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Image 1 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), April 1, 1909

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

44 > g i iii I I bi j1 CX 1 >v Joj i tb J4J > A i si f y t t t 2jf i i 7 r k wnJmax iw r i M r + > < 1 Z f aLc r NO 145 1 WINCHESTER KY THURSDAY APRIL L 4 f 4 by Beey sad JIiIIIIIr wsilMsr ttJiIIIt + 1909 1 IlIIEwEnJea < J VOL 1 q l r THE WINCHESTER NEWS Last Edition ra < MIl II 2 CENTS A COry FMyj i GENTS A WEEK Movement On Foot To Have Congress Construct > ic Canal To Connect Winchester With Kentucky River j f 1 X350000 Will Build Water Way For LAND SUIT IS BIG City and Reduce Transportation Charges 50 Per Cent Kentucky P H Congressmen Favor Measure Thomson Secures Settlement With I This latter remark doesnt of course apply to the baseball fans nor to a few individual bazoo blowers The very latest and one of the greatest of these efforts for the fut- ¬ ure of Greater Winchester has been going on for weeks and so quietly that only a very few outside of Tlt ¬ News people and the engineers an passages even their identity has been kept se- ¬ latest style barges and boats includ ¬ cret owing to their official position ing the now celebrated Lomb system Makes a Scoop of steam and electric boats as adopt ¬ The News has as usual made a ed by the Ohio canals would be in ¬ scoop on the details of the g enterprise that means so much fo the future growth and prosperity of bonds on a 2 per can cent the city of Winchester and the county case of the Panama basis as in the Canal the in- ¬ of Clark The News today gives a terest would be only 7000 per year few of the details for the first time while the tolls will easily meet this to its thousands ofreaders and at the same time reduce freight In brief Winchester is vow the premier city of the fourthclass h the State in wealth and population Effect of the EenterpriseIt is also the Gateway City of East ¬ The effect of the completion of this enl Kentucky and it its railway cen ¬ great enterprise on the already won ¬ ter Freight rates in consequence arei lower than apycitYsimilar1Ysituated derful progress of Winchester can Inirdly be estimated even by the most in the South optimistic citizens To bring about Other Advantages Sought this most desirable consummation it Many of our enterprising citizens was decided to interest our Congress ¬ however grave for some time felt that nan and Senators and the following still further advantages in this line billwas prepared and sent on for should be accorded to us In further ¬ which they hope to secure an early ance of this idea it was decided some passage weeks ago at a little meeting of a few Whereas it has been represented of those who make things happen to the Congress that Winchester Ky when they get their heads together being now the largest city of the CHIEF CRAZY SNAKE WHO LED CREEK INDIAN BAND TO WARPATH IN OKLAHOMA to discuss ways and means for adding fourth class in said State and that it to the future glory and greatness of is situated within eight miles of the Chief Crazy Snake leader of the band of full blood Creek Indians that took the warpath in Oklahoma and fought the sheriffs of several counties and the state militia has given the authorities trouble for years Ten years ago he the Gateway City and tine grand Kentucky River which stream has went on the warpath and was captured after a hard chase by a detachment of United States cavalry He never county of Clark that additional been locked and dammed by the Unit- ¬ became reconciled to the dissolution of tribal government he and his followers maintaining that the United States transportation facilities were abso- ¬ ed States nndhad not kept faith with the Creeks In regard to tribal government and the allotment of lands Crazy Snake who lutely necessary as well as additional tWllCreas it is represented that Is otherwise known as Wifton Jones is fiftyeight years old His grandfather was a chief and a party to the treaty water advantagesthe commerce population and general with the United States in 1832 in which the Creeks were invested with tribal rights ln what was then the Indian It is well known that Kentucky business of said city would be more Territory u River sweeps along the southern than quadrupled in a short time by = shores of the county for about 25 the construction of a lock canal for miles and it is also known that it boats and barges from said stream BREAKS INTO COMMERCIAL CLUB PLANNING has been locked and dammed from its to said city therefore to the Lee and Estill line and mouth The Proposed Bill that another year will see the com- ¬ Be it enacted by the Congress of pletion of this great system to the AND IMPORTANT MOVES Three Forks of the river in Lee counj the United States in special session assembledunder call of the Presity and up these forks for many thus opening up practically milesI dent Sec 1 That the sum of 350000 of appropriated for the construction Burglars Steal From Roc Winans Membership Committee Working For Diamond Pin and Adding Many and Scott Wednesday ofn canal by the most feasible route Night New Orleans Mem ¬ from Kentucky River to the environs nati St Louis Members to the Club phis and Pittsburg to the southern of said city conditioned ofcourse that the right of way for said canal The store rogm of Roe Winans borders of the county The Canvassing Commit Ice of the donated by the land owners along and SILott was entered by burglars Much to Mean line and that said city of Winches- ¬ Commercial Club is meeting with To have these great natural ar ¬ ter furnish without charge to the gov- ¬ Wednesday night and about 6 in great success but there are yet many CHIEF YQEMAN teries of transportation reach Win- ¬ ernment a tract of land sufficient for cash and a chock for 160 was taken good citizens who have not joined chester would mean that Winches ¬ a harbor basin wharves and suitable from the safe The club is doing great work for the jump to the po ¬ Roadways from the principal streets ter would quickly The burglars entered the building NOW AT HOME sition of being the third or fourth of the city to the basin wharf city and they should be encouraged by unlocking the front door They city in the State and leave Lexington Sec 2 Charges for boats and by rounding up at loasflTfour hundred and other outlying suburbs so far in barges passing through the locks and also worked the combination of the the rear that they could not catch thong said canal shall not exceed the safe and prized the cash drawer open membersThe Mr Ernest Paynter Visiting His RelRailroad Committee met Winchester even with an uptodate minimum tolls now allowed by similar and it is thought by the authorities atives After Naval Cruise I moving picture machine Thursday canals in the United States Around World that spme one who is well acquaint- ¬ To enable Winchester to do this take action in regard to the L Sec 3 The county of Clark shall K Mi Ernest Paynler of the United alockcanal from Kentucky River to exempt said canal from all county ed with the place did the job Of ¬ depot If they cannot gotthq oflieinls States Nay is here on a visit to his the southern suburbs of the city district and school taxes and juris- ¬ ficer Tanner left this morning for to begin thoir new building they will inptlier on Winn avenue and to his should be constructed Three fcascdiction over said canal shall be ceded Lexington with a warrant for the ar ¬ appeal to the Rui road Commission brothm Harry Superintendent of the rest of the suspected party ible routes presented themselves for to the United States Government Mr Moiinwin Central Railroad consideration and a quiet reconnois as the club feels thu ttlic present Paynter has served nearly eight year Sec 4 Surveys for the location anco wits requested by engineers of of said canal shall be completed and shanlyboatj winch is called a depot ill the navy and occupies the posi ¬ GOVERNOR GENERAL experience andall three routes were work begun on said canal on or before for lack of a bettor namet ife raft sushi tion of Chief Yoeinan on the battle- ¬ pronounced 1st 1910 ship Rhode Island He was on the Liberality of Land Owners IS TO RESIGN a buildhigas Winchester has the cruise jirbiuid the world Sec 5 If any landowner shall right to demand Wliqu asked what he considered The liberality of the land owners refuse to donate the right of way the The Entertainment GowinittuQ has tho most interesting country visited along the different lines should de ¬ city and county authorities may con- ¬ termine the location as the cost will demn enough land for such purposes General Smith to Leave Philippines decided to give an opening session he answered HJapYlltud the two of the club at the opera house the most interesting cities Yokahoma and be about the same in each case and as provided by law and at the expense For San Francisco to latter part of this month when a full Tokio Japan it goes without saying that land of said city and county Practice Law report of the workmgsrof the club will Mr Paynter is a graduate of the Sec G This act shal take effect values along the lucky line will be be made Distinguished speakers Winchester High School and has at greatly enhanced so much so in fact and be in force from and after its Special 4o The News from home HUn abrouxlwilktake part t all times been very popular He that each owner wound be justified in passage The Committee has ujot yet perf- thinks that there is no place like Win ¬ SAisT FRANCISCO April donating this right of way Splendid Possibilities 1 It is proposed also to have a roW That this bill which is fraught nth j ernorGeneral Smith fof the Philip ected their plans bttttlny will get Up chester andexpectsto return here J at tine expiration of his term of ciilist pines AKill resign r and sail for this a most enjoyable entertainment of trees on either side as well as will be free to ally uiil la be JIl4tlt which will be In about eight city Ilttr t15th to icsume boulevard along one bank of the ca- d J especially iirviled to atcudJ months nal At the terminus near the present bee of thelawContinued on Page Fpur c ¬ turnd = == m STORE BLOWS I Cityi j t J < a 4 Ct f2 l j C r i 7 Yt a Yr 0 < 1 II Py dr i J Jt 1 R 1 u j 1 ff I l < INDIANS IN REVOLT yof aua to quell the rebellion MOST ARE OF THE STORES THAT WILL APPEAL TO YOU MOSTARE YOU A JUDGE OF AD ¬ VERTISINGOF THE IN ¬ IMPORTANCEi ¬ MENTS I rr a RawI J Davis the Regular Pastor YOU WILL FIND THAT THE ADS THAT APPEAL TO YOU r King Offers te Sell Threne London April 1 Circumstantial reports continue to emanate from Vienna concerning the probable fall of the Servian dynasty It It alleged that King Peter has Informed tlw > British minister at Belgrade of intention to abdicate If he fc gvaraa At teed a yearly allowance the British foreign pfllce It was that nothing is mow of seek a prep ¬ osition < ij w otM6 tate o t A J tjs 1 7 i jf ff tt i< j and Tax Collectors Killed When Property Is Confiscated El Paso Tex April 1 Rebellion to Speak Sunday at the attempt of the authorities to collect taxes and confiscate property Rev BJJ Davis the regular pas ¬ the Temosachic Indians in the state tor mill preach at the Providence of Chihuahua broke into open war-¬ Baptist church Sunday morning It fare killing several officials terror izing town of and is his purpose to preach a sermon cuttingthe telegraphSan Andreas wires the that will be of treat benefit to the The Indians then sent out a general members and he desires a full at- ¬ call for reinforcements to resist the tendance enforcement of taxes and the confie B I S r- t J thlU t Crazy 12 > < Locate Mexican Rev practicableJ J to PROVIDENCE BAPTIST I I Unable SnakeWeather is Wet TO PREACH AT THE- tob ouduch Soldiers mm UP KILLS IIyear liwill WILY puidI BUSINESS 1 CHIEF SHOWS DT 1 I In 1890 Col H P Thomson was the owner of the Ballard farm The old farm house was near Boone av antic and what is now South Maple street The farm was south of the residence and extended on the Boonesboro road for nearly a mile the south part extending through to the Two Mile road now known as South Main street On this property is now located the best residences in the city At the extreme south end the Fair grounds are located In February 1890 Col Thomson sold to Harmon and Tal bott a twothird interest in the prop ¬ erty at the rate of 600 per acre This Was Beginning of Boom This was the beginning of the Win ¬ chester boom Streets were laidout and some lots sold When the bottom fell out of the boom Harmon and Tal bott refused or failed to make good In 1891 Col Thompson filed suit characlerliUci I as Cwtrowiy in Pierce Okla April 1 Repbrtsithat Chitti Harjo Is hiding in some seclud ¬ ed gulch in the Tiger mountains about six miles from here have bees confirmed His surrender It was said might be expected within a few hours It was learned that Crazy Snakes inquiry as to protection in case of and got judgment for 35000 but surrender was not official but was was unable to collect Harmon went communicated in a roundabout wa to London England where he be ¬ came prominent ris a promoter sent it Among other things promoted by him On Monday night an Indian boy wits a railroad in Ecuntdor that he came to the home of Dr M K Me carried thrqugh to completion Dhenny at Brush Hill six miles from Carried Case to England here The boy said the old chief find VjCol Thompson caedhits case to suffered slight gunshot wound la London where he secured judgment the calf of his leg last Sunday but against Harmon Talbott having I was able to move The lad declared taken the bankrupt law Recently that the fugitive wished to surrender if Dr McDhenny would guarantee fair CpK Thompson wHIr attorney JD Ls treatment Then the messenger dis ¬ Pendleton went to New Yorkand appeared as mysteriously as he hal through attorney Armstrong come leaving the physician an old and a bankerE Hope Norton who resident and friend of the Creek lead represented Harmon a compromise cr to wonder how to reach the latter was effected for the sum of 30000 with an answer Since that time it has it is said been the inability oft which has been Colonel Hoffman to find where to Judge J M liver his assurance of safety that has came Circuit prevented the surrender of the much Col Thomson and later Pendleton sought red man Even Crazy Snakes Bush and Bush represented him sister could not or would not indicate The property over which the con ¬ his whereabouts troversy arose with the improvements The weather has been raw and we is now worth nearly a million dollars I and it seems certain that Chitti Har ¬ jo despite his years and his wound has been exposed to all the severities of the weather as every habitation BARK and shelter has been searched for Ida in vainThe expiring bluster of the month is expected to hasten the further AND scattering or the surrender of other Creeks They are not well clad and have no provisions save such as may be obtained surreptitiously Colonel Hoffman called to his aid a French Oil Tank Boat From Phila ¬ well known and respected Creek of delphia Explodes at Checotah John Thompson Thomp- ¬ son who is a hardware dealer Is a Marseilles friend of Chitti Harjo and was given Colonel Hoffmans authority to prom ¬ Special to The Newsise the Creek chief perfect safety and MARSEILLES France April 1 a fair trial if he would surrender the French tank bark Jules Henry Colonel Hoffman spent the entire from Philadelphia in the oil trade day in searching for his hiding price blew up and was totally wrecked Detachments of troops and squads of Twelve of the crew were killed and detectives scoured the country in every direction despite the rain and many injured short rations Asr pern C Harmon Over Sale of Old Ballard Farm Property Made in 1890 city limits would be the principal pool or harbor basin with the usual wharves and docks for loading and unloading unda belt line railway track to connect with the railway lives on the north side would follow A beautiful park and driveway would also surround it on three sides The basin and the canal would also be stocked with fish from the Govern ment hatcheries The Cost of the Canal i s 30OaO COMPROMISED fOR I CoL Winchester has always been noted for doing things in the Winchester way e of accomplishing results by quiet earnest effort and without any blowing of horns in advance < FINALLY M cqt J 1 rti r t f 7 = C G ss d P < r I

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