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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 15, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

PSymBRtS Dl ViflBf! We Wish To Apologize strictly for cashP we will cheerfully divide the price into 30, 60 and 90 day payments. mmmm. s mm. .m-mwmmt- Steel Sanitary Coach; makes full size bed when open: coil springs. Globe Price $3.50 Central Price. . . 500 yards of China and Japan Matting: while it lasts Ciobr Price .'50c: Central Price lias 15c $1.89 Fumed Oak Dining-rooSuit : six chairs, round pedestal extension table, china closet and m Solid Oak, Cane or UobOIer-- l I I I l,:m;st,r-bac- t DON T FAIL TO SEE OUR I Diner: vcryl k rQr OVCI Globe Price $1.00; Central Price PRICES RIDICULOUSLY LOW. I t ' , - " 5 Davenport, oak frame, chase leather upholstering'. Globe Price 12."0: Central Price Solid Oak Davenport, imperial leather, cushions, irood soring box for bedding1. Globe Price $30.06: eniral I'rice $7.95 ser-nenUn- $14.90 ' Golden Oak Sideboard: drawers are serpentine swell: has carved columns and pattern plate mirror. Globe Price $14.50. ifi PA Extra Special A Beautiful Princess Dresser: wood knobs, terpentine swell; has over pattern plate mirror: 4IO O VO ('.lobe Price $16.50: Central Price Solid Quarter-saweGolden Oak Sideboard: serpent ine swell front: oval shape mirror: one of our $9.90 Gold- Quarter-Sawe- d en Oak Another Colonial Style American Quartered Oak Princess Dresser: has large drawer and three raised drawers on either side: ova French Plate mirror (J lobe Price $25.00; Central Price Beautiful Colonial Style American Ouartered Princess Dresser: has one large drawer and two small drawers: raised on either side: extra large pattern plate mirror. Globe Price $27.."ii. Central 'rice $13.95 $16.90 4V.iU Central Price d best bargains. Globe I'rice 20.00. Central Price $13.50 Quarter-saweOak Sideboard: fu swell front: crossbar vaneered columns: French plate mirror: one drawer is lined for silver. Globe Price $2:5 50. Hand-polishe- d $14.25 Central Price Another Snap for the First to Come Very Massive Golden Quarter-saweOak Sideboard: handsomely carved: has large lSxlO-incFrench plate mirror: cross-baveneered columns. Globe Price $50.00. Central Price d h r $29.50 U G Hardwood Extension Table: has live braced legs: six feet in length. rt y Globe Price $5.00. -- 4O.T" Oak American Quarter-saweTable: live round, braced legs. Globe Price $7.50. Central Price 9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rugs: be; lutiful Hour and Nriental patterns. Globe Price (12.50 I Large Solid Oak. Extension Table, has heavy $12.45 $15.95 98c $1.33 27x50 Velvet Rugs: Globe Price $1.50. Central Price 27x50 Axminster Rugs. Globe Price $2.50 Centra 'rice I Extension ot any, handsome grade chase leather. Round Pedestal and is one of Q PV.YU Central Price 45-inc- h d Cook Stoves a. n $ V.5 Four-hol- e OaK Round Pedestal top: heavy claw feet. P ') Ex- QE $ .V5 Globe Price $18.50; Central I'rice, I Three-piec- e Mahogany Veneered Suit-haheavy claw feet: imperial leatherParlor upholster- - s Globe price $33.00: Central price $22.50 $7.99 Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet: has china compartment, sugar bin. teafrosted glass closet, and cup rack on top: Hour bin. and coffee cupboard drawer and biscuit board in base Globe Price $15.00. ,r $10.75 Centra! Price Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet: has china cabinet, sifter. Hour bin in top. frosted alas two drawers and biscuit board indouble base Globe Price $18.50. Cook Stove: has good-sizana is a good baker: set no free Globe Price $13.50. Central Price Large-siz- e Four-hol- e Cook Stove large oven; full nickeled: sits on v separate base guaranteco to bake: set up free. Olobe Price $16.50. Central I'rice oen e Suit: imitation mahogdesign, finished in good Central Price 18-in- e cup-boar- d $8.90 $13.35 Central Price Solid Oal: Kitchen Cabinet: frosted glass cabinet Dutch effect; four spice drawers and china three $11.80 Globe Price $2000. Central Price . .$ 1 4.75 Iron Beds Early English China Closets, Dutch glass eftect. Globe Price $11.50. a Central Price Solid Oak China Closet, has pattern plate mirror top: adjustable shelves: bent glass ends. Globe Price $13.50 An Central Price Genuine Quartered-saweOak: has mirrow top, claw feet, adjustable shelves, bent glass ends and door: only a few left. Globe price $15.00 dj Central Price 3 I U. VU Solid Quartered-saweOak China Closet: pattern plate mirror top, Adjustable shelves, claw feet: a bargain for the woman that knows. . - as Globe price $18.50 Central Price I Early English China Closet: dutch glass effect at top, has glass doors, ends and adjustable shelves. Globe Price $19.50 djy Central Price 4 I d,JL& (n $.4) Wh i Green V.VO t e or Ennam-ele- d Full-siz- e Iron Red: d Glohe Price $15.00. Genuine Quarter-sawetension Table: Globe Price $18.00 Central Price Six-fo- claw-fee- t, our best bargains. $8.95 Central Price !.12 Velvet Rugs: in many atti active patterns: these are very serviceable rugs. Globe Price $20.00. Central Price 9x12 Axminsii r Rus: latest Hoi and Oriental patterns: the best that are on the rket. Globe Price J26.50. Central Price t $r Six-ca- p Parlor Suits Parlor Solid Oak kitchen cabinet; large door, china cabinet and three cutlery double Hass drawers in top, biscuit board, .lour bia and three large drawers, or cupboard in base Globe Price $18.50. China Closets Extension Tables Central Price t p Small-siz- $1195 Kitchen Cabinets Range: sits on base: has large square oven: full nickel trimmed: has balanced steel wanning closet: guaranteed to iVe satisfaction: pipe and set-ufree. Clone Price $29.50. 1 rr Central Price Blue Steel Range. square oven: side fire pouch, steel warming closet: full nickel trimmed: guaranteed to bake: set up free . Globe Price $28.00. Central Price I d R I Three-niec- e Ranges Heavy-cas- Six-ca- Central Price V here. Sideboards. extra heavy steel springs. $49.00 Central Price. Leather Turkish Globe Price $22.50: i article and have placed our sale price underneath. Genuine Mahogany Princess Dresser: foil swell from: has large French plate mirror: worth look- in- - at. Globe Price $30.00. Central I'rice 1 - Genuine Rocker.; diamond tufted back, bullet. Globe Price $80. Both prices are in plain figures and i I' you find us busy, for these prices are sure to you can wait on yourself bring a crowd. We challenge any concern in the country to make prices as low as these on bousefurnishings of equal quality. It is not necessary to take our word for it visit the other stores, note their prices, and pay particular attention to the qualties then come here and we know vou will buy on each Princess Dressers -- v I HAVE bought the at must close it II fE out quickly, as the entire Globe Furniture Co. stock haveout own price and original price landlord wants his building. We left the Globe's nl urn at ic ( ""'-Jtef- i Davenports A :MTWMBSW3Km WWMBPlMliBIB trnmD IVrA tha waited on at our store yesterday, and we will assure them that we will double the force today and all their wants will be attended to. light weight but a bargain at the price. ". P.lnlio v.- -; yilbC at fl.H, Central Price d V5C Medium weight Green Iron P.ed: has brass vases and heavy angle rail Globe Price $3.00 Full-siz- $ Z.4U e, $1.95 Central Price Full-siz- e Strong ron Beds, enameled in white and heavy angle ran' r rreen- heavv brass Globe Price $4.5o. Central Price White Green, or Rl IIP lvnamoln1 .1 a. null DCIIS; IUIl , li c!70. ' trimn,d ""h brass rods Vases and Globe Price $5.75. Central Price Continuous Post Vernis Martin Iron Bed- has heavv angle rail and is full Globe Pric(?$8.50. Central Price - $2.75 T These are only a few of the many bargains we have here. $2.95 It is impossible to list them all in this space. - Come and Look Them Over. CENTRAL FU 54.05 URE COMPANY Incorporated. 613615617 WEST MARKET ST. The Globe Furniture Co., Location . BUECHEL THE JEFFERSONIAN ' JEFFERS0NT0WN, KY. Telephone Exchanges Connected. The trunk line connecting the and Citizens exchanges of the Cumberland Telephone Company has been completed. Subscribers in either exchange are given free service with the other regardless of whether or not they have city service. will be charged 10c for each call. Everybody will be limited to a talk. The change will be of great benefit to residents of this part of the county, as they may now talk to parties all along the Bardstown pike in the vicinity of Ashville and Fern Creek. Jeff-ersonto- rs five-minu- Feb. Little Vernice Frey is on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. John Hart were the guests at dinner Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hart. Mrs. M. Mauer, who has been critically ill, is leported much improved. Miss Gertrude Hikes entertained Thursday evening Misses Elizabeth and Horothy Skiles, Messrs. Russell May hall, Nicholas White and Harry Batts. Miss Lillie T. Weedon, who has been ill of tonsilitis, is out again. Mrs. Wm. Burwinkle, Jr., pave a theatre party to a bevy of young ladies at the Masonic just recently, among whom were a number of Bue-chgirls. A number of Valentine parties will 13 Thursday, February 15, 1912. te given in Buechel this week, among Risinger. Guy F. Mills and Otho Per which will be one giyen by Miss Mary kins. Prof. W. H. Bartholomew addressed the meeting. Saam and another by Miss Nettie Mrs. George Hartman, who is very Diemer. ill at present' is threatened with Elizabeth pneumonia. MisBes Dorothy and Skiles spent Thursday night and FriG. Kellar Hikes is contemplating day with ,Mrs. H. C. and Miss Ger- building another house in Buechel. Hikes. trude Mrs. Conrad Kaiser, Sr., isconfined An oyster supper and Martha Washington tea will be given at the to her home with rheumatism. Dr. Nicholson Hotel in Fern Creek on Forest Gabbert is attending her. Mrs. .las. McCullough, Sr., spent Feb. 22, from six till ten o'clock by members of the Improvement Monday in Lousiyille. the Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown visited League of Fern Creek school. All in the city Saturday. are invited to attend. Those from near here who attendTUCKER. ed the teachers' meeting Saturday at the court house were Misses Doro thy Skiles, Blanche Thomas, Ethel Feb. 12. Mr. George Sigel and wife Mills, Elizabeth Skiles, Mvrtle Johnson, Levada Bogard,Mrs. L.J. Stivers, have returned after a pleasant visit Mrs. Fred Johnson, Messrs. Edw. J. to relatives in Shelbyville. Mrs. Thomas Yann spent last week Fegenbush, M. F. Johnson, F. J. be el Between Sixth and Seventh. i with Mrs Gurle Potts at St. Mat- thews Mrs. Ed. Warford, of Louisville, spent several days last week with her son, Everett Warlord, and family. EMMr"aiM,r5,.EGoose visitad Reel Thursday. Mr. Will Tucker and children Virgel and Reba, dined with Mrs. Lee Reel Friday. Miss Peachie Ryan is visiting relatives near St. Matthews this week. MJ T; A. Jones, who has been quite sick, is very much improved. Mrs. S. S. Coe and babv, Glady's, spent Tuesday with Mrs. N. C. Roof. Miss Sallie Jones has returned after a pleasant vi y 111 " Indianapolis. Mr. Will Tucker and family were Puests of Mr. nnH ....... r.n,,ia yL ...... Wrc last Wednesday. - - HEADY ROAD. Feb. . 12. Mr. nnr c. ,: .wue nave returned h oiyei ami week's visit to the latter s sister near Shelbwille. After a pleasant visit with relatives ana friends Mr. Thomas Gilli-lanhas returned to Arkansas, where he is employed as manager of a large cotton farm. We wish him d well as he is a fine young man. Miss Mary Landrum spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Amanda Raleigh. Miss Mary Motherhead a pleasaut visit with her aunt.bad Mrs. Fannie Stout, Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. Harry Hall, of Louisville, was the guest of his aunt, Mrs. Fannie Stout, Saturday night and Sunday. Subscribe for the JeJCsrsonlaa,

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