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Image 3 of Progress report (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n.133

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

RESULTS QE THE KENTUCKY GRAIN SORGHUM PERFORMANCE TESTS - l9b3 , I J. F. Shane, H. R. Richards and Leo A. Link The objective of the Kentucky Grain Sorghum Performance Test is to provide an estimate of the relative performance of ~ grain sorghum hybrids and varieties. This report presents yield and other agronomic data ob- _ tained from grain sorghum plantings made at various locations in the state. The grain sorghum tests consisted of 18 hybrids and 7 varieties. Each hybrid or variety was planted in 2-row plots in each of 4 replications. when tests are grown near highly populated areas, which ' serve as roosting places for birds, they are more subject to attack by birds than they are in open fields. Field data for the test were not adjusted for the minor damage which did occur. The test at Franklin was not harvested because of excessive bird damage. The average bushel peracre yields for the tests were: Princeton, 98.4 and Lexington, 102.4. The average yield for the hybrids at all locations was 104.9 bushels per acre and that for the varieties 88.9 bushels per acre. The following tables present data for the 1963 annual - summary for the state and one- and threeyear summaries for Princeton and Lexington. ~ ii 4 (3)

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