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Page 390 of American race-turf register, sportsman's herald, and general stud book : containing the pedigrees of the most celebrated horses, mares, and geldings, that have distinguished themselves as racers on the American turf from one quarter of a mileile race up to four miles and repeat; also, such as have been kept in the stud - as stallions and mares for breeding, from the earliest period to the present time: and from which have descended the most valuable blooded stock at present in the United States ... / compiled from the papers, letters, memorandums, stud-books, and newspapers, of the most celebrated and distinguished sportsmen ; also, from other sources of the most correct information, by Patrick Nisbett Edgar.

GENERAL STUD BOOK. PEACOCK, A bay horse, bred by the Hon. John Randolph, of Roanoke; foaled in 18-25- Got by Roanoke-Roanoka, by the C.A.R.H. Ball's Florizel- Cornelia, by the C.Ai-- II. Chanticleer-Vanity, by the C.A.H. Meade's Old Celer-Morattue, by the C.A.R.H. Lee's Old Mark An- thony-I.H. Old Jolly Roger-I.H. Silver-Eye. PEA COCK, A grey horse, 15 hands fully high, bred in flute Co. N.C.; foaled in 1775- Got by the I.H. Whirligig-out of a thorough bred imported mare. N. C. 1794. JOHN WELLS. PEACOCK, A roan horse, 15 hands high- Got by the I.H. Whirligig-I.1. Old Janus-out of a thorough bred imported mare. Va. 1790. Wx. WILSON. PEACOCK, Bred in Pennsylvania. Got by I.H. Juniper-thorough bred imported mare. HENRY COMLY, Jr. He stood in Philadelphia, in 1767 and 8. PE DLAR, C.A.R.H. a bay horse, 16 hands high, bred by Thomas Friend Wil- son, Esq. of Co. Va.; foaled in 1806- Got by I.H. Sir Harry-I.-. Old Diomed-I.H. Saint George- -I.H.B. Old Fearnought-Il.. Jolly Roger-imported mare. Va. 1828. THOMAS FRIEND WILSON. 1830. 1831. PEG, A brown mare, 15 hands 1 inch high; bred by the late Col. George Tarry, of MecklenbUrgh Co. Va.; foaled in 1765- Got by the C.A.R.H. Lee's Old Mark Anthony-Nancy, by I.H. Jolly Rogfer-imported mare Mary Gray. Va. 181S, taken from the books of Col. Tarry. PEGASUS, Bred by the late Mr. Baylor, of Va.; a beautiful bay horse 16 hands high, with a star on his forehead and one forefoot white; com- pact, muscular, and very active; good tempered, and an excellent foal-getter. He was transferred to Mr. Cocke, of Surry Co. Va. 390

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