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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 15, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

JEFFER80 DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, February, Vol. 5. No. 34 latter rain and the boys cultivate it right you may expect a yood crop. II you want big ears use either John- CORN CLUBS White or White or tin' seed the commissioner of agriculture will furnish and the name of it ought to be with it. The Botts Prolific so far is in the lead for yield, with 228 bushels from an acre in ISM. This about all there is oj Interest to say on boy 's corn dubs, but (his paper must not close without speaking of two Kentucky men and what they did in the dry year of 1911. A Southern farm journal offered a first prize of a manure spreader, a second pri.e of a wagon and third of a cultivator, to the largest yields from an acre of corn raided by its subscribers and Mr. Cbas. EL Ross, of kin county. Ky., won the manure spreader with a yield of 144 bushels from an acre: W, M. Butson, of Carlisle county. Ky., won the wagon with a yield of 127.23 bushels from an acre. In January ot every year there is a corn show held at Lexington. Ky. son County Great Help To Boys of the Country. Mr. Horace W. Moremen EXTENSION Line Desired. Valuable Information and Suggestions. Stivers is doing a great public service ami our that will cost him Mr. Mime effort and some money, n" in can organize and carry to a successful issue a boys' corn clob in Jeffer-so- n under the auspices of the Kentucky county and it will he a uirls' corn Com Growers Association and this that show Whether tie succeeds or year there were mines in clubs of the club, also. corn the trial for boys of the bors Louisville Comfoils he deserves credit for by State offered andthe s and l hope the boys, girls and others of more than mercial inb with him. so 6150 ami there were not enough boys will any of that Kentucky may take a leading entered the contrst to getthat and money and am sure place among the states as far as bovs thai be offered during the show and girls corn clobs are concerned more will the bovs most writeto Mr. nf 1913 and ami Jefferson count will lead in Ft. Ilryant, or, nr. ueorgc ivooi-nKentucky. wei the instruction m eessarv io In MOM a boy named Balk, near j enter this contest " nother tningm Raleigh, North Carolina, raised 235 club article is t hat Miss In Iftlfl a boys' corn bushels of corn per acre. Uoweta Havn'e, of Raymond, ....,,,;.,, - .1,,. boy nameil Moore raised 228 bushels Ll" neore in. with a from an acre in South Carolina. In corn rrnwer Ol I n.u ron, an acre at a sippi. vi Id ot lull lie nme meson, o; . pe. cents ol ot I"'- cetus iveniocKj made IX bushels at a cost of $00 hi i,,. and Ken Leah, of Georgia, ocr bushel. premiums to its boys in in premiums made 214.0 bushels at a cost of I42.t ti. were over 00.000 in iM .L Unite r- -s cents per bushel: Eber A. Kimbrougn. distributed amongst mein ""' Southern st ates Alabama. 224J bushe ai a cost of of the ..n ,.r i ,m not irer a . I9J cents per bushel: Barnie Thomas, i conrsi t Washington, but ' made 225 everv ,lf them learned nough to another Mississippi bo . ... .,r ami John Bo wen. of DdV .uL rui .vi rhp pivort and this is . bushels at ach Mississippi, 221 at W Cents per bushel: t he i;i II iioini--1Child labor to work :i- - h,Carl Duncan, Kentucky, 71 bushels no araci iced- may be difastrious and. not at 1X1 cents per bushel; Howard doubt is. but a boy or girl who is busneis at 21 liurge. Kentucky. to work and to advantage is Kentucky cents per bushel. pitied. The old savjg is a t() will have to do some thing if they true saying. "No excellence w ithout race.) Edward Doyle, labor" We need Christian and lead in fhe Illinois, made - bushels at 12 cents education. Teach the chikl-reper bushel. not only the three R's. but what Twenty of the 60.000 bovs in boy s' to do and how to do it and to . love corn clubs last year goi a trip to God supremely and their neighbors Washington City. The received is themselves, will in the coming diplomas at the hands of the Secre- vears cure the ills of Big Business tary of Agriculture, called on tne and little business and hasten the President and were summoned before time when the sword shall be beaten the Committee on Agriculture of the into a plowshare and the spear into House of Representatives aim Ban a pruning hook and every one shall the sights of the National Capital, eujov the shade ol his own vine and and the whole 80,008 of them know much more about how to raise corn hone the farmers of Jefferson than they would have known if they county", as a starter to thisgoo.l time, had not entered the boys" corn clubs will give their bovs and. girls an a re Of their counties under the leaderio their best V an opportunity towith Mr. Stivers ship of thei r county school commis- on it and sioner and learned and followed the in retting UP the best display from county possible. rules sent out by the Department of Agriculture and the various states. .Jefferson Very t ruly yours. boys belonging RORACB W. MORKMKN. There were forty-fiv- e to the boys corn clubs ot Georgia Oakland, Oran ge County. Florida. that made over loo bushels of corn per acre, or from an acre, and the Swell Dance. average these boys made was 123.9 Feb. 12- .- A swell dance was .'S4 iiontt. busheis from an acre at a cost of and Mrs. Krbie Sewell. by cents per bushe! and an average net given 10, Mr. honor of Misses Anna in l eb 90.64. profit per acre of present were Misses Mr. Stivers ought to have a good Uelhaus. Those Delia Welch, Lucy Kisinger. number of the boys of Jefferson Ella and c.ertrude Potts. county on his list and the boys ought doody, Brfnley, Alma Delpha McChester. Cora To learn the rules am. a Jefferson l'risinger. county boy ought to get the trip t Messrs. Willie and Milton Co.eman Ruckel-berrWashington next year. Why not? Shenks. Harry Harry Scott. Charlie McLayer. large yields The boys who made these and per acre used some kind of prolific I'ress Potts. Thomas, Samuel LTrnspiker, Feldon Francis, corn and most of them put the rows BrnestMoody, (ieorge Brainer, John t hree feet apart: one staik to the Kd. Frisinger. Mr. Joe hill and IS inches apart. If you want Urinlev., Mrs. H. Meyer, a big yield use a prolific corn, get Gelhaus and Mr. Joe V'clch, Mr. plenty of stalks per acre and then if Mr B. Sewell. family, Mr. and Mrs. pre- fd. Brass and yon fertilize it right and have All had a delightful pared dbu r ground properly and the B. Ricbmon. good Lord sends the former and the time. par-em- I s . -- a ri-ir- . ...,iv i j ..I.-.- 1 U , di 1 . ( - 0 111 - - ,. ius n "i y. Stage Coach Days For those Who Want The For News. w & GO. Correspondent. brellasallin a heap. The driver! uuawate of the havoc he had caused until he heard the confusion of the young- ladies in trying to reWilsonville. Feb. 12. Mr. and Mrs. gain their equilibrium. As it hap-- 1 ened they were traversing a part .1. M. Asllby. of .Normandy, were the of the city where pedestrians were ' guests Wednesday of tb latte's quite few and were feeling .somewhat parents. Mr. and Ml Robert Mc- - consoled at the thought that they 'were not set n. when glancing up Donald. they noticed standing in the door of a drug store a man with his fact' Changed Their Mines. n smiles and enjoying t7 mis.,.. Rnh. and.Kliabeth Neil ;reatli he, r iJti ,',..... Slarnrriav afternoon with t "e ut most t S,1IA. ittle .1accidents A ; ,. ....... , .. . .. , IIU.H. " fa f uuiumi- expectation of spending the- "p the 1,111 rlmfnr ircpictea on cne l,M sisnight in Jeffersontown wi thttbeir auscu ": ' ter. Mrs. Charlie Davis. an the tol- .. ornerla... oieaiv into a"Otll ladles merry fit io lowini. dav Louisvillle wit their anghter and they passed on their 'is ,r "tic torckrtwright "l s av with the gratefol thought that after leaving home and receiving hT stiangers to him and he Cartwright and little would never word that .7. see them n iv. 1m and as l Hindi ter were both ill of measles. they afterward expressed it. they in decided to spend the. entire time hoped he never would. was ' V. . 1. I . . . .I J 1 11 .1 i I .if and run no risks with Jeffersontown ( this contagious disease. Miss Margaret Thurman. who is attending school in Tayiorsville, spent last week with her jiarents. The Spencer Courier of recent Mr. and Mrs. Lee Thurman. date informs us that he committee James Lovell, of Waterford, was wnich had been appointed to take the recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. measures in regard to the proposed Howard Smith. electric railway from Louisville t Mr. J'aviorsville had done so and a mass week-en- and Mrs. Vaa Finley spent the and meeting was to be held at the court Veeeh and with Mr.Mrs. G. Mrs. Asa Mr. and A. Veeeh, W e are IfiaU tinned in Ta lorsv lie. MS Creek, to know that inteiest is being mani- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allen were tested in this direction and know of that would add more to the tertained Sunday by hr. and Mrs. J. upbuilding and welfare of this scone B. Reid, of Routt, of country than to have an electric, w,. ;irt. glad to know that W. D. line crossing its borders. It hasiong Dale, who .has been on the sick lis! been the talk and desire oi man m :or about ti n dais, was better at last this section to see the lime when tne report exienueo irum Lee Robison, one of our most estielectric line would Jeffersontown to the Blue Rock mable young men. who is now ennothing gaged in business in Louisville, was springs, bat think now that short of a through line toTaylors-viil- e the guest last Sunday of hi parents. would give satisfaction and be- Mr. and Mrs. Felix Robison. and lieve that if every Mr. ami Mrs. Walter Knapp and enterprising citizen wouid act when children a tended the party which presents itself and was given by Mr. and Mrs. .lames the opportunity use energy, effort, influence, and if Markwell at their hoihe near Cane necessary, a little of that which is Run, Thursday night. always sore of securing the necessaCollings has purchased what ries and luxuries of life, we, too. ere is Felix as Dr. Allen farm from known long, might have the pleasure of see- Mr. Martin,the who has resided there ing' the electric cars go whizzing for the last few years. Mr. Collings oast, our doors or of hearing their has moved in and will board with the sound in the distance. present occupants until the first of March, when he will get full possesProposed Electric Line. To Be Blessed Next Sunday d i I wide-awak- e I Death ot Mrs Rotert Thomas. The friends of Mrs. Robert Thomas, who for several years resided in this neighborhood, were greatly surprised and shocked Saturday morning when the news was Hashed over the telephone sayiug that she had passed at her home near Normandy o'clock. Mrs. Friday night at Thomas had been slightly complaining tor several days, out entertained company Friday and seemed to be as well as usual until 7 o'clock, when she was suddenly served w ith acute ituUffMtlan. Phvsiciana were imme diately summoned but she lived only a short time, her deam occurring at Her remains were taken ii o'clock. to Flk Creek Sunday afternoon where Rev. Wright conducted a short funeral service, after which she was laid to rest in the cemetery at that place. She is survived bv a husband and live children: Will, of New Mexico. John, of Tayiorsville, and Humphrey, Louis and Mrs. James Scobee, of Normandy. an-a- ! .. Days. a Relic of h by Father Constantine. sion. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wigginton and Mrs. Tom Wigginton save a Mr.tnd pari y at their home near Friday night. A nice crowd was present and a most enjoyable time was spent by all. Grigsbv Weaver and sister. Miss if lizzie, ot "airneiu, nave reiurnen cob-we- here home after a pleasant; visit with Mr. and Mr. Thomas Hefley and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allen. Enjoyable Luncheon. Jefferson. Of Jeffersontown. spent the day in Louisville yesterday and enjoyed dinner at the Bine Crass Dairy Lunch. 323 W. opposite internrban station. They were served delicious coffee, vegetables. macaroni, spaghetti, Ssh, Seelback sausage, roast beef sandwich, chicken dumpling, spare rib. lamb stew with green peas and Mr. and Mrs. .letT-erso- oyster-dressin- g. ex.-elle- n. The beautiful new stations of the cross, s hich have been erected recent ly at St Edward's church, will he m1- lemnly blessed this miing Sandal j . St. Matthews. Keb. 12. This writ - Feb. IK ing linos ns sun in coia storage in take place in spite ol ou r mourn n g and berating the afternoon at ;:1" rciock, Fatln i the Weather Man as the "worst I Constantine, ot he st. Boniface Monastery ii Looisi ille, will officiate ever."" We p or some rene a "V;i lent int and will also deliver the sermon The Wa of the Cross is one of the Euchre Party. most beautiful and salul ary devotions Miss Mary Breckel gave a euchre in the Catholic church and had its party to her young friends in St. origin with the verj lirst Christians, Matthews which was ven enjoyable. who after the death ol our glorious Miss Mabe'le Rndi won the prize. Redeemer, tilled with love and com''Cupid.' with whom she has some passion for bis great suffering, were acquaintance, at least, be has, in a won't to visit the scenes of Impassion commemorate all the Shy and indirect way. been easting and there events of that first fined Friday from darts in her vicinity lately. the moment he condensed to Sock Social. death till be breathed his last sigh That wonderful, resource! ul adies on the cross on Calvary's height. has .idot Beargrass iil give a '"Sock This devotion these been continued nineteen cenSocial" Marc;: lir-- t. when ach oue throughout ail turies in the Catholic church, but will pay a penny an inch for the sine, ii is not possible for all to make engtb of their feet both of t hem. these pilgrimages to Jcruesalec, rhicb ill be a considerable amount Pope Gregorj ordaine( the scenes of or some o ns who ha t good solid these devotions to be depicted upon fou udat ions. Thei ere rather em- - canvas, or as st atues. to be erected in tbe churches, thereby giving to when we wen tar ras Voting eacb and even on an opporUnitj girls, ami must pincii tbeui into as to Visit III jn: it. these holy places. small shoes as possible, hut now that During tlu coming hoiv season Ot their length will bemhi the Aid we Lent tiie devotion of the Way of the rejoice at their size. Come, all. to Cross wi!) he held at St. lid ward's jr .lule Arterburn s. church even Friday evening at 7:1." o'clock. 1 i i . i f ( "Delightful' Auto Ride. L"st we should be "exalted above HAPPENINGS measure' and become disdainful vehicles, our pi iUe had a iioises and fall last Friday when uit automobile Col. look a sulky spell in the most malig- Along Preston Street Pike nant form ana several ladies, includA. R. Goose and Albert ing A. II. i must wail to: ii to be operated on at tile hospital for sueh Beekman Injured. eases. Patience had her perfect impatience, aiso : one work (and would sooposf it con id have Been Prestonia, Feb. 12. Mr. and Mrs. made over entirely in that four hours forty-foNo! an Henry Krili, Jr. have taken apartwait. (more like inch could we women move from ments in the Thompson House and ul base- lest t he c Oa re are at home to their friends. The.v would pea! forth any minute. So in were given a miscellaneous .shower that tense attitude, the hours drag- Feb. 10th at the residence of the ged on. Finally, when we had collapsed l row cold, hunger and, yes, urine's sister. Miss Anna Klotter. mad, the pilot hove in siht saving, and were the recipients of manv "we will try it." Night had closed pretty and useful giiis to add to in black as Egypt and cold as anada. their honsekeepi ng. With lunges ant' pnfiingsinnumerable. Mr. Lydia Phillips Uorsey. one ot it spunofl at. line speed lor about four the oh" st residents of the county, is miles, when it suddenly balked. very ill of acute iudigeston and heart told you once, "1 feared it would trouble at her daughter's, Mrs. Hale torn to a pumpkin.1 Well no coax ing Houston, Hit I". Ormsby, Louisville. WOnld budge it. At tiiis crisis;! good Mr. .lbeit Beekman, living on Samaritan came by taking this Durretl Lane, tell while attempting forlorn nartv to a store about twn tu board the Okolona car and was miles further on, v. lu re the home badly braised. folks were telephoned to bring the ('ol. A. R. Goose is suffering with despised horse and surrey and take' a mashed foot. A cow tramped on the pilgrims home at 10 p. m. Verily him while milking. all i not gold hat glitters. i . J ur - I 1 it Blamed a Good Worker. The Stork paid Springdaie another imed my heart for severe dis-ivisit leaving with Mr. ami Mis. Far-tie- r tress left side for two years." Head another daughter, named write s mj Evans, Danville, Va. v Margaret Francis. All the sick and afflicted, down- "bnl know now it was indigestion. trodden ami oppri ssedare"mendlng." .is IM King's New Life Pills COBV-lThose who are well are mending plete cured me."1 Best for stomach, their ways." kidney troubles, constipa-debility- . We arc glad to report the return liver and 25c at a! lion, headache o .1jaFrederick, much home of Mrs. improved alter two weeks treatment drug isfs. n I I The mode of travel has changed home made pies. greatly since the days when the e stage coach, crowded often to its utmost capacity with passengers inside and wnn pas sengers and baggage on the top. made its regular trip from Louisville to Tayiorsville. stopping occasionally to leave an occupant at some iariij uouse. ...n...., 'ni,,uS LESSEN YOUR LABORS INCREASE YOUR PROFITS to stop at the different usually a number cf men and where boys and oft times a few women had congregated to await its arrival, MACHINERY. BY USING and glean if possible a little news from the outside world, and'see if the and Corn mail sack did not rusty, a missive from some distant contain Planting Attach-ithe exfriend or loved one besidesall probnewspaper, which in en t .s furnished pected ability, was read with greater .est POTATO when desired. . and interest than in thesedays. when bv the use of the telegraph, telePLANTER The hand that plants the crop in modphone, etc., the events of the so quickly distributed to differern potato culture is tiie luox Hand will plant more Potatoes ent parts of" the globe. It is faithful and on this, machine. The old stage coach, which hasiong and plant them more ac u rftvt in its accomplishment. Aspinwaii Potato ceased to exist, is a relic of curately than any other Planter No. 3. days, its place in different sections of the country being supplanted by Potato Planter on the market. As the machine is entirely automatic no second man is remore modern conveyances, including quired, hence no injured fing eusor dust blinded eyes. lt will plant a greater ranfff the steam car. the electric car. the and airship, all of which automobile of seed than any o her planter and with less frictionnow hold sway in this great, busy e world: but last week when a We sell Aspinwall Potato Cutters, Planters, Sprayers and Sorters wagon driven oy a colored man, Wigginton. one of our with Tom young men. seated in the rear of the wagon in a big rocking chair with a lap robe tucked snugly around him. passed through our burg, it reminded us ot a funny little accident INCORPORATED. LOUISVILLE, KY. which happened some years ago to Preston and Jefferson Sts. two country ladies visiting relatives The ladies were makin Louisville. city during the ing their stay jmsj tour-hors- POTATOES a Money Making Groi s, UP-TO-DA- TE The ASPINWALL well-wor- n EDIN6ER At St. Edward's Catholic Church j Thomas Dead post-office- BEST NEW STATIONS pt-rc- Stage-Coac- frrtnVMirf Pleasant Proves Not at $1.00 Per Year at Deaconess Hospital in Louisville. Mr. Scott Miller and family have returned toSpringdale from Jacksonville. Florida, where they have been five weeks, to find us still in the clutches of winter. AUTO RIDE Of Jeffersontown Car i Gives R. Encampment and the host of the home at which they were staying being the owner of a nice large furniture wagon, did honors in the occasion ny taking his family, guests and some neighbor girls and So boys, about fifteen in all. out sighta seeing every day. On this particular occasion these two young ladies A. B. C. happened to be lone occupants of the t he wagon where they were rear of seated in their chairs with their umbrellas raised to ward off the heat of Mrs. Robt. the sun. Their host seated on his Happenings of the "Saints" Told high in irowt suddenly Started his horse to a brisk gait, causing the Wilson-vill- e In a Spicy Manner By Our young ladies to lose their balance and go t umbling with chairs and um- - County Uoone . G. Every Thursday 15 1912. n vr0 day-ar- Louisville, Ky. by-go- A BARGAIN FARM - acres 2i9 acres, 2.U acres practically level: 2." acres of saw timber. frame of orchard and bluegrass, large orchard, fencing good, tenant house, large barn and all other house. mile from boat landing, 17 miles by pike from city, 8 miles by pike from per acre: will divide farm, trolley. 100 acres tobacco land: quick sale, six-roo- m s, terms. The (Prof.) J. B. Secrest Co. one-ha- lf Real Estate Agents. LOUISVILLE, KY. 235 S. Fifth St., Send postal for farm list. - two-hors- fun-lovin- g HALL SEED CO. io-th- e .1. miiiimmmkSlM I

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