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Page 521 of American race-turf register, sportsman's herald, and general stud book : containing the pedigrees of the most celebrated horses, mares, and geldings, that have distinguished themselves as racers on the American turf from one quarter of a mileile race up to four miles and repeat; also, such as have been kept in the stud - as stallions and mares for breeding, from the earliest period to the present time: and from which have descended the most valuable blooded stock at present in the United States ... / compiled from the papers, letters, memorandums, stud-books, and newspapers, of the most celebrated and distinguished sportsmen ; also, from other sources of the most correct information, by Patrick Nisbett Edgar.

GENERAL STUD BOOK. VIRGINIA, A bay mare, the property of Lieut. E. G. W. Butler, of the United States Army; foaled in 1828- Got by Marylander-Minor's Escape-I.H. Bedford-imported mare Gasteria, by Balloon-Marske-Cremona. by Regulus Tra- yeller-Hip-Snake-Duke of Rutland's Black Barb-Blunderbuss -Lord D'Arcy's famous grey Royal Mare. Md. 1R31. E. G. W. BUTLER. VIRGINIA, Got by the I.H. Dare-Devil -L-dy Bolingbroke, by the I.H. Pan- taloon-Cades, by Wormley's Kinz Flerod-Primrose, by I.H. Dove -Stella, by I.H. Othello-Col. Benjamin Tasker's imported mare Selima, by the Godolphin Arabian. VIRGINIA, A grey mare, bred by the late Col. John Hooomes, of the Bowling Green, Virginia; foaled in 1790, and sold to Mr. J. W. Baylor- Got by I. FH. Hart's Old Medley-Pegasus-Sally Wright, by Old Yorick-Col. Tayloe's full bred mare. Va. 1830. JOHN HOOrES. VIRGINIAN Bred by Mr. Adam Sutherland, of Pitsylvania Co. Virginia; foaled in 1820- Got by A.H. Saltram, (son of I.H. Old Diomed)-his dam was a thorough bred Janus mare. He was a good neighbourhood racer. ADAM SUTHERLAND. Printed Advertisement, 1828. VIRGINIAN-LARK, A bay mare, bred by Mr. James Welford, of Virginia; foaled in 1768- Got by the I.H. Kouilikhan-I.H. Jolly Roger-I.H. Othello- I.H. Old Monkey-I.H. Dabster. N. C. 1774, JAMES WF.LFORD, 1778. JOHN WELFORD. VIRGINIAN-NELL, Got by I.H. (Crippled) Wonder-C.A.R.II Grey Diomed-Jack- son's Sprightly-I.H. Valliant-I. H. Moor's Parzner-I.H. Merry Pintle I.H. Moreton's Traveller-I.H. Dotterell-I.H. iucephalus -I.H. Crawford-I.H. Justice I.H. Juniper-I.H. Childers-out of a thorough bred imported mare, purchased from Lord Cullen's Stud. Va. 1826. JAMES BLICK. VIRGINIAN-NELL Got by I.H. Highflier-Lady Bull, by Baylor's Gallant-I.H. UUu 521

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