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Image 3 of Louisville weekly courier, June 9, 1855

Part of Louisville weekly courier

TTT .. THE LOUISVILLE YESTEKX AOTHL"R rY TELEGRAPH. IlIVCR ACWS. atroaTED EiriEsi.T fob thf. louixmlli: STEAMBOAT DISASTER. UrE f. AND PROrEIUT. rca liieSt. Lou,s Novio,' Sa'iirday Ere uinr. About tir. Ire "VI k Tiinrsday iiicht, wliile ryint; t 1' or-- ncc I. null!.!:, Illinois river, txkintr on wKd, thf fifaiai r Keystone bouLtl Caiit . fur ili i.rt, cuii'.'iit fire a on:: wme liriirUt ja-- t communicated to tlte boiler ad Die ImhIci-s- , iiE.aiiJ la a lYsr ii:iiii.u, uota iihstaiidiu"; ibe i to cmif:uih tlie fiami. the lioat was tuinicd to tlie na'i ti cifre. Tlie di v wood o;k was as cutiituiiul- - tinder, and the Came itr: ;il nh fearful i p.iit v. In less thau h;i!f an liour aficr the brr "m t.iscoccrcd tlure wan nthin? left 01 tlie J'at s.tve th charred and smok-ia- j l.u't, and i'.k- l..a. K ih J macliiuery. As a the boat wax iliwrovut-to be on fire, tlie el.inu was piveii to tlie patriipor8, wbo were jiik:1v h'ntulieii!.? iu th' ir bcrtlm, of tin.- Flush forth ini:'in;ii p. 1 luy Im-af."om tlnir ouitrouiiih into l lie cabin, and by the time they were umidlii 8 wo artist !, tiro on fire from the low it to the hnrrii-sndock, thus on. tn. g (i5 ogrn from the A er to the f rwrd jiart of the boat. Koini'iituly there wore not oa Wild, or the l"s. of Lie niilit have ia..-ii;;rbeen n'vi re. 1 '!ic who could, cot fi!iore ly vhe t;t"-jl.iiAs, but tlie mott of those in the after end of Hie bo:tt ltti'7 i! iii'o the river and s din ashore. !1 . All the c.ib.a s'ii;,iis but oue Mved thera.selves; the n.i'oi :um. te victim wan a lady pasener named Oneeo, of Ileiievilie. She jumped into the river lind c could lie extended to win dr"wne before ber. Her body win; taken tio-- the w at r while yet exhibiting si'-of hie, but all t Sorts to resusciatc ber were unavailing. 1 "our of the crew are niinsirc, an.! were doubtless burnt,! toh a'.hord'owued. lliey were the steward, necoi.d cteward and chambermaid; (colored) and a trciuhn vFrcnchRiiin.) When lust m en by onr in-- f iinaijt.the steward and ehainibermaid were h'.atid-inpo- n ;he alicr Dotler deck puard, tspeniir.iy para-Iyz-- 1 n'.h tcrro:, and niiahle to atterapt'to themselves. The steward wag last cn comic.? d'wn the rauiway fim the pantrv to the lowi rie k, with Lis trunk on bis fch"iildirs. It is rnpiioeed tnat upou reaching the main deck be was st i.1 ed by the smoke and fell into the river. The steward T - a trx cu'.o.v-'- j man, resiuiiic in this city, kQii lh tiled len (,'uilli. He leaves a wife ai.d chil-dnThe second steward was named Aaron Stockton, and b- -l mped in ritih;ir-h- : the hamliermaid, named Fmi'y Austin, was f nun Allegheny City. Mr. Maple, a cahin passenger, with bis child in bib arms, and would have been but lor the kid of so:i:e of the de k ban 1. Ki wile jnm;e 1 it. to the rivi r with a chair ia ber baud for a supporter, and c:ime very near being, The coufui u on board was rcry preat, drowned. and bad tVne lKen a titi'nler of pessenjrers, Xol-odth? Iohs of !i'e would have loen deplorable. saved anything etcpt their cl thos, and some in a state of s ant v wardrol-e- . The officers all pot ashore in safety. The books, part of the iiKwy in the safe, most of the ofiicetn and passengers' bacsjare.aud every jioti-- : of the freiirht d(mycd. A u.saal in sicli cases, the life nets were not called into requibat aud sition at all: and iiot one that jumped overboard too i a with him, although every state room had two. Tlie arriving shortly afterwards, took part of the passer.jrers to Naples, and the coming down, brought the remainder and the and li;e citw. Tie Key; one S:r.te ws a pood boat, about four roars old, and was recently pnrciiasod ct I'ittsburjjh f rthe Lainols river trade by Capt. Wi .lard, for SI4.(kO. Mie Las been running ia romtnand of Capt. Cha.-.- . r,uf tries, of l'eoria, ho owned au in-- t rost of one third. was composed of between four and Too car-7s:;ek of prain. clik fly corn; 4K) or five thous-'ii2)00 bills, whisky aud lard, and a few smaller lots of JU- srs. Chappe'l A Vslh, and R. if. snndnos. Funhr ou r & Co., are coosinets of the ni?jor portion oi the priii. we 'are ret totatca. LATER FR01I ClLIFORaVU. Rmniii? of the Xctouc Stare, LOS? OF WEEKLY COURIER ARB IV A L OF THE N'fw Yore. June 6, M. The steamer Northern Light arrived y seven dnys and two boms trom San Juan, with 415 passengers and on iicigiit. The fxinora left San Francisco for Fanama on the lf):h. We do not find the amount of her specie on freight in the papers. The Northern Light had a vcrv large amount of gold in the posses-iothe I entral American gov- ernment. Tne arrival of Col. Kinney was anxiously looked for. A small conspiracy wag discovered in Saragossa. Sixty in. n in the garrison deserted. The l'.as(jne l'rovincts were tranquil. The King of Sardinoon's infant son died. It is reported that the King would go to the Crimea. Kusia bus annexed four dhtricts of country belonging to the MotjiietulN'. The s'oop of wr.r St. Marys was still at San Juan and would leave aliotu the 1st of June for the Sand- wich Islands. In California business as generally dull, althongh there had lieen some sales of flour and grain, tor shipmei.t to New York, Liverpool and Austraiis. The ship Clorine sailed tor N" w York on th lCth wi h 704 tons wheat, 1IC4 tons barlej-- , 172 tons The Fly:ni Arrow would follow with 1,000 tons of wheat and flour. ConTentiaB-ri- re Men Killed CixctsxATi, June C, 1 M. lhe State Convention, at Cleveland, is largely attended. A platform has odopted nnd is to be published. It is strongly y Five men were killed in the tnnncl of the Dayton and Cincinnati Short Li'ie the caving in of an embankj-.ent- . The work is" but . s'irlitly hereto-day- . We l.iive hrary rains The line is interrupted by the stoi m East of this Kw-Net- city ws It tlie North Star. New Y'ork'. June I. The steamship North Star from Havre on the 19th of May, arrived hcie at an early hour this morning. Her dates are the same is those received bv the Faeifio. She til ings over one hundred passengers and one hnndrc d and fiftv tons of freitrht. The steamship St. Louis arrived at Havre on the morning of the 19;h. in a damaged condition, having mn against an ieobiirg on the eastern edge of the Grand Banks. Her bows were badly stove in, but she was tble to complete her passage with safety, as the injury was above the water lino. ibe bark and propeller Arctic dropped down the bay yesterday, and anchored at the quarantine, pivparatory to proceeding to sea on their Arctic eTjiedition. The celcbrs'ion of the victorr in Virginia, at Tammany Hall last night, inside and out. was a rery enthusiastic aflair. Orders from W ashinirton. deputing Thtirsdav. June 14th, for launrhing the new steam frigate Mer- avy Tard. has been re rimac, et t he t barleston ceived. Great preparations arc being made at the ivavy l am to ceieoraie meevent. James Hawkin, tried before the Supreme Court for the murder of A. T. Lectz, was y found guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced to tlie State I nson for ton roars. The los by the fire at Worcester, last night, is estimated at fGO.OOO, of which one half was insured. Washington w. Washington, June 4. The Secretary of State ses that the department is now ready to pay advert awards under the convention with Great Britain, of ten. bin, IbSJ, to tnose la whose favor awards were made, after deducting the commission's expenses. 1 ne examination oi tne v est l'oint Cudets will The rovertinietit stor.niors W'm. Baird and Grey Cloud, and the stcaniors Clara ar.d Australia, are commence on Friday. The graduating class is composed of only thirty-fou- r members. It started four bow lit the laMllnT. loading for Fort Tierr and the years ago with fifty. The steamer St. Mary, belonpinq; Cppor V.isou--i- . luc ComuiiMHioner of Tensions bas decided that to fie Fur Corr..auy, is also loading for the mouth the engineers and coal heavers are on'y entitled to of the Ytllow bounty land when they are regularly employed at river seT.p to be adracti.i? the stfcniion sea. of s nie of our c; pu ins of low water Ijosts. Tde The total applications for bonntr lands received diminutive Hello, and the Hermann 185.800; total issued under the new law l.Cftfi; toial have left for thai stream, aud tue Atlanta is goiae acknowledged 25.000. Lands were worth 1 05 to in a day or two. ?l 10 per acre. No action will I taken by the Treasury in regard to the talance due the officers Independent Missouri river packets" are -thukns autumn leaves." The Keystone, and men of th? Albany until Congress shall pass a I'aul Jones' and Arjyle, three Pittsborphers, are designating day on wmcn mat vessel shall be con- dered I st. advert ixd to go "inoVptudontly" the bret of next The National Intelligencer lea- - ns by a letter from week. Paris, that Mr. Perry had obtained from the Spanish Government an entirely satisfactory settlement of inti-Slarrr- j' d fcnvfiilion. the El Dorado case, and that of Ihe Vice Consul at S;ig ua le Grand. The Lieut. iovernor who arrested XI BOSTON 5IELODEO.V THE Mr. Thorirpson is to be dismL-seand such instructions bave also b on issned to cruisers aa Tfcr I nioii to be Knocked to Piefts. will prevent a recurrence of any difficulty. wr. lie Costa, tne Spanish Ministers returned home at his own request. A Biew lfirderarr Readr f t Oa. ri Tlie alxjliiioLists of had a prand pow wow in Bostrn la.-- ! weik. A great deal of strong speaking was had by Abby Kelly, Mr. Garrison, and other of the wild boys. From the speech of Mr. Orvis we make the following Fo, CLASSICAL EXTRACTS. Whoever with the rights of man is an nnmiutrated scoundrel. The tendencies of this cou&try are all downward. Insu-alijht tothe nations, this counof a try has struck upon a deep black (') rock. The time has arrived when we should strike a blow tor frec-- .m. Man, in coi.juuclion with woman, should strike this blow. Hut it u idle to strike acy blows while the Unioa ex ists. There is only oae door of escape the formation of ific con) tdertrv. The way to do this to call conrmtwn t)f the Staler, lo unite truA (hem the patriots of the Ire Old Weir Id, to incubate tipon the tzg that the joint wisdom of toe members may produce. Motto: ' Uircr$ai Liberty." Liberty to live, lilerty to move, "liberty to speak, LUrty to seek on;'s individual happiness. Tne programme uttcic-with the unction of those nystoriotts communications which have turned wi-- r beals than that of Mr. Orvis has bad the etli-c- t of a lo:i.l(sli II among the exploiive materials that are placed in the Beaton Museum hour after honr. u OrrU maile a long speech, full of earnest and fiery Appeal, lie arrived at the conclusion that the movement for frcedoiu is a planetary movement. people ere to take their bves in their bands. Jump for your livethe fchi of hiate nrars the rocks. The breakers already dash while beneath bor lee. '.r. CrarrisoB entirely approved of the utterance of the spirit. Whether or not it was the spirit of Orvis wiiio.h bad spoken, the spirit was entirely in order, lie favored the idea of a general convention of the free States, to see how far they conld apree in tlie formation of a new confederacy. The fepuit is a deriiish sirit it U full ol blood, etc., ex. KCKItr C. WRIGHT FAT0KS PISSOLrTIOJt. V.t. Henry C. Wright was enorg -- tic in a speech based upon the fallowing pungent resolution : futl-'That wW milk untmna rra! wtlvk thr tlutml- Cl eristtn I won. in ai lnrh Iv"t anil ouaJ p'ir nxei noil proinr'ios i:b labertv nd the alt promnU 1hr lormitiom ct m """ : r d. honnrrn Con'rurrvt In wuch no man MuaU Ik k'ld e lkn, ill wh ri. i nn.aa itnl. bf I'mwitl (n lie put trial on lh .ai.. I he maaor a rhaLll. a frmaa. or n aiave? nun1 aiial, tie rta"'su and trea.l Rob-."ir nnti-Muriierera. sad o:la-- ieioua are rerarded and treated. W rirl t diJnt like the sontiments Mr. of Mr. Orvis' spirit" murh better than Abby Kelly did; but h thought that the idea of a convention was a capital thing. He considered that a groat deal Iras been done by the people. He crowed over the condition of New York city, in regard to tlie asitators. Four years ago it was impossible to procure them a place for a respectful hearing; now crowd. to hear speakers. AU thew things are encouraging. Mr" V right wants an ution of the Union, a reconstruction immediate di of the Confederacy, and an elevation of the slaves to the piniiaele of g"e ttness. But Wiipht is literally resolved man. He had two more resolutions. Their purport was : 1 That tint imu'i Col i Oid. and hi rrbrioa fatw r ipioii. rnrni hit- rHit'r n li witirii would rtiuc or run" ,iiiiviit a a:iipi buaian beme.a!l (towp4 awl pnnicff nl t Tunt i: it idf fr ends o anti- - mvrT' to murnhv nj' rtmnrrtion ri4 f hrrk Kv :r it, j;ir Pirs th it w.II not aK- - Alio it i,u m a w i.rnmi.ncj ur fie aia. 'J 'ti aii'i br tlie uiin.-V- t ot tunmui - t. iiinomf mil note-n.r- Trom th San Francisco Hrrald. The Snspeaim f rpsce. liiroa - r iatirrn Ileuses. DeBBBci-(- ! Another dark shadow bas fallen on the prosj erity of Sn Franc'iHCO. In consequence of tlie suspension of the houe of Page Bacon at St. Louis and New Yr.;,the the house of Tape, Baron AO., in this city, wore yesterday attached and the bank was. closed. This blow has fallen upon the partn rs here nt a time when they were again lstinehiiig out in a full tide of success. It was but Tuesday t'.iat their tmountod tothe lar .e sum of l.undnd thousand dollars, and before evening of the same day, they bad intelligence of the wreck of the business in tlie East. Whatever !ose-- individuals may suC'er fiom litis last f. ill ii re, wbi h will be-- little, if any, is the least important ft at ore of this ca'auiiiy. The public con-- f. diT.ce !ii h was rTievcus'y shaken by the fonr;er f.i e restored by had been ia a great meai-the resumption of business by P.'.gc, Bacan & Co. Men bad almost coss-look bs k u;wn past losses, to and bad begun to biok forward to future gains. had in a great measure taken the place of and a bustling, healtl y industry bad to the paralysis induct J by thf stunning that tok r.:"i. 1 bis cheertwo ir fulness, this liojiefulncsij, this n'.i bas now ,.. a blow, the e"cct of i we scarcely dare corj.-ctiir-e. There is nnt.opabh? :n aTI this one jron inent and remarl-ahif i i house has been t'ie mint liy no fault of its own, but by its connection the Eastern honses. Fro'i the East come all , nr is'ortnnos. stll all on- - and yot ')'h a malevolence that knows po stint, with a rancour that knows no abatement, the and Shybv-kof hat section slander the character of our Stale, nf our merchants, of onr poo-r- 'Thoy he injnrion imputation upon onr citizen 1r ttao- - very things that their own rascality or reci.lossno-- s ha hrfmrlit r.bont. ie dl wh t Orikx Beaks or (jroen b an or snaps, StAPs. greea peas, aud rots ing oars mar had ererr lar in winter at a very triMiiig of trouble. They are all preserTed bv being t a. I in a It. The salt is reTioved b. fore c iiV ing bv st in warm w,',r' W 'lh1 on tl" tahle a fine dish of snaps on Christmas uy, and have u.4 g them since as niesired. To proerre beans, take a tight Teasel, jar or barrel, and put down a layer of beans, and then cover ig itiy with snlt. another Uwr of lnns, then salt, su on. unt.u tlie esRel i 'ir.-epea are rve.l i ti.-- u rn" manner To priMi-vcom first shave it Iiom the cob with a sharp knife, and tlufi park in a chise vessel corn Slid s.t.i, in Isaits. rut. I i,e vesai-- I is lull roas the corn r(.. i.,,rr )M..i ,n it isju1 as pood a. it a, ir, j;, j ,.v a; von r are fond f goojoating. 'V'fpccnsoc Farmer. Tlie nninU 43,000 in Mis- - ' len ,,,, titt litr'ppi. There were 202 death from cholera in Kcw Orleaw duruig the Fetk mi&g iStk. ARRIVAL A CHEAP OF THE STEAMSHIP AFRICA. Halifax, June 5th, P. M. The steamship Africa arrived at half past 4 o'clock this evening, with Liverpool dates of the HOth. The Vienna Conference ure to be A secret expedition is preparing in the Crimea. The sieg? is uuchangid. General PellLs-Je- r contemplates an attack against the Russians in the field. The motion of a wautof confidence in the House oi t oinmons was unsuccessful. An engagement had taken place before the flagstaff battery, in which the Fisncb. destroyed the lluisiuu outworks. The Conference was reported nnen on Mond.iv the 2Sth. On the ICtli Count Buol had an interview with Lord Westmoreland. Count Bmirpouncv suggested that the members of the Conference meet again, but the French and tn dish ministers were nimble to rive an answer. It is understood that if they assen Count Buol will attempt ta arrange the 3d point. The Berlin papers report the Austrian Mediatory proposals in Turkey settled between themselves. The number of ships that each are to kep iu the Blac k Sea are as follows: England and France each two ships, Tui key and Austria the same number each. Turkey is not to enter into a treaty with Russia ui less submitting it to France and Euirlnnd. Accoiding to the Vienna papers the Conference will be reopeued aud a ineeiing held on the liGlh without the Russian plenipotentiaries. Seiiisur wni make a bold attempt to cnt off Le- paudin's anny. It is said lhat Omar Pacha bus offered to go to Siniferofal with the Tuiks if France would support hU advances. The secret expedition that was recalled from Kerfosch is reported sgtiia sailed, and its destination is unknown. A recent arnval of three I re nch divisions makes the allies force --'00,000 the French. 10.000: English, 30,000; Talks, 40,000; Sardinian force, 11,- 0;K) troops. A correspondent from the English camp says that the army is well supplied with all of the necessaries. Some fever and cholera still prevailed. There was a spirited engagement on the night of the loth. The Kss being considerable. n the 11th and 12th sorties were made. The Rus ans charged up the British trenches, and some leaped over the parapets and were bayonetted. i neir loss was severe. The British lost a captain and over 100 were nut Aor de combat. Oil the 19th Gortchakoff telegraphs that" tlis enemy's lire was weak and our troops modcrete. Both sides were erecting batteries for a severe bat tle before the walls. Gen. Pellissier telegraphs on the 21th that a very lively combat is going on against an onter important position, which lasted all hiuht, and we ob tained complete success. The Russian loss was considerable. The Pa'rie gives further particulars. The French attacked the Russian entrenched catup near Bastion on the night of the 22-Jand aiuon t:ie ZiS, and carried it by assault. Latest. Sati rdat Morning. The Moniteur has a des patch from Pelhsier dated the 25th, stating that the t- renrn occupied a large place it armie between the Central Bastion and the tea shore the enemy hav ing nad enormous losses the succeeding day. had ceiled more easily. Wiiliawski iu a circular to the French agents abroad answers Nesselrnde's late note. The French fleet left Kiel on the 22d to loin the English. The English cruisers had brought several nrizos The bulk of the English fleet was at Marque. OMioial information had reached the British Con sul at Elmsmore that the Russian government had ordered all ships of war to Croustadt to be sunk, except ek'ht liners. St. Petersburg. May 19. All of the fortified harbors in the bay of Freeland are placed in a state of seige. Tie Austrian squadron is about to leave Treste to rendezvous at Salomisch. 1 be mortality in the Austrian army at Gallecia continues 15,000 died and 23,000 were in the hos- to Elmsmore. pital. An Imperial ukase has been issued to authorize the Polish Treasury to effect a loan for the current expenses of the army. I here was a great debate in the House of Com mons on the 24th on Disraeli's motion of a want of confidence, and expressing dissatisfaction in ambiguous language on the uncertain conduct of the government. Sir Thomas BarinT, on behalf of tlie government. moved an amendment, regretting the failure of the conferences, and promising every support for 1 be continuence of the war. Lord John Russel' replied, defend'ng his conduct. The Vienna debate continued to Friday, when there was a division of 219 lor Disraeli and 319 against him. Consequently the Ministry stands. i arnament sojourner! to June 4tn. On the 2 1th Lord Palmerston had a private meet- g of the members of Parliament. Over 200 per sons were present. He declared it the intention of the Government to prosecute the war. The proceedings wore harmonious. It was expected that, by the 20th of June, every available infauty-ma- n belonging to the Government will have embarked for the seat of War. It was expected to obtain an unconditional pardon of priest O'Brien. lneBiup j. Li. Sampson, or ivew lork. was burnt at sea May the 4th. All saved. Items. lhe steamer Sarah Sands bad been taken as a Nsw York. June 4. M. There was a Know- troop ship. Nothing meeting at Stnyvesant Institute last evenJ he great Derby race was won by lid Dareu. ing, the object of which was to make an open de Queen Victoria would visit Paris on the ICth cf claration of the American principles. The meeting was not large. Addresses and resolutions simi arto August. those of the Barker were passed. From Havana. An attempt to introduce tne sumect or slavery caused New York, June 2. The steamship Black War some disturbance, but it signal ly failed. Tlie mootrior arrived here this morning with Havana dates ing adjourned with tlute cheers for the first full length view of 'Sani," and groans for Seward and to the 10th. All quiet throughout Cuba, and business was im l eely. The National Intelligencer pnblishea a brief note proving. there was a report that the prisoners who are from Mr. Soule in relation to Mr. l'eny. It is the same as published in New Orleans of which we gave still detained in Havana would probably be in Africa, on the demand of a synopsis a few days since. The Union of this the Fiscal. morning publishes instructions. Small pos and yellow fever did not appear to be Tbey spoke of the firing on the El Dorado as an exercise of right of search which is not tolerated by spreading to any considerable extent. A royal order has been issued for the establish the States, and if approved by the Spanish Government it would Ukeiy disturb the friendly relations ment of a joint stock bank of issue and discount in Havana, with 3,000,000 capital. between the two governments. It directs that if Sugars are hrm at previous rates, and molasses any ofiicer in command of a ship is present when such an outrage is perpetrated, they will promptly scarcer and held at 3J interfere and repel the interference by force. The Anniversary Meetings. Commodore is entrusted with no communication Boston, Thtirsdav, May 31. The anniversary for the Capt. General, but will proceed to Havana meetings generally close this evening. They have and communicate with the American Consul. been fully attended, with apparently satisfactory results. LATER rr.O-- CALIFORNIA. Thisevening the annual festival of the Universal New Orleans, Jane 4. P. M. The Prometheus Association was held at Faneuil Hall. bas si rived with California dates to the ICth. The meetings of the New England and Anti-Sl- a All the gambling saloons in ban Francisco were very Society have not been crowded, but unusual closed. interest has been manifested them. t endell square leagues was Phillips and Theodore Parker in Sutter's claim to thirty-thre- e were the principal confirmed by the land commissioner. speakers this evening. There is a good prospect of an abundant crop. Monetary affairs are slowly improving. Liquor, Ac. There is active preparations making for the State Portland, June 2d. Mavor Neal Dow, antici The Whigs will probably vote with the pating the action of the City Cou'.cil, f lection. recently K. N's. The Derax-ratare hopele&ly divided. agent. purchased worth ol Page &, B icon's papers arc selling at 50 per cent, The liq lor remaining on liquor tor the city bis hands, several s discount. entered a comprint and a warrant was issued Theie has been several fai'ures in San Francisco, for the seizure of the liquor. including Maekewald, Caspari A Co. Their liabililhe Mayor called a special meeting of the board ties is 620 ),0.)0. of aldermen this afternoon, who voted to purchase A rich silver mine has been discovered a. in it lor tne city s use. n is dmicult to say how the affair will terminate. 1 he deaths for the last week is 500. Including 275 by cholera. Fire. Boston, June 2. A fire this morning Attack on Uqnor Acency The. Military railed near the corner of Quincy occurred streets, South and D ana ciracrrfl u f ire tne j,ti Jue 1 f Boston, destroying the rope walk of J. S. Benton, or Dtvri Wouuded. aad Ml Boston, June 4, P. M. The Portland papers the varnish factory of King A Dex'er, and mill ive additional particulars of the attack on the of Ward A Brother, together with two small dwel. lings occupied by poor famil es. Loss about ?25,-0building used by tiie city liquor agency. The " stuck was made by boys, chitfiy throwing stones, Ac. The Mavor appeared n the ground, flourishing Arrival of the Cahawbau a sword, with two military companies. bom he had New Orleans, May 30. The Cahawba has ar ordered out. The appearance of the Mavor and the rived with Havana dates of the 31st. The news is military exasperated the crowd, and they received them with groans and hisses. The Mayor ordered unimportant. the infantry to lire, but the Cap-.airefused to obey Arrival of the Constitution. saying tnat tne circumstances uia not call tor such Portsmoi-th.N- . measures. The rifle guard soon afterwards aptiear- H.. June 2. 1 he Unit d States c d, while the mob had bursted open the doors of the frigate Constitution, Commodore M ayo, arrived bere or the company, by order this morning after a three years' cruise. liqnor rooms. A section of the Mayor, fired, killing one person and wound Washington Election. ing six or seven others. Washington, June 5. The election yesterday A public meeting was held this morning bv the citizens, who appointed a committee of investigaresulted in the election of the American ticket by an average majority of 552. The Americans have tion. six taiunciinien, and gain four Aldermen. They have 15 majority on joint ballot, Fublic Meeliaa--, Ac. Portland, Me., June 5, M. A public mooting Kaow-Xothin- g y was called to investigate the proceeding cf Convention. Philadelphia, June 5. 51. The tnecny authorities Saturday night. Judge Wells presided. Convention assembled in the city The meeting was largely attended. Sev The deleeral of the leading citizens addressed the meeting. gates numbered 210, representing every State and A committee ot nine was appointed to investigate ACIl UOi J. the matter, and if the ,ciy authorities were found in error, to prosecute them. Also, to wait on French Dismissed. Mayor Dow, and request bins, iu belialf of the citiWashinoton, June 4, M. French, the Commis si mr of Public Buddings, has been dismh-scd- . zens to resign. The funeral of Rabbins took place this afternoon. Cause and was largelv attended. Municipal. A special police is on duty New Haven, Conn.. Juae 4. M. Alfred Black- more, Democratic candidate for Mayor, is elected by Called Oil Patterson, N. J., June 3, M. At 10 last night 300 plurality aud 100 majority over all opposition. noisy mob assemldcd about the building nscd American Ticket Elected. for the city liquor agency and attempted to destroy the liquor, l ne ponce attempted to preserve peace. all Wafiiingtsn, Jan 4th. P. M. It is conceded on hands that the American ticket is elected by a The crowd becoming more threatening, the mili tary were called out and it was thought that it respectable majority. The vote is fmall. The election is quiet. would end quietly. At a late hour, however, the mob broke into the The Forrest Case. bnilding. The military were diawn np opposite. New York, Ji-n4. P. M. In the casseof Cath They fired a voi'.cy, killing hpbruim Bobbins and wounding several others. A squad of rifle pnard erine S. Forrest rs. Edwin Forrest, in the Superior Court, this morning, judgment was entered for the then charged upon the crowd, who were rapidly d.spers d. One old gentleman who was said to te pumun by aetauit. ai. ii quiotl v going home.received a severe ba vonet wound A few arrests were made when the mob quietly dis persed. Another man is reported dead tins morn lot. Kinney and Mr. Faben. New Ygrk, June 5, P. M. In the United States District Court Col. Kinney and Mr. Fabens were called up, but not appearing, bench warrants were issned lor them. Tire ia M rooster, Massachusetts. The Star Boston, Friday, June 1 . In Worcester, at a late af;c noon fullof the West, for San Juan, sailed this of passengers. hour last night, a fire broke ont in the steam saw mill of Wm. Dickinson, and spread with great Prohibitory Liquor Law. D itton's prist mill, Wade, Cha destroying Chicago, June 5, of rm A Co s., extensive malleable iron works. Gold the returns throughout P. M. The complexion sucthe State indie ..tes the ing, Grrgorv A-- Cos. planing and saw mill, the sa-cess of the prohibitory liquor law by a good majorstreet, together ity. and blind factory on with two dwening houses and several Loss not ascertained. hicago Election The railroad bridge over Stony Brook, near Low Chicago, June 5. In five wards there are 009 ell, was burned down yesterday afternoon. majority aeainst liquor, and a large majority for Large fires are raging in the woods near New Caton foi Supreme Judge. Hampshire. On Sunday, about three thousand acres Tf ton timler lands in Leverett and Sb n tea- Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Amongst the bury were burned over. many nostrums that arc daily hera'ded forth to the public as panaceas for nearU all the ilia which afTirciaia Elertiaa-- A Marriage Tanr Poisoaed entirely doubt Baltimore, June 5, M. The official returns re- flict humanity, there are no possess many the merit worthless, and others that all duce Wises majority below 10,000. The election of which is claimed for them. Among this class stands Mr. Iowis, the Democratic candidate for Congress foremost the invaluable family medicine, the name The Richmond in the Eleventh District, is doubtful. of which heads this paragraph. This is no idle puff. Enquirer says it is prepared to hear of bis de eat. We speak knowingly, having tested its efficacy on A marriage party, in Washington county, Md., was poisoned by eating custard, in whicii arsenic several occasions within the last year in our own family. At this season, when colds and influenza had Ijeen placed. Some twenty-fivare not expected to live. The brid? was among the number. It is a are so prevalent, we confidently recommend the ioe use of this preparation. It will be found equally mystery who committed the art. The seiYants ere efficacious in of the throat, and in ail pulall si'.k from eating the custard. V'irc-iMmonary affections. Recvrder, Buchanan ng. From Caaaria. 5. It is rumorol that the British government bis ord- - red the ei:itln-i:meof the t iiwbc, nots itii- uiidiiig th seat of government decision of the provisional parliament to remove it that the Cuban to Toronto. The reason U difficulty, placing the British Government in antagonism with the United Sta'es, in wLiau the defensive will require the povernmeut to remain The rumor is generally credited. &1 Quebec, Toronto, June Va. The prospect fir f5n? crops of wheat, oaK corn, Ac., in tliH count v, still continues flattering, al though Wo he u eoinplaiiit s from some neighborhood! of the ravage s of the fly, and army-worbut the complaint is not general, and we presume no serious ln.iury bas been sustained. In some partions of the county rain is much nesded, and good showers would be of decided advantage. liussdlvillc (y.) Herald. PAPER THE MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, June COMMERCIAL. OFFICE OF THE LOUISVILLE COVTHFR.) Wed.nesday F.vlnino, Juno 6. I There hai boon no new featuTB in tlie market r.nre last, week' report, other than easier priori and lc inquiry fur flour and grain, the prospec's of abundant crops, and the near Tiie approach of the wheat harvest depressing: prices. oponmj price .f wheat lias not vet tjcen fixed, though we hear that millers refute to make contract for future' eliv-er- y at over one dollar per bushel. The last tales of prime old he it were SI 90 per bushel. Groceries nre atiffrning up i little, with a prospect of an increased demand tlustuni- mtr for sucar for preserving purposes. Provisions are Can, tlimiirh mem pork is selling at lower rates than heretofore. The tobacc ' market continues tolerably active, ith light receipts, and prices exhibit a decline th.s week, asci mp. red nit h the lust. This is mainly if notnltogether attr.butable to the infer or quality and bad condition of tho tobacco. A choice manufacturing article ill command full li?urrs, Tho money market, thoiiph represented ss easy and abundant for first class puper, still continues tisht and difficult to get hold of,, nowever, no disposition whatever to speculate in any branch of trade. cool, cloudy and rainy throughout The weather bas been the week, with rain at the first of the week and heavy showers The thermometer has been down to 03 and 6i for several days, thoueh quite warm The river that had iien about ten inches oneday, fell about as much the next, and cont nued tailing fast the rest of the week, and nav:giUoii just now is very much restricted. Freight continue scarce and low in a'tld rections. BAGCINO AND ROPE These staples continue to meet with a fair demand at the prevailing pr.ces, with a reduction of the storks on hand. The sa e reported during the week have amounted to iM pieces ai nJiSllc.; and feirto choice r.ipe at 7n7)sc. Fales of baling twine at 12H 13c. The receipts this week have amounted to 3d pieces and 436 emit, with shipments of 1.C10 pieces and 1,224 coils, leaving a stock on hard of 8.U1 pieces and 12.T7i coils. , r.RAN, MEAL, kc Sales of meal at 7J80c to dralers, and Ei'aSOc in small lo's. A sale of bran at $20, and of at $2j. Ke'ad sales at ton. APPLES A.NI POTATOES. Green apples none. Po tatoes are scarce, with sales at SI 00;i$l 7i pr bushel by the lot. BEANS White scarce, with sales at $2 7j$3 00 per bushel. PUTTER Pales at 10 18c, as to quality. BROOMS Sales at U 25 and 2 id per dozen for common, and $2 7a S3 CO for Shaker. COAL AND WOOD Stock of coal fair, with retail sriles at 14c, delivered; wholesale at l(i ille-f- or Pittsburgh. Pomeroy coal at 1CiS12c. Wood ranges from $1 OOto $4 50 V wagon load, abnut S4 00 cord seasoned. CHEESE Sales cf W. 11. declined to SH'ttOc English Dairy at 124140. CANDLES Sales of Star Candles at 22c, usual discount, ii7 percent time and cash. Sperm Candles 42c. Common mould at 124c. Summer Mould Candles at 13 811 cents. CORDAGE, fcc We quote Manilla Cordage at IScts market scarce of Oiled and Tarred Cordage. Sales of Baling Hemp Twine at 13 a 13c from stores. Packing Twine we quote at 2Vi30c. COOPERAGE We quote barrels at $1 00; tialf barrel at 80c; lard oil barre's at $1 30; 10 gallou kegs 60; i gallon kegs ; bacon casks $1 10. COTTON; YARNS StC No receipts of colton, with sales of common to medium Alabama at ceits; sale of choice at He. Small sales of cotton yarns at 7 c and forthe assirted numbers. Sales of Cai t neltonand Banner Mills, and oth- r good Sheeting at $c. Batting 10 i KiH' Cotten Cord at lEc, and other good br nis Spun Cotton (round) at 8?.jc. Carpet Chain 13c. Cotton Yarn, Nos. J, 6, and 7C0, at lUiGW fi94c to the trade. FLOUR AND GRAIN Prices aro barely sustained at $9 SiiiJ.3 SOfor Flour in small lots from stoie. Wheatdull at $1 90, with a downward teudeucy. Corn maintained early in the week at SC&90C from store including sacks. Oats are very dull al53G0c. Also sales of 2J00 bushels of com at 82a E5c; a sale of 3.000 bushels mixed, sacks extra, to be delivered on the 1st of July, at 82c. Sales of 87.5 sacks at tic, sacks extra, and 9.0 bushels of yellow at 83c, and a lot of 211 bags to a dealer at 7tc. Salas of 1'ftjO bushels of oats at JO'S 58c. FRUIT, DRIED, tc-Dr- ied fruit very scarce at t 4XVS S2 25 per bushel for Apples, and $2 00aS2 50 for Peaches. Sales of Oranges at $3 253 $6 00 per box; and Lemons at $5 00; M. R. R.usius at $2 75 i $3 25; Layer Raisins at $3 75; Plums 10c; Smyrna Figs at 15'16c; fresh Tomatoes atfl CO per dozen; fresh peaches at $6 CO; Sicily Almonds at 15c; Soft shelled Almonds at 18c; Cream Nuts lie; Filberts 10c; Pecans Naple's Macaroni $3 7584 00 per box; Vennacilli $3 75a S4 CO per bor. AND GINSENO.-Sa- les of Feathers at FEATHERS 31 a3-'Ginseng at 18 a 20c. GROCERIES Receirts light, thongh .stocks con'inne fair, with the following sales during the week, remarking tlmt sales to the country trade are invariably at fully Kc advance on these quotations. Sales of 259 bags Rio Coffee 26 hlids fair and at p. n. t; SO do WH. sugar at CV7c; small sales new Molasses at 33r; 5 tcs Rice at cents. Small sales of R;o Couee at 101 210 cents. ar.d a lot of 5t0 bags at p. n. t. Sujjar firm at 647c. A sale of 50 bhls plantation Molasses at 33c. Rice very firm at 7?c, and scarce at that. Rales of 300 bags Rio Coffee at 10 Y I0c. Sales of 57 hhds N. O. Sugar at 6 iic Kales of e 37c. We quote plantation Molasses at 33c. silcs of 200 bags Rio Coffee at lOaiOV- - Sales of 65 hhds N. O. Sugar in lots at 6 6?, and 7c. A sale of Molasses at t fr .l(llc; 33c. Light sales at 12e. GLASS. Sales of city, brands at $3 25 for 8X10, and $3 75 tor 1CX12 and other sizes at the usual rates. HAY. The market for baled timothy is quiet, with a fa r stock on hand, and sales from stnies at 2000 per ton and the wharf at $13. HEMP Market quiet but firm, with small supplies and a limitted demand. We quote dew rotted at $95 00a$105 p r ton. HIDES Sa3 of city Flint at 14c; city Cured Dry, Salt and Flint at 13c round quotation: City Oak Tunned Sole Leather 25 cents 12? cents Ciy Cured Dry sail Hides City Grceu cents Iwith 25c added for commission Missouri Flint cenls Missouri Flint, chrce se ected 15 cents Mixed Country Hides at lower figures according to quality. LEATHER We quot- eSoles. city tanned, at 2fi to 27 cents. Country do, at 22 to 26 cents IRON, NAILS, AND LEAD We quote by the quantity as follows: Stone-cobar iron 3kc; charcoal bar iron 4'4c; all other descriptions at the usual rates. Nails $3 50 i $3 75 for 10J, and corresponding rates for other sizes. Tennessee t30 for No. 1 and $23 for No. J. Sales of Brownsport No. 1 Pig Iron at $30; No. 2 at $28, on t and 8 months. Sales of Salt River Iron, Belmont Furncce at $33; Pig Lead at 7c; Bar Lead 71 a7H cents. JEANS AND LINSEYS. Sinallsajesat41fcl2c for Jeai 1 and 31 3Jc for Linseys, lor nero wear. LUMBER Theiealers in this ciij have established the following rates: I'rne Lumber.clear $)5 51 2d rate Do, 30 do. 3d rate Do, 20 do. GUNNY BAGS. f Common boards 14 do. Third rate flooring 30 do. Second rate do, 40 d.i. No. 1 Pino Shinsles 4 do. wo quote at 10)65110. Tar NAVAL STORES. Oakum $4 50J5 00 bhl. Rosin $250$3 00. Pitch 1 50. Turgallon pentine 55265 tents OIL Sales from mill at $105 for Linseed;and from store at $115 cash. Castor Oil ;$t 20, on 90 days. Lard Oil 75c Sperm Oil $1 85a $1 95; Tanner's Oil $25, $26. and $27 per barrel. Sa cs cf white lead at $2 12 Ya $2 35 per kf g. Putty 4H5c. PROVISIONS AND LARD Early in the week mess pork was firm at $16 00 with a sale of 500 bbl. r rices t pork at $15 62. A easier, with a sale of 536 bbls sale of 450 bagred hams at 10c and 16 casks at 10 A small lot of clear sides sold at tl-2- c cash. A sale if 48 Gcod enquiry for Bacon with tierces prime lard at 9 d sales of 8,750 plain canvassed hams at 10c, loose; 25 casks do d at 10c, and $1 25 per cask forpkgs;274 tiercs prime Lard at cents; 20,000 pounds Bacon from wagons, prime plain hams at 9c, cler sides 9a9V4c, ribbed dote, shouldori 7c. Sales of 775 bbls mess Pork Monday in three lots, all at $15 75- A sale of 26 esks A few casks hams at 10 Bacon, ribbed sides at 12?ic, as t? quality. A sale of 56 bbls No. 2 country Lard at 8 cents. We quote mess Pork at $15 75, and a sale of rumpatSll. Bacon quiet, with a sale of 27 casks clear sides at 10c, pkgs extra. Asale of 100 kegs mixed country lard at 9c, and 50 kegs prime lard at 11 cents. SEEDS The season is over for grass Seds, with sales of Flaxseed at $1 60 per bushel; Domestic Hrmp at $2 50; Rye at $1 25. SALT We. quote Kanawha salt at 45 cents per bushel; axd ample supplies. Alum salt 50c, and Turks Island at 50c with a good stock on hand; Liverpool at $2 00 per bag. 25 per box. SO AP Common Bar Soap at $1 We quote at 8!4ia9c, in quantity. Insmalllots STARCH to country 9X4 10c. per box for I. C TIN PLATE We quote $11 $13 5U$13 75 for I. X., and $13 00US13 25 for roofing. TOBACCO The sales at tho warehouses Thursday were 73 hhds as follows: 33 hhds lugs at $6 4i$7 10, thirty-fou- r hhds medium grade at $7 15a 58 05, and six hhds choice a $8 25, 8 30, 8 50, 8 60, 8 70, and 9 00 The sales Friday morning were 71 hhds as fo lows: thirty-thre- e hhds lugs at $6 35 a $7 10; 29 hhds second quality at $715a3 20, and nine hhds choice at $8 30, 8 50, 8 70, 8 50, 8 60, 8 75, 8 50, 8 50, and 8 75. Private sale Saturday of 32 hhds inferior to good lugs and fine manufacturing leaf at $6 40, 7 59. and $10; 52 and U2bxsKy., manufactured do at 20322c; 55 bn do do at 19c by one hou'e for Detroit and Cincinnati; also the same parties contract! d to deliver 900 pkgs manufactured Tobacco, 225 pkgs per month commenciag with Jane, for northern Ohio. Sales at warehouses of 60 hhds viz: 7 35,7 15 tc. $7 10, 7 55 , 6 93, 7 45, 7 50, 7 CO, 7 35, 7 30, 7 P5, 7 40, 7 0 ), $7 55, 7 05, 8 05, 7 10, 8 05, 9 60, 10 CO, 8 05, 7 CO, 7 50, 8 C5 S7 95. 7 25, 7 05, 7 55, 7 25, 8 40,7 80, 7 10, 8 35. 6 95, 7 10, 7 40. 6 95, 7 15, 7 25. 8 108 40, 8 50. Sales Momlny of 44 hhds at the following rates: 23 hhds lugs at $6 65 ft 9 05, 18 hhds seconds at $7 15c8 Oi, and the choice at $8 25 , 8 65 aud 8 70. The sales at the auction marts Tuesday of 54 hhds as follows: 28hlids lugs, which were dull at $6 353 hhds seconds at $7 1538 05, and five hhds $7 10, twenty-on- e chaice at $3 10. 8 35, 8 50, 8 50, and 8 75. These prices aro lower than have prevailed, ow ing mainly to the inftr.or quality of tho Tobacco. Good choice manufacturing grades will command full prices. TALIOW We quote at WOOL We quoto ia grease at 13Sllc; pulled ljZOc; UGlle. WHISKY, tc Sales of raw whisky early m the week at 31c. Sa'es yesterday at 31 r. Sales of rectified at 32 cents. Small sales of choice old Bourbon at $2 00, common t $1 00. Aeple Brandy at 50 to 75c. Domestic Bram'yat 40 lo 70c. FREIGHTS Very dull, and but light shipments to New Orleans at 15a20c for pound freights, 40c per bbl for pork and 10c per ke: for Lard. Tobacco $2 5S3 00 per lihd. To Wheeling and Pittsburg 2nfa2ic per pound freights. ADDITIONAL, SAL.ES. Wfdnesdat Evemko, June 6. The market is pretty much unchanged, though we notice an advance in oils. Linseed oil is now q loted at $1 102$1 Tanners ml advanced to $2C per bbl for prime. The Grocery market is quiet at quotations, w ith a sale of 40 bbls plantation molasses at 34 cts. Small sales of rice at 8 cts. Bagging is firm, with sales of 90 pieces at 13214 cts. A sale of 147 coils rope at 6ia7c. Flour dull at $9 25, with a sale of 100 bhls Sales of 1,8(0 bars of corn at 73'4"6c. deliverable to dealers bcf.iro August, and 82 cts. from store. sacks ex'ra. Provisions unchanged, with small sales of pork at $16 for mess, and $11 for rump. A lot of 12 casks clear and ribbed sides of bacon sold at 9t cts. Prime lard in kegs 11 cts. Tobacco quiet, with sales of 43 hhds at pnees ranging from $6 30 to $8 40 and $8 70. LOUISVILLE FAMILY MARKET. W ErKEsoA Y, June 6, 135. The market is lightly furnished, thon;h vegetables are abundant. Good butter, for table use, commands 30 cents per lb, fair Ibutter 20a2fc. Fresh beef is selling at 15c for choice cuts, and ICS I2c for all others. Common potatoes are mare plenty, at $3 oo$5 00 per barrel. Dressed Turkies 85 cents to $1 50 each. Chickens $2 75 $3 50perdozen. Ducks S3 75a$l 50 per dozen. Egjs Wi at 15c Tl FOR THE MAN OF BUSINESS, per dozen. LOUISVILLE CATTLE MARKET. Wednesday, June 6, 1C55. Theeattle market continues firm, ar.d good beeves for nutcher's rteinamls scarce at 7Hi9e, with sales of two aii.ountmgto78head,at 8$ a9e; extra command 10c. Also sales of about 118 head common to fair l eeves a. 730. Sheep are abundant, with sale during week of 615 head at prices ranging from $2 to $ I per head, and ti lot of 300 head f ir'h'pmert at 3 n Lnmh? ar p!n!y at 5T?$3 CO pr Levi, a to q'lah-v- . to the tnnciiers. MM i I 'c. New Vork Money Market. New York, June 6, M Stocks are active and higher. Money is oisier. Erie 49'i; Cleveland, Columbus and Cmc.nnati 106; Cumberland Heading 9114; Canton 27; New York Central 94!; Mis V souri 6 t tiii icnnesiee 6 s 4, Kentucky 6 1 tot. FINE 6. Money continues rather scarce, though abundant class securities. The banks discount freeiy.but the cfferings are not large enough and lhe maiket exhibits no feature of remarkable interest. Eastern Sight Exchante is in fair at quotations with aa equal supply. New Orleans is very dull and quotations nominal. Telegraph Markets. RAMSEY , and VNEWilious singularly sncce.sful remedy for tho euro e, diseases Custiveuess, IiMiirestinn, Jaisn-tlic- or In ligestion. Scrofula or King's Evil. AnVctions Syphilis. Debility. Habitual ( SARSAPARILLA. n ill bo found the sure, reliable, and true cure. Manufactory on the corner of S Green streets, Louisville, Ky. Price Slpcrhottle. Six bottlesfor $J. For sale by Drug; sts generally. niy23 dlmxwum PUBLIC IVOTICE. RUSHTON, CLARK 80 CO'S CUM LE COD LIVER OIL, . For Consumption, Scrofula, &e. late firm Rusnton, Clark k THE tne deathcf of W. L. Rusiiton. Co. being dissolved (the only Rus ever connected with the firm.) tneir Genuine Cod I.iver itonl O willin furure be prepared only by H Mir. MAN, CL.4 RX at CO., surviving partners an sole successors. It wa Mr. Clark who went to Newioundland to snpcnn'end its manufacture, and he ia the only drus-iwu.i ever went irom 'he United Mates for that purpose, and as he will cniinu h's supervision of that branch of our bus ness, we will warrant our Oil pure and genuine; aa success in its use depends upon its purity, be particular to see that tiie sunatiireot Hegeman, Clark fc Co., or Rusiiton, Clark fc Co.. is ovr the cork of each bottle. Hundreds of person iwho had been using the Oil of other makers without .uccess, have been restored to health by the pure 'it ol our nianmartnrc. Ba in ordering tospecily Hegeman, Ciark fc Co., as it was Sir. Clark, not Rns iton. who has superintended its man u far; nre. and since Mr. death, iliere been a Hushton's Oil introduced, winch is nol m any way connected with Rushton, Clark k Co.. t e onlv representatives of that firm being HEGEMAN, CLAl! K k Co. For sale by Wilson, Starhird fc Smth. J. B. Wilder & Co., St ;o.. J. 4. Morris m S on. R. A. Rminson fc Lmdenber.-e-r Co.. J. R. .Montgomery fc Co.. Boll.Talbott kCo.. Sutcliffe fc Hushes.and by drusjists jenerally. flj ditwtim London. May 26. The money market is easer. T'n ted States securities are in good demand and better. Consols are quoted at 91i'i, being an advance of a kj COmWIXG PH00FS OF THE Do They Do 111 GREAT EFFICACY AND ALMOST. MIRACULOUS CURATIVE POWERS OF JO UN U LiL'S SAUSAPAltl L. L.A. they do; and more thio they are represented, notwithstanding some people are prejudiced, arainst Patent Medicine. Doubtless some of tiie medicines offered to the public are worthless as a means of curing diseases; but otiiers are meritorious, whicu need only a trial to convince the most increduloas. We say with confidence, and have the rapers to show, that the Sovereign Balm Pills of P. Chthts fc Co. am an excellent family medicine. No family should be without them, as they are convenient, and verv safe and reliable for Dysentery. Flux, aud all diseases com iucn to warm weather. They do no prostra'e tho svstem, but assist nature in the performance of its duties. For diseases pecnliar to ien aies the Snve.reiim Ralm Pills are not surpassed in virtues. Being composed entirely of vegetable reruei ies, and free fr m ail acrimonious or qualities, with heir great cnra'ive properties, they are one of the best remedies fer diseases now known to Med cal Science. Trythem. RAYMOND fc PATTEN. JgertsfoT I onisvtlle. A. 8 Burleigh fc Bro. proprietors for lhe Sout.'i ami West, Now Aibaav, Ind. mv30 dxw li SiLTERSviLLE, Hudson Co., N. J., May 2, 1S55. Dr. John Bull Dear Sir I have recently induced to try yourSarsapanlla, altho ish I frankly confess that I considered my case such thtt neither your Sarsapanlla or any other medicine could retch my disease. I have ha I, as I thought, as good medical a J rice as New Yorkcould give, anl the medicines that ha hW.ofure he'pe me, filled to aford mo any rel ef. 1 therefore conclu lei my stay on earth was quite short, and gave up all h pes of ever bein able to be around my house ajuin, snl requested my husband never to lay another siiilliagf r midicine for mi. I wis so low and prostrate 1 by fever and excruc.a'ing pains in my bones, that I could not turn in d without shrieking, the ago:y I felt beina; so great; indaed, language can.iot describa the misery I exaerienced . Besides, at limes, in addition to the above, I haj the utmost d. faculty in getting my hrsa'h. Ry the persuasion of mr friends and my husband. I tried th "Kentucky Remedy," an J the very first day I toik it I experienced some relief, and before I hail taken th3 first bjttle the misery in my bones had left me, and before the second bott'o was taken, the fever also left me entirely; and tho difficulty 1 had in breathing, has been relieved in a most wonderful and surprising manner, and I attribute my present state of health, under Prov.dence, to the medical virtues and efficacy of jour Sarsapanlla. I ought, perhaps, to state that, centrary to the expectation of myself, my husband, family, and friends, I am better iu body than I have been for some months, and well enough to attend to tho duties of my family, for which I feel I have cause for thankfulness. nIARGARET KEEGAN. Salterhville, Hudson Co., N. J., May 1, 1855. I hereby certify that I have acqnainted with Mrs. Margaret Keegan, wife of Mr. Thomas Keegan, whose appears above, for about 7 years; and do affirm, that the st itement there made arc true, and that uot the ilig! exaggeration in the casa has been made. Both Mrs. Margaret Keegan and Mr. Thomas Kecgan are reliable persons, and are so regarded and held by all who have any acquaintance with thein here. JOHN ELDERSOM. 1 State of New York. City and Couuty of New York, J Robert B. Kent, of thcity ol Brooklyn, cnunty of Kings, an State of New York, be. ng duly sworn, says that the foregoing certificate of Margaret Keegan is genuine, to depoDeponent further says, that ho knows nent's knowleje. J hn El lerson.and has kuo .vnhim for the past filteen years; said John Elderson is a person of good character, that whose word is entitled to great we ght, and who would not on any accout state anything which was not correct. R. B. KENT. Sworn to before me. May 3d. 1855, ) S. 11. Ltlart, City Judge. I Ptate of New York. City and County of New Yort, i I, R chard B. Connolv, Clerk of the city and county of New York, and aTso Clerk of tho Supreme Court for the said city and county, being a Court of Record, do hereby certify that Sidney H. Stuart, before whom tho annexed deposition was taken, was, at the time of taking the same, C.ty Judge for said city, duly elected and sworn, and lhat his siirnalure thereto is genuine, as I believe. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my L. S. haud and affixed tlie seat of tlie sa d Court and ' i county, the 3d day of .May, I55. RICH'D B. CONNOLY, Clerk. CLEVELAND WATEII CLUE ESTABLISIMIEAT. Copartnershipcopartnersliip.nnilerthe Notice. nn iersignel have formed a of I.AWSil.M It PEARCE, and will continue the Foundry and .Machinory business in all its branches, attue Kentucky Iron and Brass Foundry and Machine Shop, on Monroe street, between Eleven'li and l.'t'i. and solicit a THE share of public patronage. Mann 'aoturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer m A.ND GRATES CASTINGS, Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware. STOVES, SOUTH Or ABOVE IXTH JAMES SOMMERVILLE J. A. A. BBNFIELD, MANUFACTURER OF REG leave to announce that he baa taken the large and convuodious ware-- C Or i room. No 82 Fourth s'reet. between Main and Market, (adioining Mr. C. C. Spen er's Auction Rooms ) lor the purpose m transact ng a wholesale and retail Furniture business in all its branches. There will alwavs be kept on han'l a full assortment of rich Rosewood, Oak, .Mahogany, Walnut and Cherry Furniture, Satin Brocatelle and Hair Ciorfi Clovers, together with a large quantity of Plain Furniture .all of winch w 11 be .warranted, and soid at the very lowest market prices for cash, or on time for approved paper. Furniture of any uescnpHon whatever will also be mannotice. ufactured to order at the short-'sThere will a. so be kept on hand an assortment of HMlet fc Day s' Rosewood P.ano Fortes, which will be sold at Boston prices. AsJ. A. A. Fenfield purchases all his mate iais for rash, I e is enabled to olfcr indue mi nts lo buveia. Soliciting, therefore, a share of public patronare, heas-surhis and customers that his business will La conducted on stnci ly legitimate principles. J.' WhV1 les on the Knee, Blotciies, Ko'ls, Chronic Mire Eves, K.nt Worm or Tettor, Scald Head, Kularirerueiit and Pii.n ol the Hones and Joints. Stubborn Ulcers, Svpluutic Disora'erm, Liiiiniiago. pinai t mpiainia. and uiseasesnrisinrlrom an nr uoieious use oi iercury,iu,pruueuce iu me, or Impurity oi he Blood. r& inn rreat alterative rred.cne ami Pnr nf th fllood is new used bv ihou ands of gratefnl r.a'.ients from all parts of tho United States, who testify daily to the re-t et all mee.icines. niamanie cures periorn eii hy the frr (ilyfcwlaiDly 16, ISii June 11, SCHEMES FOX THE WEEK E.NPl.NO Monday Cap tal Monday $10,000 Capital Tuesday Capital .. Tuesday Capital Ticiie June $30,000) KY. JiJWWC $1St 13. June 12. T Ciiels $1 1 ci.e s ti lune $10 MO Wednesday 13. Juue It CO 13. T cite s$3 50 .. Capital 3 1,000 inursuay. Capital ........$7,350. 1 hursday. Capital .726,006.'.' Friday... V.' '.!!' iomlo'V Capital Friday Capital .2 of $16,666". Saturday. . Capital '.!'. 106 Saturday. . Tick el.-- $10 (0 'une II, T csetsJJ CO June 14. Tickets $300 JUlie li. Tickets $3 00 ....June li, Tickets $ .0 June 16, T.eketa tl 00 June lii. Capita) .Tickets 15. S37.500... would r?We w inch call the attention of the niinl .e to the ah schemes, for br.ll.aucv will v.e with any schemes offered GREGORY fc MAURY aro the sole managers of the Kentucky Lotter.cs. fVVFor Tickets or parts of Tickets, address the managers. All correspondence strictly confident al, and the. Pri.iUd Drawing will be mailed to all persons sending orders. on all answers to orders; also on all draw.ngs sent by mail. IVOrders from the country promptly attended to addressed to GREGORY x MAIRY. je4 dfcw Managers Kentucky State Lottery. i An Article that trill Restore Hair on Bald Heads, called PROF. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. prer.arat restores THIS astonishing and unrivaled produce an penectly l colors hair to its healthy si ale of the scalp aud reinstalls the ha.r in ail us original henlthyluster.soitue-and heat.ty; en ov s at once all dandruil and itching, as well as all cutaneous emotions: causes a glow of heaithy color ug matter into the hair re- itaies the organs iiecesary to supply nutrinieiit, thus etiting the laiinnr of lhe ruir. Sic. Hestores it u a entirely bant; contains no fxed or essential oils, silci ho. er miliealthv u ru-- s, and is in shorl the best, liecidtdly the be t Hair Kestorativo now in use. '1 he lollow ni: certificates are from persons wellknown in Louisviile and vicinity. and the public can rely uiioa what they say: Pkof. Wood Dear Sir: I have used two small bottles ef your Hair Rest.iaitive. end found its cFect satisfac tory, and am perfectly couv meed it is all that it is recum- euueu to ne. v ery respecttu'iv vonrs, Louisville, Oct. 30, 1851. W. E. ilUTCHINGS. DOLLARS REWARD D j f RAN'AW'AY, on the i8th Mar. fron Jas. Wilhite. a nesro m in named Eili. abo ,t 3i or 40 ye :rs Old. dark c.implected. is about five feet hieh. and" fcieh foreneiul. Had oa when he lel'l a dark CASSimere the above reward for his cnai and brotvn pants. I will arrest out of the S ate, and if lak-- n :n the S' .l and 8AM L. S. ELLIS, lo Iged in jaii so 1 can get him. Lagtange, Oalaam couuty, Ky. jeldlfcwl 3 ;y J4KNJ. A. FL0017. Veuitian Cliud and Sho DEALER IN WALL PAPER, PROF. WOOh Dear Sir: As I am not n believer in Patent Medicines or Quarks. I consider it my dutv to let yi u know what your Restorative has done lor me. After usiugaireat many other preparations, all to no elleet, 1 used i lie home i your Meliorative, wfiich cured a humor 'n my head of wo year' standing. It also ini roves the growth oi thn air. and renders it soft, smooth and glossy. I cheerfullv recommend it to be the best prcparut ton in use. louis, most respecllu! !v, Louisville, Nov. 4. DR. J. WALLIS. Agents in Louisville 7 If. A. Ttolmea lre..l . n Rayuioml at Fallen. 74 Fourth ureet. NEW AND 'laif rj DESIRABLE INVENTION. II. G. Dayton! Improved Fruit Can. Ilor-inctic- al iii ueow.vweowtimst EX. MIA VI ION OF ir.ACHF.Us COlt HIE .e IIUOLM ut- AjUllSt ILLl., Ikk. rjlHH anii'ial examination of Teachers for the Public 1 Schools of Louisville will be held at the Third Ward hooliiouse. ou the fourth Katurdav ("Jill of Jinm nnt from 8 o'clock a. M. to 2 o'clock r. M. of that dav. Fverv applicant for a situation will be required lo obtain, by ex- on. aceri.ticRte trim the Hoard of Fxfinitiers of Ins uunat r her qualifications to teach in tiie Ueparlment for wUieb. ie or she may be mi applicant. ADplicanrs for certificates in the Grammar department will be ti in inert in leading. Writing, Arithmetic, Geo;ia-piiGrammar, Alirebra, Geomeiry, II story and Physi- oloiry. Applicants for rertilicates in lhe Pnmirr department will M examined in Reading. Writinff, Arithmetic, Cieogia-phGrammar, and History of the United Slates. ne examinations win ne coiuiucit ii in writing. 1 he salaries for lhe next vtar will be For the Principals in the fliale Graminardepartmrnt.. $810 rr marr Co.. ft .0 " ', Female (,riimnnaT do.. 6u i. " " Primary do.. 5it " Assistants in the Male Grammar do.. 5i " " " Female do.. 40 " ' " Female Primary do.. 325 Applicants unknown to (he Kxaminin Board will be re quired to bring with them testimonial-o- f moral character. no. ii mey nave oeen engaged in learning, et their ski. 1 nd success JOHN P. SMITH. Agent Public Schools of Louisville. mrlSdS&W&wtd "CLit a cai:d. tncugh not vanquished." at his rff ce.oa Jffferson ROBT. STOREY will be found Fifth, as heretofore, anil betwei n Fourth and wnla'tend to collections and bringing suits as usual. My promptness and efficiency in my lue ef business wili be my deahnes w it h the yeople sha II be asihey have been throusu ELEVtNye rs of intercourse with thtma Constable. I hope to receive a share of from mv old friends and acquaintances. I wiilaKo continue lo attend to renting aud leasing hous-- s. h.rtng negroes, bnvint and s llit-- real nsta'e. so. My refenceo of L' Ui.svil'e. is the DiUOrilin ROBT. STOREY. and unabated.Hiid DISSOLUTION. l 'hu A. H. Van Winkle is duly authorised to close 'he busiitea ol lhe urai, and will con'inue the same on his own account. A. B. VAN WINKLE. T A. READ. LomsTille.Ky., June 1, 1855 je2 dawlm to housekeepers on commends THISinve-.tioits simplicity and the effectual manner in winch it accomplishes its oroect, Fru ts and 1 kinds with their natural flavor for any Vesetab'esof a aiKiu 01 time. I he advantages of this Can over the ordinary one will be :ea at a glance. T. e process 01 sealinr is conveniently placed wi'hm the reach of any person, and ev.i be done in a half nnnu' Mililenne being required. It can be opened as easily as it was seaied, and w iihout the least injury to the can. It has a metallic mouth-piec- e and valve, and can be used for a number of years, and is there tore m..r,e economical. I am now m inufirtunng the e t ans, and am prepared to fiirmsft tneru iu quantity, e thcr is ao.esale or rem 1, aud warrant every Can Orders promptly attended lo.anl printed directions sent with the Can. P. M.Ju E, No 77. Fourth street, between Main aud Market. )ti dJcwlm PALMER' VEGEV I! i.E COSMETIC I.O-U- O pores of the skin, IPFNS themie perspuatmn ininsen anl allows tna to pass of b ch wou.d otherw se ac- eiininlate rearti.e sun ace. It is th. great Skin Purifier of me aire riv em lit years' exper.euce has proveil that pimples and other eruptions of th? far. Tetter, Salt Kiieom, Rmaworui, Erys pelaa, and everv other l:rl iim Ir Disease of he Skiu are relieved bv a smsle a,.nl ion 01 this great remedy, and in a shor time effectually cured. LADIES OF EVKKY AGE, . w natever hleri shes you mav have on vcur face, of the character above described, you save many days, and ross.bly months 01 an net y, hv l.o'ii n Gin tlemsu, you will hnu 11 bent fciul, and shouid not be without It. Manufactured and tor sale by fi)J f ON PALMER. .vi.-t.solerropiiet tst Fourth street. Cincinnati, lhii. R tTVOXli k PTrKN. Mi LUKTOX. GRUMES fc SMILEY. SCRICNERfcDEYOI..LuU'"'i'"- v a' Druegists everywhere. Win,Hr'1 1. WOOD t lit WILSOX. MOSRISOI F. IIEADT. niLsox alit irr.iDV, AM) GROCERS, WHOLESALE THE BLISS OF MARRIAGE. THE WAY TOTHE ALTAR. TATRIMON YMADE EASY: Or. How to Wm a Lover: m of one honored and s.xty mo., d paper, ami beaut.fui.y illustrated; by Proieesor RONiMilT. - Love rules the court, the camp, the grove. For love is Heaven, and Heaven is love." $0 sang the bard; tel ihonsauila t ine For love of lite the light div ne Who. d d they know some gentle charm. The hearts of those toey love to warm, M .ght live, might die. n bliss supreme, Pos essingall of m they dream. The roed lo wedlock would vousaowf Delay not, but to RONDOUt go Time dies, and from hmrloomy wings A shadow talis ou Lvn tn.nis; 1 "leu seize the moments as ihcy psj. Ere fan lhe last sa ds turoua the glass; At least tne present is your a n. a.l the future is unknown. A uapny marriage man or mant May now secure by KONDoUT'S Rondont, of New York, formerly ef Sweden, where he has been the means of brio ing about thousands of han;iv marriages, semi to any address, on receipt of O.N E DOLLAR, postpaid, piain directions, to er.aoie Ladms or lientiemen to w,n the lieyoted attertions of as many of the sex as thev mav desire. Tbe proc-slhat ail may be marr-e.!is so simple. but so of aire, apoearance nr (nisition; and las., though not ieass, it can be arranged witn tho utmost ease and delicacy. B This 1. no humbug, hut one of the rreatest se enren the world ever produced, which thousands of ladies an a gentlemen 10 the city of New York can a' test to. No one will ever regret the price paid for such an luvalnah e w.nch is contained iu a boo of one aiindreil and sixtj directions. pages, with all the neces-ar- y Binsni any suede payiug Dana in tne Mates or Canailas rece.ved at par. All iht is necessary for you to dv ia to write n tetter in as few words as possible, inclose the money, and write tho , County and State, aft direct to naaio with the Posto-hre., PROF. Ki iNrxiCT, No. U New York. 1,000 AGLN IS WANr.'.D. DE WITT fc TUVEXPORT. No. 112 Nassau street, axe 11. e n holeaie Aleuts. : I p:.32 book Jtl.on fine FROM the subscriber on the night of the tilth instant, as we were coming irotn Louisville. Ivi wagon HORSES, f'om the log meetinghouse, oeiow Mrs. Crenshaw 'a. 01 the Pians. rood. i. partly bund; the other a dark brown, 4 years old. heavy Diane, siim lonj tail, siioetl nil roun I. n scar in tne eve. Any person find n or rivmr informat nn so that we get ewarded. Port Royal, Henry them w II be naii'isoinelv our Post Office Ky., JONATHAN MARTINIE. jej w2 REWARD. 0"E HUNDRED DOLLARSgned. m Shelby ro J RA14AWAT from the umlers t . 4 K..oear S.mpsonviile. onMaturdav evening. M it -t o r axd Second, I' l fVILLE KY WHOLESALE NTOC K OF (iOODS AXD STORi: FIXTUIES. out their stock THE subscribers,bvdesirous of closing offer them for an of ;t KIDS the 1st of July entire or otherwise, loeetner with the store. An ore and furniture at greatl reduced or res and on very favarab. terms J DANFO 1IIU SON, dlja-.ybetwteuFoiu'ii and rum Kreet. mi, .M liXc in n,.r: paleiu. Pric $ years old. man namrd WAT. Hi is or a inches h.jh, heavy set, weighs about ISi d. fu'l h'ack blrxsl. ami has a scars on his He had oa when he left n brown cloth, suit thorourh- ont. hss a remarkab.y large mouth aud has a rruin vote lien he speaks. Tne above rewarl will be given if taken ont of the State; if taken in this State and out of Shelby county, or Hi by eouuly and delivered tonie.or secured so 11 taken m that I can ret nun. mv- -' w4 JANE HOWELL. " AN NY'S Combined Heaping and Iowug Machine, with all the im-- . rovements of tne patentee ol ti is eelebn At This machine runs te,l machine for the harvest of wheels, consequently is n anaged w th two borses ami one man for mowing grass, and two men for reaping. No yehiete is necessary to liausiiort it from held to field; is changed from a Mower to a Reaper m rive minutes. and vice verso: will cut from eig it to twelve a rea per dav of gmsor Circulars, riving a full ilfs-- pi ion ot M amine, sent on apnii- ta'ion. It is important for tuose w 'bing .mac nines 10 senu mav be sure ol retting them n their orders early ti nt lil.cil and getun t e Mac.nino n t.aie tor the harvest. I nave the S nr e Mower .or loose who niav wish ia lii; all letter Pries of Mower $lii. Combined Machine ' liinnry promptly answered, H. a. HO AHD. li. thv mtlwitn FARM FOR SALE 0 THE uniVrsigned being desinous to rnwrye to ::: llissouno-ferss Farm for sale in I n oacoun-k- ,i "x iv. Keiitucxv. I our miles s.uiueast or tioio. c 'Utairung '.iii'sj acres, about ne bumlrHti acres in cultivation and onder a rood fence: a rood leg dwelling feet long. house, one and a h ul s'one h r 1.A11J lor en nsaev. s 4 rwmi anl a passage, aoou log xiicneu. feet wiihapussare ol teo feet aiiioin-- good sioue enminey; a go,l two Hi. dweil n 1. w.ih a a tiie tobacco barn orv smui' liifeet 00 two sides; rood stable anl enb.aid a nne spring oi never ins water aOout 40 yards Irom tae noiwe. witn n gooxi several otnar rooil janoss noon this tract 01 land: n very h a'thr suns', on. and in a rood There is aisoon the pluce and convenient tu a good "chns-l- . a tine se.ectmnof aU k.nds of fruu tioes tow, aud yL'-- orrt Anv porson w shing to purchase a good farm would do weil to rail on the nmlers.xued. living on lhe premises. here the terms can bo known. JOSEPH W CROMWELL. anUdlxwlm REWARD. Ranawsv from the suhsrrihor. Uv n in Hanrnrk inst .aNE'iRO BOY. Kentnray, on the named UcOHi'E. uarn ciuiiM'.ra. ;t 011 id Xvears of age, and weiirhs all ml 1m1 a nails; he heiotn- is ten he leit n out 01 brown jeaas, but carried other withh.m. I: is thoueat thiu he muie lor above reward wnl be given if toea ont of ih s Slate. one but dreel dollars if tkeu in saol Mate, anil nit uo .ars k. H taken in sanl euuuty. tiM.Ainin A5 uinaii S17 dl?m Lewispon, n,i;ici; ""t'" IW M- PYE.R.. fcj "REAPERS MOWERS COMBINED. Agent for Mclormirki t ornnineii scr THE su and ber is and wnl reemve orders and Heliver ."tower, his warenousem j.ou svme. ,ij,,..n. he machines will m every case bo warranted so tnat th . not be A. G. MUX'S. Pronnetor of tb sin. An Established in 141. m this eit m24 w3m urchjer shall r llarse Pwers and Threshers. irs usd - inem. ts re vweef,. of the- - - in sell nes. nj known throuiii the Son-1. m ami wnst a the in,. tho "Penu.v:vi,i:s" Horse Power sn.l Thresher castings n lneo have been very morli strengthened and mi: roved the huh. ,.f s.i m,r . bored and fastened to the nuts hy "vs instead of w Uies. ss ia th whole proreis and lhe we d woik : irouao-i- l a snade litivwr and more suostaulial usual. Eaipiovmr on y tne best mvenals. we are euisiii I to oiler, as w baiiev. til most perie-- t suil re.inb.e macb nes use. Priceol -Ohio" P iwer an- Thr.shee n imilete mi Puce of Pennsylvania Power aud 1 iirvn.i eon- i n iu Dlet Price of baud wh el to be attached to Power f .r ving t,.a, P .ruio. Mil.s, Saws, ae , IS Ihj sol Premiana Faa Millst. For ele iuini wheat sad other rnun. it is. na truth sorb a Miii as every gniug-.,m- g uaier waa s. and in our iud(iaeut the best m us. Pric Keatack SPRINGS. .......AftK. -- ' ' ' i. pi"vt iii TiTment at these Spr.oes. wou, I aniounce to tneir out .. i'ide'ienrT.iie.l leave notnirg ne.lon on ur ... ir ,,,mNi,t a"itopshs-- e pairooa-'- the couiin at easiire to visitors wbi.a e of toeu-r I ill i. wnra wti . . u,,, with if - .or,t a'irns.nn I in- ue ng Ih sistsi-cic j, da'tid HVttvrof. ARKON. .1 t en Mie warrant laese m.llsUi n entire ..ay as tnein t uny u s. ami 'f nosued, csa return the in il and get taeir money. We rat st pounds ji.o Price, everything couiale- - and re any to htcu to. M. Ora tended to aoj su.DiMd loans ders promptly doer. ai diMioual xaasl lo dealers. chsrs Parker sprtnx Rerar'.a Ilrse liar Rake. rtsxti. aioist. i3. las rTt.-iTkar r. a. Having the richt for this val isb.e Rise, we srs ihe.-w mnula-tur- a a lane Tsie. penolny ler other rake will ba readily creeivi uaoa -- xanii'iation. It is without eirepti n th.tuost sunetaiitiai. sim. a no ettt- cint rako intioduC' d. Ta.s mulemeut i now iu ex'ensive ami 10 be appreciate! omy he ll is not ixa eeration to say toa'. a nian ami i.irse will perform into most perfect nssupr. witu 1ms iiuioeibeat. as luucn wins as w ih coinmou bsod troin tan to t sreiv wen rati We put nothing ont the best of material, iu them sod it every rake. Retail rrce i M. cash. Liberal uiscount avkie to dealers. Orders promptly cuieU. u is, .I raes Patent siriw Catler. .Saarard Having mad extensive iixr..nzetnen:s to maim.'ncture bis e popular cutter, w irennred lo lurin.a t (ein 10 Kie tsTn-e- rs in tint atateriai. aud ,n a more aosl'leaiers. aaale uf IQo k ad thoruurh and an. sue I minaer, any art veroifore.l to th t puhi .c. ( lur retail prices axe, t r the present season. No. I cutter, I No. 2. Si j. A liberal discount made to dealers. Orders promptly to. The evinence we hive ohta te l in se'Vnra large number of macn.nes, anl waicum closely tne.r oo rai.ons in th be d. and a most s.ucere desir to hav our nvtca ues aer-ft, warrants ns in pleiUing our rusr.Hjiers tiial all machines bought of us wi.i be as pertec: as ipaenc met tn most hottest tn.i'xe t.iem da Add.-e- MIL! tit. WIN. Manufacturers ol Farua.u s myll wfc.l h CO. TT. Ln oements. , Ky. Lou.svi. ' TIIE SILENT FRIEND: IIATCIIEII'S PANACEA. Tills Cough's UNRIVALED REMEDY FOR Coll.-- . aud Consumption. alre-vlnenr where known over atta nel a pre-eotner med.cines. anl is defined to be lhe only v It is emjnat.t-nmeans resisted to in suea d.seases. overeign panacea for tae .argey cia-s- 01 heret.itore tneorsj. le diseases Ul wmcu Ulsn. tins vsr sh.e c1 male, is sunset. H ran testa 1 10 its ;oweis m tne cur ul ta Aitect;on.s. nost 'nve.erate Pulrnona-laCnronie 1 arrbea, W eakuessoi Bowels and Stomach, I s vrv val liable, and irsleed .11 ill diseases 01 dobii.ty. itivanoiy SI per bottle H W H ITCtlT.S. .ilauut.ctured by Biiwlm,' irccn. ky. HAS u rPrc, AGEITsJ. Doctor 'nrnnl. Lou sv.lle. Kv. Jonuson a Fre irit. Kvansvii'e. . Ind. Ky. Jos 1. Young Bownnf Kf John '"flan, Noel Johnson, ssrrs' Mill, Ky. hitw. S 9. ow.usvn.e. B Johu-o- Judge K.erts. Prwett s John M. h riev. Bearwoi M at k'sns. Sc ittsviile. Jas F Keel, koinorlo.i. K. Knoh. Ky. ow, Ky k y. Kv. 51 H. Ton. miles east of t.lasgow. Ky Nxtnani' P ter. coi-a-i t. Kv. r"Agents wanted throuraout the I'mieJ H. W. 11 Alt MLK. Prt, Address l.reen. Ke mv'l w lm Weekly Courrr cony tare mm ns aud t.reen :sndard. forward to tb s 'rfioe. St. GIFTS! GIFTS!! GIFTS!!! SINE'S L. D. Twtlftli GranI .Haaniotli X II aterprir. Gift Baggy, Ilaraena. rs. warm and llaiaslred loilar. Far AND BEM'TttTL ROSEWOOD PIANO, WORTH 300. A NEW THSEE HUNDRED DOLLAR.' IS AMERICAN GOLD. ,a a 7 CLAKKSIl. ' Watches, Excellent 1C0 Ac. 1,000 SPLENDID PHIZES. VALUED AT OVER $7,000. TICKETS U.M1TL1) TO 8,500. Oito, July 2, ISjo. be Draiem tit CincmntUt, To that f iends and IWOt'I.DsnnouDrstomy lint kmeipri patrons, b"ur ae woi mat iass at Ih time a Hi piac usm simed. 1 leei as any air lorruer list of gnu is equal, it aol super or to I have not snare bere l xiveaiu I ist ol ma iilts. But a circmar conliuuing a list of them, and a description of tae manner ot drawm. u pnuled, aasl wul sss se. t to anv in wno mav order .t. s- -l Aiuunj tn pr ze meae are. o Hors and new o ed Harruss, wortu u. a Lever H lluntin Tainan: Unil P ano. worth sjbw: t nal each; arul other i.o.dnml s Iver W iicues, worth laaddition Watches, silwarrsuiedexce.. ej- g id. iu tu to th stne-- e are ow in Amer.can u a Lo p mm wo m V nu w uw T Suoon og h U Pu m p L uu h m pu h k d K A w d mu wn w wh u on o n y wm Up no ou p p n oun m bo d wn w m y w B B H pn 4 wh own w nd n d wnu w h d wn w ho d n T ke T T u A sin TO AOE1TS p on whow on m O mn ou A dw o onny w u w v bh mu od A m won up wm n uu ou n me n u w wn w w ud mn P L1 33 Cm un ho TACSH TACGH M X wn n v m M o B W VAUGH AN BRO & Wholesale UruggislSi 81 Tn P D STKELT NUHDE ET n K V f Lw p C uy b V V a m H w ue h hb hn K n h on y n m o P op u n nu y nu oeu mow M w n w Mw o m w m W D MH n o iunl NO CAMPBELL M o Sho n w w e nW W s M a m and RE P aR Vn nT s R M n ME o M Au no nh ho n Vh n nb u Ca w M m nv h h oun y oh m Uw non O B don o uu m o M ue oom Am go u o w w M w w W w ro m o m on hm k hu v n n A hv no gn uo hA S m m o w w s n u un nu wv N o w on do n ud CO Wn d aav w T u p uon u on d A w m h O p n t W o mn P m KE m o m nn m T hT m o h m WRDER URO CVW CH LD LIC0 D1 A xR LT TsAL O WCRX? OH SPR NC ELn TORK om b e B PK U nh WAw uv m on C n w m o w mb v n o m on n om e nnd w LL M FO L H H t. f2r u gaw"od h n ee xn Jy my 20 ACRCN n nH k F CI M. T. h.. t ii Louisville,' an l our bar supplied w th ma host per day Board - week " month... Kom,eru" Cera sail Ch MilL . an.l Cob Mul we e . la th n duced a mac, una at once erticient. snostan .al mil rn,v. nine ila arrangement is so ,iup.e lust l.,e most ordinary kanu can ail)usl soil overal it I: win e .r and e..o as line as desired, at the rate to k busneis per boor with one can be out a imi and eompiele operation m rive ni.nutes lone. The uiai u. any other, is rryull.ed hv lueausol s nme set screw wnica iseasuy moved o aand.auu isaaiii.ed direct. y uuder the ceutr ot in null. W C l)rn-- r s of th. C y of Lomssy lie. TV. the nndr.,gned with Mr. Thomas A hurKy., nr wcU is t ley and ih manner in which no prepares h very omnouo l ;s rel ..hi, S run. 4 Sarsaiwrilia. snl believing that he rt,e,e.,. "e w.. " smlprenaresh.s tolhe nublie tor its am ,ty aud- ssuperior We it gives it a advantage th- - powerful :.res h i hciieve thai over ail th tuuai SMITH, S SfAKlVo X. BSi)., J B W ILi!-:EDWIN MH'IRH. R. A. ROKlHvjN k CO., s. MORRIS a SON, M AIKEN. JdMV F Vnrti! ii W AVrtRRSOS, p. MOHiEl I. GEOHOK Mrl.t.l04sf. .s 11. , k,. M.a of March. I0. seventh and Green sireets. LouiSTtlle. -. Kr-FPrtc St)r-rb- o. sale by druggists generallJ C.e.'or six boil es fox i X. . t di ('' DESCltVIXG THE PUBLIC inr till ...... h iP.f. Ti'0. .1 7 . n rq w GRAYSON y a, the onas'sirne liu 01 We would respec' mv le at eution t. onr stock of our-li- o se Lever P and Thres iers 1'iiese mucrnaes bav been .0 tlinriMiii.v te.t.J part of the JKiulh and West i.y dw u and are now so well known to rraia growers, mat we deem it nor, s- y to say but lut.e thoia. Vt a si.uoiy ie t n .so iriug to surcbsse. .0 siua ,11.111. r oi -, iu n .v I ir. nunu. will sell ti the ghest b .Ider. oa the f 7ihdivnf June, our MILL and other pro erty. s.tu- .....,.1 ated in Jeiierson county. 18 mues irom i.nuisv the rol leading from anel city 10 I rank.ort. andv 'oSbei-hvimme iiate.vonthe railroa.1 rinn ..ngl'rom L"'iisv .le anew Mill lie. Tne property eons sis House, two run ot burrs, with ail necessary macn.nervcom- p.ete.and near'v new; I acres ot lau-i- nrnou uwem.a nrst rale All located in and all necesary out--b inklings. and productive property, section for business, and is a line easy ter-tiand will be sold n the lollosviiig p.avao.e ai 1 ui sm,,. Otie-tnml two years from that dale, interest Uom dale ol mvi """ repririors n h T 1. cash. i.i S ALU. PUBLIC eloine Machine, f .r IHi.J. This machine has been solongi: no thoro ra.v teste,! aI and condition of gram, a to in an ;nsrts 01 tneeounirv bv in lusnnd" of farmers, ai.u J. w.l t era, la it we thins it necesenrv to say bul l.ttie of its her. W c.a in lor tuis niacnms supenoi ity over uiuer rea tiers. , W. will warrant the marhma to n weil of maleriais durao e with proier care ensy . rait for o.l horses simp. e an.1 eav to keen in reotur. snrl hi cut ir... s to acres uer day 01' any kin.1 m r. j fr,-- . eaaa. Miaay sCnabiaed Reaver and Mower. Tor 1S35. Thes machines ar admirably an id' erf for the ne .,r m.Hleral s.Ae-- la. ms. awl are wrru.d to be we. I bu ,t. 01 g 00.1 Hiateriai. and that it :,! mow as well .s don ta scytae.aml reap a wea ss can b doae wwa rh.s m chin is drawn by two horses, and manured by on rsononly lor mowing, and iwo aers. ns .or ru,ni. s.i .a warranteu toeui Irmn Itf to li iwr da Anv of tne ensiin.-- can h fnim.h.l i..r m . m.wo,. shon.d tuey b needed, by apui.caiion to as. Pric i,w! casa. IJeapor ami Slower Combined. 0 rii.a pndii Thn .lew York Reania 7 )1 lm do.iarsoi pounds, I I CL'TTER-BA- 1 3 r. PRonici: nr. a;, kus. AND KOEWAEDlMi ;:HCIIANTS Market strbit, iifwrss lel imaiwiauiimielamJua mii UKOUGHT IRON TV EARLY lonrthousniul of Keteaum's Mow-.i.vfarrunes 1 1 nave been soid tne past wojuu, h.i fl o. ,JBej iu ail parU of the L aion. cutting 411 uumeusa uawuiu u s.i kni'is i.l grass. . I ae advantages which ' i.e farmers who have 0 d eia.nx lor Ketca .cn a in a nao lity. h.u jrait lue Dri. c. j ot t . 11 le .s s line , .. ia la. Uenesu 4isl ascend wit it in u raven sm .a. e uesst in s... me area umweeu irie dr.v nr w,iei sn.i ... ter lsr. so as to w the mscnuie lo yasa tree.y over u rut ursss. a uriu beM.ngiug lo uarmn th swarming bos.d or usiveir r cie-a u ihis saitcaiu. and wum n o.i beo'Uiuir me ui.e between tne cut ami tne ijiHint gisssper feci y ciear. waici, M te.iv necesi-arm heavy am grass and me'. comparative. y; ih.p..s torn .. tour u . ioi n g at. s l .er soonjerl.onaoie a feature n iiiuri; a th result of years 01 ul lig ol mi 01 ta be t mechaiiM-of 1. aj(e, Mr. w Ke chum, anil a m.. r e laous'iusls o oth-r- Are now veins; not np Corner of Eighth and Green Streets. Loalsville. ky tho Snbseriber. $S0S .lune $1,000 10.000 4 of Wednesday Capital 1. Ticke- Hxuse ot 01 the- Abriott Lawrence. Minister Plenipotentiary to Eng'and. .lob a B. Fitzpntrick. 4 at hour hi.hop 01 Uoatou; aiso. Dr. J. R Cluiton, of New York City, endorsed by lion. W. L Marry, Secretary of State. Win. B. Astor.the richest man in America. S. I eland fc to.. Proprietors of lue Metropolitan Hotel, and others. D d space permit, we could certificates from all parts where the Pills have been need, but ev re even more than the eiDenenre of eminent public men, is found in tueireiiects upou trial. These Pil.s, the resu.l 01 long investigation and study, are offered to the public asthe best and nii.siroiDTnete iue present state of mnlical scieuce cauailord. Tuey are notoi Ine Ururs Iheuise.ves. but of the medic nal virtues only of Veretah.n remedies extracted bv rhemical process a state ol purity. ni combined together iu such a manner as ta insure tne beat results. This system of for hss been found in the cherry Pectoral and Puis both, M pr dure a more eitic.eot remedy than had h.therlo been or.tained by any nroress. The reason is penectly vious. Wmla by'tiie Onl msle of eomnosit.on every burileued witu more or less 01 acr.iiHiuious and injurious qualities, by this mm individual vir'ne onlv that is desired lor the curative et'ect is sreseut. A liheiu-e- rt and ohnonous qualities of each substance employed aro behind, the curat. ve virtues only be ng relamed. Hence it is the slfects should prove, as they have proved, more pure, y remedial, am! the Pilia a anrer. mre powerinl antidote to disease than any other medicine kiuiwn to the worid As it is frequently evnerVnt that my medicines should be taken under tne couusnl :,t an alieuding niirsician.ansl as could not properly lu lge of a remedy wit .ont knowing its aave silDllieu the accurate urmuly hv whien coninosuii.n botn n y Pectoral and Puis are made to the waole bialv tit oners in the Umted States an.l Hnt.vh Amerirui. Provinces. If. however, there should he any one who has nol received mem, they will bo promptly f by aa.ul to his request. Ot all ins Patent Medicines that are eflered. airy few would be taken if their composition was known Their ,ife consists in tiieir mvtery. I have no mysteries. The rompos.tion of my pre paragons is aid open toall mea, and all who are competent to judge on the subject freeiv 'Tae convictions ol their :ntrinic t herrv pectoral was pronounced bv sc cntitic merits. he a men 10 wonder ul medicine before i s were known. Many eminent physicians nave declared lue sameihinr of ssv Pn.s. and even more confidently, and are willing to rertuv fiat their anticipations were more taaa reahsed by their effects upon Th y operate bv their powerful inflnenco en tho internal and t inuiute it into neailby acvibcera to punty lhe tion temove the ohtrutiims 01 tne stomach, bowels, liver, and other oreans of tlie body, restoring their irregular action to health, and by c,HTef, wiierever they exist, sucn as are tne first origin of disease. Prepareil hy lames C. 4.yer, and Analytical Chemist Lowed. Mass. Price 2i cents per boy; five boxes for s)t. ."old by Sntcinfe k Hughes.J. B. Wilder h Co., Robinson fc Cury, and by ail retail Drugg sis m the city and. late. A GREGORY fc MAURY. Managers of tbe Kentucky State Lotteries. CARTER'S SPANISH JIlXTLRE." Neuralgia. Rheu matism, Scroiiila, Eruptions on the Skin, Liver Disease, Fevers, Ulcers, Old Sons, Aliiction- ot the Kuineys. Diseases of the Throat, Female t'omp ants, Pains and Aching ol the Bones and Joints, are speedily put to flight by us.lig this rem anil inesrimanie raBieuv. For ul) diseases of the Hlo'od ro'hiiig has vet been found to compare with it. It cleanses the system ol.illiim uritiet acts gently and cUicienlly on tbe Liver and Kidneys, sirenginens rue uue rum, givis lore to urn Momaeli, makes the Skin clear and healthy, and res. ores the CoumIi- tution, enfeebled by distasei r bn ken dow n by the excesses ol rout n, to ta pristine vigor and strength. or tne l.acies it is lucoinparahly Hotter than all tne cos met ics ever used. A few no es of Cahtek's Spanish .Mix ture will remove all saliowness of eoiiiplexion, bring Ilia s mantling tothe cheet, rive elasticity to tne step, and improve thegrneral health in a remarkable degree beyond all the medicines ever heai d of. The lare number of certirictos which we have received from persons from a. pans of the United S'ates is the best evi lence that there is no humbug about it. The press. Ho magistrates, pi ysicians rnu pulidc i)ien,uell to the known to the commuiiitv, a'l add their 'estm-onorderful effects of this tiKEAT MOOD PI k i F I ER. Cal on the AgkmT and eet a Circular and and read the wondcrfu. cures this truly greatest of all McOiciaes is periormeu. None genuine unless signed by BENNETT BEERS Proprietors, No. 3 Pearl strei t. Richmond, Va.,to whom al rdt r. lor supplies aud ae' s must be aihlres-m- '. And for sale by SUTC1.IFF fc HUG H ES. Louisville. Kv. 12 deod&weowln and by Dealersuenerailv. Robert C. WiAihrop, STRAYED OR STOLEN FIT II .VI TV II JS, rJ K Drorsy, Kheuma'ism. evera. Gout. Humors. NerIrritability, Inrl immations. Headache. Pa ns ia the breast. Siuu, Back mil .111. lis, Femai ( ou.inaints. c, kc. Indeed, very few are the diseases in which a Punitive Medicine is not UK re or lees required and much ness and smfer-nnugtt be prevenie.1 if a haruiiesa but eilnc'.ual ( atnurtic were more Ireeiy used. No persost ran feel ell wane n Costive hahit of h idy prevails; besides it soon generates serious ans! m.en might hare been avoided hy tne timely and judicious use of a goaal purgative. Th.s is soke true or t oids, Feverisn and bill ons deraaitf ments. Ihev a.l tend to become or produce the deep seated and fornudable diatemnere w irh load the hearses all oyer tne Land, lience a rename family physic is 01 tne first iniuortaoce to the public healMi. and tnis Pil has been perfected consummate sk II te meet that demand. An eitensive. trial of its virtues by Pnvsiciaas, Professors and Hat ems. has snown results surtassing any thins hitherto Hi. own 01 any medic, n Cures have been eliectetl bovondbel ef. were th'ynot substantiated by pr-ss of such evaiteit position aaj enaracier as to fjrbid ue ot uatruta. Among the many eminent gentlemen who have testified in favor 01 e. lis. we may mention: Doctor A. A. Hayes, Ainiivt, cal 4 hemist of BnWon, and S ate Assayerol .Massach'iaetts whue h.git proieasionai cnarai-te- r u endorved by the Hon. Edward Everett. Senatorof the United States. m27 dl JtwJm ISoscwood, Irlaliosmny, Oak, Cherry nnd AVnlniit MIXTURE. hanl and for sale hr A. G. jn.N.S. MAIM. 3 DOORS SIDE XXTOULD infor m hia neuiis and the public that ho has opened a store at 367 Main street, where he will he pleased to see and areonimoda-all who may favor him with a call. He warrants his work to be as good as any made in thecity. Terms reasonable. N. B. Roofing and nousework in general don w;th neatness and dispatch. ni9 ilfcwtiin AN Infal'ible R "medy for Scrofula, King's Evil, Rheurt a Ohstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or oran A supply oa COF-FE- LOUISVILLE, KY. THE GREAT TTRIFIEK FT1IE BLOOD. Not a particle or ."Mercury In It. LET THE AFFLICTED READ AND TOXDEIl jet MILLS, sadirons 3i' SCALI.S, ACT, nRHU TEA t HOWES BATHS. JONAPEARtE. JAMES SOMMERYILLE, a Corner of Broadway and Cortlandt street. No. Gilsey Buildings, N. Y., and No. 1 Fifth street, Lou.sviile, Kv. ) JOHN I.AWSmV, jlldfcwtf AIER'S PILLS. blol establishment is now THE above It being tho oldest es'ahns iment inits eighth the West the proprietor intends that it shall still maintain lU reputation of being the BKsr. Great improvements have been made to it s ncethe last season, especially in he Bathing facilities, which, for variety, comfort and convenience, are believed fo be unequalled by mi establishment in the Union. Tne great n which has hither o attended this and the liberal patronage which a generous public have so freely betowed upon it. will onlv serve to stimulate the proprietor to renewed efforts to advance the happ ness and welfare of all those whom it place themselves under Ins charge. The best and most experienced assistants anil nurses are in attendance. In diseases peculiar to fema'es our experience has been very great, and we think our success warrants us in saving that they are here cured with a rapidity even in their most aggravated forms nusuruassed by any other mode of treatment. The proprietor has aea n secured the invaluable servires of Miss ('. A. Greene, who takes especial charge of this department, and whose ample exuerioiico makes Ber o discharge ii ialilie- T. T. SEELYE. M. D. m7 dfcw2m Proprietor. OFFICES. su'i-- of the ft' nes. stivei.n, IIUKLEY'S CELEBRATED for money iir!mnt t vousness. trysipelas. Pulmonary Diseases, L ver Con p a r.t. Female Irreeular t.n, Piles, Fisia a, Skin I Diseased Kidneys, and as a great and lseases. Tonic. Pun-fvirow. rfu! the Riood and Invigorating lhe wlio.e Systrm. London Money Market. rrv;tr. fornieriv exi.t re between s u'lJer the rii in ot V .n '.Vni'le li Co , ilav ilsoireil by mutual t. LUlllVILLH. lEICnCTS UPMTED i eti.,t without caarse. A valuable Library has been obtained. Students who ahii.l hjv a.teaued two full ourses of instruction in th s University. in sonw other Schl and one in this, or nave pru. te-- tiie proiession 01 e year, and attended one Course , l.e t ir's here, aud h ive r a satisfactory examination, will be entitled, uwa tbe recommendation 01 the 1 acuity of t ie iiejreeof Kariie, or of Lisj, me University is authorises) to . lhe fe is $20 to each Professor, and the Matriculation Fee I . A new Hall will he ready. t ommtiuications suould bo aJJresse l to Profe.sor Pirtle, at Louisvuie. J VS. GU Tli Rl E, Pres.dent of the Univetsi y ol Lou,ay-lin-jdtawlwkwli Dyspepsia Foreinn Commercial. "Defeated, nut. nii Ci7"Tht LlvnnroOL, May 25 Cotton The circular of Milligan. Evans V Co. quotes the market as influenced bv an extraordinary action o! st eculative and export demand. The sales f ir the week fect up li. ,uco bales, of wnicn 75.0iii) bales were tuSen on speculation. Under theinfluence ol this active demand prices have further advanced to but lair qua'itn.s have improved mint, l he quotntious ew Orleans fair. 6 8 !; middling do.6 U;ilnrd fa r 6 middling do. Sales cf 15 50 bales, including 10.I OO on speculation. The market closed buoyant. The advices from Mancheter were more f.vorable. Urea 'stulfs The mnrkit was genera unch:n-e- d Flour Western Canal, 4lis to 42a; Oh o, 45s to 4is 6d Wheat White. 12s to 12S9.J. Corn White, 51s to 51s6d' yellow, 50sto 51s; mixed, 5iis 'o5rts 6d. Provisions T e market is firm and prices have slightly advanced. closing steady. Lard was steady and prices unchanged. Groceries Sugar and Coffee were firm, but the market closed dull. Iron was in active demand and the market buoyant; pig had slightly advanced. '.i ot theehuol w 11 commence on th in October and continue mouim insrroct.on w.U be riven bv recitations, hy eiajnniati.un anu oua, ui nhicn iix in every touiw week wi.l be givea to eai-t- i ciass. , """, w'i' an t week, at wh ch causes wnlJ be argued hy the Students, auU opinions delivered by the Prolessor. The Sm.lenta w.ll also he iustruct4 in tho preparation ol le. instruments ami The Students of tiie Law D. of the University are. hy a provision of its ciianer. eui t.e I t.i a uml ius Lectures on Anatomy and neui.stry iu the Medical What Every Reader of the Courier Should Knott Revolutionary Bounty Scrip being exempt from Land charges is worth 4 cenls per acre muro than land warrants. SPAMSII E ent h Session riHhrst 3 .Monday A to their sti-ef Gold INVITE attentionvariety ot quality and pnc--. and Silver every FASHIONABLE JEWELRY. Diamond Pins, Drnpa and Rings. Cameo. Mosaic, Gold, Stone, Enameled. Carbnncle, Plain and Min ature Pins, Drops and Hiii-- , Bracelets. Hacds.Scaia anil Cham. Guard Vest and sb Chains, ( hate lame-- . Locket. Sets al Jewelry, ('oral and Jet Goods. G dd Peiis.Sectaclt s, Scissors, I tumbles. Needles. Keya, fcc. Spoons, Foiks, Xn.ves, Goblets, Cups, Silver War Jewels, tc. Plated Ware, Spoons, Forks, Tea teta, fcc. Clocks Alwavs on hand the largest assortment in the city, wholesale and retail. Our Watchmaker, ftlr. J. R. EsterV. known as tl oldest and best in the city, always a his post. f " Particu,:ir attention given to the repairing of Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware. N. It. We have recently added to our business a Silverware .Manufactory. Weare prepared toli.1 orders. mv2ilfcw SFLLINO. CARTER'S MILLER, WI NG ATE tt CO., x.TM.euce. $...peracre. PRINCIPAL BROTHER & MACHINES, TKNTH SKSSION. HON. HENRY PIKTLE, LU D . Professor of Coostitu- iiou.u law, r.quiiy.anu tomuiercial L HON. J Ad. PKYOH. Pro essoy oftlie Hi.toir an Science ot Law, .Deluding its f ominon aud lutei uatiouai Law. HON. VM r. BULLOCK. Professor of the Law of Real Propeityarul 01 tuePrattme 01 Law. iu. luum, P.eaU- . uu AO. 83 FOUKT1I STKEET, HETWEEN MAIN ANL) MAEKET Louisville, Ky .r. Pit. T Fashionable Jewelry. New Yohr-- June 6, M. The effect of the steamer's news not been developed. Flour Dcclineil 12al3. good Ohio at $9 87Ha$10 12X; Southern is steady. Corn Declined from 3 to 4c; sales of 17,000 bushels mixed at $1 Ctia$l 10. Poik Firm, with an upward tendency, sales of 1,400 bhls. Beer-Fi- rm. Lard Is in good request, and firm. Whisky Ohio is dull. Cincinnati, June 6, P. M. Flour $9, and firm Whisky 305$. Provisions Firm; sales 125,000 pound' in bulk sides at 8c; sales 500 pieces buik shoulders at 7c; 30 hhds baron shoulders at 7:'i, and 600 bbls mess pork cn private terms. Butter I2al4c. Cheese 8c New Orleans, June i. Molasses 26li. Sides OH- - Cora Unchanged. Haumu hanged. ls THE MONEY MARKET. Tha Cincinnati Gazette of Monday saya: No change was obseivable in money nutters Exchange w.isin moderate demand only at a premium. The New Yolk Tunes of Frula says: The heavy shipment of specie by the Baltic yesterdav. and the proba'iility that a further considerable amount w ill go hy the new steamer Arago for S iuthhamptou and Havre, on Sniur.iay, had no ercept ble iniluencnou lhe money niarkrt The rates rm temnoraiv loans were low, sav percent, and lhe sui.ply. if puss' ble, easier tran in the early par of lhe week. On the Mock Exchange, however, the exiKirtol specie is more or less discussed to the disadvantage ol arise in prices; the market was lower cn the road shares, and a sm ul fraction hHlow re'er.l:.v'. i, the leading railway bonds. At Boston the Conr er says: Money grows more and more abundant every dav. bnt the general stagnation in busini ss proven' the mercantile c m ava.hng themselves of tlie advantages usually by low rates of iHteret. Note Reporter gives us the following information: Applications bsve rone into the denfir-rm-t vtn.hiT.- ton for 9 (wo warrants. These warrants will vernge about l.'U acres each, making an aggregate of over thnteen of acres. 1 her aie in active demand, an; from pre sen t indications will continue so for some time, as there aro valuable tracts of land oi en to entry, and we are now buying aud selling at the following pr.ce's: MORE OIVERSITT OF LOUISVILLE. LOnSVILLEACRlClLTlRAL.VQKIvS. IMPOKTA.X LAW DEPARTMENT. FIELD IMPLEMENTS AND GOLD WATCHES AND Cotton Unchanged. SllOperacre. FARMER, AND THE FAMILY CIRCLE. w ". T u ov n h ro m 11 w sem J soS TAuS N m U M pe

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