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Image 44 of The News Enterprise March 30, 2012

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". HOMes THE NEWS-ENTERPRISE GARDENING FRIDAY, MAACH 30, 2012 YlRDSMART Control backyard flies naturally Predator insects are a valuable means o f controlling p roblem pests such as M AUREEN aphids, which are the prey G ILMER o f ladybugs and praying m antids. G ardeners r e o lease live ladybugs into t he landscape to keep aphid were too m any o ther populations at bay. b oarders who did not want T he s ame power o f n a - t o p articipate. W hen I ture is available to c ontro l moved t o the country and flies. They pester us, tor- n ow h ave m y h orse a t ture pets and invade o ur h ome, I tested the Fly hom~. Mine originate in P redators to reduce fly m y horse corrals, h ut m ay populations without using c ongregate w here t here chemicals. Here the Predare dogs, caged pets, bru::k- ators d idn't eliminate all yard chickens a nd COIll- t he flies, but Significantly posting operations. H ouse r educed t heir n umbers a nd stable flies are tough to with this alternative t o toxc ontrol with c hem icals. ic sprays. Th is winter I discovered T hey a IC even harder to k nock d own w ith b otan ical something new. T he Predpesticides, which an:: plant- atars h ad spread out over based b ut still quite toxic. m y p roperty a nd were Last year, I tested an in- hanging around dog excrenovative method of fly mellt, too. That h elped m e control because my horse realize this could b e un ideget!; hives from the fly al way o f controlling flies spray and he rubs the hair in the family backyard o ff w herever t hey b ite him. where chemical solutions So I tried a green solution would b e toxic to kids and - Fl y Predators - to my pets. I'redators are doubly stable-ny population. Fly useful for backyard fanns Predators are small wasps with chickens, rabbits, that disrupt the reproduc- goats o r a d og run where tive process o f flies to re- feces can become highly duce the number of off- cuncentr"ted. O nce you establish spring. Spalding Labs p roduces Predators, it's i mr,rtant to H y Predators a nd t he avoid the use 0 any garprocess is d escribed on de n chemicals that impact www. insect populations. T hese thei r website, small wa.$:r.s a re vulnerable Spalding-labs. com. W hen b oarding m y to pestici es. even such inhorse, I c ould not use nocuoUll green sprays as Predatou b ecause there insecticidal soap. To learn more about f1 y I'redators, log o n to the Spalding Labs website t o leam how to manage your yard, fann o r ranch with this innovative fonn o fbia- a t www.MoPlanta.comlb]og. control. Ma~ G ilmer b • h "rtlru!turlrt a nd bt,,!!11"" DIstributed by S crip,," H ow&rd N e_ S erviu. F RIGI D al RE. Hello, c omfort. Goodbye, high energy bills. ~a Dnve Take comfort in our IO-year warranty. Frigidaire heating and cooling sys tems are backed by a 10 -year Quality Pledge to replace the entire unit if a major component fails, plus a 10-year warran ty on all parts when you register your product Call us today for peace of mind. • oc:oLogic Is a trademarl< 01 NOROV NE. Leam more at oc:oLogicComfon ,com, r It\ ~ A BSOLUTE C OMFORT HEATING & A IR, L LC (270) 766-8642 --- Th l. p ollth . how. the da"" fty PIIpMl from whiCh t h e predators emerge just befofe they are ready to be . pread Into the corral. .t.FT!Jt DI.!ie.OUN l • fOAM (NmillENf • PO\fUIIPfm( (OI\S • IOYUIWUIJ.HfY Sltl ROUIS 1705 8. Di ol" 42101 2lI-73H212 . .... . -IM.I'"" Wop h il, 10, 30. .. - 9,,,, t.'''*r i " - . I , ~ g ,. IVRoI., N "" , 6 ,. . $3'98 King 3pe. Sel s698 h/dstoWl. lY 4OQ04 950 I . Oilll Bin 211-351-8011 B rand N ame f urniture. D iscount Prices . .1I'_,....... w""'_ •• po,$pIr;loI_""""~ _ _.111 odoI t ItII 0lIl<1. . .. _ .... "'IlIIIoOII'_por. . _ _ NO _

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