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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, February 28, 1789

Part of The Kentucke gazette

t XXVII jNw T EN K LEXINGTON: Printed JOHN BRADFORD at by received, and EPHEMERIS ' FOR MARC It, Afr Printing 1789-Cakulat- ed for the Meridian of A D. ' H. M. 4th,. at 2 31 Morn nth, at 853 Mrn n 18 Aster 1 8th, at 25-h- 1 3tu 4lw 5"th Oir Aster 4 Lent. 37 38 30 4S-40 J"P-f-l- 42 Ember week. 43 ic 5 44 Syr. rise- - 7. 21 5 45 6 2d S. in Lent. d 14 5 45 Venus rise 5. 23. 5 125 48 11. 23. 6 11 5 49, Jet 7 5 10 5 5 Svr. set 12. 26. 5 915 5 7- - 3- -? . 8? S2, 6 7 5 53 3d S- in Lent. 5 55'' 6 6 4 5 55 St. Patrick." 2 ' 58; 6 7 sfet 11. i 111 23 8D win lotu 11 th 2 X3fl 14" lias T Hereby give notice, that the law, eftablifhi'n'g a Town at jhemouth of Luncftone, will probably be altered And do forbid the Trustees", hereby from acting under the former law, and further forewarn all psrfons from purchasing John May's land, under the Efcrip-ttd- n of John May's and Simon' Kenton's, as John Ivfr, , and1 ' Simon' Kenton have no such' land, and of com sc, whatever is done under the foimer mil' be conffciered ;i ' JOHN M'AYjis)' Jan. 1th, 78V ftridt, with a pretended bond, from one Rodham K'nnor Caroline County agamft me fortwenty Pounds, which bpnd I do deny, nor do I owe said Kennor one farthing, as 1 have receipt againll said Kennor for all dealings ever was between s us this is to forewarn all takfrom trading for, or ing an aflignment on said bond, as I will not pay any part of the fam. HENRY CRUTCHER. i7ti 6 225 6 2! 6 2C5 5 6 6 17 5 1 i8w iptl, 20 fi 5 22 D 23 m 24 tu 25 w 26ltn 27 fr 28 i'a 20 D 3c m 31 tuj 5 55. 5 1! 5 21 f" c 5 - Eq. Day & N. 5t'S 2 57 5 $(. 6 41 4th Lent. Luna near Satur ? Syrittsfet u..25'i ', Venus rise A. 15- sth Lent. 6 ; 7 8 5 o ' 3 15 1 4;6 The fubfcrjber has juiT received a large and cereal Afibrtment of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES with a quantity of Nails of different sizes, of his own manufacturing ; all which he is determined to sell on as model a'c terms ' as poffibie, for Cafli, Indian Cotn, Tobacco, Butter, Tallow, and Hogs lard. JOHN DUNCAN. XJf whom may be had A collection of Iiooks, in Divinity, LaW and Phytic; several entertaining Hiflories-- - feme Engliflfi and Latin School" Books ; a variety of Boofca fOrtheinftruflion and entertainment of Children;- - Ameiican Magazines' and -- also Mufcrms of the latefl; dates; Parchment,Deed, and Letter Paper, Seating Wax, Wafers, also Andei soil's Scd"! pills. Any of the above described' Country Produce will be received at Oeneial Scott's, where a Receipt will begiven that will qualify the bearer Cd receive Goods in Lexingtoin Lexington, Dec. 25, 1788. v ' T1PPOO SAIB TEN DOLLARS REWARD. FINE dapple bay, eight years old this spring, five sec two inches high, was got famous imby Mr ported running horse Lath, out of col. Made's old m,re, the dam of the noted horses, Pilgrim, Celer, Clodius, and A Buckfljin ; stands this season at the fu'bfcriber'f, in Fayette county, near the , mouth of Hickman, will cover mares at fifty hidings the season, or fifteen the leap : the money for the fettlJin' may be discharged by the payment of forty (hillings in bee, cattle, or joung cattle u .en-at the jnars mouth of Hicic vercd at the man or aC t he fubferiber's on or before tlie nrit day of Odober nest ; .or by the to forty fhi.'ligs pork, hemp, or butter, bacco, at the market price, rC tJiver ed at the mouth of, f on or before the firit day December next ; or by ti':e payment of thirty fliillings cafii at the end of the season; the rr.oney for the leap, mtiii be paid in hand. fealon will commence the first of April, and end the f?rft ofAu-gul- l. good pallurage will be procuVed for mares that are lent from a diftanee, and particular attention will be paid lbem, bur wjU , not be for thefts, escapes, or accidents,, any person sending, b.e allowed five mates, fliall fifth gratis, and any per-sothe may have desiring it, mares fed upon reafoii-ab- le their of QTOLEN out of the fobTcri1 bers Stable, on the night of the fourteenth inft. a bright bay horse with a good deal of white in his face, about seven years old, about fourteen and a" half hands high ; he has one or two white feet, but may be certainly known by a remarkable knot on his lest sore the Pattern joint ; he is ihod before, well made and tolerable likely. Any person who will give such intelligence that will enable me to procure the horie, ihall be amply rewarded and the above reward for di,co mi and apprrhen-ding the thief bv LEVI TODD. leg-ne- 1 Fayette, Feb. it! 1 789- - A sorrel horse the property of. Thomas M.irfhali Elq. was taken at the same time out of he same stable. AP R? AMA TION jSy his Excellency Arthur St Clair Go and commander in chief of the .territory of the United Stafs North Pie ft. 'fl of the Ohio, and cmmiffioner jiip'o.'cntiary for removing all causes of between the lid' 'is in the Mirw.'-rfv department, and the United ' ft, riiier prerents To'aU "crl "c"' to whom these (hall come G a 1 reatv was conc1"-xi'-HFREdedatsot: Hauhar, on the oth day year, with January in the Pfem 'PP Wyandot, Da aw3re' the and Sac Natu 1 Ottawa, Pcotowatu e United States, ons of Indians, and L has been ns whereby peace adfridfl'P confirme.l between the renewed and United States", and the before Indian nation- s.Uni.'cd terms. zens and Subfefts of the S. JOHNSON, required to takO noucv of are hereby ery Feb. 15 I7S9 . the tame, and to a attain fro aa of hofttliiy, injury, or to the said nations, and every individual of (he raid nations;- - asthey lliall A'fND for Sale b John Khea the contrary at their .peril. Given under my hand and leal Seou's Ware-Hoiileat hisStcre at at Marietta in the' County of WafTt the Kentucky, a very inton, and tenuoiy of the Unjted r Ooocts general Scates, North West of the Ohio,- this,, Hard Ware and groceries for asnd day of January 1 7'-(ttgncd) which cafli, Tobacco, fiinfarfg, Racoon.1-,- , All. ST CLAIR. (I s.) 12. Beav-er-, S men-tionc- ar;-fw- er -- RFPLF.V-an- on - MAY EE HAD AT THIS OFFICE d connnr.T PODS. APPRF.NTi. CE'S 1.NJJI N 1 ORES. &c. c;c. S:c Furrs, Wild a'.is will b"c uiktn andotti-tkln- s n paj iv.-- d V1"' JUST OPENED ' taken lots of the land belonging, to the Tranfylv3nia Semjfhary and who have not got their pleafeto send the names dfthofe persons whose lives are to be the term of their Leaf-est- o Col. William Ward, irt ime for him to make out the: aid leases before March Court,, when they will- - alio attend to have them executed. WAli'D W. Lea-fesw- ' ilf R. JOHNSON ) Agtr&t w R. TODD J Jan. 15, 1789 n r. GOD five the United States. Sept. 22. Thougji M. "Necker has in fora . sort tried to quiet the popular al arm" the people cannot be ap'pcafed till thejf are satisfied - nor satisfied, till 'tfiey are sure they will be paid. ; At ,yons, fcarccly ,a loom is longer going- - Almost a general bsnkv ruptcy of the ciy fs to be fejredk One of thefiift trading houses theie,-ivi- th a capital in circulation of abo;e, ioojoool. ftei ling now cannot ratfi? money1 enough to go on ! Geneva is yet worie the Gene-ve- fe traders are well known to be 'hef general bankers of the Swiss ; and in the French funds aie deposited all the money - accumulations of Geneva.' There is fcarceiy any property in that country no: crippled by. this difatter. -- Some of the most affluent people are thus reduced to ruin. The Dutch ae but' as. little, lofcrs as the Engl'ifr ; yet that they as well as they are, they peihaps inevitably, add to the present pecuniary diftieffes of for, individually and called;-ively- , they lefufe all pecuniary tranf-aftio- n with the French, all acceptance of French paper cicdit, is credit it can be called- - all participation i but for ready money, in the commeice of France! Sep. 3 The latett advices from Holland arefullof the hoftileprepafations carrying forward in the frontier provinces, which makes the certainty of an approaching war generally apprehended ; and that the sinews of war may ncc be wanting, the advices add, that a tax of sour per cent, was forthwith to be levied upon all personal proper--t- y within the Seven Piovincesjanin-teret- t, however, of two per cent, tp be allowed the proprietors; so that this tax, in this boatted free State may be considered as a compulsory loan We are sorry so rind, that the triple alliance entered into between England, Puflla,-- and Holland, is" likely to produce other alliances of a more extensive and formidable natnre. The moment the cabinets of France and Spain discovered that England and Pruflia were on the point of signing the treaty cf alliance recently concluded between the two latter Courts, the Quadruple Confederacy, which wai on the tanisfomc months ago, was revived by Monsieur de Montmorin and Count dc Blanca ; and, by the Trrfir mail, we are affurcd, that the news flf ihe final completion of this darigor-oo- s' important mealure is daily expeft-e- d at Versailles fiom Peteifburg. and Copenhagen. , Oft. 2 Yeflcrday'mirnmg advice's wrri received frbm Hamburgh, thatthe regency of that cityvhad received pub. lie notice from the court of Denmark" to provide, with all poffibie expeditf. on, its tiuota of two ttip'ufaH foam the-Frenc- ble THE FOLLOWING V'Z. DEEDS, SUBPOENAS, . 1 Court-IIoufe- .- BLANKS ll and-Void- A LL tfjofe who have LONDON, pay-ment- NEW STORE Just opposite the nsw law-vv.i- 1 mt 9 1 4M i2 A', J 3. 54 6 5? 5 5 52 5 '56 5 Z,ua near up. o1 j sc 1 5 7- 15! 16" 278. Di- - Feb. 12, 1789. 1t11.11.uu.f 16 0" 7 1 1 Dya Rem. La ift S. I 2111 ar . &c. for this paper, art thankfully afr, -- Where in its different branches per-son- . Subfcripiions, Advertifemcnis dons withCare and Expedition; FEBRUARY Y " First Quarter Full Moon Lalt Quarter New Moon TTE G Office in Jl&fii Strut, certain Mr. A lately appearedSamuel, in the An ' II D T" U A S 2 E H UC VOL E H

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