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Image 2 of Kentucky statesman (Lexington, Ky. : 1849 : Semiweekly), October 4, 1853

Part of Kentucky statesman (Lexington, Ky. : 1849 : Semiweekly)

WHWm1 C il I f. rssErssoKx-- r nlPe hi "itr report oft II L T of Ispahan win nearly its u . - ileuun i) vvluic ill HELVETIA AND J cold minim; lOMPm I'll HTI 111 i LAFAYETTE ' M ISPlllLIMltD . llf i ul been led lu sunn w. In tin r jllcv a IIUiriK Ul iiiiuiN ibuliii uistigalois of llien isciptfiom rhia Co pi iBlmlrl.lGiil It wns Orziniiid Jul) 1, ISo', 20of, jaai iiisrom i i lit. tbat in the Btiusli piovnices, .mid iliebhcit lo Ion uon iii Ul) is in its ilu. sill liopei jfi sice s.f work III in i condimnid to death sand a home in winch lie other-- . Jutte JLd lot of the lleiulj the) A. tluyiild ben I ernli vuti nn mill ilu anil fnr 20 lit t.l rnfcbn, mi nt in hi n niljt n , aided As clllJills I'ftppfiis lint tli II i D ,1 h social nil n ill mckrlits anil Hilvaiit i,cs ,1 t ill li I.. J ..o ii. i o fnnn hi till otln n ,i, In n liJ in tl i l'.itu Is li. ixled up c i mil r Tins tin) loundnittu bi rir 3,000 l'udu l on s i nun ut niivh li tins bin bun ii I, in! iWiits i.llv flllllll 11 SO miles ll ll.rilllsU, Mil. tin Islin ol ( ib i n ,v nut bi un tin inj button the cunli il y they i I. Hi sin t il n .in is lo L. 1 linl ui kisli &)iernminlli 000,000 ii I! n nil ill id u uisp lb in llui 20 h f SH 00(1, and the yn ii conn i t m tl,,, m,m ,u indljrnil is jpuiiiijl lllsllii just 'leiiei of llic .nine is tionfortfOo (khii ihiy, In llic Mar 1808, ol Mm, abuutx Iii UUU UUUbilshiU ,id fur 300 000 winter coats foi liei ul met with in the btiteswi.en hid CLSmve n p rt per year I Jjn vi us hum uliin a mill dins Bed. ciuisirn- in r.e Cult i.f lliev Th Compinv onus ilu most vnlu ihle nun rf-'XKSSBWI lu of tlie road ci tinny fur miles in Thaextensiie ship yard of Scott Uus Mexico atr mist Suauish commpm, the climate was uniremnl to nig probirty iii (riss allei is entntl) ih, tvidlb on i ncli side of tl load i mj Ihcir from Jtts anrl is netting a proht oflliou-ofi- l C n uli Cif Hi nn i "v - 1! elJC in ir L n in ix bin in. I u i ,, K ih, n opicil tastes an habits (1 IK well provided with coal, so is in11 i s i, estimit, d n t Ul OOO Iji ll i c ipuiiL nt tlisLiissIl, nu neigliil ni0lccUd no uppui ttinitj of t irtuK in Otlobcl Un In Is n ille h il rp-fonrces of the countiy aIon.r Ihe , p in il ii b in,' re Cinimuluic Dan I'dtii hltnloiit, in kingiv intake of then iirnoiauce fur inn )r n lull i lit ifli e oftlit lino in Greenup and Carter c Alto pany fhee rnll Mi hi lv iIil Su tan would niucli lu ivijcdiliun cii.tnud lliLm ind n. I, nui mis of fiaud ind impo uion be consi lend im 111. m Olk llic enns ind iiusils slmnih) oi i lu iIil C ii ' un r tliei their siluition wis reveisoto Afiwslulis and copies tin Ch irler and AV'ELCIl'S msli all meded npjiln. s of il u ilul (unci il ut Cubi tin. fcilnur vveic ec de All ic;ular commtimcilion between ai Mimes ol the 1 lie euiior ui me incuru rfei,,l Jtestoration of III. Vnc.ent Sports, Omits ( nli fiiitlni pirliculiiis in n By Laws togi ther fuel for ages ot turn, to all tin , juiiui leinstaltinoplc and the Jlussian (bits cutid and the 1'lir sold followin ' ns insluicis of ihe be ol.liuned up ni Sphcati n to Willi the no duces! borjering un tlie line of tin. i id bci cut off itibi ll hontstv of lln Gmernors ns sin 'fenrrA cling of riirret at the unsatis ETA frw8liares btlonn g to a large Stock Lexington mil ilu counlr il ng and l Uh ln53, 5 1 to holilir who sells u pom in to meet Ills iijage escape day puparations in Turkey are 'ba, the nward was n fused or at I. nst sat torjft)nnga(..that Lex i ton,on Mot lau (the CmipTiiT will lot nil a Sha eat IIVtiMtKll near tlie rui li m Inn in iliat uniiiti, linn canieiljon will uitbitidi0 r ilulioips disputed on ilu an i Miad binu,lit in then condition rjar"","s. it ai un thai C mini b Hi 3B TSi "51k-- 9b S 2 Sn OL.!3t y Al ocopn, flhe Cliirlei n M) been parti ill supplied with cul Iromllie workin, i,ht ind da) it tin loilitui l'oitu btin' in fh iruiiln ilu Amu lliledccliud that wen. it not for IL a n.d PRICIK Boxes 50 Lu t llnlilrn li had Kentucky urn, but tin expi uses and lions ol ill 1) nhi Bfu llai miai h at 2' Afttrnoon, ind u1 in tin nui 0iiirnuui n is bound lo captiiii ihe fenlof pmiishmtnt by bung old to lo risks of inn pji i ion have bun loo DANIEL ADEE Agent Ihe Inilish iiinj m ihe nu,'hboi 1HII s illpnatis, (nllibusiciocs ) but fiiull 1 xisrid Mississippi shlie dealt is the) Vl'll theLargist t 11 liment n tl rPIU8 10. I niton Street, New i oik In in,' il i c mI into r in i il e litavj to hood of L Wi,U comprism f. On 11 CJli Kll'l ! I' I aina is estnn Ut at 9 J 000 afiti i in ' discussion ihe debl of 80 would idly return to their old planti bid aid ss iuglist!2,)-e4-1- ni iid mum i ( 1 '' 'Ilns ratliuid will aliuid f.iiilitus for a men jJ0uns, and 6 b ittencs of heai v 000 was idnntlcd butneiei mid Three 4Ue and tiriiiih Uu us and his lions' an spend the remaindei ot their We ire personally i NbwYork looiiTU lj it ol ji n nee, and i stud of regulai, abundant and eluap supph o metal cl urn on Cuba amounts lo tinui nr rultoi mat lit da)s wise their old masters, iWitrc the) qulnted wilb Mr uirnbl119 Al'Et eauayicr iiiu s goou L Vttl USE .IiT.rS! llmtlliepnn inal lucl aloii' lhe luu li in Two Kus SOS HORSES, PONIES, regiments armed at tie sum of 29J 000 In 1021 .m.l weiemdfi hauDV and lived easier than Ifei to us for the line A and I uns. unt ii Frankfort nd to a distant c nlttii Bnula. in the Lower Danube, on uV 27th '2"? 1n ,.. il,JKTnn TwotHhcis had been in HAKPEK e, BKOIIIPRS when the And oil r trained nm als II Pi I ue ill I ill is ll i I u,o pi posiusrae .HiDDolioiin. milosor mrt on each side, will hi llulof Auiust were infestin r ih li n nars V,siI,i,.. aim iiin.,u hid .,.i..,,..i file to bocALS tO boa vais mi; jn l'y--'j,fj- t 'I1"n '"i" ' ." Tl STTTF coal from tlie waieis of tin Big ind Litile l...y,r ii Ml i iiss, i siMmraii', WIVs c ailll col fi ' out their ' afts in 4tf ' UOU tRB&N 06mm6lore"ror(i r w as app nn Satiitai'AKtAA. of tin (synn i lruk' foi nniktt pi JIIST III CLIll I) IM It I M'KIISs. nPOO ixi- s, ts One The qnantity of ooal available f ji mm The Indian Jhsurre lion m Rntr Tjiniid isatpc tr innmi jnl o ii.l.,.-inn sid bis deli i mination to k on Mask ' Ul 111 IA lit biilhniitlv ills JilUPUlNL, lolltylonsternation a mom the In bivciift foi llic) were nollnn r else o leturn Iq his Miss in Norlh Caiolina, as ing and Iranspui aliun pniposcs on and Iv p lislied Nov War of Exteiminut on Le hub tanta lol ol III 4U1I- near tlit lint of the imil, has bi n men swiep the West Indies of these Cuban soon as he ciuld get inone) to do so, ind tin in txtmsiie dssort tioned It icm uns to shew nt iv hat rites lillibusteioes Ont of his vei first acts mn tlie lifk of punishmi nt, but as he li id III Ul I'ICl IjIILs. 9un men' of NL tllMt. in coal can be supplnd toconsunus, and il was to inform the Captain Gini nil of got a friiid to write to his mistiess, ask lUIlvO The Poitland (Oregon) Commercial (.odiv siOia am, llarpci still gne a fair piofit to the land owner, of the 25.h, gires the follow in g puticu 'certain haunts of the pirates cty will bi b .i 11 a (.nn the Isle in? pardn andbecgini; for a passage FOR OCTOBER " H - uM a bra- N V. d Iv P of Pines mj eien at K ,'la in ilu- hir tick t hone he felt in h .pes he shoul the miner, and the tailioad compan), for irs of the Indian tioublts milite Ll cd bv ih Cn ols a d full up Iv the transportalion nnd aUo to i stimatt Late on Saturdi) timing list, Mr bor is II mini lhe Ciiptnn Gentrn get backto llic old North Stale bifuc ey Vrticlt the probable consumption that will one Ettlingti arrived lure direct liom J it k .lefusid lo nd the Ameiicin sijindion in cold iveither set in All expiessed i i '2 BLOODED HORSES It A GIBbONs HOOIv STOKI Vt 1 he in IWlitl nnt n lime transportation busimss to the road t slep of Commodore pnftre(ce for hew Yolk or Pennsliania Till IMlltl VIV 1TTS sonnlle, bunging a desp itch innouncing any i Is Sej t III U pel S)ir,Lt mar Ma d post No coal can conit in competition with tint that a general outbreak had taktn plate IPoitti wis to hi out boats, capturt the fori readmce as man) of the old coun Will bi Title li h Is il I! logrqh. tc rom thewateis of the band) inersalon' iniong the Indian tribes in the iciiiit) of pirates htnng out it Regla, and sweep tnmenln Canatli were passionile, and AND CLASSIC NOVEL Will Mill IT the line of the lailwa) ixctnt ill it of the Rogue rner th it foi some the coast of Cub i with his litile ussels did not simpithise with or understand It ippears of O It Mould. 's kept con Oetober 8th. U V ICII1 NTI II. licking niir, and that of the Kentucky nme past the various tnbis in the ncin and bo its Vt MllIOI VSMI I I , ' Ihe gnllant officers and sei thur hibits and manners, and conse AVARIFT hind MiJ inn factured into 12ih. s Hi IUI ii AW Mi: Tirer 'Ihe mines on thtst nuis are nol ,u 0 ihe aboie naintd nurliait made men who manned them, in mini ihiid quently provoke quarrels b) calling IJtVIII DISIItll), Vt iMiiiacdle pricct' A virnlv of lenutifil and can be put in 'leal complaints, and bicomt 'enerally lotl'ht battle, hnally succeeded in hndin worked (xtciisiich, tlum tamned buck lank is Mm PlClLlths nt illy fniind ki t ...slaiitl) on competition onh b) a piecanous distend Detroit iee Press dissatistied at the number of Bostons their haunts, capturing then lessils and thieies ' ifee ' t fnines ll hand Pict ires s d ill. or mg nangiiiun in seasons of high viho were congregating on their formei drmng these Cuban hlhbusteioes fiom ,', T At hldei d Gibbons Look Stoie slit New lcjik and the bo its can not be takin liuntinrglounds, and this disoatisfaclion, the sea Co,BJ'' "avkster water, The affair at Fox irdo is too Sipt Uipersnit near Mini bick, so that the cost of iluse coals, from hassprungintoaburningdesiietoextcr well knonn to make any comments at this 1Iu1,dVn enumtnt n,r ntious articles J. PjIiad Iiqo m. rtn tvliiKi hnn in in I'll wli the risks of the uaMgati m without locks, minite tbt whiles from tht region of time nils action of our goummcnt T TO RENT, AND QUEENSWARE! A. B. COLWELL el CO. '""""'"g and the loss on boits ivill teall) pitient Rogue river tallty, and regun their for sent him into the Mexican mi y He car 'HHElir an c. iii nob.i, sTOlti: 1SD llVII.VtVJt llflo Willi ecupieJ bj J S u 9 at lid stand Hill i pa'en' corn harvester is mother J- - V I l,MM. IIOLNH. n Mam street audtiiu ind the coals ot the Sin mcr foolin ' and lescrie tint entire alley ncdwi h him seveial American officcis .e',m, an) competiiion occupied in Mrett, I cxmgtoii, Kenliickv , dy ngion will siippl) and control the mar- fortheir own list Lieut Daud H Poller !mPKmnl 01 ""lcul ural "le winch will latelyApply lo b) Lu is In order lhe more cf and amons-thtA 0.1 ss? 1 his machine lies to info, n h s f inei ciistoiiins kets along and neir ilu line, and proba fectually to carry out these designs, sei his nephew, and two of his sons David be intertsiiiir to farmers c lis 1 niOMPSON A ANT DiLSEM illv ll it lie his pist die piibln ,ui bly, also, eien it and west of iiankfort eral tribes hate joined, among which are and Thomas He fitted out lhe Mi xican is vei) sini'loin its constmction, and Lexington Sept 1 lin , lllltllt of every new and e i 'alt a AND a The following tsiimatt shews the prob lhe Klamath, Kogue rner, bmith rner navy, blockaded the coast of Cuba, cap puip its to cut, with tht ibor of one of Together nuh orti A S II O A A K ff, il able cost of mining the coal on ind m ar Land Shasta, and, It is supposed, that a tured many Spanish itssels, ind preven hoist and bo), from sixtei n to ttiint) PLAIN AND FANCY WAKE1 acres of c n per da) , and lay it in bunk, whence the main sup Williams' cm large porlion of the fanatis had also ted a large Spanish expedition from Ha dles of fiom two to Un hills as desired ik Comforts, Silk nnd npm.. il. ply of coal foi man) )eais mil be dim i lute (.old Hand .i id I)ti jrated I reucb Itinut fnlScnifs. lana nrncppdinrr to agreed to co operate with them Hi lino Under Mnrts, Drawers, Ac. In Atl I hiu.i, pirtof this machine is m cd the expense of dtjnenng tht same A portion of each of those tribes, to period, Lieut Poster, with the rank of ,'"' "' c i lor lb, i nopklion li In ry article ItH x5tV BSL. Km. Tj3 Diiiuii, Ten nnd Urenkfust Sctv, appliance cilltd a dropper, by winch the on the cars an I the unount of i ulroad the number of about three hundred, have Captain in the Mixican nav), blockaded f i t ntlunaiisW rl h hea ns md stvh i Rich ill bo) n ling on the back of the hoise can th, y li to say lieir niiin r s Alihoigh the fi eight thai ge is established their head qunleis and freight thout M ll is Hugs A Cimisu iho Hi il ) ait i ll k in xylite ill '" ''"ndles of corn at suitible di put so much aboie iliat of some oilier stronghold at a point called 1 ible Kock, brig called the Guerrera.hnded often on jnd w nil pi mpt th il i in i sup n r n the furrow, all n i Iv toi shock all I Hollies RESPECT FULLY in. oui c sr. to il.e ilcitizms I tslois, nuh Cut nil ill it the coal can be said to be one ol the rqost impregnable the coast, penetrated to llic inteiiorof tance roads, it will bi nm that hi his tutu, to tin 1 n lets W I he i ost of this machine is is id dispa ch leason city and li i taken a hou on the west side ol l. it ( iili 11 .esse is mill ii delnered at Lixington and eien at fbrtrtisses in the territory, and about 8 the island, and laid their towns under , i ilif il Miles pa'iis Frankfort anJ other points on the exten miles distant from Jacksonville Is, contribution In (lie bay of Minel he able, nnging from fifteen to twenty dol Limestone Street, between Short & Main, Jellies, llouls iid Dish, s, mii.h , the speed of tins machine is lerv licltd ink ixlensiie nd sion of the roil at so low a rite as lo therefore, any engagement should take sell in with two Spanish bugs, of equal , desiiablf as farmers considei it the best Where he will inaiiufact ue i older and keip (ruiiti Irou, stone n tiimmivn Ware Ilu prices of coil at place, we ma) presume that this fortress lorce with himself, and in twenly minutes defy competition l Xif C until) Mei hunts Iottl Aecj e iui c .rn when the dew is on the onhiudeveivdescrip ion of Lexington and I rankfort from the Ken will be the scene of action compelled them to suntndtr ALLEN & PLUNKETT Wink lime Pri it f unities an ill tin ait rtspictf stalks oi immediately ifter i inn In BOOrs AND li SHOESa tucky rner, li ivc Vs ope in a i r ol iged lespectnel) 20 II irebli st At the time Mr E lest Jacksonville lowering Ins boat to take possission of Hi will isstil M) STM'IE and 1G cents per bushel for the last )ear maily twentj persons had been butcher them, a Spanish frigate hove m sight dry limes tin corn is brittli and difficult n ard in iptritiieid bv ki s il icl Mr Jons KICII, rVHCl who has bi en II il is is able to iccomphsh thai them are wnicn compciieu mm to Haul oil and pre to cut e Among iiM'ed in lhe busimss ed by the Indians livcred t i K.Iimite ofllie r il Ifxl DRY ' !' 11110,0111111 II mg mil v hew Dei v in idii d to the Lfl X MaiivaiHagi fey.'VjJ'l'aTr.r .I'fTmifcr',!,. o'SjSf Tlr Hw i "GCOIflTNG FOR THE MILLION1 huil eiei v fai mer to lhe nublit that lie will il it R Nolan and Messrs Overback, Dunn, iiignic iiiiiuiucu mil loui lie ivy guns, P I 11.1 VNU MlM-LI- t links of JJU ii SI VSONSj. both for I. VI) I LIS tU'l.LMI,i:ilLN, iIia The Indi With ft pri W of AAO norsnns rn Griffin, Smith and Edwards COST Ilk 100 DLsIIKLS winch cinnot be eictllcd have ,i, ATB. W. &.P. SYMONDS', rpill in i Tiir Stiiii sbkbg Clock 11 ubi d r, eh lhe priest His o,d friinds an firmer c isl mers in this No 3 ValneoreinliiitK ,10ml ei lUObu litis in ans bad bui ned upwards of a dozen dwtl brig, eighteen guns and 120 officers and Clolh Lexington, Kentucky 1 ock li linDs CLOlKSi. Al men Costofiledn ik phii inline Ac t the action bctwi en Hum lasttd and the nnlitiry have retired, and I nm coiinnuiiilv an par iculaily luvind lo niveliim lTm-Moit Ins i p f ct n,lit to do tl " diffffin, I'm lues b iard lights and acill hipt Rcnil-73:u- lc Jb I they cii (.ill ml exRin.iit our Like mini other tubes, the Rogue ru two houis and nlty live minutes oi until now Minn' in i chair facing the jMiruntic -J tool $1 50 t om u doie i, i,l iv clock stock Is v.u All is w huh tli.v i lhe bottom to the top not r ,and t tl r on 10 er Indians deiive thur name from their the brig had expended all her powder " pnttn llic cml out of tlie mm, in fuoriH. d p,pl II v mvne di and haulinff ins " $20,000 INVESTED IN propensit) for stealing, and their well It falling c ilm, and Captain Poller being less th in one hundred feet, and many -. il railroad IS known on K c a il j - 71 a il o ( 1 o t li i n Z. th mention nl nch ,i mrallv prtdetory talents have acquired killed, the brig surrendered with a loss stran is lie waiting to see the working AT k,i " Th, OS aid tor VS, repaiis of luftnrs of twent) killed and twenty vi junded.'of tl is clock when it sliikts the hour of MR istbildtr ntthe 06 tor them the unenviable title ol iiogue ,a,lr a,ls r on Mill btnet 102 Of. Is ixmgtoi, s,,, We leain from the jrcntlimm who the Ingale had one bundled and bltylnoon Lnn eye is upon the clock It " enpents of llic tip killed and wounded i biought tht ntws, that the Indians dur " oil, Ac Litut D D I'm Inowvianis five minutes totvvehc The tear Judt Robtrttvon residtnce oU On Thuteday, lhe Wth of Oitober next II Tallin, Ji ,llvss s riiiiiei Colliers' profit Wmouse ing the past lew weeks, Kilieti no less ttr, now the commandtr of the Golden clock has si tick, and the people are ALL OF MY Age, was at the time a midshipman onlgone ixcipt i sew whom the sexton, or $2 7C than tweniv miners and settleis, ind that in R R cms Total cost of c.aldil v TAYL0I1, TURNER S, CO, READV-- M DE L10THiiG! gieat exuttmtnt exists in and around board the brig Aster the surrender, the headvv n man with a wand and sword Household & Kitchen Furniture Freight on tbi mlioil it l' cents pel t in Consist nt; df all article? necessarv for house Tier mile, or ' " null pel bu hel per milt Jacksonville, in consequence of the citi Spiniards with their usual magnanimi is conducting aiound the building The 00 Th.y have j ist loceuul a ,1 which tlicy are for 100 raili ping 1 rnn made know u on day of sale Ihe dial is zens not having ammunition enough to ty, rilled the olhcers and men of their clock is struck in tins way tenns prepai d t sell up in r asm il Slept h n JARV1S valuables, money, &c , not eieji forget some tweniv leet lrom the Uoor on each e have this day opened an liftiie variant tlum in commencing hostilities i) i o o k During the de of which is a cherub or little boi We leain that Gen Lane, at the bead ling the Captain's watch t their ally hue 't ick f Hi, ulclo h Cass, i Tin. cit or The aboie shows that cal can be de RESIDENCE FOR RENT! t lllanket IV mere I il, t II, iver Twe, to action the fngate's crew deserted their with ateallet, and over the dial is a small ,li For the puipo i of tran-in a livered perrailioid at a distance of 100 of scventi five volunteers, proceeded ISH lo house now o f- me (for. rent the residence of Mricupnd by tersliain ind Lion km The cherub on the lest strikes the Jc,sS,nre General Banking, lerly the Caudrv miles from the mines, for 7 76 100 cents the scene ol action immediauly upon quarters twice, and it was with difficulty bell Exchange and eed and Ph in n ij Cassinil C Some fifty feet over the di first Mill strrct near J dire Itobertsou s Doeskin dilated Collecting Business per bushel, or &7 7o per bundled bush 'earning of the outbreak, and great that tbt) could be driven back to their al, quarter tasmaji i l is (.ash, ii r Olotbilv,the house is commodious convent in a largo niche, is i hu'e hnire of residence Satliii? rid bilk silin lldired ! I) piatseis due to the citizens of the sur guns The constant annojance of Com nU, or 52 33 pir ion A7Lare it all u ,p. nil t cl k .pon ent ind has recently been tnoroiihly ii paired uu l urcomaiiico l l M roundrotT countri for the prompt manner modore Porter's squadron to Cuba, and line, a bell in bis lest, a scj the in his P issession will be giv i ii between the 20lh and the pillieipilcitn the I it dSlai s blurts Stocks P eki Lrivats , , Hallow t ispei In fiontstinds a b 'ure of a 25(h of October the ii 'lit hand maki colli cl isil ni AUim U Oh THE MERICA in which they responded to the c ill of the commeice of Spain, compelled Handkenli efs Coll lis r n t on ,1 Iran n it pi a ire For terms Ac apply to J L Ailev Eq Picnous yiunj man with a mallet who stnkes Ihe tw thtii fellow cinztns in ltogue nier val latter to offer peace to Mexico oik Sept 30, II. Overalls Also a sine lot ol unci Olov t. air-- , e rMy 27 104-vir i. A JARVlh Sipt to Commodore Porter's entenn the ser third quarter on the bell in 'he bind of le andComfoits The Anient i timed last night. k hn .cud with pnv e Since the above vice of Mtxico, the Spanish Minister of lime, and then glides Willi a slow step She sailed liom Lncipool at 10 o'clock Second Dispitcii Jj pprovcd pi ii ,i islml at si tuno Alauc a s Urn nt of Hi j k , thee In M fi li r r tound behind lime, out comes an old 37 M to 4 &80,000 Covered and H ird ealher was in tipe we learn that the Indians fered to pay the Commodore A M , on Satin d n the 17th lv r Ifal M tl TRUNKS ' The B title, miicd out on the eienin h ive added lo the aggressions by brutalh the justdebtdue him from Spain, provided man, raises his millet, and places him FOR Before vou puicha-- e .km it As the hour of rpiIFsib-criberwil- l of the lib murderin ' Judge Skinner, Indian agent lie would nolentei the sen ice ot Mexico self in front of him sLll nt TURLIC AUC The Gommodore refused the bribe with twelve comes, the old man laises his mal 1 HON on Snturdti), the latli dny of Sept inlxr 11. . At I". SYJIOMIS'. ' nkit in that district Her newsliml o iff ct on lie colt s,hldilv popuh ,,, raocn ,tJ, "Il the debt is a just one, let and deliberately strikes twelve time-o- October, The Liverpool ma it Js dull at a le n ol The following dispatch from the office thuremiik a ti ely of vetril il - lies iiLrdiints nnd Dim Lowern ib ih, lian declmid in the bell that echoes throu 'h the bull which ou h ive admitted it to be, as an 37 ACRES OF LAND, Herald, Dovvnieville, of the Mountain d by i idaptid lo ,rn 1853. s for ilu neck Friday, 4 W ik oil honorable nation jou should piy it, but dmg Rnd is heard lound the le 'ion of hi. links fi ,m Lexingtm on the Cjnlliiaiia . speculators gives Other parlitulais iWMItnlis s il 28 000 bales i the church 1 intend to enter tht servict of Mexico 'lhen the old min 'hdes, three mi Ira fiom the Covington and M ddlm Dr fair On the evening of the 11th mst M lnli exporters, 4 i ll T. , CO. M, 1 lit Laid is equal in V. COCIsKl Railroads Fiver sick nplandCji nidllii, Stool. adiincedll in its lis, at the end ol the Mexican slowly behind Father Time, an the qialilv lo any in the State Ah nit 18 acres Williaa R Rose and John R Hardin, Wholesale and Hi lad Dialers ill t lOH Flit ih 'IS of ll 000 e of ship boai at Liverpool ex V D Poller entered the young man comes round again Soon as are id cultivation the remaiuilir is in blur while jm their way to Dr Ambrose's war, Lieut k il in q ait bottles II.. j lly FANCY AND bales, Ameni u jlJOOO ULTThere is a lie v Alden's encampment on haibor of Havana in comm ind of the the old man has struck twelve and disap irrass and is heavilv tnnltred All n idn iHv from Capt ihlits lnve r BrtndUuJft on 1 irunises WILT I GOODS, U S schooner Matoresa, HIlAs A CO another set of machinery is put DOUBLE LOO CABIN cash lhewin u of two guns peared, u mess doing it i tl c Adtanced, tinh u Stewa's Creek, weie wa)laid b) the In Terms of sale otie thud Ao 211 I'm Si Arw lor possession ' here was at that time in motion, some li it li is a hanctd 6dt now innceipt ofa coiiip1 te assmtinent nlnle dian8,,nd the former instanil) killed, and thirty men im; rte twenty feet higher still li by Drugji t lly tlir it i he PaL AHl- I NGL1MI, I'KI F o ir i stein canal, ttl'H(aHl. CtfgisTd II & AAILItl-CVheld in bondage an American citiztn It is thus lheie is 1 lil'li cross with an Wie.its bearing inter st f. is not mortal diii lhe Sale will Slates lune 2" s(im il Ohio and thilatler dan gciouslv, GOODS, for Fill s,l, , enibiacing nil llalumore an I lula ltlplna Jl32 take place at 12 o olock M 0 the premises! 'J he Consul of the image ot L hnsl on it I he insiant twelve Di Rose was li inbl) mu fiee colored mm ly wottded f,r Ladies 111 Ihe icvv designs of the sens 324, advanced 10 is lorn n hitt iii Jd JOHN . D'RBY td Au,- - 1st 31- )has struck, one of the apostles walks Gentlemen's Wear offend bv tin Eastern mar" Important to Young Men' IS', yellow 3lii il CI tilaldt being sound the pi vLmi.rnin Umled States. Villam Corbc.ll, liad m otf'a Tories 211 It, is ii mo mens JantlUG AaT.c jucav, ino li plucT tfcota.sporchBwd ipoi r s terms n Bisiosts bin ..ul, Cli r siihluu TO BLASTERS' L.! ceiptsI nn lyolvil hi e o k 70 m w 35(6MI Laid rp. t, ""'s captured bis riHe, revolve ol wlncli will De sola cone outsuccess ugly low teady Ve-- i n Lieut P01 ttr sent through cr cOTies out in fiont, turns, bows and 1. r gaies. lor ino autvprra doming, logetliei Willi vtSUU in casll a thai! inncr iLLI Mr. Corbell a message to the Capt Gen,a ily have a large lot of liars a pie in, so twelve apostles, figures as 1fi CfH first rate.wticle r:P 7dB9 L'7 II- low lAjWUU for sale ...iu pi'lllls 57 pot 1 J dlffeieul Kfly-Mal- e ihe Indian thief, John on Lower An- - eral, informing him that is the Ameri- fiassjsjsMife, walk around, botr and lfls b Clothing, , vu, 9wmj THOMAS BRADLE1 & CO " eiimi leil 4D0C40 of on, of the plegate, that he is bicked by the can citizen then held in slavery was not on n,lrneinnr COTS, MISTS and PARTS s the last appears, an enormous 'September 20 1853 102 Mam street The Amenca brings 126 passe n reis Shasta tribe, and it is known that a large brought before the proper tribunils and cocH perched on the pinnacle of the olteii ui expressly f, r o tr , n sales which lllh It is ourrentl) iipnited that luike) numb' r of the klaraaths are also with the be pleased to exhibit to any one vvho t & A Ii E ! matter lniestigattd, he would block clock slowly Haps his wings three limes F O 1J vvil Live s a call bad attacked the ltussi in outpo ts erv an ah it fi loi him togUlnr with a ctrtain Di Osmond, ade the port of Havana J V. COCHRAN A CO The m itter was so laud as to be mistaken tur a leal cock THIF STOllE IIOLr, situated on Mm A new mat ifesto is expected fi mi Rus professing n lo Whole ile Deih is we would snJ to be i white man nil oicupie, He is investigated, Ihe citizen released, and Thin all is silent as dcilh No wonder ess E BOW MA oton M is s ) thers iter prepared ti s, rn them than usu eli mi, om dolUr ai oi particulirs enq re ol in ar known to baie furnished the Indians thiougb the efforts of Mr Corbtll dam il whole n ml this; clock is the admiration of Europe TKero are pi icards on lhe walh of Con with Sept JAb 1! BLLk il t) dtock being larce and all bought from Rec, is will be f irvv ir v mill No ammunition since hostilities have agts awarded him lhe late affair of It in 1500, and has performed tn t hands tantinople calling on the faithful to at commenced s , repuid n tak ii from the offl the Georgia, under command of D D these mechanical wonders ever since, ex J W COCUl 4.N & CO ., , I i tack the Itussi ms si ,n Julj swl o We make ihe following extracts fiom a Porter, is already fresh tf Sept 13 in the minds of cept ajbout fifty years, when it was out of TUST RECF1VED a superior lot of Fresh On a special demand fiom the nower letter i ecened by Mi t Kogers, from It the people r His determined conduct on repair. O Baltimore Oysters . JUcrulir supplies will .!. oi,ft Durin, Esi, , dated J tcltson they ill IK Au 'list Mint occasion received throuho it the sesson lymVn manife j 13 m.nif..t; to bis peoplt scaled the sate of all the ; seived tip The following household Lv ric is slid ai y manner desired at inva Toilers on the island of Cuba with all The well kn vvn norm of ihe on 011 Mini strut r f iinishcd to f iniibes by i caiu to oe (oiiei iu in wirlike ianua to halve so overcome a Watchman J lie the Indians have humid tljvvn the lhe suture Captain Generals ol Cuba GENUINE HARTFORD COLLINS AXES, ,e can half can or doz Jndeel, it is ikclar-iiioof of his seizuic duty, that he ar. Tl discharge b usisuf Mr Patnck, C 11 HOUEMvUir lpt Jones and All Cub-ipipeisplc isc copv 'lurks continue tb ir armamtr is Eve al jtliatofMr Atidtison suddenly lest with 1 teai the ennui of COI I INS Wall WP.ipt'f, il .Ioths. A.c. togetlitr ith ONE Ol THE PORTERb e tr q ni axt rjthint; is pmd'foi in specie Turkish Ins hay and of ur las my inn FINE CIGARS' j last It is expected that the family of Por hisejc lei), 80,000 Detachments ire constant bureed Mr. oats Jsighi before some they ' Tatcbman, spare that jug touch not CfMiML in l s li h h iv been J'"in"em'Cigaoi ,ust riLL STOCK OK llOUSII l'lIIMvll. Griffin's house and OH jWUU received at the Conlectionary hav ters will claim the island of Cuba in pay ndei mv di ,l f ly marching in tv my nior, ll C.OOIJS! a single drop it served mc man a tug, stacks, also shot some of Mr Grif rs mid vi ,1, i t, ment of their debt, and is not and Fruit Slorc of ban susmi Onto l'ascha's reserve corps was sin's sinethey f Ciri Coiisistinit of the van ius (,ndi American horses Mr. Bruce complied Willi, will hire a canoe, properlv and I will be its prop ' f wis my sore lid iep tai i H HOLL.rMv.AMP Sept 1 03- f p,d nvir il li llic terming at Adnanople under Mehemet had sour of his si t, 111 armed father's hand that placed it in his cot I INS (O. IIYltriOKD. Ill T mules shot There is a with a long line and blockade the Cuban Be, f Inch is A. Pasclia Nw ll thcie, wilchinan, let it stand tbv club n in ll i great deal of stock killed and driven off coast Al . li BY EXPRESS. III in ii The Sultan reviewed tbe Egyptian th. ,n u) ,n ll,, l shall Ilium it not Tli it old fainiluijug on clouts, TUST IiFCl M f- Ot SIM ecitl s Ns toops on tlie 30th -- Cltl.s.tll To KKP A Stovb bright Is wish !) Condition of tiix Fugitive Slaies r whose ci eel ind renown an known to i ,r The Pai ha ol Egypt promises to send to ketp a stoi e bright as a coach you by OiKADA. 11 ind lb midst smash body The editor of the Dundee (V iinn) a mug r III,- - H R 1 Mdltl 1S.UN Ml is 16.000 more men lt Bucbaret Watchman, foibcai iliy blow only two applications a year, make weak Y ) Record has lately been making a down' TOR RENT-- MY FARM, LLKU1A DlUlMis.L No 3, Higgnis Block, Mam st 'J he Russian commmdirs have issued alnm water, and Muslin Curtains with 1 rum.. ngs lo match Cl , I, Sept oi - i f mix your British Lustre tour tlnougli Canada, in the course of break not its earth brown cla noi make ' n onisr to ihe troops, saving that Russia with Cornices L irtlill Arms i it; let the stoie be cold, brush with which he visited a large number of fugi the liquor slow, but let the ol jug stay ' ik Umdoiv &l ills is CfllluJ on to anuihilaie paganum, and the utus mixture, then take a dry brush and Uve slaies at their residences, and conNOTTCE. -( a M Do t thoje who txpose her will be annihilated dry lustre, and rub the stoic nntil per versed freely with them on their position f lie lai indebted to lb Ertat 'PBOSE also. feclly dry. Should. My part, before SHARES and prospects '1 he lone of their remarks PAUallSKS 11 A Mi L Mrs F H Rogers, are hi reby nut ti ih '1 be Marco Palo arrived at LivwmJ look crrv. generally as" that of disappointment at CJ STUCK, for which lhe bihut roar ImmediMe attttemenU must be made and Meoine so N I) I I ' I li estate will ue... wnn iwo iiuourea and moisten Huth a wet brush, attra proceed lhe reception winch they had met, and act Mice win be paid hmithum against raid urtlemcnt pnv. vuirna TAYLOR. TTTRSTfB 00 Oiem.lMT authenticatDd, r uiousanu oiu. i..L.r. i1 n iwut the estfrn tieo in which they were held v IV POOI'H'!nTMt jnHunyr rajicF Lrfior. Ainrust Khi inn TiiEr an i uhli In J lie cxtiacl the follow u It will not ' ' m to suppo'i here on t I ( pi Mj l nil III ll III . III A ier f,, !. I til ' HllTUUKUJlJi! PARISIAJN Oil, araoiiB. .' Arir 1I '9 P.iL (i or MiOlrs .. .., vcr .sii' t ntr he l 0130011) .. n ur Pnrisistn Ialies, 6 ..l Mis trnD 'n CC M8Ein)iaflQag M88olmEK0HANLIAIL0RING' J cloths, r I S00H fflSQ 8I30B U!f!Li53 sun s.kls, VESTINGS. fancy good,, KICIIARDOWNS dP NEW GUODS!" GOODS: (lolliiii. furnituITe, &c. AlCTIOW. Jt SS, Jiall asiil Winter com:, (lUS, ACRES OF LAND SALE' TAl7l7rFRAI)E, DRY - i...i.- ia.iii.k,tr,iii, - il STAPLE ilLii; sai rusi fresh oysters t 0l nnr,"'" iiitto rf r WAiNTED, luu It. id ,l lust ;.vuiksb ;r,," 'i'

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