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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), December 24, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

c i.i n ;!, . n in w uimnui JUifmMim m'jii n . ii j'j' i 'mkjw win iiiii'iiimwI n iiwii iw ii ii hi KENTUCKY GAZETTE Nl MBtR 1 5-- Saturday, Dicember 24, J PRINTED iEXINOr-ON,-: J. BY BRA'DFOKD, fubferiber, mihg one Abingdon, 11. Walh- totcounty Vli ffima. a lar- - bay Hortf, about fifteen hand.hig.ror up- waro, sour years old lalt fpnng, i lnarkably-rotiitboiiied, troiS and pa es, has beenwoiked constantly this (umiIier am ,idt;s very ,as a ,,nali .lUr a,ui i,a been branded on the like I, but IS "ear jaw .vkh not very peiceivable. he is odt of a Telo liorle, and (hews the maiks of that breed, and is ileenv eved. his opinion that thediffere Departments in the Geneiat government, now Fom a received ISrooS Uo lately tilled them; itmavbepreluined, that an entiteiievv lvllem of policy maybe adopted, or ar ha it a material cuangem idem the pretentt of everv description, In -- itier cale, Citi-e- e- d cl,y ns u.vuwj-- by wluih "" ' polhble n7i js no ot icr at Urge can, at this remote distance be made acquainted with lu-- h pioceedings in the duler-eDepartments, as will enable tiiein to form a judgment ot thcgenetai political lyncin, but tuough the medium of the ptels; and as publiflied thcpi.fent plan of the t us state is too contrasted, complcatly to y anfwcrlo dclna-i- e an end, as well as the tut Editor purpol.s of a Ncws-Pac- r, vae louowin,j m oidi-narlu--j- For PllOPOALS Kentucky Pubhfliing Gatt Uc tf Augull3I. ANfl VIZ. VE hundred acies, part of that not.d traft called flood's Weojftock trachwithm eight miles of Lexington and (even from the Kentucky nver m the center of wluih is anever sailing tprlng An undir'ded moiety of two thousand acres, firlt rate, fitaate on tie wateu of Bulllkin cieek, witnin six inifesof 3'ielbvvilir t is well watered, and the main roaj from Louii'ville to ohblhyville luns through it. Five hundred acres, fitualid ort the Hanging six miles ol tne late governors; fork, wit one hundred and twenty atrss of witch is well beared it is a peach ore'.ard of six -- undied tn?bs? tWt !l4mdc fonrnunied e.oni ofhrandv ih on-- , rear, -- ndfiere Is everv of froit to malce five Kun- anceol a d this leawn; with an apple orcard of b9 to & J W. HiTi J. I., WILL PU.RCHASK, TOBACCO" A w(jj - ct &-j-- -- 3MANU- Ii. MB - " BRIGHT, t siiO a FACTURER, ta-vo- is, Lexington, ThoiMjz, LiiiNEAL. is 7 ' JJl-iSx- uUUiJ C i Alex. AHIjAH & JOHN V. H'JNT. for Sax, SD LAND, AtllEe. o maj. Jo'in Mja)v, dec. ENTERED for name of L.tutTv tie 111 , and Mol-b- v, hir at law of Uid Jo in "Hj'pv; lying on mam Licking, being part of ten t.o nl -- cres, mouth beguiimt at one hundieil poles aSave ot a creeK. that runs into main Licking on t'e north ca.t lide ajour sour mites elow tncfouth foi k ot Licking, and extenJ 1; down L It is unnece.fatv to defence in tenfu'veys. as sit purciaisr willoe uiljioied to .nak-t- ie neceil'arv enquiries p.ivious to his Making Tne title is fuppoied by thole aliv propol lis wno Jnvecaretully examuled it to be unquciti-o- n it)!. i'pon paying pirt of tne purcuale money, a reaionaule credit will oe 0ieii for tae Sal.ucc. r- -e tSc jctt.eb Parker, TTAVE jusl: imported and now opening ai Xmngton, oppolitc thi Court Hoifle, a lunre anc '.andfoine alTortme ol welltnolen MERCHANDIZE, luiU-- .f to the" prcfent feafoq ; which tbeywill Jc", on very uiodeiate terms for CASH and HIDES. May 27, 1796. tneir wtots. in A k rnj it "Ml kai; D 3 L the plantation of TVfr. George Trofcf FROM, one mile from Lexington, a light co I loured lorrel Horie, about five feet high, fiva years old, blaze face, wlut- - hmd leetand leg. as highas the knee, a long iuUCt tail, lihit his maiuandtailof a light colour, a na . e, tliral trotter Whoevei tikes up faui horse, f delivers lum at the (lore of Col. Trotter, lhal have 7 EN DOLLARS, and all reasonable charges, paid by Alix. Sco?t. ii-- d, .""tc rien Aug. , -- st. tn-n- . Aui-- , tU Sept f A si.AU .HON 1 1 a MlU IlrUL Ot" Firfr. qualitied Land. 'CONTAINING three hundred 2 rv 55- 1 have BEXJ. some valuable tracts S. COX 01 Lanu entl-inact 1, NOTICE. Uj.1 SjALE, -I- ts f" T " 7 iiidcht-i- s John May, e.,er,tor money due ro lie buiinefs 10 well knon, th'.t .t needs no ?? t0 ol contracts ijr land purchaied (ktWiinttmiiili on. For terms noplv to tu- - lub- lnU'iS ul ttls ' 'or scribers, who are auU-ril.- d to lell and cojlvey ftfc f KeatucVv, h, Slate and Flat creeks, niar the lion Works. enteied and patcnied in tut lume ol Villini6 Davis. Also 1000 acres ln north fork of Licking, ire" te Jlafon count), hali ci Henri's aoeocr survey. And - rcres, Nelson county, on Alher's creek, in t'ie name of Jo'in Tbeabovc lards rill be (old low for cafii, or exchanged on advantaged" terms lor Mihtai" lsnds on Green nver, 01 ta-- good lauds, situated ill t . ( covrntry. T!- - pjrehaier wilUpply to the fubferiber, liv-t- , idiJ m Scott county. TO. HENRY, Afetlt ' ;- - A LL persons liavuig demands anainft John . May deceased, either.fji money dirt to und coinmcdipus HdOStr, on liftTla or lor contracts m lands, are Alain ltrect, lonnerl occupied by Med them, Irvmir llnl"', ai.riatprefent by ATelfrs Stvzt, ', requested to trailfmit ta tae fnbfcnber & top df J'nce tr do.- 8000 Acres on the waters of i0WORb 1 111 tr;' 1 hand? of JamesM'Con., will be continued bv rile asw.lT-- s upwar diltcient paits ol tns-t-t- e; iber, in the houle lately oc 01 one rtuinrcd tuouiano .mei m I is areatbc nrfn-'Miibrc- i of '1 enile'f-C- , whitn 11 well knovn to be of cupied by M'toun and taftleman, n nabk to Vhere he means to sell on loVv the fir.l qa.dity. Aitv term. 011 the noftiua-lsuabl- c pnrcndl':, may bt 1 mll-J MES M'COUN trims, unu l tiUes , wlucn I.exincton, Atigulr J796 may oe ien, by applying as above. r or aie. ? ISiJ5- toy-cie- 1. her dlf-po- i'e r, s tf ut ap.war-iecurinilt- tf y iua number of excellent fhi never sailing Iprcigs ; between 52 and 60 acres cleared--n'oo8 es whereoi Is beautiful meadow, title indifpiitable. Mj. Sthreflilv, wlfo live near this traft, will (hew the premises, A genc- ral warranty will oa made to the pui chaser, who may know ti.e terms on application to l'cjtoti le Short, of Woodfoid, who is authoiled to of the same, or the fubferiber. furik-ene- u - Angus M'Uonald's reilitary Airve- this traci is s will watered as any m, the Mate, and hil t. 7 ETUR.NbhuJw.jks to hi. fnends iiiid culKiiuers for their palt and hopes by attention to bufi-zie- ls to merit them in futme. He in ge-- icets leave to infuim the public neral, that lie has removed his (hop, (l.,ine time l.ncc) on Orofs ltieet, at the lower end of Col Hart's roPc walk where S continues to cairy on Lhe above buhnefs nirtll it- - branches. He lecnved irom the f'ttrle-men- t, an allot tuienf of the bell leather, and has as good workmen &s any in the United States. Ladies may jMvefilk. or leather lhoes, a. liciu as any made in Philadelphia. He wants five orfix Women's Workmen, to v, horn good w ages will be giv- en. ,D, a -- hd thirty! acres, on main Elkhorn, sour miles fioirt the moutn tnereot, wnere it empties into tha Lso Kentucky nvc'r, and Tix miles irom Fiankfoitt A large aiideneilanortment of the land is level and lies exceeding well for 1 M K IJ I IN James Brswn, Alto. iar ing and meadow ; tnereis tnirty-hr- e acre- Amonjft is PatsiJt Medt- cleared and undei ood fence, fever-lvcFvr Liltt;s;rry AitJfJHi. goci cintj (to wit.J car bins, a good (pring and a valuable mill Lexhnrtdr, June, 15, 17$S- Caflor, Sweet, and iiiitifii -- J. abundance ot excellent timber of diffet N. 3. I will alio d.lpole of any other Laid dodlrey's cordial. ent kinds, and Ue rauc equal to any the dif in "entiirky plaiiHCbv Caal Vt"-v- . Bitefinfe's drops. 1 good title will be given by the fubfqri lAirlrBijlwi'. balsam of life .(- ix ber, living on tne premises in Frdnklin county. A ldciiou's pihi. tin-- , day tlilioivcd by tleman h J03. rtNWIU-- . ALIO W" All pclons indebted and a nucuaiconfeut. Matfder Alluni, wintinKjuk-Powdeto hem, aiereqrtelled to make mime , r with quantity ot excellent -- pun,'- ', FOR a iiuiiibei ol ot'ier art'cles jo tedio w tp men- - liiate payment of iheik--- ! efpcdlVe ac-- t The follouin Traflj of LAN, tit property ef 01" which will be ai'pol-- d at wtpte counts, twlno sin ther indulgence f?n tu'ii. All Cit. rtowsi Bedford, (to wit ) fal- - oi" rtt-by th- - pul 'J r.a.t o.uitnt, now ne given. ineoooKsaie 111 ne -- NICHOLAS boot IIfiA VVM HAVE FOR SALE, ABOUT 2.1,0 Aa ,t of LA run, near Pafoer'smiD, fT" T YINGonSh .! in the coimtv of Faette, being pait "fVj 1111 News-Pape- t-- k- felltuin' Tr.vll, to RbKRT CRAIG. Of the jirofijut years growth, at their ilores m uuJ tie hJjMAii it tie time of Laxuijtim, Danvi.Ie audi ranMort. ' the en i of the fetr. depends enr fliu is toiniorin niv fiieiuh, and tnc aolu in As t le txuience of a cn.ial, that I have juifciytHed tirely on the patronage ot the public ; it would be impioper to 'attempt any material cnange in, ,v S t without- hrlt obtaimrtj ohe alrtiv tyheh: 1 Jormerlv kepf Siddfer's In tneir approoatioT ; wnerclore, tne Editor re- y Main ana ciiOls ltr-ihoj, at the com-r- ot quests all tiofe who are fubfenoers to the " lmliitingof on the pieieiil plan, and whd dif. oAZL-nrHanJio i.e airorfment of Di v Goods, and approve ot tie above alteration, tneir X Hatd N.'are iiinngit whiF'i are a sew before the tune is is intended to di approo-tio- n sets of SaJ(fler a.J Snoemafcei's tqo's com- .Fit fucli as are silent, will be coiiuJered pieat. A molt dejaiit auortnot oi MiILiei. as acceding to t.le propofaU, and cotilequi.'n-l- y Vori, fiicn ui Bonnets, Hti, Capt, Featneis, then papers continued. and a unmlicr of ot.h.r tiandfome pieces ot Tiie puolicJs humbte fervantr Omamcnt lor ladies. Together with a lew J0.1N BRADfOiUJ. lady's Wotch Chains, ana Ool Lai uns; all November ig, I796- . f tn- - iicCviit'taiaidn. t,il r irpote Celltii'the good , m lor a house. t The aSove rents this year for Hundred dollais. 'e will lell tie above pr iirtv VRV LOW, as we are in Want ot money, ana will gu . a good and lurflcient title, paid by mes l3' halbj LhtJu hi Itrjjtm, J'hit the price per amiam . T&pilfctlberil witnlcentv-fivettou-h.fee- jij THREE DOLLARS 15 CHEAP LANDS thirty dollars rc ard, or for the horlc dollaisaiid icaionable charges, ofcherrv trees i br .,, bnlt' tother twice a 15lld 4nd week : 1. That ths Piper he ptmijbti ever) WednefJiyand SitarJ.),Jrmid,iiJiir toe ji'ji aj, ij 21 rrt .1 1. lml.1' mane , w., Holen aWlic the nighc ot me siu or cm. umanc. rtny penon hiirfc Jild ihief lb that he niaybc b ought to fHce, hall have ifton rs ARE J.EtEIVED AT l$fs?ER ANNUM MAIN STREET, WHERE SUBSCRIPTIONS ()T$)LEM RONlthe To the Public. VOLUME X. -- -- i..u.--.- . ON 1 79 6. AuguO 3, r 176. F.(i laid e. so L h, by JJodlor 1 ennant ot Vitgi- AM inllrui-keX ma, to lell 200 acres ol his MILI TA a V SUBSCRIBER THE t'. LAI M on the OIno, a sew miles above LoU- feverul trails of Land indiSecent parts the ianx. their ecific itomediatelv The laid llville. 'I h LAND I am informed, lies well- THn 1 11 I NV which he vvill dil" Kentucky, lor sale, is well watered ! and t. e title will be iecurcd r,,l, nVceafttlUsbf ms lalt w.ll ind pofc of rcjfbii.bly. JOl.N-A- . tiElTZUyfiJ..teJ hls ja,ni's to the payment ol his debts, aiid bv a general warranty. For terms apply to mo Lexington; eithei personally or by Istter. s JOHN CLAY. muNCTOF, stPTEMouv I. tiie dibrcncbei' will makeit t'oe dill djjoct of u Lexington, 4th Augslt, 179- VATKlNi Un. jOH iiisaaiiniu iracion ro .prayioc tne la oe, witn r t JK sAl r.,' I . j.. as muc" uupaitii tt . uivumiire auu ciieiimit-- nKDJltD AND rontY ACSXS OF cesot tneeitats win admit ot. And whereas AoAAib, tne fatd John May met With a pieiiatnrc death, in the forks of Elklwn, -- bont by tee hands of the Indians on his pailage dowA -- SPtCTFULLY informs hfg THE fubferiber once ino-- e eatncftlv requeffs SITUATE Irom Nathaniel S iuivlers's the liver Ohio, miiiv pa jers and much informa- f ieitild and tilt Dtiblic ih cc- him cither by bond, note, 41II t lole indebted-tMtll and leveit fiont Frankiort, the wliole of tiou penlhed w thhunj'tisp'roba'.le tfce lubfcij pr book account, to come forward and settle up it firlt rate, with good neral, mat he has opened 1 avein, in. improvements, to wit; ber may need" the information of others then lefpech.c balances, by the fiiit day of Ja- twb good hewed lohoufes, betides ll'veial other matters relativeto the negotiation of the in Toine that commodious hculeon Main lltee; .lecea-onuary next. Those who do not avail houses, about twenty five acres cleared, 11 fed,- - in the weiteirt couiitiv, ind lie will tnink-undthe thud dooi below Cross llreet t this notice, way expect no good iertce, a fisiall mcudow , and a qiian- - sully icceive any comin.f icafon which gehtle-tit- y whei e tnbfe w ho please to fa or hiia ; as I am determined to has c all more with little trouble and lmall expem.-- ., men acJuainteu wit. t'ie conccnis of thedecea-mawith thei. iiiilom, (hall meet with er accounts settled by tliat tune, witnout be conveittd into excellent meadow ; led, may think proper to make, to persons. also, an exci Uent young peacn orchard, con- I have appdinted mr. Thomas Carneal my ery pollibie attention. GEO. TEGARDEN. Mining upwards of thic- - bunJied trees; 5li agent in Kentucky to receile and forward' all Pecemoer I, 1796. excellent never Ceiling fpnnjj, which mns tluo' communications in thatltate, alluded to above1, laid lafid. NOTICE. A general wafiantv deed will be As the wai.t ofalegul representative fuue the O, HERES on the 28th of November Taf-- 1 given lor said land. The teirjs-v- t ill be made doatn of mr. May, has o'litruited all op.itions V gave myn-t- e to a Pieros 'T'HE IIOUSi; & LOT whereon I now live, known by applyingon to Enoch Fenwick in Lex- - leUtivefo histramattiqiis and no domt ro tne ofBourbon county, for 101.certain Robaitthe -- Stb the -- ton. or to n.e t3spaable injury ol mm, I now intreatthat all periods 011 Cimeiloue'llrfet, in tfie town of WILLIAM ROBERTS. - is May ntxt, it being in part pay toraborle tnat concerned ma biiiy forwa.d tl.eir business t the lot is fony Jcet fiont and (Jxtv six I bought td laid Perco antl lean prove thatl-f- ti mediately. feet back: the hbnle is twenty sour feet font DAVID ROSS, Administrator. Pierce didwlrraiit said ho(e rn me Inr a ornl '.' I Tjnd twenty-si- x feet back, built of square log, NOTICE sound well limbed boife, clcrrot any deficiency V Richmond, January S2, 1 796. one ftorvhigh. Also, a fiied fifteen feet wide and ITq all whtow it may concern- P. a. letters directed to m in Lexmcton wnatevei-- , sno 1 car prove tnaiiaiu none lsnqc twenty nx leet back, witft two good tire places founii, uur has not been for fonietime, this is uPouth - -- "rcfaid b.inel; (poltac paid it. Partcoib, Vd part (lore ...oods or other Wednel"H?V' the thcrefoie locution all persons Irum tradln , Or dul "Undca to h 1 Pr .pertv, ill be cakin in payment. To. tem.s tarmg ana -- E'lmentonUid nose, as tjam jAninty rcxt, is fair, is not tve ,;y tiJ THO I CARNiAL. fday, I (hall attend mvfelf, or y artornev, with to pay tiii faihe unlels, lsni appointed by the county couit of- Commifiitine-WTLLMM fOR SALS. ' called toruv J.mcs Sheibv, at the iQ'fN Jim E thoufoiLd acres of the late G- 3yj. TO iir -- OLD,, Oil AL1 Ki'iott s lettiement on the louth tide ot Ke 1 LiCK AMANA, nerl, Stephen's military furvev -, jtaeky five- 011 run that fulls ltitafi.d liver, for. tH- A VALUABLE young Nsto Woman, iv 'next'abovc the mo'utnof CeJar CiCikT tleie Iq of LANDS 011 Hickman, about ten ba- -t feveiiteeit years ot ftje, well acquayr of to tke tbe aejlofitions the vim-iC- 's of said periJetuale miles fiom Lexington, and adjoining May be 4: tliis Ofhce, by the grols., g'oea ted wiji htiule bafinels. Alio s. Boy of gooj tenfmonv calls etui"), and that pare on which Gene-i- l or fingl. Lawfou iimlitv, abojt tivelve years of age bot'i like- - do all fbth otKr fts is are authoiiled bylaw, now lrves. For terms apply to 'I Bla.U Jv and uder good chaier. Fon terms aoply for jjiie at We Ojfuk Hart and Corliehu- - Beatty of se JOHN COirBELL, Exor. W1LLIA"J ROSS, Gazette .aid town "who are einpov, efsj, t lif of the lalt will and teiament s5intor, HAS la'ln iff inuniflpittHliJJ 111 1. NOTICE. -- . 1 LAND, George n 1 them-lelics- of cr fuithe-in-Hulge- nc y' FOl'l. SALE, Lex-jnc- 1.11- Tlvit ?" f)pf tf Jll aeter-lnmrdn- ot coiapct-ledbvla- 1 J s l.ti i,N 11 ' J, miiTT, id ho-m- Ees;:. ifi't 1 Jii.:. il.vVi pofc of tl.f faue. as D.ets is tk Klntitih w. t'

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