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Image 2 of The Kentucke gazette, April 19, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

r refpefi For the patience of tfrepublic, ADECEN rae to be as conCi;'e as pofllbtein my' 'observations onafewofthe many" things advanced :b my enemies. N'or ihould 1'thiiu these rleceilary, had fnotcal'ca upon them to bririg forth their char- is but little hope of moving jtou on this principle. And now to conclude is yot dare renounce the sew a.e infolved. as it cannot affect me, OUR Character of Lurking Airailin, own yourpicccSj anilfubmit yo'ur conduct toa.fair difcuffion we fh all see your name to yotlf next piece. I will "then turnifh yoiiwith a sew facts to defcantupon. Is you will n6t do this, you may write as long ayou can find a 'man of your party so bare, as 'to lend his name"; 'ancl'it is probable that, silence Will be the part of H, MARSHALL. Thtgpi'dfution'of jbufe within which these so is it, beneath my notice. Their writer dates, as a Criminal charge, that I had not long acted as a deputy in the Survey6is Office, before, I diftingulfhed myself by demand-ing the memorable double see; And did I in that capacity arter being 'cbunfelled demand the advanMr. Bradford. ced see according to law? It was a crying sin in 'P'HE Freedom of the press "is one ofthegrea-Jme lio doubt. And what .mult prove the charge ted Bulwarks of Libeity, and can . never be beyojid a'poflibiliy of contradiction, is, of Avarice retrained but by Despotic Governments. I that I became a common sufferer, was obliged to can say as Elihu said, am full of matter the fpi advanced see, and could not poflibly 'depay the sit within the conftraineth me, behold my belly is as rive any benfit from it, my Salary being fixed, new wine which hath no vent, it is ready to burst and by no 'means depending upon the sees in Oflike new bottles, I will Jpcak that I way bt rejrefb-td- , fice. As to my conduct to the people both then, I wilt ap'tpmy lips and anjwer, let me nttaccept and ever since, they are the bed judges, I, with any niats perfoi' neither Ih m give flattering 'tiand to think, fpesk, and act them to review it, tles Unttjnan, sir I know mv not to give flattering for themselves. titles infodoing my maker would joon'takemeaway. capital charge it appears is, that I did The next Wlnt is theufijof the Law? To lecure pia. not answer a quedion at a particular time, andjhat pert of what we en,oy, arid the ob.'ects otthe conit, afterwards gave an explication by private letter. 1 been publiihed at my rcqucft; cern Persons, their Eltates, Ciimes, Mifdemanors; This Couits of Juttite &c.t That all power of llep'eal-ingo- i which I refer 'he reader. It rhicht have been 10 Sufpend'ing Laws.'Oi the Exccutibnof Laws, observed, that independanr of every other circum-fiancby any Authority, without c'onent of theRepre-fcritativeso- f 1 had a right to have purchased the Eh thepeop'e, is injurious their try in queition, is 1 had chofeh to do so. This and ought not to be exercised: isto is rights,, so not the writers attempts to six the falihood, it mud be good people of Kentucke Diltriif, iropofed on by rather unfortunate when his very some confeffed are of our principal men telling the people that groundwork is an absolute falfiibod. I have no Certificate ill'ued for the tw6 expeditions againit laid as he aflcrts, that the land in q'ueltiort where the Shawane and waubafh Ind'ans, will riot was the property of Wilkinfonand Turpin. The certain taxes in this Diltrict, and will not property 1 presume is Calmes's. Ih the letter receive certificates, but to ift have Gold or Silver: aluded to aster appealing to Maj. Crittenden's be it further enacted What lays the Law? knowledge, who was undoubtedly better acquaintihftt the Ccrtitieares thus iffued; lhall be receivaall the circumdances refered to than niy ed with ble in diicha ge of. asv of the Taxes which may self; I observed that; they weie m pojfejgion of n"3 thefaid .Diitridt. 1 am land ; I imrriagine they will not deny living ort .hereafter become di'fe the in duty bound io cry aloud agsiaft such injultice it. Contralted with these facts how truly amiable so is every Magiltiate who is the good peoples tnuft the chaiacter of this mcnethan candid .chaTrultees and Servants, arid on oath to do them ritable and humahe writer apriear. juitice. what lays the Scripture concerning Ma; public mud know tob that I wrote a letThe giitiateJ i Sam 3 4. The Cod of Ijrael said ter to the State Attorney, and that I, blfeied the rock of ijrael fpnke to me ; he that ruleth over How forne people countere to Mr. Turpin. men must be just, ruling in the seat of God. pfal. designs; by making the man they act their own d the poor and fatkerlefs : dojuftice 83. 3 wilh o ruinj of such immeri'ce Consequence even :o ttte 4. Defei afflitted an needy, deliver jjht poor and needy are dragged before the public. his private letters them out of the hand of ihe Wicked.. Rom. 13 Mr. Attorney I suppose is the fupcridr whom I trtd Fur 3. 4 ruiers are not a terror to good works, but treated with haughty airs; and Mr. Turpin have to the evil : wilt thou not be afraid of phe pbwer, the poor and unfortunate, whom I have ticaed do tltat which is good and thou fbalt havgpraije Have they complained toyfti Mr with violence. of ttte jame, for he is the mivifler of God to theejor Knight-Erran- t of all diitrcifeJ worwriter as, the good, but is thou do that which is evil, be afraid thies ? They tfiould undoubtedly have done iUo for he beareth not the jword in vain, for he is the person to redre's their grievantrie as the proper ' is I could really think the public intereded minifler of Ged, a revenger to execute wrath Upon ces. him that Math evil I beseech every Magistrate In these things, I would demand a publication of of. this Diltrict, to proclaim againit their Clerks that an J another letter to the States Attorney. I when they refufb to Certificates for the fa'l in effett, that Mi. Turpin waa propagater Conveyance of Land receiveIt is ari admiration to &c. of fcjndal ' is he wishes me tp ftipport it; ai his me How they 'can go so contrary to the letter of p rticular equeit I will do so. In this maimer the the law in refuting Or certificates. Follow not a Public may rest affured the present contest Originamultitude to do evil, neither inajl thou speak in a ted and is is this Mr. writer which vou have cause to ueclinc aiter many to Wf.est judgment; kepi such a fuls and ado about? Ridiculous:.' lamyoursj etc. J. SINCERE.' My friends ob.e vc the c is much pains talien have treated ihc people hel eve, that-io make JAt. Harris un'generoufly. I would alt how he ftould be treated? As the aggreffor,' he took To Agricola: .'.,"" caie to' tirrie his publications in fueh manner, as 70U have taken the liberty to animadvert up-- 1 prevent my implying before court','' at which to on the pub'ication of the intended Serr.ina.' time he was bound to his good tfehaviour. He ry, proposing a sew silly and impertinent qucfii. flill lends his name to' vent eveiy fecics of abuse; Ons,' which I fliall take no notice of; Your ofh his hands arenicd, What does and complains that cious pet's umance Reflects no reputation, indica he want! To fliew the absurdity ot this artifice, ting a Spirit of altercation, which in every atti' s only necflary to observe, that' he claims the it tude I View" with contempt. As yo'fi'have been merit of these pieces. Is he is the leal Author, dperfonal with me. yotmyjll rjleafe to leave your for is certainly under great obligations iie course 6f a week from a proper name with' the Printer and oblige" converting him in the JOHN F1LS0N. modern sine Gentleman to' a" wifter of Tales", and him to write Criticifms,-an- l by the next, qualifying Let any one compare "Thofewho H to'ry. THE FULL BLOODED HORSE know me, kn6w that I am no writer" with his late productions', and they Will be made sensible of this; or will conclude that he is not the'Au-thoAnd" now Mr. real Autn6r as he pretends. riLL ftan'd the enfuiri'g season at my sew words with you ;'aster promiiing great things,-ana lit le ones ; what toute. and will cover mares at for torturing your brain over volt produced but contradictions, absurdities, ty (hillings the season, payable in cattle, hive bomoafl and falfh'oodP' Had you have mixed sheep, ot tobacco, on or before the firit Iefs of the soul corruption of your heart with the day of November next. of your, headi you might have entitled Mogul is" a sine horse fifteen hands as a' writer of Romance. you' self to foine' credit Is you a.e that real friend to" mankind that, you high, and was got by the noted importwould be thought';' "you will (Tgri your ownhame ed' horse Lath,- his dam' Poll Flaxen, who vour next piece, that we may know, and lookto was dlfo dam of Brimmer,- and was got up to you',- as the true pattern of all perfection, lolly Roger out of the imported mare; by b):"hc'ex:;rmile' for imitation, Butifas fnifpect HORATIO TWI1?, Mary Gray, fc.iowPjou iflfficaa'hygBtt'ito; and fmpoflo'r; triers ges. Mr. Printer. t Jufferable, that a handfull of Indians, fbouldbe per- mitted without opposition to butcher and plu ider, 'our w'srthy Citizens, and j'carce the Jmalleft notice taken of it, by the' officers. Was'l to judge an on trial, for fuffcring murder to be 'commiOf-fiic- er, I tted by his neglect of duty, would punish him ag fe'vere, as 'tho 'he had done it with his own hand: This has certainly bhn tfie case, with a County Lieu tenaht in this dijtricl, who prized his popularity rfore than the public gooa. Hmvever, the EleHionS. being over, and the Governors orders ariving, for carrying on Ofenfiive, as well as Defensive mea Jures; the excuje of not having power to procure proviji'ons, will no longer anjwer his purpose, and hope Jomethtng diciji'ye wilt Jbertkj be done for th g'ood of the dijtric? at Urge: L f I . 'A PATRIOT. LONDON, . Oil. 25. Letters from France, by Mondays mail, a'dyifej that their High Mightinefles have formally notified, by their Ambafiad'or at Pari, to the FrencB court, the following resolutions : "That the trou". hies between that province and the Prince Stadt-holdc-r, having been happily terminated, and hia Serene Highness rfe eftabliflied in. all his, dignitiei that rbe'efore the faisfaction demanded relative tajthe impeded journey of the Princess-oOrange, would also be immediately arranged with the King of Prtiftia ; that confequ'ently there being no moie enemies in the country, the resolution of the .ioihof September (to demand fuccours from France; ccacd to have its effect; that their Nc blc and G eat Mightinefles thought they ought to give notice of 'this, as soon as pofliblci to his Mod Christian Majesty not doubting fhat he would take such ihteicd in this" happy re eftab'ilh-meof the tranquility of the country, which he had evr fhewed in driving to'itifle difcotd an J promote the prosperity of the nation ; to which; end the affectionof his Majedy would always be acceptable to them ."A decisive blow this to the insidious intrigues of a Fi ench Court, afid a total of the unnatural treaty lately formed be tween France and the Dutch, nt a-- ; () G UL . f an-lw- r, and un'relenti'.g foe ; and tamely fubmit- -i to by our Commanding Officers, who have it sully in their power, to prevent almjft every of violence, committed by the enemy : and is it not i tei at -- to-m- e; frontier,, have loiig fyen harjajfed, hy,Q f J5- -r R K, Jan. 14. , NEW- - Y-A Bodon paper of the 7th ind. ( January )says; Saturday lad was brought to this town; under the faaious Capt. Luke Day, a principal in . (urgent during the late commotions in this Com' momvealth and for whom a reward of one hun? dred pounds was offered for appiehending him by Government.- - He was taken by an inn in Wedmoieland, ih Harripfiiire State, about sun. set; on the rirft indant by Major Luther Ernes. Lieutenant I faac Griffell, and Mr. Elijah Dunbarr. He had not crb ied Connecticut ferry above ten m'inutes before he was a p'rifondr. His seat of relidence was in Vernibnt liaie. v ef-co- rt, - PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 22. public arc cautioned againd couriterfeiC THE now in circulation, dated 178C; they arc well ex'ecuted, and may deceive even a wpik. man, is not close examined. They may be known .from the true by the following marks: On tlie head side, the nose and mouth are larger than the true, the S in Catolus is fmallcr, and not well cut"; the II larger, and the L deeper in proportion than the other letters : The figures 86 of the date, not so full as the others, and are very rough cut: On the evrfe, the crown is larger j and not fofull an'd! dcp as the t ue, : The head of the pillars are larger and bojder than on the true ones : The metal appears very well until rubbed, when it has a copper cast i The weigh? is the.fame ,as the true . ones; : On'clofing the election of Fayette, county, last Saturday for Delegates to the" Convention, which is to form a Conditution for.tie Government .of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the following was the date of the polls. GENERAL WILKINSON, 742 CALEB WALLACE, efqr. 613 Col T MARSHALL, 495 .41$: JOHN ALLEN., cfqr. , .jW Col, V1LUAM.AVA,RD, ,

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