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Image 10 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 2, Summer 2007

Part of Kentucky alumnus

RESEARCH NOTES COLLABORATIVE EFFORT: QUALITY OF LIFE Background Buzz Many of the things we cherish most at first appear unrelated to health, education, or _ _ _ _ economic development — clean air and water; fertile soil; views of secluded valleys This series hlghhghts 23 and furrowed, timber-covered mountains; sights of rolling hills, board fences, and gal- p1'0jeC1s aimed at s0lving loping Thoroughbreds, strong families and communities; our Kentucky heritage, and the "Kentucky Uglies” access to culture. Ultimately, all connect, and UK researchers are committed to raising by improving Kentncky’g Kentucky’s quality of life in all areas. schools, business climate, UK historians are creating an extended, documented history of Kentucky, teaching ma- · h I h terials and a book to raise the level of historical literacy from middle school social studies envIr0nment, ea t _ _ _ care and lifeStyleS_ classes to the educated public. The documentary and related materials will demonstrate . that Kentucky’s past is central to, and sheds light upon, the American experience. Thesepr0_]ectsare A h H f K k . . I b . . 1 h lb the “C0mm0nweahh ccess to t e ne arts or entuc y is important. t eg1ns in e ementary sc oo y C ll b , ” exposing young children to the arts and encouraging them to make the arts part of t 0 atl;)rtaUv;S’ a th their lives. erm a p0 rays e partnership binding . UK’s researchers, K-12 Kentucky H mer y _ _ _ _ d t · d d t “Kentucky —An Amertcan St0ry," was written by Daniel Blake Smith in the UK Col- Eegaz (glu] rggilzrgn lege of Arts and Sciences Department of History. He also is the executive-producer and t P . d t’ . director of the project, as it unfolds into three one-hour programs aimed at increasing en mpmneum In us ri€S’ Kentuckians’ historical literacy. The series will be broadcast on Kentucky Educational l l t ffi l - - - - - - Oca ggvemmsn 0 cla S Television and be supported by teacher-training workshops designed to help stimulate ah;} Pnvijns cmsens whs:} student interest in history in general and Kentucky’s past in particular. The programs Wl Participate lh — ah will be accompanied by a book published by the University Press of Kentucky, lavishly- benefit fr0m — these illustrated with photos and stills from the film series as well as many other surprising p1'0jeC1s. images from Kentucky’s rich past. Th H , , The series, hosted and narrated by film star and Kentucky native Ashley Judd, will E ve ma"} categones dramatize how Kentucky’s past, far from being an odd ‘stepchild’ of the American ex- of c0l_lab0l'*mv€s are perience, in fact symbolizes much of the nation’s journey. ° €hVh'0hm€ht From its frontier origins to its global present, Kentucky offers a revealing window into • health care a wide range of distinctly American issues. Offering a treasure-trove of unforgettable • ec0n0mic deVel0pment people and transforming events, each episode will tell vivid Kentucky stories that are • education indelibly linked with the nation at large. • quality Of life The series is expected to be finished in time to air in the spring or fall of 2008. Cultural Enhancement The UK Opera Theatre/Lexington Opera Society Opera Outreach Program takes op- era to K - 6 schools and communities across Kentucky, particularly Eastern Kentucky, that may not otherwise have opportunities to experience it. Led by Everett McCorvey of the UK College of Fine Arts, the program’s ultimate goal is to increase the impact of the fine arts and art in general within the Commonwealth, providing improvements to the quality of life across the state. This opera education outreach program introduces children to operatic story-telling by using beloved and popular children’s stories as a backdrop, making the audience comfortable and at ease with this new learning experience. After weeks of rehearsal at UK, the one-act opera performances with full costumes and sets tour school auditori- ums and gyms throughout the state. { Weh)(tra Fur details, visit wwmuky. edu/UE/BB/life.I1tm 8 KENTUCKY ALUMNI

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