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Page 20 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.1 n.3

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

General Announcements Dr. W. T. Merchant, of Louis- ville, is awaiting the names of crippled colored children in Ken- tucky in order that some pro- visions might be made for them. The names are to be sent to the secretary of the K. N. E. A. Persons who desire to be candi- dates for the elective officers of the K. N. E. A. send their names to Miss M. S. Brown, 412 South Twelfth Street, Mayfield, Ken- tucky, who is chairman of the Nominating Committee. The names should be sent in before March 15, 1931 if they are to be printed on the official K. N. E. A. ballot to be used at the 1931 session. Heads of the various depart- ments in the K. N. E. A. are re- quested to sent to the secretary the matter for the sectional pro- gram of their respective depart- ments. Each district of Kentucky may have one representative in the State Declamatory Contest. The district organizers are therefore *requested to correspond with the .:secretary relative to the persons ,to represent their respective dis- .* * * * Those who desire extra copies of the words to be used in the K. N. E. A. Spelling Bee may ob- tain them by writing to the sec- reta~ry of the K. N. E. A. Schools not in Louisville who are to have entries in the K. N. E. A. track meet at the Louisville Armory on Friday, April 17th, should correspond with Mr. J. Max Bond, Pythian Temple, Louisville, Kentucky in order to obtain the necessary entry blanks or any desirable information. The central theme at the 1931 K. N. E. A. convention will be "Guidance in Negro Education." WHERE IS YOUR CHILD? The report of the Federal Bu- reau of Education as to the future educational careers of each 1,000 children who go to school for the first time was published recently by the Victory Life Insurance Co. The report in part declares: Out of one thousand children entering school- 1,000 will reach fifth grade 830 will reach sixth grade 710 will reach seventh grade 634 will reach eighth grade 343 will enter high school 246 will reach second year 181 will reach third year 150 will reach fourth year 139 will graduate - from high school 72 will enter college - 52 will become sophomores 31 will become juniors 23 will graduate from college. These figures give everybody something to think about. They make it plain why college boys wear fancy pants and college girls take courses in cigarette smoking and birth control. They cannot help feeling themselves to be dif- ferent from the average American boy. and girl who stops school at the end of the eight grade. Americans ought to be shocked 20

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