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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

The Courier -Jourmna ad 1ae Lo isvi e Thr es STATE OF KENTUCKY~ SS.v~o Piat County ox Jefferson I C-r~g X.Q: A, Il=S.-a; TIHE COURIER-JOURNAL AND THE LOUISVILLE TIMES COMPANY, publisher of THE COURiER- JOURNAL and THE LOUISVILLE TIMES, papers of general circulation, printed and published at Louis- ville, Kentucky, do solemnly swear that from my own personal knowledge, and reference to the files of said publications, the advertisemez1t *L, -L : C.. u lSZ 0;? seLted in - CO;soTt ,w,,6 ;' Xiuz Vs -Z= - Ft_ THE COURIER-JOURNAL as followvs: ;: THE LOUIE Date Lines Date Lines Date 0- -69 ~ 133 Dt N OtTICC OF SALE OF: BONDS UNlv KEesilY 0 iENTUCKY _ ! MCINSOt I /lAl{i11 i i&e(ATIONAL ltILDINGS rgr~t,.,i ot lielnerIV et Kentuacky -1@l! l.i'etIncy 1.1,1 i.i blelmlullt Flity olt lee Crtn,.__________ * r ,,w, iii, 0l Kentucky. hrrebv qives public notice 1 t: , 2 Syt do vl Of oteer, 169. Al thr Il lier of O *.M.. Easiern SIndard Time, it Will receivp in *e ler' 0e the Ooard. n the Administration i uildin. _ .Jflv,* Of Kteli'uCky. Lexington, Kentuckv, seale j : nti,^t.lve bidos tfr the erurChase at not less than oaI t ldy Yr .121 ot the hereinatter designatd tblocks pf ,, , "C.oo o4 'n-SOlidaCte Ed a uc Djo inal __________ 'vpe ~nssrie bCoP1,"daed -O~br1. 196 ,Sr is C Bonths", beoin negotiable, coupon revs. relic bonds in therdnominl ntionof 55.000 each. _t,_te____ enci;s serially ltv various anounis en MAY I i ( -e cn Wt he Yeafrs 1t97 to 1996, inclusive; orMvid'd. r -.ver*. InrA the Series C BondS maturin, M., 1. Ai n tr t Wt shiled lo Drir redemption till letth OAtlOfof the Board on y en'interest payment c'e.gnd Novembe tt n ad lterMY1 _______ lh..TemllturityShetq 'and terms M otreemtOn .e ntforth in the C rtia PStae et, t hc r-i'rence s hereinatter mAde Principal and intrrest _ be o lvhable it the stDic of uthseTrtee. irst 'uiyNationalBask and Trust Comayol e.A( reton. Kenteicifv;C , or. ait the option f thna hoYdert , at - of .4 arinCipai Otlice at ChemaicBas~k, New York, Thn ends are special obligatlong of 110 Boa~rd, eormeti8' dy fCTO A1ehi,-;cd ui Ohissued pursuant to autherity of'o hieleten " Chi "'Al If ut before me this othIet day of ky ve ,luenA'a eis eoutlduly adOpted by the .A "A Tutees and reayblr. Iron and securede I6 a eles 01lendt goonther evenues ofthe tt on'he cards Cnnolidaed Educfionci uildire ~11Predlct t ily atnd r~tblhy YWith bonds heretotore sl I e.d and InCh mirly hereater be issued pursuant 0 Prescribed COICCtjlsd sned restrictions, and additionally seCured f Dr sta ituOry mortlage lien upen all suildiogs comn. prii .9n the said proiect.b'C 11 h 1M W Ib ;iii ber one or meore blocks et the Born s Wt be Iir ' nd COdSidere subiedt to the telhwltg terms_ 'I Cnleu lons: (ii bids Wilt he considered only tor fe'eiv ull annual maturities of Said Bonds, llnilIA with the lirnt maturity Inoreot:1 (iii bildders ,;;r nanwitt one or moreterest o0ue, n rates 0; tIte"r orn chooin. in multiples of one'el)hlh (141 O' .yIl'nt (1.10) of one per cen 1% n "I ted. in ut;-r. Out none to exceed 3.;(1ail Sena maturi i on theo 'ome Cate Sall arIterest at te same rire COiv no Balses shall bear, Interest at more, than rule from dub to m6trty v) 1interest mlatring rile flon d ') J On any inifr Its '~M"n aeshl o i~ rr~cn'flt~ vmeretea one coupon; l'ii t~he dit- leren "'wen the lW.0t CSd tiheInterest rates 'citeC4 int any ba silalI nteco n ritter ritae 'O l each I bte" t a bid sub. ltj1orrr of e U ermet shallabe e en Purchase bid feeCeot iteCase eta bid `ub. iA ccrtlfied or bank CaShierc's checkccmnes rtrofUiversit 01Knuky in asm cilualiol :* 1td en behalf of the Governmeont must be upo the Cas t sepr cnt(29k) f ript :retcrib " Bid Form."; uc il' t IWOs er Cn Wttire tt pur chased , the sa e t r wiit be tdIl ernilehe" *:d y th o, W, rUneducshdte elvrinsyctada d Bonds:i the "u It Id ag al Iinn irgal Opifi~n a rte Far * IeieCher t "aitmeOsite by theUnve'rsityro'O fand crditeI m10n, Ut'ni th.lcuthd1 bi;oa hicino hpr ieBn ~nc,0 L wishlen~tcktl 00" &n~sieo achman thllBOnd stnee o cloer retrne b th niestyuo pyet f livery an incstmry NO-LitigatIen Criiae th9 full purcase Wrc Wit acCrued intrs to Usualrtxxmtbsi.Dlvraur o a delivery. eteadrnlal.eiT,.rnj. o ae tin llf id In0j1 lo-Swes etaeae neetcs than 45 dias alter t the to, O ree n adA tienno e _ The Boedreserves llJh 1eetafl n ,h-bid Il 11.1 IallenilsoS01bidsed t ay any, ritom it s~:rloOthe~rwise, a tingle awrIOf',silb amdb tha SOfrdob matraAd h c m~rcO t tile idder lee t aurci, thf larg W es ,,e,,I M, tie oir in thsrgetsalee n cn"tidrin eac mauiydl s lcI wooeWl ebidn pnte bidder or bidders atder id. filtore rdts bids ae frteaceaon o ffe C n i., i onfs aasae a einn I.,th." in' resulting in the swell average net Interest cost: the blitiler or biddersn I ta. 10. oren o echiv ma turiies andte ngtee rsieta u inesI aae tth drs ie setyl over and ae detheornil amute e Dlvr ofJtee1Bands1wil be-1d teNdo41C0I.l handrs otlrca to bisAe, purchsd Bodt t wredIanehe Boardbat banko or Orulcele e~ 6u1uv,1rec igenti crdin cei Withit Lb a e Agemn, atreaobt cosutaio bia te illn Of hsaseee Whcrpin it has uarentee to sumit a purch~seblid ihe ictialerossuc inl~rest A~d atis singl unitsr Inees at f 5 scile T.r Btddlazer i ncrm tnom deulle RIM 9cpdc by lrlann UICent Secretoryh ,101 ter't1e ao siajoem.1v thoerm, accor'I"rne O "., hee Prntesaidet at, Kuienacs'_________________________ MVILLE TIATS Lines ; as follows: Date Lines I gnature of person making proof.) AlE:?* _. , A.D. 1AL6 I &L _Z^41 , (Notiry lkblic) iII I I I I I1 i I I I II t i i i I . I I I . i i I i i I .. 1z ce" .-4 - &7,o

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