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Image 59 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 27 (1959-1960)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

‘ ARTS AND SCIENCES 59 Minimum Requirements for Entrance to Medical Schools .€ 1 year English Composition rs 1 year Biology with laboratory 1 year Physics with laboratory 2 years Chemistry including (a) General Chemistry (c) Quantitative Analysis ·r (b) Qualitative Analysis (d) Organic Chemistry if Electives suflicient for junior classification V The student may pursue a combination Arts-Medicine curriculum, spending three years at the University before transferring to medical school and obtain- ing the A.B. or B.S. degree after the Hrst year’s work in medical school. (See page 55 of this bulletin.) The student who completes a four years’ course of study and thereby obtains his degree will have time to meet the requirements for entrance to all _ medical schools. Opportunity is thus afforded for a broader background in the { natural sciences, social studies, and humanities, which will be of advantage both in medical school and in later life. The student may elect any Held of con- centration and may major in any department of the Held which he desires. l The number of students applying annually for admission to medical col- l leges exceeds the number which can be admitted. Boards of admission con- : sequently Hll their quotas from those who are best prepared, or who have had ` three or four years of college work, or even a college degree. Furthermore, these boards seldom select a student who does not have a satisfactory standing, i regardless of the number of years spent in college. , Recommendation for Prospective Medical Students · 1. Consider the study of medicine only if you have a serious desire to do so, and if you are capable of demonstrating this by successfully and satisfac- torily completing your college courses. An applicant for entrance to medical school should have at least a 2.5 standing. 2. Rather early in your academic career, try to determine to what medical school or schools you will make application. Then, infonn yourself as to the specific requirements and desires of these schools and try to conform to them. In order to do this it is advisable for you to write the Dean of the medical school or meet with him in an interview. 3. The College of Arts and Sciences has a faculty committee, known as the “Preinedical Advisory and Recommendation Committee,” the purpose of which is to advise prospective medical students and ultimately to recommend them for entrance to medical schools. VVhen you enroll, you will be assigned by the Dean to a member of this committee who will be your adviser and with whom you should consult early and frequently in your premedical work. This committee collectively passes upon you as an applicant to medical school. Only the recommendation of this committee carries the endorsement of the University. Recommended Courses Preparatory to the Study of Medicine" FRESHMAN YEAR First Semester Crs. Second Semester Crs. Chem. 1a—Ceneral Chem. 5 Chem. lh-General Chem. 5 Zool. 1—Cencral Zoology 4 Bot. 1—Gcncral Botany 4 Math. 17—Col. Algebra 3 Math. 18-Pl. Trig. 3 English 1a—English Comp. 3 English 1b—English Comp. S Mil. or Air Science—First Year 2 Mil. or Air Science-First Year 2 Phy. Ed. l Phys. Ed. 1

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