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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, April 19, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

T XXXIV. STiimb. KE U N C April HI & K E SATURDAY, ZE1 A APRIL 1788- - 19, 1788. 1 . - , . . John ami Fielding Bradford, hi ifoir Pointing Office in Main Street, where subscriptions' at iSfpe Ann ASri'fr ofnotnore length "tuii wmIx, ff. for this paper, are, thankfully received and Printing in its different branches done with Care and Expedition breadth are injerted far 3 tiie first time and is. each time aster and longer ones in proportion. LEXINGTON: Printed andSdld ffUST OPENED by AND NOW SELLING GTRAYfeb or stolen in January BT TEGARDEN wmi V- wft tZitr door ( i v in J?o below the JUy T CXI'UV-- m Tei !. Lexington on main flreet, i thres where Mr. Clarke late- - Court-hous- kept. Camblet, Durants Moreens, Walloons, Fuftuns, Jeans, Corduroy;., Plnih, Ch ntz, Callico, and ftampt Muslin, Silk, cotton, linnen and kcnting Handkcrchcifs, Black and white Gauze. Apron Lawn, ftripcd and Irish Linnen, Woiftcd, thread and cotton Stockings, Teftemcnts, Spelling Books, Wiiting Paper Watt s Psalms and Hymns. half-thick- s; Laeand Looking dalles, An aiToitment oF Queens waie, Decanters and Cruets, Tin cups and Tea caniftcrs, Table and Tea. spoons, Cotton and Wool Cards, Curb and Snaffle Bridle bitts, flccl Spurrs, Wbipi'aw files, 1 able Hinges, iod. Nails, Sadler Tacks Buckles and Holies, Shoe and knee Buckles, Pen and Cuttcau Knives, Ivoiy & horn Combs, mens & womes crooked ditto. Chocolate Mufcovado Sugar, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cinnamon and Ginger, Inligo, rig blue, Coperas, Bnmftone and Rosin, Diop-lhot- t and B good Affortmcnt of Callings. last from Moses Halls near Lexington, sorrel horse eight years old about fie et high, branded on the near shoulder tnus HL,-haa blaze in his face which cbmes over his naftril, has three white feet? shod" before, paces and trots, he is Tome what difficult to bridle .by reason he will not suffer his ears to be handled, has .never been docked, whosoever takes up laid horse and will bring or send hirn to me iii L;ricoJn county, about , five miles from the shall hare sour Dollars' reward. from Col.- Rob-- rt T rr fi the first of december .aoou1 red roan mare with foal, about six eir hands high, a small white lp r. her lace, brande-- . on the near fh' and butto'ji'FC, some saddle trotter, had a bell on, whoe takes up said mare' and brings her Col, Todds shall receive thre rV' gTRAYED ! ' ma.l--nahir- . reward. Court-honfe- HUGH LOGAN 35 small - FOUR DOLLARS REWARD. the fubferiber about Chrijlmafs STRAYED fntri mare, with a small blaze down her face, five years old. fifteen hands high, a natural trot, o ter, Jhod before, a fbort tail ALSO a bay stud colt-tw- years old in June next, a large head, Jmall white on his nose, light made and ling tail. IVUoenr secures aid creatures so that I get them again, fball receive the above reward, or two dollar for tit her. . Lexington, April hereby I meet at CES 0,T ICE giyn, the" Crab-orchar- d of Valuable land situated on the water-cours- e es RED y7HEREAS there area number of Judgcrre 'i B i. & obtained in the late Supreme Conn, tho benefit of Mr. Browns Clients: this is rN . sore to give notice that Mr William upon or the fubferiber will iffue Executions request of those persons for whom the judueHARRY INNEo. were obtained. March 29 33 ' M-P- which time most of the D .legates to the viz. twenty, state convention, will go tuiiowing five Thousand acres on the waters of Cumberland river withiii the Bounds re served for the continental Officers and foidiers of this state, and twenty five Tuoufand acres lying on the waters of 1A Powerful high blooded horse, will Hand this season tit the fublcribers dudi, Elk and Tennefee rivers, and fehoule in L xmgton, bis price thirty deral other navigable water courses falling cath, or aooln of merchantable jnto the Ohio and Mitlilippi rivers. 01 3001b jf pork, to be.delivered, The fubferiber thinks it unnecelTary in L xmg.un, on or before the selh. day ,& limber, with regard to its Situation, Soi to be very particular in his description or Oc ober next. REDB1RD was got by Fearnought ari as he immagines the purchaler would prelcipurieu horse, his darn wasa Janus; caldesirous of seevious to any contract be the land. lndilputable titles will led slow and sure His grand dam was ing be made the purchasers, and eight years creeping Kite, so well known on the credit will be given from the time of continent for her fwiftrrefs $nd high blood. JOHN M'NAIR; .making the titles, no Inteitft will be for tlie first fni" years. Any pcrl'on inclinable to purchase may know have for falc at my lioufe a large quantity of the terms and be fhewn thr land by dry garnered fait, which 1 will sell for A it-- W that a company will on Sunday i he 4th. day of may to go through the vvildernels, and to set out on the 5;h. at FIFTY THOUSAND THREE DOLLARS REWARD ys from the lL.oU.nber S.Trajed-awaof October last, a a both colour'd mare and niarc.-i.ol'main and tail, the mare is tl,ir years old, about fourteen hands fig.; ' branbed on thai near shoulder T H, mare lu.d on a small bell, is fuppofm be with foal Whoever takes up laid n and LoUi and brings them to Bruit t' f a how MARY JUNKiK. JOHN PARKER. 1, 1788- - 9 S JOHN FILSON . t, ' N 3335 D ' : '1 - CTULliiN from the luutcrioer living near ington, a blue Jacket, about half wo-nthe back of altghter blue, iwith shallow ync a 'set bf silver buttons marked IB in a c- -' ' Any person having bought said Jacket, ar turning it to me in Lexington, shall havetl" ttiluc of it, as. I wiili to bring villians to v , v ISAAC - . BAR"1. fnil-lin- gs apdlying to ELIJAH ROBERTSON. bap Nafhvilro January. 21, 1738 cash, at.two Dollars prr bulhell. ANNIE CHRISTIAN Lnncoln April 8 1788. 3337 " WHEREAS Diniel Henry bf E.' more, did in Odtober 1785 at tht ;; of Ohio, obtain a bond from me sort corfveyance of a certain tract of L in Penfyjjania ; This is to forewarn ' persons from taking an alignment the faine caution I have given bond, ioi x uiu 1.1 the ivaryianu mined not to comply therewith; r have in my poffeffion a bond of his ' conveyance of a tract ot land in l larid of equal value, which land 1 am vinced he .has lost, and confequency conveyance to me impoflible. JOHN FILSCr; 1 via-ue- ; 34-3- ( CTSAYED frorri thd head of Claries run, Lincoln county about the first ethebruary lalt, a chefnut T0& SALE lorrel horse fourteen bands and a half high, blaze face and some saddle spots,- one hind soot white, had on when he went away a large singing bell, the collar of which was vv.raped twice round his neck. The taker up of. said horse shall be intitled-ta liberal reward,- on bringing or sending him to the fubferiber lining near " the K 10b Lick 35 4tril, 7f'i7S8 WCHAEIt RANDOLPH. - - o ,from thTs place,' fr January last. a dark bay aboufourteen hands high, seven or A years did, branded on the near "bu.r I B. whoever takes up said horse-- , secures him so that I get him, shall . i containing 14o6 acres on c waterB f the npjth fork of Licking, lying on the road from Lime- none 10 me lower Diue hcks ; being Mays settlement and preemption and' includes Mays lick, good bonds oniperfdhs in this diftnet or on persons in the pait of Virginia will be received in payment, and ( will warrant the title, tra -- t STraycd away TWO DOLLARS reward. Lexjngton, April 15- - HENRY MARSHAL . Ea-ster- U JiiiKKY J INN KM flEMP SEED qt laic at ivooert narrs btarc in jqxc-- .: . &-JkL3- .

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