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Image 2 of The Kentucke gazette, February 28, 1789

Part of The Kentucke gazette

ships of war riots sitting our at Copenhagen, and jufttea-d- y tor sea. It is, now, iatcordingtto these. a'ccountsi.paft all genial, ,that Denmark will finally join all her forces to aid the Ruffians,. .and .that, an important ruptme with Sweden is at The regency of too great distance. Hamburgh is preparing to comply with the demandbf the Daniih Government, which will be very soon fulfilled. COPENHAGEN hero was received 061. 4. INTELLIGENCE that the Morwei-gia- n army, under the command of the Prince of HefTe, has paded the Swe-dif- h frontier; that the Swedish officer at. the first port having retired, the Danes took pofieffion of Stromftadt on the 26'h of September; that the Swedes having afterwards received a reinforcement, were determined to makea (land againd the Danes, who had advanced about fifteen miles Into the countrv : and as these corps were .very near each Other, the news of an aftion is daily expeflcd. We also learn that another column of Dartith troops has penetrated near to Udevalla, a English handfbme. town, about fo-t- y rules, from Gottenbargh ' YedeVday the combined sleets confiding of three Ruffian first rates, foui Ruffian and three Danish (hips of the Jine,.tWo frigates, and two (lore- - ships, sailed Yrbm this' port for the Baltic, hUving about 2000 marines on board (f r . ' V above melnonedbythematcrilefs Jlrongejl and finejl veffel formerly address and manoeuvres of the renown- - known, has been J'everal times cut down, his- - andis now tdrMarfhal Lcjgdohn, to &HupKen up. -- She Imperial Majcfty had wisely given the thus lost nearly the of htr suns, - --r . . . -- x V. n uiiLuiinuuieu Louiuiuitu ui uii'anny iicr ports are broken m, her itores bait, that the conduft of this ancient vete captain thought nothing of, and but a ran, now 72 years old, during (this Jmall crew, Jbe having jtiffered much dreadful confM, which is repreiented fby defeition. i. to be oncbf the mod tragical that was The Algiers, and several otherpriva-teers- , ever recorded in the bloodied annals are sitting for Sea. of .mankind, manifeded the grcateft Remain several fbips as per lajl. r Won to man 'Defeat of the Oraid Ottomm 4rml om 'r-i-.- 1 -J' sit-onl- y ' wifdom'and the mod adonifhing brahe was mod very "and vigoiir---tha- t Nov. '15. gallantly supported by the Generals N E IV S. The Ship Constitution, the property Laccy and O'Donnel ffecond and third in command,) as well as by the Prince of' t hi United States, being now comand that, indeed, the pletely fitted for her voyage, is takfiig de Coburg The crew whole army, following the noole exin her complement of hands. ample of those heroes, performed prois ordered to conjijl of picked man from digies of valour- - that 14,000 gallant all the States and vis'hear same have' Ottomans were slain, many thousands been entered on the fbip s books, as in wounded, and 12,000 Janiilaries made the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut- - Several others are now, priloners- - - that the artillery, ammunidebating upon the best methods of election, implements of war, military trophies, &c. &c. which sell into the ting their quota and it is aid the meets with oppojitionfrom certain hands ofthe Imperialids weie immense frefti watet sailors - who pretending to in number and value- - that the overthrow of the Ottomans had been so be dijfatisfied with her workmanfbip, are complete that many politic ans were Jlrenuousfo.r having her overhauled beso sanguine in savor of the arms of fore sailing. Some of these are your cab-biwindow gentry, who without the the Emperor and Czarina, as to fug fjnallejl pretentions to feamanfbip are geft, that the speedy redu6lion of Belgrade, Berider, ChoaSim and Ocza- - pufb'ng for appointments on board. 1 lieje fellows pretend to great concern kow (the keys of the Ottoman Em pire.onjhe side of Eurqpe,) would be for the FREIGHT, which the people the probable. confenuence - and that mean to risk on the voiaze -- but it s eyen Condantinople, the ancient Byhoped that they will be dijappointid in zantium, and captal of the Ottoman their schemes oprocradination - as the owners are fuUyfatisfied tlntj'uccefs de. empire, would, ejajong, be triumph antly" entered "by the combined armies sends as much Upon her Jailing ingood season, as in the qualifications of the of the two Imperial Christian BOSTON, SHIP. LONDON, obdi-iiatel- ar-rn- v. 'Swedes. Letters weie yederday'arrived in s the city from Mr. Fenwick, his -- Conlul at Elfineur, Which date, that 6000 Dmifh auxiliary troops, on their march to Udevalla, from had fallen in with 6oo Swedes, Who, disputing their paflTagej a fk.imifh ensued, when ten Swedes were Hilled, and the remainder taken prisoners. OcV. 16th By a gentleman who arrived orrSunday from Paris, and whose rank and connexions make him acquainted with the intrigues of the French Cibihet. We are informed that the French king dislikes , as our Monarch does Charles Fox. The dates, he adds, may impeach the Archbishop, but Louis will never 'ratify their sentence. Others again, com.iare the fituatt-o- f their, king and the late miniders, to our first Charles, and his unfortunate Staffers, They hefftate . not to .affirm; that the Archbishop, will Be condemned to death, and that the king, 'like; Charles, will be compelled to execution I Some go further4; tas English politics and English hidory tare much read, they say is is by' no :.means improbable, that the Grand Monarch's end may be like that df .the English Monarrh ; confequcntly rfor the good of the people. 'Calonne is in royal savor; and it is .not at all unlikely that he may be foort'reftored, asNeckar, the king and kcourt , think has too much of the republican leaven in hij composition, for the iMinidcr of an abfolutu . fove-Meig- n. . V B A ;L T I M- -0 R E Dec. 2(5. !, A genilemarr jud arrived in" town from New York, further advises, that the Grand Ottoman A'rmyJ command-"e- d by the grand Viziervin per Ton, z warrior judly .celebjated for his great (rt, enterpnze and intrepidity, Was and fatal ac. diawn into ftib-Icrib- er Twen- about tieth of September lait, ax y "mare, about thir-4- " teen handstand a iialf.. ,lugh, three years old, a natural trotter, her mane hangs to the right' side. Likewise strayed, some time in December a. Iron-Gra- small red " roan" horse, nine" years old, about thirteen halicl and a half high, low carri-age- d, and a natural pacer ; Whoever takes up' said creatures and deliver them fhail receive for the marc- - three, dollars, and for the horse two Jto-rme- ROBERT TODD, . 2J3o paid by 23 I.78O. FIVE POUND. REWARD n- s. crew. of the EASTERN STATES, paper, of the 12th ind. advises, that "the Exportation of Rum which has always been dijiinguifiedfor and Spirits from the British West Inits nautical abilities - and iboundingin dia Islands to the United Stales of able seamen dnrf which is very hearNorth America, is prohibited by a ty in projccutiiig the voyage, having as inucli,or more than any other State dlate Order ofthe British Government; and that a vcfTel that was loaded with ependinghas been greatly thwarted in her attempts to turn out her proportiRum about the latter end of Septemon of Jailors. But the embarrafiments was ber lad, bound to New-Yorare nearly Jurmounted, and as this to 'eland it " A New-Yor- k SHtP NEm EXTRAORDINART Europe Ailg. 8, :i 788. ' A fmirt breeze from the North, and North Eajl, likely to be hard blowing , weather. The Swedes, forte time since laid up in ordinary, has been commijfioned, fie has been neiv rigged, has received on board her guns, ammunition and liores. and sailed on a cruize. She lias ana-bl- e -- ' Maje-fty'- the fs Sove-reign- Oct. 14. r Advice is this inft received ofa'ge-Tica- l and bloody engagement between the Imperialids and the grand Vizier's n'rmy. The conflict was dreadful y ihe palm of viftory was very contended for, and rhc event was long doubtful : it terminated, however, in the defeat of he Ottoman The Emperor was thrj whole 'time in the hotted part of the battle, had two horses shot under him, he received a wound in thefhoulder, but It is not thought to be dangerous. It is probably this decisive engagement will put a peridd ro the campaign. The carnage was uncommonly great on both sides; the number of Turks killed and wounded is prodigious. Skirmifb between the Vanes and A CTrayed awajfroni the commander- - and spirited irew. may be confideiedasl,theJlrug-gte- s of an expiring faction" oMuke-warfederalids and leekers.Jt is not Jo much to be wondeted at. The CAPTAIN who is already elecl-e- d in the rejolution of every well wifB-e- r to the voyage, pojfejes Juch profef fional talents as gunner Providence) will render all insurance unnecejfary ; especially, as to his abilities the owners ar determined to add as Chief Mate, thoje of another experienced navigator who when commanding the PEACE, ' a FIRST RATE SHIP, piloted her with ski'l ami address, though objlacles infunttountable to common minds into a Jafe and Jecure harbour. The crew in general, from the Jpeci-men- s in thoje alteady entered, there is every reajon to Juppoje, will confifi of a compleat set of 'launch and federal Tom Bowlines Maiine List. "the Emperor and Empress, two large heavy vejjels, have for same time been sailing in company. Roth veffels are The in a very indifferent", condition. Emperor is a remirkable dull Jailor. The Royil Dane, a good fbip fie is but a now laid up in ordinaryis daily expected for hn. The Grand Manarque, a large fbip, but not sit for jea being in very bad She mujl undergo a thorough condition. repair, is not condemned; her timbers ' very bad, and several planks (larted ores be has on board damawhat sew ft encLisii ANECDOTE Her present crew very mutinous, ged. and it is likely fie must have a new HOLDERNESS had a commander, is unanimity with men" and Jeat in Torkfiiri to dijpoje officers is expc&ed. of. which Sir Lawrence Dttndas had a The even United States is in dock mind to lurchafe- - the latter according- repairing, having received Jome damage ly Jet out for the Jpot and arrived there in a late Jionn by running soul of the about two hours before dir.ner ;t!ie bitGrand Munarque ; fbe is however in Jmejs being announced, the price asked will-givgreat forwardness, and will be a (bip oj was eighty thoujand pounds: ' geat service. you Jeventy (Jays Sir Lawrence) at The Prujfta is in compleat repair, a word " -- "No, I fiall jujl want the has on board all her 'flares, with an exJum I asked to pay off certain incumbranperienced crew and able commander. ces; but since you. offer Jo Jair, make The Britania has been Jome time in them guineas, and the place is yours, dock; ani is again sit to put to Jea; fie Jurnnure, wines, sc and is you wilt is a sine old fbip, and has very sound (added Lord Holderrrefs, with a Jmile) timbers. Stores of all kinds are laying the dinner that isnow dreffing." 'With up for her, and fbe will be ready far1jea all my heart," says Sir Lawrence. A atsthe (borteft .notice. Her commandminute of bargain was injlantly drawii ers and officers are highly Jpoken of for and ligned ; when dinner being annountheir abilities; a sew mutinous dogs ced jufl at that time, Lord Holdernejs have been wholly dijeharged.Good handed Sir Lawrence to the top of the men find good employ. table as majier of the houje, whilst he The Turk is at Jea with a numt became his guefi ; and i,t tlte evening Jrous crew. She is an old vejfel, and has aster he had given directions to his eon mucltjerviie, and Ins lateh recti- servants to pack up his deaths, Retook his leave, as is he had been only paying the Emprejs. an ordinary visit. The America, d farge hip, Has ON K. CHARLES II.' By Lord lately lojl her Captain in a mutiny. No' captain hasnbien appointed in hisfiead, ERE lies our lov reign loratna the crev remain in mutiny, and the vej-king, felis going to wreck, her gun 's are thrown Whose ;word no man relies on. overboard, andtall her Jlotes- damaged. Who never faiu afoolilh tning Pope,- commander, Tiit St.- Peter, Nor ever did a wise one.- y . - sea-me- n. LORD "I j - -- - lest EDvvards M'Dole 10th on the inft. (February) with a horse which he Hole (viz) a bright bay, rifing.four years, old, Sj fret high, branded on the near1, shoulder thus B a star - in his sorehead, and a snip, on! the off nostril, and both hjnd feet white. The said M'Dole supposed to be eight and twenty years of of age, about five feet nine or ten inches high black hair, middling full eyed, and a wen or large mole at the corner of one eye ; whoever apprehends the said thief and horse, and secures them so that the owner may get his horse again, shall receive the above reward ; of is the thief be committed to jail, and the horse deliver-t- o the care of Mr. Morgan Bryan of' of Fayette Qjun?y or Mr. Andrew Layer of Lin- -, county, shall receive the re- . ward. JOHN BOP EN. (28);. SAPPHO. Fragment V.j On the ROSE. TFOULD W Jove appoint some to reign ' - flw'n In matchless beauty on the plain, Rose (mankind would all agree) Rose the queen of slow' rsfiould be: pride of plants, the grace of bow'rs, blufb of meads, the eye of flow'rs; Its beauties charm the Gods above ; Its fragrance is the breath of love ; ' Its foliage wantons in the air ' Luxuriant, like the slowing hair; It fiines in blooming Jplendor gay, While zephyrs on his bojom play. The The The The ANECDOTE. season of Bath, INin the spring1761), fubferipti-o- n the year books were opened lor1 prayers at the Abby, and for, gaming at the rooms, at thej close of the first day the number of fubfertbers fbr prayers were twelvejnd for gaming: sixty feyen; which circumftiince' occasioned the following; lines. ' The church and roorrfs dieother day V Opened their books for pray er and play, f Theprieftgot twelve. Hoyle sixty leven, " How' great the od-'- s for hell ; 'gainfttieaven n !"

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