a clear saving of one quarter of their corn ovar the old plan of feeding. We warrant Mills to jrive entire satisfaction. may in; litem for thirty days and if not satisfied, can return thorn and el thair money. Thjy will grind Corn and Cob as Una as desired, at the fol!oviij rate pur hour, with one horss: No- 1, i u 5 uuihils per hour. Weight 350 H.s. Price I PESFUMERY AND VTE are often asked why we sell FURNITURE so iV much cheaper than other dealers in the article. F"or the benefit of all we will explain. U ii the impreion iitiionie and abroad that GQCAirrKK e.isks fluo pdlc and dark Krandj; superior pala Oiard liraad": Ja baskets superior Champagne: 5 baskets ileidsick Champagne; yx cask Sherry Wine: ca-fine .iadeira Wine; old Port Wine; 4 Sin bbls lino flourbon Whisky; Fine bottled Liquors uf all kind; December:. WEST A. CO. whole S.XI0 wtu paid lo M rs. Hlackwell, hose aclcnowl. edirment is given below. This presents one of the many instances hi which the Proclamation by the Governor. bi nelils of Life Insurance is fully illustrated. The assured had failed In business, left nothing for his wife, except 8300 REWARD. what resulted from the In the name and by the authority of the. Comtaowctattlt of hud been so thoughtful Ininsurance m his life, which he making. Kentucky. J. C. HK1S.I)0, Agent, lirHKKEAS, it haibi.;n made kmm u to me thai Sah'i. December 17. 15. Frankfort, Ky. ii. Dlws, who was eontincL in thy coma jail of Spencer county foniie murder 'Samuel landi-nnan- . Frask-or- t. .a. til, 18J5. did, on the 26ih October, lei5, eseape from jbe juilof said John C., Esci., county, and Is now going at largo. Jlgent of the Charter Oak Life Insurance Co.: i"ow, therefore, i, Charles MoKtiiti.nt. tiovenmr of Hear Sir: Allow me, through you, to express mv tlie Commonwealth aforesaid, do Iierel oher a reward of Three Hundred Dollar for ihe apprehension of the gratitude for ofthe receipt of th e thousand dollars, the lull amount the risk taken for mv benefit by my late said Samuel ii. Dews, and hisdtdiery to the jailer uf husband, Isaac P. Black well. most highly appreciate Speucer county, within one war from this date. the benefit resulting to me from this provident act ol mv JJST TESTIMONY it HEREOF 1 have late husbnnd, and w ill ever remember it w ith pratitude. i hereunto set niy han!, and caused the seal of Hoping that the Company maybe prosperous iu all time 1 L. ,S. the Commonwealth to be ailixed, come, and that it may continue lo extend iuprottxtios ) Frankfort, ihis 1st day of .November, done at to the ( lroi.and to widow aud orphan, in the tHth year of ine Commouwealib. 1 remain yours o;c. Hy the Governor: C. ti. MUP.KliEAlb SUSAN E. feLACKWELL. Mason Knows, Secretary of Mate, II A R TFOED FIBE INSURANCE COMPANY, DESCRIPTION. Said Dews is about flvo feet two inches bign, heavv built, argo hands aud feet, coarse sandy hair aDd a Saddler by trade. OF HARTFORD, Proclamation by the Governor. CO.WKClTCtT. Capical Stock, Amount Paid L'p, $500 REWARD. S:iO0,OOt 210,000 In the iwmt und tij the authority of the Commnicealth of Kentucky. riiHE annexed statement of tlie condition of the Cotn-- 1 "I IT H IC K E A S ii has been rep resented to mu that J OSK pany, made 1st January, 1S55, shows the condition aud PH tV V. MtURAYkltdid. on the night of the lUh of Mav, responsibility of the Company. leT4. assault, cut, wound, beat and bruise .Mrs. Emiiy 1. The name of the Company is the Hartford Firs In.McBraer of Anderson county, of which ems. wounds, surance Company, and it's location is at Hartford, tic, sin; afterwards died; that the said Joseph V. .Mc. Connecticut. lirayer has since tied from Justice and is now going 2. The Capital Stock of the Company is $3n(i,ioa 1XJ Urge. 3. T he ain't of i Capital SUrck paid up is uy j ow. therefore. I, LAZARUS W. t'O WELL. Governor 4. The assets of the Company are as fol of the Commonwealth aforesaid, do herebv oiler a re. lows: ward of Five Hundred Dollars, for the apprehension Cash on hand and in tiie hands of Agents, $14,1 It". 5i!(l shares Hartford Hank slock, of the said MclJrayor. and his delivery to i;ie jailer of Q.500 i:u Anderson county, within one vear from this date. shares Pha-niBank slock, 111 100 shares B'k of Hartford county stock, .V TKSTJMOA-IHlF.hCOF, 1 lime lib hereunto set my hand, and caused the 8eal of 50 shares ii'k Hart'fd co. stock (new.; 3.05U txi I L. S. tlie Commonwealth to be affixed at Frankfort, 23 shares Farmers and Mechanics Hank ( ) this loth day of August, IKij. and iu tlie ollh (.lock, o,g.jl year of tiie Commonwealth. 43 shares City Hank stock, . 5,074 Co 2UU shares F:xchange Ky the Governor: 1,. V. POW ELI. . Eank stock, ll.Cl.u 50 shares Mercantile Bank stock, Grant Cjkli: v, Secretary. . 5.'iill (si I11U hy J. V. Tatm, Assistant Secretary. shares Charier Oak Bank stock, liijjoiltm UK) shares Charter Oak B'l; stock (new,; 5511 uti 3J shares Connecticut Kiver Banking DKSCKIPTIO.V JOSEPH V. .McBKAYLK is about trii vears ol age; Company stock, 1,9511 CO lUO shares ilartl'ord. six feet three inches high; dark though nol'black Lair, of Providence, and a sandy or brown cast; sallow complexion: coarse feaFishkill Railroad stock, 5,000 Uti tures; weighs about lx; pounds, square built: awkward -- 0 shares Connecticut River Railroad manners; rather slow of speech: sluirirish carriage: bends ony ui slock, slightly forw ard in the shoulders; has very large feet. and 50 shares Hartford and New Haven R. Rlargo cold soft hands. He had on when he left a straw stock, 5,750bti d hat, l'.0 shares Conneclicut River Company tweed frock coat, and black pants. ..... 7.0 ... stock, jjiim oil Hills receivable, secured by aparoved personal security or ample conater- als 250 REWARD. r.;,i;o.'. 5. No liabilities lo banks or olliers, due or In the name and by the. authority of the Common treat: h of nol due. Kentucky. G. No losses adjusted and due. H EKE AS, it has been represented lo me. l.y the pe. 7. Amount of losscsadiustcdand not 3o,400 94 duo, M liliou of the county Judge of Jefferson eountv. that 8. Amount of losses unadjusted, 15,US4 3M in the month of August last. PATKK'K CAV l.AY did 0. Losses in suspense, waiting for further aid aud abet in killing and murdering ne TllKonoitt; proof, included in last answer above. Kiionts, aud has since tied from justice. 10. All other claims against the !0,rs50 0" Now, therefore, 1, CHARLES S. MOKEHKAD, Gov. 11. The rule of the Company is Connemv not to exceed $ln,iot) In ernor of the Commonwealth aforesaid, do hereby olfer any one risK sunject 10 loss by a single fire, a reward of Two Hundred aud KH'tv Dollars lor the li. 1 he amountinsured tn a city or village depends upon apprehension of said Cavinaw.and hi's delivery to the its size; generally, all the desirable risks to be had, Janerol jeuerson couniv, within one vear. subject to the rule last above named. 1 l.Y TEST.MO.Yr HHF.REOF. have 13. Theainount insured in any one block of buildings c l hereunto set my hand aud caused the seal of depends upon its size and construction, subject u L. S. the Comnionweiilih to be affixed, on this the me ) Wd of September, A. D. 1355, and in tlte C4lh 14. The rule above relerred to. ( act of incorporation is the same as filed in Jtilv, yearof the Commonwealth. 'C54. C. B. UoWKRS, Seeretani.' Hy the Governor: C S. MOKEHKAD. Hartfoiid, January 2y 155. Mason lip.ow.s, Secretary of Stale. Statk ok Connei ticut, Ks Proclamation by the Governor. Il' Hartford county. j Pearsonally appeared C. B. Bowers, Secretary of the Hartford Fire Insurance Company, and made oath that the foregoing statement, bv him subscribed, is true, according to His best knowledge and belief. Before me: . f;. IlOAKE, Jumtice of the peace. L'pon application for insurance, all necessary Information will be given bv J. f. IlliHAU'OA, Dec. 17. lc55. Agent, at Frankfort, Ky. DESCRIPTION. Said C'avinaw is a low heavy set Irishman, about rive feet high, black hair, dark liazleeyes, mild countenance round face, very active in his mot einents. Supposed lo have come from near l'renlon. New Jersey. Proclamation by the Governor. 100 REWARD. In th' name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Kentucky IT' has been represented to me that ,IA1-MAN, a slave, the properlv of Titos. Reynold, Esq., In September, 1855, did, in Jessamine county, Kentucky, kill and murder Hoick e, a alave, aud is now going at large. Now, therefore, I, CKAKLESS. .MOKEHKAD, Governor of said Conimonweallh, do hereby oiler a reward of Oue Huudred Dollars for the apprehension of the said Jarman.aud hisdeliverytothe jailer of Jessamine coun. Iv w ithin one year from ihis dale. " M" TESTIMO.VY II HEREOF, have , i hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of U sthe Commoiiwcalth lo bo alUxed. Done at ( ) Frankforl, this sixth day uf September, In55, aud in the vear of the Coinmou--.vealtEy thu Governor: ('. S. MliKklli. MasO IiKow.n. Secretary of State. Jarinau Is about dark cainpleviou. DESCRIPTION. vears old. about :ln EDW A ill) Tin, Copper, & Sheet Iron Manufactory. OLD BANK BCILDISC, ST. CLAIR F R A X Ii F O It T , K X . TttBT sT., "7?J M in j si LEIS. r..oi i.i..i, LAND, i on FOKFEITCKE. IF ihe taxes, interest, and costare not paid on the fol' 1 lowing laud, on or before the lmhdav ot Fenruarv next, the same will be forfeited lo the Commonwealth o'l Kentucky: No. Levllilunt'sheirs, 1(!0, partof'216 acre3. Green couniv, waters of .utl Barren, originally surieved for Eliza Sumiuersou hcadright ccrtilicate No. 70, and to Levi Blunt; taxes from IMlto 154; amount. S3 Ki. Given under my hand this lOthday of October, TiiO. S. PAGE, .luditor Public Jircount. 5a perceut interest Is due H0 per ceut ou liie second yenr'n ix; nud 1C0 per cent on ttie tlilrt year's tax. 'osts far advcrli.;inr, Si cents on each inu-i'ct. 12, 185 iiam3iiiW(i:tw. UiJ received anti far sul Nov. 14. bv w. H. KEKIfE undersigned would inforin hisfriendaand tuo puo-litliat lit: Iiad opened a shop .und fominencou liie lie will warrant an above b'.isint'ss in all iu branches, work done by him lo pivc (jaUofaction. and hopes by and promptness in business, to merit and receive a portion of tlie public patronage. ThosO peisons wish-iiiully rocpiesi?d to call on work in his line arc hi in. lift would also inform his friends and the public that he will keepconstantly on hand a euernl assort ro'jnt of COOKI.VG STOVES, and WOOD and COAL STOVES, ot the best quality, which he will sell on accommodating terms. EDWAHD LEV. IS. Oct. !7, ISSi bT. 11 H li r

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