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Image 4 of Louisville weekly courier, June 9, 1855

Part of Louisville weekly courier

M LOUISVILLE WlEKLY COURIER A (MP PAPER FOR Tl MAN OF BUSINESS, THE FARMER, AND TIIE FAMILY CIRC LE, for the purpose, in which also as he receives twice At a glance how terrible seems this postulate. whose better judgment and natural sense of duty Here is the formula of the vow taken by the co- Details of the Pacific's Xews. a year a detailed report upon every member of 'No one but the General can exercise the right of have withstood such perfidious wiles. adjutors: 'I. N., promise Almighty God, before 1'orv-rii.Necared. Acrarttiac t Law. the Scciety, he from time to time adds whatever uttering a single original thought or opinion.' Alas! the punishment of such criminal obstinSVsathrra I taaaa. His V lrgin Mother, and before all the heavenly DIPLOMATIC ITELLIGECE. TIIE VINEYARD. seems necessary to complete each delination of How ludicrous! a man-GoNiw Orlians, 30 The Star of the Wet the ineffiahle mafed acy was always near at hand; the The latest statement with regard to the position host, and you, reverend father, General of the So left on the 2 1th 6r New York with 200 passenger character, or to indicate the slightest change. with the fallable. has been suddenly filled with flames and sulphuciety of Jesus, holding the place of God, mi of The Cultivation r the Grape aad the Prepara of negotiations fr the restoration of peace, wat and JCO.OCO in specie. made in the British House of Commons on the 17th tion of v lite. Thus, the General knowing the pist and present The physical bonds of feudalism, of absolute reous vapour as a warning to the A Urge party are awaiting at Greytown to jom yeur successors; or you, reverend father, Vice-Ge- n impenitent sin-ninst., by Lord. Palmer stou, who, iu answer to a queshfe, the thoughts, the desires of every one belongslavery, repulsive as they are, seem the c erest the Kinney expedition. BY J. A. CORXEAU. tion, repeated what he bad stated upon a preceding And if he still resisted, the Evil Spirit eral of the Society of Jesus, and of his successors, The Board of llca.:h has declared the cholera an ing to the society, it is easy to understand how silken ties, compared to this monstrous despotism, occasion, that there had been informal communica SECTION ILEVEN THE VINTAGE. himself, in his most frightful shape, has appeared holding the place of God, perpetual poverty, chas OR THE epidemic. The vineyard from wheh our wines are mile tions between the governments of England, France, he is enabled always to select the fittest person this double tyranny! What then is left of the to ilr. Soule pubi'jjhes a letter stating that there isi the dying man, as if w aiting for his soul. Ah! tity and obedience, and therein, peculiar care in lies upon the n slope of a rane of hills and Austria, since the Ust protocol ol April iOth, for every special service. man! surely not the soul! It must then, indeed, one's hair stands on end while listening to such tlie education but no formal communication which could be laid not a word of trot j in th letter of ilr. Perry. Ha of lays, according to the manner in Kenton Co., Kentucky, about four miles from before Parliament. says the baseness of the impudent thing written k But this perfect know ledge of his subordinates' be a corpse 'cadarer' with a fearful realisation. and and HISTORY sacrilegious manoeuvres. only equa.led by . is hypvciisy and cowarn e. The immense wealth expressed in the apostolic letters, and in the con Cincinnati, which enjoys advantages of position proA Vienna despatch, of doubtf'il authenticity, says exposure rtnder it well adapted for the natures would be of but little use to the General, a picture of Perry S lie u preparing for tne But in no part of the Constitution is the diaof the Jesuits has been bequeathed to them by stitution of the said society. At Rome, or elsecoxrtxrsn. J duction of wine. It contains about 8 acres, ail in that Austria agrees with the Western Powers on a doings ilur.Djr Soui s miss-io- pies had he not also an absolute and uncontrolled aulo Spurn. final ultimatum to be pres tited to Russia. This- is bearing, and numbeiing about 20,001) vines. bolical eunning of the insidious spirit of Loyowills made at the last hour! where, in such a place, day, month and year. The sUamer tmaiel S ebster is below with later the wine house or building in which the presses, at variance with reliable advices. Count Neelrode California dates. V rittrn fcr the Louisville fcnricr. thority over them. The Constitutien has a la more conspicuously exhibited than in the rules Niocolini, in a note, gives us an ingenuous Btemming and crushing apparatus are placed, is has issued a new circular ; content as yet nut for insuring this likewise. It declares he has established concerning what he calls Letter from Linwusville. located near the foot of the vineyard, and is about known. the glimpse into the interior life of certain of that the candidate 'must regard the superior as Trm .Mexico. A P.ussian despatch, dated 13th, 30th April, ad40 by 60 feet sqnare; it is furuishtd on three si lts CHAPTER XI. row of porerty and gratuitous performance of the these monastic traders in the ignorances and suFhilaoelphia, May 31. New Orleans paper with a range of tables or shelvius;, about two aad dressed to the Russian Minister at the Court of Comity Court-- K. Christ the Lord, and must strive to acquire per- duties of the and anil K. X. Messrs. Unof Friday are received. perstitions of mankind, which seems to indicate sacred ministry. They contain detail of 'Cut Ignatius Loyola was a bigot,' say the feet in width and three feet from the floor, Darmstadt, siys that UnsU considers the underderwood and Wright Second and Third Decrees fect in every point, in execution, in will, in instanding come to at the Vi nna Conferences on the Me x. can new to the 221. Santa Anna had k;W with an upright strip some six inches wide nailed nwrc tuiid i.irnuators of his system, nJ much Vive Sam An nnti Speech One Convert. The discredit and hatred which weighed upon them as admirably inclined towards certain Maurefia in pursuit of the uur?enU first two points "as a useful and acquired result." No ac around trie outer edge; these "tables' are divided tellect; deing what is enjoined with all celerity, Correspondence of thi Louisville Courier.) if not death-be- d i lo be f. riven the devotee of an idea so holy experiences, themthe clergy and the monastic orders was in great at intervals of four or five feet by partitions of Iu disengaging Ger.i an interest from the qnesiion, counts of his progre-- had been rtceiveil, but re spiritual joy and perseverance; persuading our-se- lf Brownsville, May 20, 1335. same width as the strips at the outer edge. Into this result must confirm the states ot t'ermjnv n ports which caused hw parti.iD rreat alarm, wero as that alio lied in the motto of the society part due to the ostentatious display of their accu- selves: Messrs. Editors: Our term ha9 just passed; these divisions a sufficient quantity of grapes are their determination to maintain that everything is just; suppressing every strict neutrality. everywhere current. It was stated that the insur In mot monasteries, and morepariicular'j-ithose of founded bv hiuj .14 majorat dei forwm,' nhould mulated wealth and to the venality of their sagents were prepared f" offer energetic resistance. Hussia will not consider herself bound to maintain ..ic i apu limn mi nriurmeu inert Dmns at there was a large docket and the business of Court thrown at a time, as they are brought h oni the vinerepngnant thought and judgment ot one's own, Ihriktmas a tenesof feats.whi h continue till Kent. All cover a mu'.UtuJo of tins. the interpretation of the Mot two poiuts as agreed cred ministry. To guard agaii st this evil, Ignayard, to be picked over by the hands employed sons oi tamei are played the must uplenilid banquets are waanot half reached. Thre was also a large crowd Washiat ton Item. in a certain obedience; and let every one upon at Vienna, except on the condition of the strict As many persons as can be confor that purpose. riven, and in the tmall towns, ab.ive all. the refectorr ot of citizens trom .he couniry, and a great Washington. May 31, P. M. the 'PJ;!' toys Sum, 'and so j our mild philosophy persuade himseif that he who Ii es under obedi- tius ordained that 'poverty should be loved and the convent is the hest til ce amn.enirnt fur the rmtri many veniently employed are sent into the vineyard to neutrality of Germiny. pension office will issue 2,CiH) Liad wrr.iuts under y maintained as the firmest bulwark of religion.' number of the inhabitants. At carn.vais, two or three very- lawyers from diETcrtnt towns, and peace a d German papers mention a conference held at Per-liir.ijrht pra'' concerning M homed, who, with fire pick until a sufficitnt qnantity of grapes are inaciuficunt toe new law, aud enrertainmen-take pluec. the hoard n pro0 p. r Uay thereafter. Tbo ence should be moved and directed, under Divine prevailed. on the U;h, between M. Mauteuffcl, President brokers report There was not much trade or when a 1 haiuls are set to for a pressing iueiy fortn in The Jesuit was forbidden to possess any prop poured jiueiuithe hi one iniEm imacuie mat Copm had here rtid sword to the cleaving: asunder of the joints Providence, by his superior, warrants worth 12iol H per whulec mtent.H of her horn. It must he speculation; money very scarce, Ambassajust as if he were a and the only tonic work in the wine house to "pick over" or, in ether of the Frussian Cabinet, Conut acre, but are holding back for the Dew Usue in atiii-c- i, erty, either by inheritance or otherwise. He wag remembered ti at these two orders live hv ulm Tl, .om and mr.rrow of rations, 'carried that other idea, corpse, perintk me dor of Austria, and M. Itismark, who represents was K. Vandanti K. N bre Mienrc of the c oister is replaced by a confused sound Mr. Underwood, our words, to select the peifect from the impertVct t cadarcr tsct), w hich allow s aiiou of lower rases. An ordtr will be isued to1 tter says o- - nienymakin-.utPrussia at the Liet. A private '( d is jrrcct and Mahomed is his Prophet,' live in an inexpensive house, to dress its ainomr vaults now echo wiih candidate for Comjress, and Mr. Wright, our candifruit. No more irrapes should be put into eacii di morrow by the Postmaster (ieueral U'.at, m future. itself to be moved and led in any direction. And required to sono than those of the Fxa'mist. A ball enlivens andotihi torthe conference was of a very important character. Loth the Rat:s! and Arr.erican postage niu. t be prethroughout tlie Eastern World, and with his foot so absolutely plainly and avoid all appearance of bein wealthy. miua'es the least; and. to render it still more animated, anil date for the Senate', were loth present and addresse," vision on the tables than can be conveniently man is this rule of submissive obedience perhaps to s'i..w how completely their vow of auaauty has tne people on edneday. Mr. S riirht is a vo inn- aged by the picker. He shon'.d have about half the A union between Prussia aad AustiH for an armed paid na letters to Turk's LUud. The churches and religious houses of the order eradicated mil their carnal appetite, some of the younK man of tine appearance ami fine sense, but is not. in space reserved to place his grapes in after the heap neutrality is spoken of as becoming more ami more upon the neck of the subjugated people, Phillips, Col. Kinney's secretary, ia here, and reenforced, that the Jesuit, in order to obey his monks appear coquettishly dream-dithe fur were to be without endowments. The colleges sex, anu ncam me uance alonr with others rarh of th aiK the habit of public speaking; so he only made a has been carefully picked over, bun h by banco. probable, and that Prussia, with a view thereto, ports tii expedition eu'.iivly al ar.duned. them tocall aiouJ that charmed phrase. So General, transformed must not scruple to disobey God. Tlie ray cavaliers. Todtscnbe tlie scanda!nns scene winch en short discussion, but in every way adapted to the Care should be taken not to have the heap tco will support the proposition which Austria is abont The board for retiring navy oCcers will be ap. alone were permitted to accept legacies or don tlie drunken Nero burns a city, the huge oblation w sues would be but to disiiist my readers. I will only say purpose. high, as the too gre-.- pressure upon the lower to make in the Iiict for ta mobilization of the FedThe Court House was crowded, and every arnings of conscience are to be suppressed as pointed ui i luvseii uuou uu spectator at sactt for the maintenance of 6tudents and profes tions There is some prospect of an ineye, ear and nerve, and the very mind was bent forbunches of f.uit would express the juice, and thus eral Contingent. to hi fid lie which happened to be jutst then his )ia. culpable weaknesses; the fears of eternal pun to hear and understand what was said create considerable loss. All the jTreeu, drhd, or terview, toward the end of tlie present mouth, besors. No limit was assigned to these gifts, the his GoJ; and it it such supreme I'iianUsie When Tgnatius was living at Barcelona, he re- warddone.see, Mr. Underwood Mmi Ieetia. decayed grapes, must be taken effand kept separate; tween the King t Prussia and the Enperor of Ausand ishment banished from the thoughts as supersti then aroe and bePHiLantLPHia. Hay 31, P. If. An immense management of which was intrusted entirely If. leous an savpj selfists as Loyola Mahomed a small box, or basket, placed in front, or on one tria. many kindnessess and favors at the hand gan by saying: "Gentlemen and ceived tious fancies; and the most heinous crimes w hen mass meeting was hcid in Independence square toThe Iosarrectiea la the Ukraine". the General, with power to appoint rectors and of a lady called Rosello. But after he had left you are aware mat l am a candidate, and you are side of the picker, into which tbey may be thrown, and Nero that you. dainti'y, in set form of speech, night, to express th sentiments of the lemocratj committed by command of the General, are to be The statement of an insurrection of the peasantalso aware of the platform that I stand upon." Then facilitates the operation. By employing a number administrators under him. These functionaries. this place, his mind was so absorbed in devisin The Hon. Joaa name 'go's, forsooth!' ry in the Ukraine is one of great iate.e.t. and the upon their success in Virginia. hd went on to discuss and explain the very obiicts of hatuls men, women antl chi'iiren a larsre quanregarded as promoting the glory and pjaise of e, Speeches were mzde by given are very various. The Czn , Robbies presided. generally chosen from among the coadjutors and so many and lofty projects, that he entirely forgot that he hid in vieiv; lie evea went so far as to rea i tity maybe ricked over i;i a comparatively short accoui.t hitherto Pi:' ited, unreasonably devoted to what! to an God. Caiwalder, Carr.gnn, Rob t Tyler, aad tho iu Cracow,) gives ta; the second and third degrees. He tontinned to time; althon5h fifty or one hundred bushels of grapes (s Polish paper pubu-iie- d very rarely from the professed Society, although her. She did not, however, forget Ignatius. Hon. V.'m. H. Whte. inspiration, to an idra or a whim! They have led following account as the result of iU special inoa the tables at one timy seems like a formidable speac some two hours, and he made ons of Sam is to be sure, no lover of Jack Cade-isStrong resolutions were adopted, denunciatory of debarred by their row of perpetual poverty from Hearing of his increasing sanctity, of his having most mild and affecting orations I ever fuard. the be overhauled bunch by bunch, yet. quiries: alike to caTiaje, crime and horror; alike they and regards the revolutionary instinct as He ot hisgism. one the possession of the smallest 'Carriers(probab'y drivers of arabn) who were Kno is a man of ability, and able to discuss any question. in onier to nave good wine, thus must be done, as amount of property become the founder and general of a new order, have rendered names illustriously, infamous' returning from the Crimea through Podoii.i narwhich is to be watched lest it should fall into ex twoorthree decaved crapes wiil iuin an otherwise uocs out particular ' Jadicial are yet by this ingenious trick enabled to hold and 'being then a widow, she resolved to abandon thatube wasseem to me, on thatfrom above: occasion, notorious, alk e they J ae caused men to lie wot tremes, but there never was a time since he Deeiala Fire. that the certain y inspired for worn good cask of wine. The green and imperfect grapes rated in the neighborhood of Mohih-dan Xrw Tom. May 3i, P. M The suit of Mathew French, although they were fighting siraiunt the and administer the entire wealth of the society, he talked about ".he Americans and American rights are reserveu unui ailte. wme is made, when ti;ev the world, and live in accordance with his evanshipped iu the 'ic.c of Cod; alike in each a hid gled the Red men who held the continent before arecmsbed ami pressed, and the juice is put into Russian troops, were by no means to rs. the Snn newspaper, to recover damajf--s for aa the briny tc.vs were seen to run down his cheek We 6hall afterwards see, and especially in the gelical councils, and under the suthoriiy ol the rous, cunning egois.a has tken shelter behind a cask (not filled full) with the bung left open, for the Russian people, and wanted to do away with ail alleged iabel. in pubiinhing police reports tire years in torre-utsnd tbev were also seen to burst from him as baubles by their scalp locks when be felt ago, terminated in the superior Court this niorn-iu- ? forced labour (tdaine locage ) On this a deacon d ma :y a phrase. C d. Proj lieey a;i J Music, the most beau greater disposition to annihilate a frightful lie famous process of Lavallctte, in what a large society. With this pious resolution, and bein eye, wUch bad not found the conversion into vinegar. in a verdict for defendant. The washings of ca; ks and refuse slops of wine (a Pope not yet in full order,) in the village of sense they understand the word administer. So joined in her holy enterprize by two virtuous and w.iy tor years. Mr. tuderwood became so overand cxa'.tiTi" of all words which cons'itut tifal sponsors and a Th : printing house of Jdo. F. Fnw, in Ann near M ihilew, having observed how little. whelmed in the cause that he was compelled U that have become acid, my be minrr'.ed with the much for the display of wealth. With respect noble Roman ladies, she asked and received from make a pause. Then Col. in th ide-- s they represent the triune hope street, was destroyed by de last night. It was inP., who had bee n pacing juice of the green and imperfect grapes, and bv effect the appeal cf the R.iian Synod in St. PetersWhat a mockery! what a mockery! Sam stands the venality of the sacred ministry, they declared Paul , sured for l I.01X), whit a will more taan cover tho the floor with his hair erect npon his head, and the simp'y letting it stand in the as med, burg had had in rousing the people in the provinces permission to embrace this kind of life.' humanity, have b"cn respectively, used and apthrce or four months, it becomes converted into a of oibyma, t'odouo, aud the L T.!ne(:ormeiIy Po loss- still to think, and underneath his feet the throes of hat 'no Jesuit shall demand or receive pay, or Ignatius had the perception to see that these wuu ami lerosir ns looK of the tiger, mistaking Mi propriated as 'njigic shields for the protection verv superior vinegar, lish,) to taKe up arms for its r.titn and its U., agonised eartn roct turn as it the great mother I alms, or remuneration for mass, confessions, ser. ladies would be an incumbrance to him and h;s s supposing that he was done, made a rush to th Turkey, made the peasants believe that Arer a sufficient quantity of grapes are "piek d of the arc!', evil doers ugainst our race. and. "Jut, alas ! Mr. Underwood had recovered Caaadiaa Parliameat. were convulsed with sobbing. Oh, terrible story! mons, lessons, visitations, or any other duty order, yet the gratitude which he owed to his little in this time, and turned to Col. P., and aked over io mane a "pres-smg,they are carried in the Synod had, in fact, addressed another appeal to Toronto, May 31, P. M. The Provincial Parlia'And yes," says Sam, indignantly, 'another ahim fir a little lonjrer time. Mr. Underwood then baskets, or, if very soft and juicy," in tubs, to t! e the people, in which the abrogation of the corrre ment was prorouged lei me suunine laiuuy oi reverence De shaded ofT I which tho society is obliged to render, and yesterday. A proposition kind benefactress weighed so much upon his heart went on until he M tllrolI?1) M(, at Bttmmiug and of the lands was received from the C'olou.U Secretary apparatus, before neini' was proclaimed, and the crcj word has I een ss .ou:y misapplied. It was the do .um anu amui siuu I avoid even the appearance of covetousness, cs- in uuui.ii.unn nun vj that he consented to receive th?m under his pro- - fhior of the Court was made to tremble with the placed in tne wme press. 11 is proper here to re conferred on the peasants who cultivated them. graat of Canadian Crown lands for ao'uieraaii.iig a the vies: ir; v' of the nathematieal monster NaeastiThis dacnment.of his own concoction, he read to mark, that a uirforence of opinion his ot egoism, ana it py the despotic wearing of I pecially in offices of piety which tne society di ex an1 "Long live the American ng in foreign tection.' But he soon had reason to repent of this 8tamP?, of the The request was reserved po'e 'in I. to tear the tinseled royalilies of Ett isted in regard to the necessity, advantage, or pro the peasants that were already excited by the French cause! was the err. cerysiaiizeu ana seeming pericci lorms, grows yet charges for the succour of souls, let there be act of condescension; the annoyance was so great news froru the Crimea. They proceeded at once for future iuvestiatioo. Col. P. then took the stand, the moat wild and priety oi siemming; anu we kdow or no better time r"pe in'o bl; to form the enihlatoned rolie c muiieiic aau apace, ousoros mc soui, me to express our views upon this subject than the to their Pope, and demanded to have the Iittlu upd- win, the lox in the church, into which alms are generally that he confessed himself that they gave him more I ferocious looking man I ever saw, and from sum pitcliu ork which was to wrap the imperial pigmv ARRITALIOr TUE lORtll sMn. present. uiue add: ess of the Synod published, and were of So far as our experience goes, we not inuivuuai. uei us iane we cvmence irom the put by those who go thither to mass, sermon trouble than the whole rommunitv. Wsn h . canse or anouicr.i cannot say wnat.cittier from . . Xiw Yotr. June 1. The steaai-shiNorth Star, ) oRs or his doctrine, about only regard it as proper and aJvantaeeous. bnt for awhile. It was the destiny of Napoleon I! course, intoi med there wad no other than the one s j, of the crowd 'Constitutions.' from Havre, arrived at Xew Yok Thus the Jesuit refuses to ac- - could never get done with them. At every mo confession, &c with dats (all other precantii-nnecessary already made known. Ia a number ff villages the dispersed from the house. Co'. P., being and directions to the early of the precocious development o Having been observed in regard to making the wine) No constitution, declaration, or any order of cept a few paltry sixpences for performing mass, peasautiy begin to maltreat l heir Popes, and as of he l'Jtii of May. went on to make his vindictive remark ment he was obliged to rcsol re their strange The St. Lou s arrived at Havre on the 15th in a e this f.iculiv of mathematics with w hich -, sembled togetuer tumultuously, armed wiih scythes in oruer to iusure Mie wme. u e Uuve seen mt I ni'uniiiK ii i in-- ' iiiiii -- ii Mi:u.i!i.7 ana t v. nn'.ii' living, can involve an obligation to commit sin, I or a fee of some shillings per quarter for teach She was injured by a collision questions, to amy taeir nerupica, to near mcir I Vhlw and K. N.'s, and exhorting the old line Dcm and pitchforks; bnt in no ras was any threateuing damaged condition. dwine wines that have taken premiums lie w as blessed, along with Zera Colbura, the She completed her voyage safely, mortal or vcniaL unlttt the spirit command it in I ing boys. He disdains to appear mercenary i hat were made from gra nes not demoustraUnn made against the la.;ded proprietor". with aa iceberg. stemmed: and. in complaints, or settle their diHerencesjt and as, not- - I orrats to their posts, and yarning the people against 'Nigger Calculator,' and sundry other semi-i- d deed, it is probably well k.iown that we are the the lords of the manors. With the asbtance of the damage being above the water line. I He would much rather be poor. he said that it was d ingerous a the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, or in virtue He looks for no withstanding all his sagacity, Ignatius did not I I only cultivators m this vicinity who alwavs 'ste military, acting as energetically np to the very sharp otic innoirn'.s of t be same order. It was d degree; that it originated . , ,. of holy obedience; w hich shall be done in those I reward. Yet those little boys whom he instructs loreseeui , u audm.-- e woiiieu couiu one uay the firstfanatics and Abolitionists, andin the North our grapes, or have an Tarlons Items. orders they had, the diatnrbuuee was qnicted; 40 among appara.tis expressly eon it was all tinv which led tlie 'kite's e"? hatched in th Boston. June 1. Orders from Washington deof the rioters lost their lives, and about t .vo hun cases or persons wherein it shall be judgod that it I gratuitously and w ith such affectionate tenderDemocracy, and to build op sirnctea ior i.iat purpose. be to the order, he applied to the Pope to be re- - I humbug the Our reasoning on th signated the 1 1th of June for 'annexing the steam eaiehs nest. N;.pol?on the III. of France throug point is simply this: that nothing but the rii e grape dred of the more prominent were taken prisoners toe OKI fllg puny again, will greatly conduce to the particular good of ness that he cannot bring himself to chastise lievr-- ofthischartrP. w ritinir. at thfl nam .Im. frigate Merrimac, at the Charleston nsvy yarl. and sent to.Mlieria: the less pron.iuent got o.1 with til gloomy m'sts of massacre and perjury to But I am of opinion that his disconrse had tnt resell snoniu undergo pressure tor makimr wme. each, or to the general advantage; and, instead them, but must have the painful though necessary the following letter to Rosello: t he loss by fire is estimated at i 30,00 ) one half little effect, thongh I suppose he converted one it is as erted that the stems are not injurious to the a plentiful dose of the knout. The villages in quespiided s'al! which he has dared to 'name we must express tne decided conviction that tion remain occupied by soldiery, and the whole of which was insured. tor yard all next da of the fear of offence, let the love and desire of duty performed by some one not belonging to the 'Vemeible Daxe Isabella Rosello my man, could lie lay tnthe Court House exclaim "D nth wine, art unle-- s entirely dried which is never th state of fee'dng in Lesser Russia is described as sul t!iroi:e." 'Aye, these are bigots for you,' roars they and be heard at intervals to all perfection succeed, that the greater glory and I society;t these boys, I say, will become men Later frvsa Texas. Mother and my Sister in Jesus Christ, In truth try and threatening. and hurrah for Col. P., he id the case, at any of onr vintages. In proof of our a Sam; 'yes. bigots bigots of the old sort, cold, sertion that the stems are injurious, we have simj lv praise of Christ, our Creator and Lord may fol- - I many of them religious bigots, strongly attached I w uld wish, for the greater glory of God, to man lor me: PHttADiimi A, Jane 1 New Orleans papers of ours truly, l Extcatlaa of Flaaoxi. crafly, coward monsters, who have stolen the to state what can be proven not only by a hii?h Saturday are received. I BLIFK1NS. low. to their kind preceptors, to whom they will then satisfy your good desires, and procure your spirit The appeal of Fianori against the sentence of the 'chemical'" authority, but by any cultivator who watchwords of instinct and of freedom for their Late i'exas pap- - isa report a fight near Fort BelkCourt ef Assizes of the Seine, which condemned will take the trouble to investigate the snbjoct Sam is no egoist; he believes profoundly in the VA tne det,t of gratitude incurred in their youth nap, between the Camanche Indian aud some conual progress by keeping you under my obedience, impious exaltation.' Letter from Ohio County. him on the 7th inst., to the death of parricides, for tractors. The guides were killed com. ui a large qnauuiv ot m :Iic ac d. luaiiuey and the can o an attempt on the life of the Emperor, was present'They must be Gods 'in faith;' the butcher shall sentiment of modern 'Protestant' Christianity; I Alas for such gratitude! How many families as you have been for some time past; but the con which is the cause of the unpleasant aciditv stolen. Prlncipiea but how can that faith which took for its apostles, I have had cause to deplore it! How many childre Court of Cassation. The aptinual ailments to which I am subject, and all mv I BrTfr,r J 1r.1uV rs""r1,,rh"-:,I- i of our wines and that The San Jacinto returns to New York, when Capt. be butchered in his own stall, and a ea of blood of so ed on the 12th to theon t lav Secrecy Aaaiusa' of many proportion of soft green the pies-nr- e two informalities firt, a Paulding will assume the comma' d. he w 11 tlien large a stems anions; the peal was grounded men of no account' to be the mythical represen- - I have been reduced to beggary by it! How many occupations wnicn concern tne service ot our i.ord i mimiuno am. shall hold h's soul among its monsters.' srrapes, extracts this acid freely, while no amount vio.ation of the 332d article of the Code of Crimi Correspondence retu.n to the squadron, to whioi the Hist class friof tlie Lomsville Courier. nal Instruction, inasmuch as an interpreter was not gate will lie addeiL The Titan only shakes his finger at the East tatives of Freedom submit to be the slaves of I ancient and noble houses has it precipitated from or his vicar on earth, permit me to do so no of pressure of fruit and stems together will extract Hartford, May 25, 1935 from green stems a quantity of tannin, tha' can be given to the accused; and, second, a violation of the The Jamestown has beea ordered to j', in the Afand smiles, then calmly says: Thy day is past. those who commit sin, mortal or venial,' in the I the height of affluence and splendour into the longer. Moreover, being persuaded, accordino- Messrs. Editors: We have been honored with regarded as of any beni ht to the wine. We assert right of defence, arising out of the reading in the rican squadron. thou storied, gorgeous East! Thine unnatural name of our Lord Jesus Christ' or 'in virtue of I depth of poverty and wretchedness! Who can to the light of my conscience, that this ltttle so- visit from court of two dispatches containing information res what will yet ue proen to be an indisputable fact the Hon. Beverly L. Clark and the candi that however good a wine may be, it would have pecting the antecedents of the accused which had crimes, in name of every tsacredness, shall no holy obedience. Oliedience! to what? The com- - I number the crimes committed in the madness of ciety ought not to take upon itself, in particular, ,lnt ..r, !, I t Cnrornnr !, J Tl Itcgr SafTrace Act. not been previously communicated to hira. The been better had the grapes been stemmed. mand of the Superior the General the Empe- - I despair occasioned by the loss of the family the direction of any woman who may be engaged There longer pass unchallenged. botu ma(Ie 'lcnptliy and C3ulJ men but ,ay have been no exp riments that we have ever heard Conrt, after hearing M. Tlaborde on behalf of Piiv- Haitfoid, May 31. P. M. Ia the House tho the Czar the Tyrant, over soul as well as inheritance! That the parent may suffer a few M. Koyer, on the u. u, i as i nave iuny ae- - aside their narty feelinsrs. I think no imnartial man or t hat sustained by clearly denned facts the posibill for the extension of suffrage to negroes was deHow darest thou crush the life and heart out Tor nori, and the Attorney-Genera- l, feated by a majority of 20. oth' r side, rejected the appeal. body, over mind as well at will; the despot be tion of tnose who think stemming not only useless years less of purgatory, the child has been too ciareu to our xioiy r amer tne rope, it nas seemed I and true friend cf his country could have listened of 'kirn' w ho walks with upright countenance be The asssasia Pianori has been sent to his account. but injurious; while on the contrary, the experience fore the face of whom the swollen head of Calio often condemned to misery in thia life, and per to me for the greater glory of God, that I ought them without fearful forebodings for the fite of ha fore t!i Lord, w hen each several man is monarch He was decapitated on the morning of the 1 tth, at oi cultivators in tne nnest wme districts of France. Arrival of lha Bark Caherlae. ula diminishes to a very point of infamy in the haps to eternal punishment in the next. But no longer to look upon you as my spiritual dauh- - I country. and our own experience here, satisfy us fully in 3 o'clock, in the tunal place of execution of the prias old Adata w is. How darest thou, hemisphe Boston, May 3t The bark Catherine PhiTJps ot one principle in either State or national pol regard to the views we have advanced on this son of Roquette, not far from the Bastille. The arrived at Salem this morning front the coast of story of old Time. What a thought for the all this is of no consequence. The man who ter, and only as my godmother, as you have been I rical and hoary 'bigot claim to be w hat thou art spectators were not many at that early hour, and it Africa. She brings the mall from the C. S. SpaJ-ro- n subject " .'.'J My people know me the spirit, proud and sons of freedom to dwell has been led thus to disregard one of his most for many years, to the greater glory of God ' I icy WM 1i,c'''e,,; nt. even one assurance was given not, It is of course generally understood that tannin is was only on the evening of the 13th that orders there. I a3 to what his course would be if called to be the . upon, 'just as if it were a corpse which devolves sacred parental duties, in order to found a Jesuits' Consequently, for the greater service, and the Chief Magistrate of the State of Kentucky. Is he tne astringent principle contained in oak bark, cut w;-r- sent round to the police agents td be ready for t ie wi;., the power of a New "World, the luminvisited him an hour begrape seeds, &c. it may be obtained in an al duty. The Advocat-Genergills, Reacaaire. itself to be moral and led in any direction by an college or endow a professorship, will be saved greater honor of the everlasting Goodness, I I 10 favor ot free schools f No one knows. TA'heon presence in the realm of thought! 'Aye,, most pnre state by pulverising the mature seed of fore his execution, to learn whether, at that terrible Balttok, May 31. Jack White, an ,1ddiTH,ea1Jhe, peopIe ot has because they promise him 'In every college of you as much I can into the hands of the sovereign VoTTi Sam. 8.;a I relieve you frcva the pestilent absurd' individual! oh, dreadful lie! wnich Sam-hoo- d the grape and stirruiir it in a small quantity of cold moment, when the world was about t" close on him. was killed on the race course by Jaraea he had any disclosures to make. To the question of iiy of 'Mgjt.y!' Y.lial am I but the gigantic in been upraised to conquer. Imbecile fatuity! and our society, let masses be celebrated once a week Pontiff, in order that, taking his judgment and I himself if elected to cherish and sustain it. andhe water. Its presence in wine, in some decrree, is the advocate he answered by a stern and simple McDonald, a h rse dealer. it combines with the mucilage and facilitates dost thou dare to hope to wreak upon his children for erer, for its founder and benefactor, whether will as a rule, you may find rest and consolation I nas nob,y redeemed his pledge. dividual, tlie sovereign man, the Emperor of and made nosia. He But where is Mr. Clark ? No one knows. What the precipitation or the sediment ; an excess cf tannin negative. led todied scaffold, which was in the square n:..; w.r nr fnr tK. 6 He was the evergrown curse the the malignities dead or alive. At the beginning of every month, S.iace?" b 'J ii.iuc .iiojcaij. measures of State policy is he in favor of ? Xo nr.p would render thewiue bitter. The wines made from The Eruption of Vesuvine. of the prison, in the costume of parricides a black our vineyard have alwavs "lined"" themselves with I knows. What measures of national policy is he iu all the priests who are in the college ought to Rome, the first of October, 1549.' 'Thou must go back to first principle in me, of which the electric thunders of modern pro veil thrown over his face, a long shirt onvering him, The best account of tbe eruption at Vesuvius we I favor off No one knows. What then is the theme out the use of isinglass an I the wines of the last and his feet naked. Ue was pale, but his features offer the same sacrifice for them; and a solemn thou dim and colorless Orient. Man is of the gress have overcome. The Pope complied with the request, and ex- - of hi3 discussion vintage were not only rrmaikable fr their superior can find is the following ktter extracted from tho Onnosition-nnnosito tion were calm; jet the effort mcst have been strong It cannot be that it is a comfortable mass, with a commemorative feast, shall be cele empted the order from the superintendence of I thing and in favor of nothiuir. Opposition to the quality, nui at llie time oi racking, tor London Daily yews: ear.h, eirkVy; therefore as its superior Form, you calmness, . uenouuemg mem in tDe severe; and bri'lhncy. We mention these facts to show that which produced thathectic spot, for on his cheek Xari, May 10, 9oo. in us', accept me; you cannot get away from the creed for Calvanistic Protestantism thus, that brated on the anniversary of the donation, and a women; and Ignatius enacted in the Constitu- - I '"""""""'S-.bones was a bright which told what tue argumeut that "the ta an in eon tamed in. or ex The lava has now advanced ten nu.'es from its passed within. As he stood on thescalTuld. he cried a mortal man is to be recognised as God ! Yet wax candle offered to the donor or his descend condition; I must assert, not a God, not a proph lions, mat no memner oi tne society should un- - I light Federalists, inflammatory apiieals to the ra- - pressed fi om the stems, is essential to the wine, and " sour-aud is doing terrible damage. I have beforo Fire la Reputthfue," aad the pUnk to which he eey, r. jt a butcher's stall, not destiny, but a calm it is thus that the Jesuite must believe, and in ants.' Besides this, 'the donor shall hav dertake the care of souls, nor of religious, or of I sions against the Nortfi.thus arraying ore portion of that wines made f.orn stemmed grapes do not was bound turned the moment be was about to re- me the report of Coxaoliui ssto i lie st changes -have the rT ed.ct be yourselves (tremendous phrase!) 'be conformity with this must act. We shudder at three masses while alive, and three masses after wS'"sit:ic feelings and sectional animos- line as readily as it made wiih the stems. . .t:,;i I tlie country sectional ouier, ana sowing Droaacasi in wholly fallacious. lVe nlwavsstem onr cranes, and peat the cry. Yet, Pianori cannot be considered wa cbaeof ittaken placelireabout been cone. Just at ...w. uiocij-irvM i";v. j the a lake of ha formed which we never had any wine that was not "tine" in six or even by the most nltra party, a political martyr: he looks like a red sea in an nndulatory the thought of all the atrocities which had been his death, by all the priests of the society, wih thought proper to differ from him, 'so as fre- - I ities. yourse'ves" bo, first of alk Men! second. War state. In tho weeks vintaec, and never saw i nv was a vulvar miscreant, who had already committed very center of this has opened another crater which riors! third. Lovers! with a sublime justice, Iov. perpetrated at the order of this other old man of I tlie prayers of all its members; so that he is made quently to hear their confessions, or cive them I . HLowJon? ink you our Union would remiin safe eight that wasafter the e" wine not "fi but what was made from crimes sumcient to earn such a doom. In the Fan I ? is tarowing out red-hth? hands of such . . t nes. On tf e morning of bonrgs it is rumored that it was not Pianori, bnt the mountain, who presents to his agents the partaker of all the good works which are done. directions, althongh there is no objection to their I m When a political men rs alike of those who struggle and of those who the Tth the crater at the very snrrm t fired, as it camoaign is to be conducted unstmmed Lsgrapes. The apparatus for stemming used by us connected with the rollers, or crushing mannequin, that was guillotined, and that th real were, two heavy cannonades; and after sending prospects of eternal bliss as the reward of their by the grace of God, not only in the college receiving the confession of a monastery once, and I "Pon no otlu r principles than hosti lty to one porwin.' forth person (who, of course, was a police agent) has been machine, into which the grapes drop from a hopper. lightning, flames aad stones, broke np altogether. 'W as he the Iovr of mankind who framed the obedience. which he has endowed, but in the whole soci I By this me: ns every grape is crushed, but by the sent out or the country witn a passport! ior a special reason, t Iu the middle of the cone ten crat?rs have been flame the nassions of the other airainst that nortinn The unfortunate man had ref. sed for sometime adjustment of "Constitutions of the Society' of Jesus! Was But this is not enough. Not content with ety.' formed, and from these the lava ponrs fnrh Lke a Dame Rosello and her two companions, being when IM becomes the rase, and men are nnheld ne er Dro;rn. thevt ro'.llers, the seed of the grape i after his condemnation to death to accept the spir iegard thi apparatus as wholly and runs on the side of Cavuilo as far as tho he not rather the Satanic foe of that instinct of having thus By such allurements do these crafty priests, it nal sssistance often and most earnestly pressed on river transferred the allegiance of the Je lniuspenstoie. me stemminsrapnarattuisconstruet w Minatore. Here fonr other crater have been M oi American ireeuom ana American union i "i Dy the chaplain or the prison. with diabolical cunning, snatch princely fortunes As, however. individuality which iiniVr'ies all just ideas of suit from his God to his General, the Constitution ed after the plan of those used by the vignerons of ntm (nnned, which throw np bitumen in the manner of Clark inenlired in some n change him for another so faithful were they- eulosr es all hope of pardon or commutation of his sentence ranee where tne family of the freedom, and w hich has been the immemorial an- - proceeds to secure Mr. that allegiance from all con from the credulous and superstitious believers desisted at once from their pious undertaking, toot-ste- Clay I would to God that he would fo low in the tuai part ol t cultivated the grape for very writer vanished, and as the lxt momentsof existence were the pyramid, and resemble gigantic exhibitions of many fireworks. The whole of the summ t of the crater of that great man in his devotion to this nave nved and tljiode of despot isn.! And so assiduous and successful were they even and for a time nothing more was Who would have based an flict with the natural affections or worldly inter approaehinsr, he consented to receive the visit of the is heard of female Lke a sponge and must inevitably fail in. Tbe Lnion. How often has his eloquent voice been heard years, and i capable of Leing nstd for the largest association of men, for whatever purpose, upon ests. J he Jesuit must concentrate all his desires at the very beginning, that, only thirteen years Jesuits; but, about the year 1622, some females, sootning tne maddenning passions of his conntrv crops, and witn tne greatest facility. Jlany attempts chaplain, and is said to have received the siceor of thin crust trembles under v onr feet. You may se religion in that terrible moment. Whether he the stones dance with as we unuersianu, nave neretoiore been made to eon men and pleading for that L nion so dear to all! the tremulous movement; tho the utter abnegation of this cardinal principle, and affections upon the society. He must re after the establishment of the order, during Lov more meddling than devoted, took upon them struct an apparatus of this kind, but they have al made any disclosnre to the clerrvman is not know part immetliitcly mand the erater kwiis like the was the sole aim of that great man's life to preserve bi t one who, isolated in, ignored in hide. is said he admitted his guiit, and even testified nounce all that is dear to him in this life. sides of a heated copper boiler. Sued is a true The ola's lifetime, they already possessed upwards of selves the task of reviving the institution, although I and perpetuate the Union of these States. He has ways enueu in uisanpoiutment for some reason or but it other; ours is remarkable for its simplicity, and the repentance for it. "J'uvoue ma cilpabUite, ma ous phititasy. th rights of others to lire, and ties of family, the bonds of friendship, colleges very largely and richly en thpv wptp not nntboriTod to ,1o n VertTiolc. statement of what is going on on the summit. ban ins reward, the noble old statesman sleep: must be words he There are reports of tnpeii, .. , . .. established1 II calmly 3n the soil his matchless eloonence defended rapid and effectual manner in which it accomplishes je saurai mounr,'' were the on him whenused. He which is not unlikely, an opening toward P'Russia, move, and have a being! I,et us give some idea broken. His . dowed. ... benged that the money found arrested property must, within a year after mey united into umereni communities, and of another toward lint where is Mr. Clark? Hurling defiance against its work. of these monstrous 'Constuions.' Now, let not my Protestant readers wonder houses for noviciates and colleges, chose In a forme r article we stated that from some ex- should be sent to his family, ''that they might have but I have not been ap tor some dan. as the danhis entrance into the society, be disposed of at a gene- - I tne "?rtl1 denouncing onr Northern brethren as periments made by Mr. E. Grasselii. he found bread for some davs; but it does not appear that ger is now very that it how sensible men can be induced, by such ephe creat. Before I write again I snail Huge corruptions and great confusions had the biddirg of the General; and he w ill accom he manifested aDy great feeling when alluding to make ral under the name of Proposta, and made vow. " required an avera-rof three hundred and ninety-si- x ? the attempt. Last night I went to scene of hopes, to disinherit their into her hands of perpetual chastity, poverty and I crept in the Roman Catb !i.? world. The differ plish a work of greater perfection if he dispose meral and most stirring interest after au interval of two days. associations. Strange that he should be so hostile grains oi pure carbonate ot potassa to centralize the them. of French and Rhenish The whole lengta of this usually quiet road was ent monist ie o'Jers were at war with one anof it in benefit of the society. And that his bet familxs in order to enrich these hypocritical obedience. Not being restrained by any law of I t0 secret societies, and be defending the very party acius in one gallon an the finest of Church. The analysis winesbased upon 9 specimens; while like a f 'ir.and such was the thron-- r of carriage other. The biahojie accused the Tope of tyranny; ter example may shine before men, he must put monks. They must remember that the Romish seclusion, they went from place to place, bustling it rtquireu an average ot aoi grams to neutralize avowed obiectis onnosition to the American The Kirwan Letters to the Right Rev. John which were moving on in three hues that it was the Pope or:noi::;red tlie bishops as disoledient. we ever arriv-- d at our destination. As wo away all strong affestions for his parents, and re believer views these matters in quite a different with gossip, and causing confusion and scandal I parly, a party with the beautiful and glorious name the acids in the same quantity of the finest Catawba Hughes, Bishop of "N'ew York, are to be issued wine hecotil i proenre, of the vintages of the menaced Tiie hits of the people were deplorably igno early day, and in a new edition, frain from the unsuitable desire of a bountiful light from that in which they see them. Masses throughout the Catholic camp. The community II . rnv nn1 nut Tir lour years the experiments based upon an the last introductory letterat an their able author. with an approachedremoving theirneighborhood onthe inhabanalysis itants were goods, and Disannointeil nnlitiei.ina mu a bridge from From in tho middle ot rant, and general disorder prevailed. distribution, arising from such disadvantageous and prayers are, in his belief, not only useful, but soon spread over a great part of lower Germany, I I think Sam has taken affairs into his own hands oi u specimen. We subsequently banded to Mr the tittle township of Cercolo, Grasselii a sample of onr wine, vintage of Hj4. for the advance proof sheets we copy the fodowm g For lack of them he would France, Spain, and was indispensable. through which ia the winter time thun-lerdown Now mark with what admirable art, what affections. especially numerous in here, and the people at the August election will re- iimuysis, anu ooiainea tne loiiowmg certificate: which is a part of the introductory letter from the summ.t of Vesuvius, one ot those mounbuke their party leaders, and show to the world writhe for centuries amid the tormenting fires of Italy, where it originated. found scarify lunatics moJeilcd a society, which, VS1S Of a nmnV nfilrv faliwhi vn He must, besides, forego all intercourse with nf .V - ...- tain rivers so well known in Italy, stood a company that tl'ey will have other security for the safety of The controversy with this politico-spiritupower ft. sin: Snecif-f- . irom iMCiSsr. I re . . of Sappers. by displaying ths virtues directly opposed to the Vt. C.V Creeping nnder the soi.J hamlome I j tneir union than the ort repeated, and as often on ueeresa i ahreaheit ornnail has hitherto been too muca conaaeU to its do Urban VIII., after vainly endeavoring to im , uru v, mouin or oy uy described by his priest, with appalling eloquence, broken promiresof the old and corrupt parties. t lien prevailing vices, should captivate the afTecmatic side, and to ministers and the pulpit. Its bridge into the bed of the river, we went np in face pose upon them some rules of discipline, by a brief Alcohol, bv volume 9.30 br weirht of tue lava, which was now coming rapidly down. 7 ii " doctrines have been d iscassed and confuted, until OHIO. I'"" I as being far more excruciating than those of S'iKiir, acids, be ., Jut.; a', srup conaistenca 2 43 tions and secure the support of the good and the mit. He shall not leave the house except at such H "re again were Sappers, raising niouu is on either of the 21st May, 1631, suppressed them. it Scripture, learuiug, reason, could do anyti.iu 90. lj side, to dive't the mia from some private grounds not a shred of them is left. But what did t: j'ioue, whilst, by utiderhaiid practices, and above times and with such companions as the superior hell. According to the doctrine of his Church, Civil War in Kansas. Thus ended the society of Female Jesuits under aud keep the lava in one straight course. Tho people never priests care every soul (one in a million only excepted) who id!, by shewing unusual indulgence in the conshall allew. Nor within the house 6hall he con It will reonirerwr hundred and fiftu grains of Presuming about that, as their the country readto smoke witch rose over the heads of the multitudes The. Leavenworth correspondent of the New lis name and form. But another afterwardi on the apathy of as is not eternally damned, must, ere it enter heaven, t pure caroouate oi potassa to neutralize tue acids in forms of faith, and on tbe strength of oM party told as we were co on the spot, and cliintic; np fessional, it should obtain an irifiucn-- e over the verse, without restraint, with any one at his I York Tribune, writes to that Journal as follows: own sprung up in its place, under the appellation of one gaffn of this wine. the bank and walking along the ton, wo locked mind of the more worldly believers. ties, whica were supposed to be m.t-iof wrouh pleasure, but with such only ts shall be appoin'ed pass a certain time in this abode of torture for Religivese du Sacre Caeur, having special rules I have only to say in addition, that the reoole Cm. Chemical Laboratory, March 26, 1955. down on this mighty mass of fir. hw chamrr J iron, and on the corruption of politicians an In order that diversity of opinion and the free by the superior.! Such was the strictness with the expiation of its sins. And let him net take very like those of the Jesuits, under whore of the Free States know but little of our condiE. GKASSELLI." the neighborhood ia two days' Wher I walked on who, it was thought, would vield absolute comfort from the fact that his conscience does No one we presume will doubt the correctuew of anything to secure their election, and oa the Sunday night was now a sea of fire. The side road tion here, and as little of the proper mode of se exercise of individual w ill should not produce which these rules were enforced, that Francis directions they now arc. by winch I bad come down into the mam stream power to sway the votes of their own fo'lowers, curing the freedom of Kansas, which is to fight. an analysis by Grasselii, and the onj in question division and con'usion within this new Christian Borgia, Duke of Candia, afterwards one of the not reproach him with the commission of any pioves most conclusively the correctness of our po which induced the belief that thev conM m Vie from Poicna and M issa di Somme was now full of In Catholic countries above all, in France, A hat tie or two must le fought, a regular pitched sition in regard to stemming; as by av dding the them over to the party which, would yield most to bl ickened coke. The houses on the borders of tho comtnuni'y, Lor-l- a enacted that in the whole saints of the Society, was at first refused ad heinous crime. The catalogue of sins by which he may be shut out from eternal blessedness is and, we are sorry to say, in Piedmont also very general battle. Unless that is done, more death and pressure of the stems, and exercising all other proper their demands, the tishops and priests became village had fallen in ono 30 pour people lived; a Society, there should be no will, ro opinion, but mittance into it, because he delayed the settle misery vull le the nccessani consequence. If von care wine, vLla, bold ami imperious and stronsly political. The s.a li chapel was swallowed op, a gentleman made ar'fully long, and detailed with great many of the highest rank in society send their leant to help us who hare exposed our lives and an in tne preparation oi onr a verywe nave produced the General's. But, in order that the General ment of the affairs of his dukedom, and refused large percentage article that Lsless acid by foreign vote ruled the election, and in New Yrwk aad a sad extent of vineyard and garden ground. The most upright and pious of daughters to be educated in these monasteries. fortunes here for the cause of freedom, send us re- - tnan the wines of nineteen other vinevards, and ap it was put nr by Bishop Hnghes to the highest On the other side of the great lava bed another to renounce all intercourse with his iamily; and minuteness. le enabled profi-ablto employ each indi ndht proaches within a fraction of the detrree of acidity of bidder! Each year the price was raised. The stream was branching off to San SabasUano. We hat Had Ignatius known what powerful auxiliaries I volrers and other weapons vidual i.ieiiiher, as well as the collective energy although, by a special rescript frm the Pope, he men must condemn himself as a presumptuous hoped to have it and led to the eascado nine samples of ths finest Irench and Rhenish bible must be put out of our schools. Then th -inner if he for an instant harbours the hope of meso wormy nuns were liKeiy to prove to nts or- - I The Tribune hopes, editorially, "that the wines. o mnca for stemming. To resume then again, but it was no longer possible; for as one sa s and liite'.I gei;ce of the whole society, it was enrolled a. a member, Ignatius for thrce Romish froru the public der, he would, in all likelihood, have borne with friends of freedom" will take notice of this an-- our wine miking oieratiocs; we have before statsd lunds; schools must be speaking of a marshy conut ry in the winter, be escaping the purifying fire. So he .becomes then foreigners must share the political ofnecessasy tnat he shoid J be thoroughly acquainted years sternly denied him access to the house of those petty annoyances caused to him by good peal, and prescribes the following as the way to thnt after a sufficient qnaaiity of grapes are "picked nces; men rapists must be in the cabinet, and oar lava was eut. fire here had begun to enter the wi h character, even to its smallest peculia the community, where he was not admitted till he quite resigned to his fate, and all his care in this over to make "a pressing, tuey arecirnod to the ministers to foreign courts; and then bishops must burial-groun- d of the little town, but divet'ed .uame noseiio. Ladies educated by these nuns I make Kansas a Free State stemming and crushing apparatus. Having been lilies. To insure this, Ignatius established spe had renounced all intercourse with the external life is how to appease the Divine anger and be consulted abont laws before passed ta a third from its course by a waiL On the oppose side of duly stemmed and crushed, the m?ss of pulp is carried the stream were the Kig and all the royal family. imng uuo tneir nomes an tnose uissensions anu Mept the a!avAn!lll,r, at th thrpahnA nn,, , reading, to see if they would suit ! An ! the quesshorten the period of his exclusion fiom heaven cial rules. regarding the admission oi world. Tiu, in tubs to the press until sufficiently full, when the tion was asked to what all this would arrow; and The banks on either side were throng- - d with cuthe This he is taught to do not by trusting to the cause all those evils which are so ably described an organised armed force in the Territory, repel timbers are plac d and the screws turned on, grad postulants, he says But not only is all friendly communication for resuit is, tuat party lines have gtven way, and that rio a and anxious multitudes, whoe faces were I lighted np witi the blaze of hundred of torches, righteousness of Jesus Christ, with the tiue by the French professor, Michel ;t, who lost his their invasion, and repudiate the proceedings of ually ft first, as too great pressure is not desirable rather than be thus teazed, and fretted, and goaded 'Secause it grcat'y concerns Gods service to bidden to the Jesuit, but he is also placed under ndent flame of the rapidly hair the other day for darinr to attack these I Ule official scoundrels who will assemble and call for the first pressing. The juice will flow rapidly at on from yeir to year by these foreign priests ti and with the more repentance which manifests itself through a holy the commencement, and as it sul sides the screw may some new surrender of great principles, ail parties descendiug lava. Sbce the morning it had moved a make a good selection, diligence mu 1 1 e used to constant espomage. themselves the Legislature of Kansas. Any re He is never permitted to auxiliaries of Napoleon the Jesuitslife, but by accumulating on his head hundreds of mile. I: waa like avast nver of glowing . cognition cl the authority of this body by the be tightened, but not too much; after all has ben are Itised into a great American party, determined tiie particulars of their person and callascertain walk about alone, but, whether in the house or out The members of the society are divided into resiuents oi Kansas is as preposterous an idea as obtained tl'at seems lucliued to run at a moderate to stand by the Constitution and the Bible. And it moved on, the tens of thousands of lumps rolled ing; and if the suterior who is to admit him of doors, is always accympanied by two of his masses and millions of days of indulgence. Hence pressure; it should be put into casks for fermenta now the controversy has passed over from the rriest and tumbled one over the other, cracking and grindfour classes, the professed, coadjutors, scholars, it would be pusillanimous in conduct. The citiinnumerable masses and prayers which he ing and grating; and. when from the very face ef it tion by itsjir. this, t:iou?a not as he ivy a wine, nr into probation cannot make the inquiry, let him brothers. $ Each one of this party of three acts. the and novices. There is also a secret fifth class. zens of the Territory should bid defiance to their having as high a ft .vor probably as the second and preacher to the politicians from the pulpit and alar?e lump fell sends before him during his life, as if to fore the appearance was that of an the tabernacle to the legislative halls of Washington, einpW lro:n among those who are constantly in fact, as a spy upon his two companions. Not, acts, and visit eve.y attempt to enforce them pressing, is regarded as tlie finest and choicest and of nearly every State in th ; Union from the iro .. furnace when the iron is eeiug drawn. To make tall his future punishment and bribe the Divine known only to the General tnd a few faithful Je with contemptuous resistance. The residents of win-about his person some one whose assistance he mt.eed, thot he has special instruction from his Lin. Lorn. the resemblance more complete, at such t'mesnien religious to the secular press; and from the few ar suits, which, perhaps more than any other, con- - the lemtory should organize and combine for justice. And when the terrible moment arrives dent opposers of the system intothe hands ef the dirted forward with long poles taken fn-the Peaches a.nd Peach ccquaintdd w ith the proba may use, to nperior to do so, but knowing that they, as well tributes to the dreaded ami mysterious power of this purpose, and not suffer the gigantic villany excellent advice we find in Trfes. The followin? that moment in which he is about to appear be the Frankfort i euman. people; and language of the country to the neighboring vineyards, su l pulled out great nuts live w ith him and examine him; some tioner, to as himself, have been taught that it is their duty the order. It is composed of laymen of all ranks, perpetrated by the Missouri moo to gain even a and we commend it to the attentive consideration priests and the people of Rome is. Yon shall be rro- - of lavs in which they embedded tnouey for sle. fore the awful Judge, beneath whose searching me endowed with prudence, and not unskilled in to inform the General of every suspicious or pe g readers: tecieii in your ngnts; you are welcome to onr lm- - What struck me at first, and still strikes rue aa tho Among momentary foothold through the farce of pre- - of our eye his most secret thoughts lie bare when, from the minister to the humble shoe-bomost f ature in the whole scene is the slow e cannot too strongly impress upon onr pecrfc- - niuuiues; a.1 tne ways of business are open to y u I tended legislation. JjCt tins proceeding be back- the manner which shoulJ be observed with 60 culiar expression uttered in their hearing, he is siler.t. Irresistible motion of that'Ser flood. trembling at the strict account that is about to the individuals composing this class are to be II ed by volunteers from the Aorth who are deler- - growing friends in th? country, t'e abs lute necesas to our own children; we will clothe von if naked. many various kinds and conditions of persons. under constant fear of punishment, should either bc demanded I an extensive and thorough thinning out of feed you if hungry, take care of yon if sick; we almighty power w.tliout an f 2iit.' Sweeping every of him, his fears repie.ent to his found many ladies, who, unknown and unsuspec- - iined that the cohorts of Slavery shall not con- - sity of In o'.hT words set a skilful and prudent rpy over f them report anything regarding the other excited imagination the most trifling short ted, are more dangerous in themselves and more I quer free territory, and the repu'se and extinc the ft nit at this season. The frot, which has will educate your children as our own: b it we will thing before it, overcomiuar every ohnucie, growing make our own laws, appoint our own magistrates np against intcnen ng wa.:s or bonss, sr.d usually performed this office at the W"es his wholly hun, to sufjirise him into the betrayal of his most which he omits to report likewise. Hence it is and then marching oa in the sane comings as mortal sins when, with the decline accurate spies to the Company. These are affili- - I tlon ot the Atchison crew would be effectual aiieu mi spring to eneci tn crop, ana ine conse- - and rnlers, and without any interference from yon secrei thoughts. Yet, even when this spy has very seldom that a Jesuit refrains froms denoun lorce at tne mi uencewiilbe that trees left to themselves will or your master, we will govern onrselves and educate silent, unrelenting. irresiNtible niuniivr as before. of bodily strength, his enfeebled mind becomes tod to the sonietv. but not bound hv nnv row Vrtl, not it tn fron k tincoa l,n, tn be destroyed bv the weight of their fruit. Inn" ourcaU.lren. The relisrion which von woold brinsr There was a spot beneath ny feet where a fa.lof oralde report, the candidate cing his companion. If he does not do so at given tiilcr J. 'y fn more easily worked upon then does his Jesuit The society, as a noble and avowed reward, prom. ,:nch of our territories from Slavery now and before the period of ripening. Xnr is this the onlv s now understand. It has shed the blood nf mason wotk had been bui t to break the visA nce cf is not vet a Indited he is sent to live in another once, his sinful neglect becomes revealed in the iscs to them forgiveness for all their sins, and eter- - I forever. And shall the shame and disgrace at evil tiie fruit will be smaller in size and tasteles our fathers; it is inimical to all onr institutions; mle the wn'er floods; to this suot all eves were directed. confessor, his generous master, his kind, disinterThe fiery river would fall over it in an hi.ur; as yet house, in order that he may be more thoroughly confessional, to the special confessor appointed or ruin is its motto; it has been the ferocious ene in flavor. I tach to this generation that, having the power ested friend, come to give him the latt proof of nal blessedness, and, as a more palpable mark of my of the race It ts not the religion Jor America it waa d stant from it seventy jarb, p rhaps. Cr'ai-nall- y The product of a tree thinned down to fonr scrutinised, to know whether he is fated to be by the sup jrior. to do' "'! bTS urScd to,!ts V by hi it rse in hieght, and swe'led out its proaffection. He seats himself at gratitude, protects them, patronises them, and, bushels wilt sell in market Tortwice as much money wauiwii. iu,Uuuj mu lliailllicf. admitted to probation. 't When he is thought ;n HoraiBLE """'S as ten bushels raised on tho same tree w uld bring. Mcdk in VViNCHESTra. The portions, and then vast masses fi il cT and rolled nntno. 7tlTtKo Toonlte r r nm.I.,t j iu- - I Then, in order that th ese members, so submis v.., his bedside, and, serpent-likunder pretence of aujaclty 0f outrage on the part of the Slave Ol forward; then it swelled sgain s f, eh rratur there is but one way to do the work, and that is bv Winchester, Clarke county. Chronicle, of Thurs suited fr the Society, heis received into the sive in action to their General, should not differ in inducing him to repent of his sins, he draws him luunuiuuic nu luiiau.c juace-- i garchv. it laiied to discharge mat iiutv! Aansas pressing down behind, and so It broke, and n it rolled and. To thrash the fruit off with clubs injuries day, furnishes ns with the following : 'house of lirr-- probation;' and, after a day or two, opinion among themselves and so occasion scan nder government, or elsewhere. If this is i:ot I ' the Crimea if freeitom. Let the JSorth take a he trees, destroys the first, and leaves the worst azam a d again till it had arrived at the very ecije. a fearful and impressive picture of the torments Our citizens were shocked yesterday afternoon Trerewasa 'he must open his conscience to the superior, and dal in the Catholic world, and to opoose an uni eenerl bun and nri'mnr of voices. lutss, and hM it frnit, and does not procure a regular thiei.iug. ufficient, they are paid for their services in bard tesson irom the which await the damned. He descai.ts to him The royal family stood opposite to me. 'n'ermiiigled The number of reaches toke left on a limb by the perpetration of a murder in our street. afterwards make a peneral confession to the conformity of doctrine to that of the free examen of with oilysanctity upon the enormity of offending cash, according to an article of the Constitution, at irha'cecr cost or sacrifice, which for horrible we have never with the crowd, hx. king on wito it tense aa.iety should be regulated by the usual s:ze of the frnit fessor who shall le designed by the suerior.'t the Protestants, the Constitution decrees as fol On the other hand, the Western Argus holds when ripe, and the age and thiiftiness of the tree. known surpassed. While Mr. Jas. Rutledge At last it broke, not hurriedly. st.ll with attrtam the Divine Saviour, who shed his precious Hood which empowers the General to spend money on Even the smallest sizf-- peaches should have at least and Patrick Kusick, an Irishman working ior show of majesty. But this is not nil, for 'in every house of proba- lows: Let all think, let all speak, as far as pos forth as follows : to redeem us. He terrifies lum with the Al- persons who will make themselves useful. In re space for each H nit, while the Ileatl"' Mr. K., were drinking at the ur inches At first a few small lamps ft ! ta bar in Unice s tav then poured We are credibly in Abolition- Mancevres. tion there will beaskilfo! man to whom the ible, the same thing, according to the apostle. mighty's implacable vengeance; and when his turn for these favors, they act as the spies of the Old Minor Cling, and peaches of that size should ern ia this place, another Irishman who gives his over a pure Lunid of iretal. like thick treacle. formed that the Abolitionists operating through have from six to eight inches. sh.:l! dlc! se all his concerns with confiLet no contradictory doctrines, therefore, be al- - victim, choked with z asrony, distrac- - order, the reporters of what goes on in those class narre as Jas. Iveddy, attempted to get up a diili- - cbnging sometimes ma-- s to niesx. frr-- its glut. ocas a secret organization on some day not far oif, The labor required for this purpose may at firt character, and las ol all tumbiiil ovr i csui.o dence; Hn'bt him be admonished to hide no Iowed, either by word of mouth, or rubhe ser- - I es of society with which the Jesuit cannot mix, have determined to run all the slaves out of Kan- of bin ultimate salvation i re,t tA startle some of our old- - ashioned fruit rrowers cuiiv witn rvustci, but was put out of the house unipsof scoria. Then on it moved once more ia temption. b it to di close it lo him, or to hiscon-fi-s- s I S3a Territory. tit a little calculation will soon convince them by the barkeeper. In a few momenta Knsick its silent resrnlar course. It therefore behooves the pro- nd serve, often unwittingly, as the tools and ac- llin? an. and spreadiD turned from the bar and stepped out of the door over the vineyards on r, or to th'-- superior; Bay, to take a pleasure published withou. the approbation and the con- - I Kansas, but of Mis- - of its profit, as wel necessity. side; and detiance then, and not till then, does the Jesuit complices in dark and mysterious crimes. Father I 8lavry rart.v. not ol"y the averare co3t or thinning a free will not upon tlie pavement, when he was again attacked was a rush for the road, either traverse d.w therewhich this lavain th ir o irhly ma::. Testing his whole sou! to them, sent of the General; and, indeed, all ,Hl?n exceed forty cent.s while the increased vahv difference of I relent. Now he raises in the sufferer's heart Francis Pcllio, brother to the famous Silvio, in hi ,! . "T, V . nrf Mt the by the stranger, who was evi "eiitly determined on bed. Houses and th bridge bonier the- road, tha s, not only disclosing hisdrji cts, but even his arriaces had ail been ordered off. snd the biidza opinion regarding practical matters should be I the faintest hope that the Divine justice may pos- - recem 4uirt-- i mm uic incuidieu uiouer;i, io chief. It any body has to be driven out of Kan fruit will te from two to five dH.irs. We wi!! a rWht. Kusick remontrated, protesting ahat he venture the prediction that notwithstanding the did not know the oth?r, and remarking that he was berair broken down we were cut o!T comWhen the avoided."ll mortifications and 'virtues. Thus, no one but the General can I sibly be disarmed, and mercy obtained by means prove that trie order is not very deficient of sup- - I as, we know ot none so deserving of such treat immense crop of fi nit now on h. trees, there will pletely. The sentinel wonld t let u p?ss. atj was not atrai.f of no man, but did not want a difrandldite is ad mi ted into any of their colleges, eiercise ths right of uttering a sinjj'e original I of masses and indulgences. The exhausted man, porters, as his opponent asserts, candidlv confps I mcnl as lne aDoiitionists be fewer ready fine peaches in market this season tnemselves struck as and drove us bscV. but we forced onr wit, . I : . .i i i:. : l. Tl. f.. - : au"1-"!than there were in the summer of 1853 and that they ficulty. Reddy t"en seized him by tbe colar and and then found too surely that it wra impossible t he must again 'njfn hi conscience to the rector I at 'the many illustrious friends of the society, , "c . , , , ""tare will, consequently, command bigher prices. thought or opinion. It is almost impossible to who feels as if he were already plunged amid shook him, when Mr. Rutledge interfered, and f the coiiejre. whom he should greatly revere and conceive the ,ower, especially in former times, I et on. The tore hew weconU dewndweni, putting his hand on Ktisick's shonMer, to!J Lim the lieht of the bnde ws half see tbe o!t';er and by the boiling sulphur and devouring flames, grasps prelates, orators, learned and distinguished men pnrty.' It begins to he apparent that thru desire Th Mas Nullification in Massachusetts. wo holds the place of Christ our cnenite, as one civil war, and lo this end they are shaping their sachusetts Nnliification " Personal Liberty work ng away with the pt k and the ax. We bad law not to have any ditHcilty there. f a General having at his absolute disposal such I with frantic eagerness at this anchor of salvation; ui ccrjr ucBciijmuii, nit; eui'jiurirrif OI ine SOC1 While in that position, Rcdfy stabbed Knsick lord, keein no hlng concealed from him, not an amount of intelligences, w ill, and energies. I ana, did he possess tenfold more w ealth than he ety remain occult, and obliged to be silent. then fore to retrace anr step, and meke a !on wnole course, and since ttis ts their obicct, the provides, in brief : twice with a knife, once in the stomach and once in circuit through the open country ard over 1. 1 he writ of habeas corpus in behalf of fusri- sooner they are stopped in their incendiary designs ven his wa'!. nee, which he should disclose to the heart ; his hand was drawn back for tbe third give it all up to save tive slaves, and a trial bv jury. me round to tha top of the brv'ct does, he would willingly T?m. said Wyot, vol. viv p. 491. the better it will be for the interests of Missouri. Frtnru, iv. It: and Cont. priri- cp. i f him, (as it is set firth in the Eiamen( at the ap-- p blow, bat was caught by some person standing near 2. Heavy lines and the Mate prison for five years the sentinel, or you will be too late." We crossed After tu entrance intothe hognof finrt probation, the tTf'yot, vol. vil. p. 491. his soul. It may be that his heart, yearning The wounded man ta?gerd a few paces, fell and nuu d in, i ni ofiener, if any cause require th Barrow aarapet which ass still rerna ninir and Tninst nv person who shad attempt to carry off nan. I in i nt alluwea either to receive or tram awav anr ..r. tCrmit. rarnri. cud. ni 5T To ha nnn'i Roman Bishop Powx on the s with paternal affection, 6hiinks at the thought ot expired. The murd.-re-r turned and ran round the snon afterward down went the wtmi, fabiic. In iter nax cot been bittiouiij reaa dj ma superior. unlawfully, or cme into the State for the pnrpose nd K t.ll, deemed Uith (.riTilce. Before the Cmincil of it; not The Catholic. Bishop Miles of Tennessee, preached g. not contradict in j, nor shewing rem. tCauat ara 111. cap. i. I J. lollin of so carrying oT, an alleged fugitive slave who is house, bnt was seb-- d before he hid rone far. and his way, it is howe.l, that the lava w.ll le dlver'e.t condemning his helpless ones to beggary; but under un invitees oeioneeu nuns also oruer ol St. inn. in the Catholic Church in this city oa Sunday live. last. no fugirive according to Massachusetts law. is now safely lodg-- d in ja:L tin ojismon, i:i iny case opposed to his opinion. 'II he rulei mot ol t'ue in toe nuttiest Tlie conduct His the:iii! w.ts " from the tnwmdrps ef Sr. Pebs-an- , Mh dt luese onuneii ana sitters that whom he i Kus ick has been living in Winchester and vi iait ; Somme snd Poilen, whir) stand rn either rn tne rrouiulaiurie.Jesuiu ui a. 1 ary must take nevertheless, as if the welfare of his family were 3. No State officer allowed to do anything in and scandalous. Althousli the Franciscans are no The aide and or even m di.r thus ,.1,.,.., regarding the tun rountrr in the mint uumeanred terms. Among for some tim pat, and was generally esteemed as i lonaer the titular cnufcssors of these nun . nevertheless necessarily connected with his own perdition, vet lice tnaieer ru of tne r.irt Cereni.i oattitution is Un clam t!n-expressions was this sentence: behalf of the return of a fugitive to his master. quiet, naubtrnsive man. The murderer w.ts a have ss which, on!v surer..! trem il:v. on the most Wita one another; up.u tasien, b.ib tt Knd ini ',inr.ti-ti7 at of every mendier, rcent the Oneial order otherwiw, ur the creater dory however, 1 ridge Loring compelled expres!v to :i hronh ro";n? his Jesuits with eternal beatitude, the ich friendships the Italians their satirical ami Tii'-.he- " s ') may trouble you tHi, and the benefit of the Sooetr." It i not "for the and that of the ran:er here, ba in ; arrived on the stair from h-- sacrificed. Tw evpe'at'on is. 'r. t t'.. isco.r,m.,riier,tPJ to lU ( ,onera wh(J ntytet it tliee of Unite ! Slates Cammi ioa-- r or hUofhce if nrcatic wit. '1 b.ceomeo!- are no c.hoen bv the rea'nr aiory ol l,oJ.idthe benefit 'if the Soc ety." that family is invariably sarrificed to the Jesuits a litne .1 tew years prruars ve buhopj, who confer the h'inor upon the r innst I iitlil'ul but thtv Lexington acenph cf uitTicni'v honM O w emotion ennt'n'-ewill fi. e under the State. e Juit. to ecrare aiupicion, thoul ro alon-- ' rl,,svn t that he beie thebuilt, dou in a k.,.ph.!:ica;iy arrarjed.and kept Anlil he introdnr.fd into TCur ees. me of rewsru ior r circle aa a Protea! ajir He is rather low in t M, but heavily aud Unte MailUloiii aad hito trio sea 4. State ofScers who m?y dare to assist in arrest. It is notorious that the most diabolical tricks auuereuisas awomen, and their servenious contrivances to wi'l biiou pass awav, and cannot overcome you. So irinri t tsose tainted in. that he tram our onupeclinr Gal often chooses the moit abominable cf man. rent . or imprisoning, or detaining a fugitive slave, looked and acted as if he cared not a whit for the o destructive sn eruption has aoi been knn .''oijjf 5rt J'$V pftrw enact the part of roar ray eomnaaion at theatres. con- - have been resorted to in the case of dying men enrat tne smile ot tneir no v tut (S kind to punish his own people !" The audience ing, subject to one who lives near aconveu consequences of the fesrfnl deed ef blood he had many year, snd even now w eannot te'l how are 1 Cmt pr uaod bait' mat ae enou1 a converse with yon upon heavy fines and the State prison. i. ca.j(. u f I or was pathetically appealed to. and requested to orau I He hot, vol. lii p. 432 He was svidently in honor, bnt we when it will terminate. The mountain ir ons natiera. always By the rone. o. noses tne 2 Qjrwt. ana the state jnst committed.,if. 6. htera 'T tlbid, pars. 4. cap. 16 1 I. a, is... I for the deluded men who called themselves A Ymrento Oiodtrtt Fra PtUita 4,ua rssiiM.M br this gainst the acts oftans grese prisons of to fugitive regret that we can ascribe his crime less to that seamed with lava, and many fear a violent m tt,!.,1 Con t Const par r. in relation i. f 1. Const, pans it. cap. 1. 1 1.6. I unholy appellation. I Com put ill. caa 1. if. Memphis Eagle. ' cause than to hardened, calculating inhuman viilany. aa the final scene of the tragedy, sves. MISCELLANY. BY TELEGRAPH. AGRICULTURAL. 0? MYSTERY! iii i - .. fr r:. ..I ji ,,r ntSmo """a hund Koiuih f'o'J' st T

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